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What happened to the pride of so many of the people who live in Jenkins? Just drive up the hills and hollows and look at all the garbage. Yards aren’t mowed, old vehicles are abandoned, shrubs need to be trimmed, and many abandoned houses need to be demolished. Rental properties must be cleaned up and fixed up. Jenkins was once called a model city, but not anymore. It is a shame for the people who do take care of their property. It is time for a change. Those with pride need to see that the blighted and deteriorated properties are cleaned up.

. Insurance fraud is a very serious crime with severe punishment. It not only is fraud to say a loss occurred in a manner in which it didn’t, it also is fraud to claim for injuries that did not occur, items that were not there to be a loss, and also covers inflated prices for things that are being claimed. If insurance companies would investigate the claims being filed in Letcher County we would start seeing our rates decrease because they would find that many of these claims are fraud. Insurance companies need to look at mortgage history, owners’ ability to pay, and employment history.

. How in the world can they cut Medicaid off when that’s all the only health coverage some people have? How in the name of God could people be so heartless as to cut people off their Medicaid even if they have cancer or some disease like that? There are a lot of sick people in Letcher County and many can’t take care of themselves. They don’t even have money to pay their rent, much less their hospital bill. They should increase their help instead of trying to cut it off.

. As I read The Mountain Eagle today, I saw the article about the members of the Jenkins Board of Education promising to keep the school system open. How in the world can those people continue to keep the school system open for just a few people? That keeps jobs for them. It is time we go into the Letcher County school system. What do we need to do to get this? People, let’s get together and get our taxes reduced to the same level as the rest of the people in Letcher County. Thank you.

I read this past issue of the paper where it said the Democrat Party officials did not know if they could remove Fudge Mullins’s name from the ballot in the coming November election. Years ago, two Letcher County magistrates were caught calling a massage parlor and they wanted to remove them from office just because they were having a good old time. I don’t think what the two magistrates did was right, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as this case could turn out to be. Until Mr. Mullins can prove the charges against him are not true his name does not need to be on the ballot.

. I was just thinking about the way this new Supreme Court justice is going to be voted in and had a flashback to when Harry Reid was the Senate Majority Leader and told the Republican side it only took 51 votes. I remember Mitch McConnell telling Reid he would live to regret that. Well, sure enough the shoe is on the other foot now and payback is double. Ha ha. So be it. (Your comment pretty much sums up the modernday U.S. Congress, where Senate and House leaders of both political parties break with protocol only to end up paying a bigger price later. This time it’s the Democrats who are paying for the actions Senator Reid took when the Democrats were in control. At some point down the road, the Democrats will regain power and the Republicans will pay for Senator McConnell’s decision in 2016 to block the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland. It’s just the way the system works these days.)

. The people who are having a house built for them in a certain location need to come and check on it, because all the workers seem to be doing is sitting around and smoking cigarettes. If the owners don’t come and check on this it will be another two years before this house is finished.

. Hooray, hooray, it’s the Fourth of July. Who cares? It’s time to blow something up and have a party.

. I remember the days of growing up and watching wrestling on TV. I just wonder what it was like being in the ring when Roddy Piper and Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine fought over the United States Heavyweight Title belt in the ‘dog

collar’ match. I do recall watching scenes from that 1983 match. I just wonder what it would be like now if somebody was to have a dog collar match live in Whitesburg. I think it’s time we have some wrestling come into this county.

. It was great to hear a sensible Republican trying to warn the Trump supporters about what a danger Trump poses to our democracy. His attacks on the free press are the first step any dictator takes when seizing power. Calling them ‘fake news’ causes confusion and mistrust, which he can use to not be held accountable for any of his lies and his actions to suppress dissent. People better wake up before their freedom is taken away from them by a manipulative self-serving president who loves and respects the vilest dictators on earth like Russia’s Putin who has killed anyone who disagrees with him. He doesn’t want to have a democracy where the separation of powers is the linchpin of our democracy. He wants total control and power like Putin has in Russia. If you love your freedom you’d better wake up before it’s too late.

. Why do we need the Government Channel? All we see is women chewing gum and popping their jaws and men chewing tobacco and spitting in pop bottles. That’s nasty stuff.

. I just wanted to say the concert series in Whitesburg this summer has gotten off to a great start. It was a great thing that the City of Whitesburg was able to get this grant. To all of the people who were able to get it together, I applaud you and let’s hope for more successful concerts this summer.

. I want to make a comment about my good neighbor, Mae Boggs. She is a wonderful person and she raised a fine family. They don’t come any better than her and her husband. I know all nine of the children she raised and they are just as pleasant as she is. I am glad I am her neighbor. Thank you.

. I voted for Donald Trump and I would vote for him again, but one of these days somebody is going to say, ‘Mr. Trump, tear down this wall.’

. I think it’s a shame, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, they didn’t serve you in the restaurant. I don’t know what’s happening here in the United States. The left just keeps drifting farther left. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I see what is going on and I try to comprehend it. Mr. President, I thank you for what you do. You did what you said you would do when we voted you in and I am grateful for that. You have softened on some things, but you have that right. But when restaurants refuse to serve government officials here in America, I think you need to be careful about what restaurants you do eat at. Make sure you know these people who are serving you. These people are plumb stupid ignorant bigots and racists. Oops, I’m talking about myself, ain’t I? I know I am the number one infi- del redneck heterosexual homophobic racist bigot, but I’m an American and God bless America. I salute you, Mr. President. And if I could, Mrs. Sanders, I would kiss your hand because you are a lady.

. To a certain woman who works in a certain government office: I don’t know how I can get with you and show you what is going on with your husband, but you deserve so much better. All I can say is that I will work it out somehow so I can show you. I’ll drop pictures off or whatever.

. I think it’s a shame that people fight Social Security for their money and then the first thing they do is go out and buy a Harley-Davidson

street bike when they can’t even walk without using a cane.

. I want to wish my oldest brother, Dudley Coomer of Williamstown, Kentucky, a happy birthday. It was on July 1. This is from your sister Jackie. We all love you.

. I want to wish Austin James Duane Coomer of Isom a big happy birthday. He turned 21 on July 2. This is from his Mamaw Jackie.

. In America, people can throw a fetus in a garbage can, but don’t put those poor children from South America in a warehouse. How stupid can you be?

. Many of us inherited the greatest country on the face of the earth from our ancestors. The Johnny-comelatelies are now just trying to give it away. Our constitution does not cover foreign nationals. It is for American citizens only.

. Criminal parents are exploiting their children on the Texas border.

. Ecclesiastes 10:18 tells you not to be lazy. Ecclesiastes 10:20 tells us to keep our mouths shut.

. Women and girls from south of the border come to the United States and work as prostitutes. Men come over here and make babies and the babies get housing and food stamps. All of that is coming from your tax dollars. I know; I have seen it.

. I always wondered what a sot and a nurse have in common with each other. .

I hope what I’ve heard about this little church over here in Cumberland is not true. I hear the ex-pastor is now taking everything out of that little church, even the piano and the pews. The people who loved that church and trusted him are the ones who paid for that through their tithes and their offerings. I think this is a dirty rotten shame. He first said the Lord told him to leave for a bigger church elsewhere. He did and then got fired. Then he tried to come back over here, but no one had confidence in him and would not attend his services. How can someone do something like this in the name of God? The people paid for those seats and those fixtures. I feel sorry for the man, I really do. I pray for him every night.

. I just called in to say this is what’s wrong with Letcher County: The front page of The Mountain Eagle has a story that says, ‘candidate charged in sex case could stay on the ballot.’ We don’t want him on the ballot. We want him out. Then you turn the page and see a story about a county official facing DUI charges. What kind of people do we have in office down there?

. Donald Trump is cutting Social Security. It’s okay when he cuts this, that and the other, but when he cuts Social Security it hurts people like me. He talks about making America great again, but what he’s doing is making America poor again. He’s also looking for ways to cut Medicare.

. Why don’t we build bridges and roads instead of walls?

. What is the latest on the four-lane road — U.S. 119 — from Whitesburg to Jenkins? Are the county and city officials demanding that this road be four-laned to U.S. 23? Why should the people who travel this road be shortchanged?

. I hope everyone finally understands what religious freedom means in this country: You are free to choose between being a Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian.

. A few days ago I saw a small, skinny and scared little dog running around in a parking lot. It’s a busy little place with reasonably

priced services. The little dog moved me to a point of sadness because I can relate to being lost, homeless and afraid. I went and bought food for the dog and managed to get it to eat, although it was too scared to let me touch it. You see, I had gone out that morning with pennies in my pocket and worked out a few dollars to buy a few things. Instead, I ended up feeding a homeless dog. I had also gone out to get away from a nagging ill-tempered person who has it made compared to many and is never thankful. That’s their problem and not mine. I can only control my reaction to try to do something that made me feel good. I wasn’t expecting to get a blessing in disguise from a stray dog. I enjoyed the thought of being able to help. When I returned to the grouchy person, they immediately began ranting on another topic. I gave that person my last penny to do what I could to please them. That’s all right by me, because I am going to keep helping people and needy stray dogs. ‘Ungrateful attitude’ is a learned behavior, and never think that a constantly complaining person started with you. They’ve had plenty of practice and it’s just your turn.

. When will KY 805 into Jenkins be widened from U.S. 23 to downtown? This was proposed two mayors ago. This is the main entrance into Jenkins. Why not have an entrance that is pleasing to visitors and citizens alike? Thank you.

. A Trump-Putin summit? It’s like if Bush met with bin Laden after 9/11. This whole thing is a joke. And more proof that Trump is the biggest traitor ever. There’s not a day that Trump’s been in office that Russia hasn’t been attacking American infrastructure. He’s Putin’s puppet.

. Thanks to Mayor Depriest and James Harrison and the Jenkins city workers for the cleanup in Jenkins. One can

see James Harrison picking up garbage in all areas of the town. The citizens are encouraged to help the city with this effort. Thank you.

. Notice: the Republican Area Medical, or RAM, will be held July 20-22 at the Wise County Fairgrounds.

. Why is there a rummage sale on the property next to Cove Avenue in Jenkins? It looks like a yard sale with the four-wheelers, the trucks, and the cars. This is on Main Street and it needs to cleaned and straightened up. Thank you.

. I have been hearing a lot of talk about a person who got arrested for child molestation. I am not sure that it is a good thing for folks to sit around and discuss it. Eventually the truth will come out. In the meantime we have to keep in mind that children are involved.

. Why does America spend so much money on illegal aliens? Just push them back over into Mexico where they came from?

. My wife and I went to a neighboring county today and what we saw floored me. I saw three homeless people lying on picnic tables. They had a backpack and other bags under the table. It was unbelievable. I said, ‘we’ve got that here but we’re pitching a fit over these illegals coming into the country while we’re ignoring this here.’ It was a horrible sight. I felt bad for those people.

. How come it’s always men harassing women? I never hear about it the other way around. I wish some good-looking lady would try to harass me.

. The Social Security Administration should be investigated to find out if administrative law judges are being paid off to turn the sick and disabled people in southeastern Kentucky down to keep them from getting the benefits that they worked and paid into

the system for. Just as they say Eric C. Conn and the law judge conspired to collect, the Social Security Administration may be conspiring to turn down disabled people. It is a shame the way the poor people in southeastern Kentucky have been treated. They have had to work like dogs in the coal mines and then, when they become disabled, the Social Security Administration tries every way they can to beat them out of their benefits they paid in. There are crooked people on both sides and the poor people are the ones who suffer.

. It is my opinion that the American people are being misinformed by impostors of foreign governments who are disguised as American news orators and writers representing legitimate news organizations here in the United States. They are, in my opinion, foreign espionage agents who have infiltrated and become imbedded in the political and social institutions of the United States of America. Therefore, they give the appearance of being loyal when in fact they are highly trained propaganda experts whose main objective is to indoctrinate and capture the minds of and dedications of America’s elite (the educators and the intellectuals) those people of the younger generation and therefore the most vulnerable of the U.S.A.’s voting base. Young people do not have real life experience that is needed to adequately change the character of any nation, let alone destroying such an ‘amorous’ nation like the U.S.A. It is my opinion that the United States of America should use its influence to change the character of South and Central America by sending a sufficient supply of birth control pills to those over-populated areas down there instead of allowing them to come into the U.S.A. and destroy our heritage and culture and way of life. God bless President Donald Trump for allowing God to be mentioned in the White House.

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