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The cost of gasoline in Kentucky is an average 63 cents higher than it was a year ago. That’s over $10 more for a 16-gallon tankful. In addition to Trump helping his billionaire friends in the oil industry along with cutting taxes mostly for rich people, this is good because hopefully it will make people quit wasting gas on unnecessary trips and polluting more of the air. What a ‘yuge’ environmentalist Trump is.

. This forum should be called Speak Your Mind, because a certain cop who is widely disliked thinks he is above the law himself. He tends to single people out and pick on them while other people get away with most anything. He is narrow minded, a bigot and has given the little town he works for a very bad name. He has his favorite people who tell him slanted versions of the truth, and everyone else is in for it. I am wondering what will happen if he gets investigated for the actions he tries to hide. He’s the type to give all cops a bad name.

. North Korea, Russia, and China don’t have to use any weapons to destroy the United States. Donald Trump is doing that for them.

. A former council member told me the reason Inter- Mountain Cable has a lock here in Fleming-Neon is because some influential people get free Internet and cable TV services.

. I have a certain neighbor who puts up an American flag and says I’m a racist because I have a Confederate flag because I’ve got Confederate ancestors. Let me tell you something, pal, I have a Revolutionary War soldier as a family member who is buried in Jeremiah. Where do you get off talking about people’s families behind their backs?

. I saw recently where Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘The Terminator,’ was telling Trump to shut down the coal industry. This reminded me of what a hypocrite is like. He’s a prime example, he and California Governor Jerry Brown. They both think they’re smarter than everybody else. They’ll tell you that California doesn’t have any coal-fired power plants, but they won’t tell you that all of southern California is powered by coal-fired power plants in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. If solar panels are so good and so cheap,

why can’t that industry make it on its own as a power source?

. I have to agree with the people who commented about the alleged accusations of a magistrate candidate. I understand that he is quite popular among the community and many say they don’t believe that of which he is accused. As one person said, ‘until he can prove the allegations against him are not true’ he should step down. I agree with that. The burden of proof and the truth, one way or another, should not be in the public sector. We are talking about a child molestation case and not about an election. Saying that does imply that the candidate should politely remove himself until the case is resolved. If he is innocent of the charges against him, he can run for a political office again and all doubts can be removed then. Please remember we are talking about children and not about an election.

. To a certain person: What business is it of yours who goes to Fishpond Lake? What were you doing there — hoping to get a little piece of the action? Don’t go putting your head up somebody else’s tail just because you like to nose around.

. According to an article in the Lexington paper, there were 2,200 coal mining jobs in Letcher County in 1990 but only 81 now. President Trump said many times starting during his campaign that he was going to bring the industry back. He’s been in office almost a year and a half, so what’s he waiting on? Is his memory that bad or was he just kidding?

. Would someone please tell all the bigmouth liberal Democrats that opinions are like rear-ends? Everyone has one and no one cares about anybody else’s.

. President Trump has lost hundreds of the children he’s kidnapped? Jesus weeps and Satan laughs.

. Lots of people like to read The Mountain Eagle because it lets people know how things are going in our town of Jenkins. We had a man come to the town board and mayor — one person — asking for a stop sign in Dunham when we don’t have any in Burdine. How in the world could a person put a stop sign on a main thoroughfare and not any

on side streets? The town has all kinds of streets running into the highway. They don’t have stop signs. I think when they come out with pills for stupidity people should send some to the town board and the mayor. They sure need it.

. To a certain hippopotamus who runs around on a four-wheeler: I’ve got news for you, honey. Why don’t you go find yourself a man who won’t mooch off you and your parents? Listen, toots, you like to give people dirty looks. Just take a look at yourself. You’re not the perfect ten, and that four wheeler is a little too small for you. Have a good day.

. America wants to go over into the foreign countries and get rid of people like ISIS, Al Qaeda and whatever and we can’t do away with MS-13, the Hell’s Angels, Ku Klux Klan? We need to clean our own house before we go trying to clean their house.

. As Scott Pruitt resigns as head of the EPA, he leaves a former coal lobbyist in charge. It’s like a set of toxic nesting dolls, a reference I know Trump’s Russian bosses will appreciate.

. I would like to speak my piece about the shaved ice they sold at the concert and fireworks show held at River Park in Whitesburg. They charged little kids four dollars for a shaved ice, and with no more than what was in it that was a shame they would do that. People, you’re getting ripped off.

. It’s a shame we have to pay for any and all repairs/ building of the new conglomerates that Kentucky Power Company comes up with. We also pay for facility retirements and all the little extras that go into the pockets of those with any interest in the company at the end of each month.

. My first wife has been gone about five years. When she was leaving me I cried and I cried and I begged her not to leave. But what she didn’t know what I was hoping she would leave, anyway. I boohooed her right out the door and now I’m living happily ever after. Bye.

. Was God a man or a woman? He was a man. I have no scripture for it, but He was a man, because if He had been a woman we wouldn’t be in this mess.

. What would we do without Speak Your Piece? I love it, I love it, I love it.

. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘only in America.’ This could only happen in Jenkins, Kentucky, when our mayor was asked by a 90-year-old man to put a stop sign up on the main road leading in and out of our town. How foolish can one be to satisfy one person when it could only hurt him in November?

. Fifteen years ago we were lied to and sent our young people to war in Iran. We made Haliburton and other people using the military very rich while many young people came back in body bags. Now it looks as though we’re getting tricked again into a war with Iran. What’s the matter with our congress people? I think every one of them should be keeping our president from tricking us into war with Iran.

. This is the old cat killer back on the show: I just thought about something, and this is true. All of you cat and dog lovers out there need to get your animals spayed and neutered. I myself was spayed back in June 1970. Be kind to your animals.

. I would like to ask WXKQ 103.9 why they get their signal into Jenkins, Kentucky. That isn’t but about 10 miles away. What is the issue? Everybody else is sending a signal up here but 103.9. I like to hear the programming.

. They can send man to the moon and a rocket to Mars, shut down a coal mine and

give you a speeding ticket, but they can’t stop these people from throwing their garbage out.

. Donald Trump is the grandson of immigrants. His wife is an immigrant. By his rule of chain migration, he wouldn’t be allowed in the United States, his children wouldn’t be allowed in the United States, and his wives wouldn’t be allowed in the United States. Why doesn’t he deport himself?

. To smoking hot little blonde who works in a certain store: You are on fire. We might not see eye-to-eye on what you pick to be with, but I believe I could convert you mighty quick.

. I’m calling concerning a preacher — a good man — who went to war and fought for a long time. They thought he was dead three times, but the man is still alive but sick. He mortgaged his home to take care of his children. Now the bank has taken his home and he has to stay with one of his children. I think that is low. Whoever spent his money should pay it back.

. Speak Your Piece, you did a real good job of paraphrasing my comment about Ecclesiastes 10 and 18 and I thank you. (You are welcome. That’s what we’re here for.)

God bless you, Mr. President. God bless your family, God bless the United States of America. Mr. President, do not trust North Korea. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Do not trust communists. Communism is communism; it will never change. And as for illegal immigrants being in the military, we don’t need them in the military, we don’t need them in America if they are illegal.

. I was calling about I comment I made about Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, and the Speak Your Piece editor was spot-on with an answer. It was right to the point, and that’s just the way it is. I thought about what Walter Cronkite used to say when he signed off the CBS Evening News; he said, ‘and that’s the way it is.’ You were dead on the money with your answer. Thank you. (Thank you for the compliment.)

It’s a shame that a customer goes through the drive-thru at a certain tobacco store and the clerk is kissing and making out with her husband in front of me and my kids and other customers instead of waiting on the customers. I think this is a disgrace.

. Everyone in County and surrounding counties should read the book ‘Up There At The House’ by Pete A. Martin. He has also written a book entitled ‘Beyond All Reason,’ a

scrapbook of knowledge and wisdom. If and when you read these books, you will be amazed at what you will learn. I suggest that Shirley Sexton of the WXKQ Tuesday Morning Roundtable should interview Mr. Pete A. Martin. Please take the advice of the Midnight Phantom. This will bode well for you. Thank you very much.

. They say that people who grow up killing animals are apt to be murderers or abusive later. Well what about these people who perform abortions?

. I would like to know what’s with all these women with beards. You used to only be able to see the black outlines, but I saw a woman at Walmart the other day and she had a full-faced beard. Is it genetic? What is it? I had never noticed before that so many women in Letcher County have hair all over their face. Something needs to be addressed to find out why this is.

. If the leftists here in the USA are so interested in the wellbeing of the rest of the world, particularly the people of South America and Central America, then why don’t they send a delegation of health professionals who have specialized in birth control programs here in the United States and are capable of solving the primary problem faced by South and Central American countries — overpopulation? This is the biggest component of the problem dealing with the control of border-crossings at the US and Mexican borders. This situation calls for the United States to reach

across the borders into other countries and negotiate with them about paying the governments of those nations to keep their citizens in their respective countries as US would-be citizens. Everybody knows that there is tremendous amounts of money in South America and in Central America due to the trade of illegal drugs between the nefarious institutions all over the western hemisphere. Why not pay the governments of those South and Central American countries a sufficient amount of money out of the United States Treasury to detain and house the would-be illegal immigrants, American citizens, who are in the process of leaving their native country and traveling north through Mexico and crossing the unpatrolled border into the USA? Why should they have to go through all that? Why not just let them stay in their own country where they are at home? That way the illegal immigrant type American citizen could just have the United States government mail him his certificate of USA citizenship. Then the new American citizen could sign up as an America citizen living abroad. Therefore, being a US citizen, he could have his SSI check mailed to him along with his allotted food stamp quota, as well as many other entitlements. But the best gift of all for the illegal immigrant-type American citizen would be the right to cast his vote on the absentee ballot for the candidate who would keep his check coming to him for the rest of his life. God bless the Untied States and Donald Trump.

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