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There are two women who are paving their way to prison for insurance fraud.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: there’s one thing we don’t need it is companies like A&G Coal Company that don’t pay their workers and don’t pay their taxes. Give that land to someone else to mine.

. I’m looking for a certain dark-haired girl who used to live down around Whitco. I think she’s divorced now. I would very much love to have dinner with you and get out and enjoy the night. If that is something you would like to do, please drop me a line in the paper.

. Everyone needs to watch where they get their vehicle repaired. I was about to get hit with a big repair bill, but then I found out my truck didn’t need any repairs. Watch a certain garage. They will stick it to you if they can.

. I want everybody to know that I am going to run for mayor of Cumberland. My platform is going to be that I support nightclubs, dancing, gambling, liquor by the drink, and dancing girls. You will see Cumberland put back on the map again.

. It looks like we should at least have gotten some asphalt from the Knott County line all the way to Jenkins. That stretch of road needs asphalt more than any other place in the state of Kentucky. We need to vote out everybody who that’s in office, especially anybody who is having anything to do with this four-lane bull that will take five to ten years before it is built. We need to find out who they are a vote them out — the people who aren’t helping us.

. They tell you to pay your bill over the phone, and when you pay it over the phone you get someone who doesn’t speak English. They tell you it’s the phone connection, but the phone connection doesn’t have an accent. AT&T’s phone center is in Southeast Asia. Who knows where Anthem Blue Cross’s phone calls are taken. The guy doesn’t speak English very well there, either.

. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘only in America.’ Well, this could only happen in Jenkins, Kentucky, where the mayor authorized a stop sign to be put up on the main road in Dunham. That

was done poorly. And to the mayor: Your days in office are short-lived. Thank you.

. Does anybody listen to the National Public Radio station we get in this area on 90.9? That is the most Democratic radio station I have ever heard in my life. Trump could give everybody a million dollars and give them Social Security for the rest of their lives and they sit back and laugh at him. The man can never do right. I am sick and tired of this radio station. They advertise the same old stuff over and over. Get over it. Just shut up and live life. Come on, Donald Trump.

. Does coleslaw ruin or does it turn into sauerkraut?

. I think there are rules in the housing project that prevent people from smoking in their own home. That is just awful. At the same time they let these women have cats running all through the houses. I’d rather smell cigarette smoke anytime as cat poo.

. I’m driving down Pine Mountain headed to Whitesburg on a Thursday evening during sunset. It does my heart good to see all these cars pulled over at the new overlooks brought to you by the new Letcher County Tourism Committee and the new Letcher County Tourism director, who has done a spectacular job. It’s a wonderful thing.

. The reason why there aren’t any deer left to hunt whenever deer season gets here is because of the coyotes. The hunters in Letcher County are too sorry to do anything about them. Get out and put an end to these coyotes once and for all.

. What do you all think about the state auditor’s findings on Justice Sam Wright and other members of the Kentucky Supreme Court?

. I wish the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department or whatever agency is responsible could explain to me how the Highway 7 Bandit is out walking down the road from hollow to hollow when he is supposed to be on an ankle bracelet, no farther than 250 feet from his telephone. Can anyone answer my question? Law enforcement, you need to get back down Highway 7 and go to Crases Branch.

. I’m calling about this

press conference they had in London this morning. That Jim Acosta, the chief White House correspondent for CNN, flew all the way from the United States to England and got in with the press corps, went to the press conference, tried to ask a question only to have the president say he didn’t take questions from fake news. I felt bad for CNN there, having spent all that money to send that reporter over there. That’s a low blow.

. If our beloved president would look at history he would know that we all are immigrants and have been from the first time our ancestors stepped off the boat. The only real Americans would be the American Indians.

. Taco Bell has the best sweet tea in Whitesburg. It’s not watered down.

I have a son who works at a certain chain restaurant. There’s a little lady who works with him and she has been driving him insane by saying things about the way he believes. Well this is what I’ve got to say to that little witch who works with him: You believe your way and he’ll believe his. I’d like to know where your broom is. That way you could fly off and leave my son alone. If the manager of this restaurant does not do something with this little witch I am going to file suit against the restaurant. My son does have rights, even though he is with his own certain kind. We will get the last laugh.

. I would like to know what happened with Barney Fife out here on Sandlick. Why isn’t he a deputy anymore?

. I can’t complain about Social Security. The last three years under the Democrats and Obama I got zero raises. I get my second raise this year from Mr. Donald Trump.

. I hope they are doing just as well in fixing the flood damage in other hollows as they are here on Bill Moore Branch. They are good people. Have a nice day. Go out and try to land the big lottery winner.

. To our local radio stations: How come when we turn our radio on all we hear is music? I know we’ve got enough going on in our communities to hear something, but all we hear is music. There is nothing of importance. There is more to life than music.

. How can a woman holler ‘my freedom to choose’ when the world knows there’s another person involved?

. Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a child abuser, and a person who praises dictators and insults allies of the United States.

. I was trying to find housing for a homeless person. Last year I was given a Lexington number to call. This year I tried to go through Kentucky River Community Care but no one was accessible.

. Why can’t they give us the Cumberland River back? I’m quite sure many people can remember when we used to swim in the Cumberland River; we used to catch fish in the Cumberland River; we would go leisure there on Saturdays and Sundays. Then came the railroad track and the coal, and then they built a holding pond. The holding pond didn’t hold and they kept letting it loose in the Cumberland River. Fish would try to live on the bottom and fish would try to live on the top. They couldn’t live on the bank so they just died. I say make them put Cumberland River back. The coal business has destroyed Upper Cumberland River all the way down. It’s a shame. God bless America and God bless Kentucky.

. To a certain person: Did you really cause that baby’s death back in the Sixties?

. This is from a Republican in Letcher County: How can an honest Democrat expect to gain office when Democrats are being so negative against other Democrats? In my opinion, you Democrats need to sit back and think about what’s going on. If you let the powers that be keep on going as they are, Letcher County is always going to be poor and will never get better. That’s a shame that a Republican has to say this. You all have a good night. Thank you.

. We really had a fine little church over here on Moore Street in Cumberland. It was full of the Holy Ghost. Thirty minutes before service you could pull into the parking lot and hear the walls gaping where they were already getting started in there. We had the best little church ever.

. I hope that none of the liberal Democrats explode from the stress they are putting on themselves over the Supreme Court vacancy. You would think the end of time is coming. They believe that I guess. I’ve been on some stressful jobs in my lifetime, but I’ve never seen anyone stress out the way they are over politics. I was always on the losing side during my life so I got used to it, but these people can’t accept defeat and live with it.

. I just hope that our God in Heaven is keeping President Reagan from knowing that we have elected a Russian agent as president of the United States. Trump standing by Putin while downing America and calling our country foolish is the most sickening thing I have ever seen in politics. Since I can’t let myself vote be a Democrat, I guess I’ll be switching from Republican to Independent. I can’t be part of this Trump thing anymore. I’ve even had to apologize to my wife for voting for the man after she asked me not to do that.

. Can you imagine what the Trump lovers would be saying if it had been Barack Obama who stood beside Russia’s Putin on Monday and criticized the United States on foreign soil the way Trump did?

. I’m not going to sell my truck; this truck knows how to drive me home.

. To all you tattoo people out there: If you every put a tattoo on my daughter or on my son I will burn your house. I will be mean — very mean. So shut your little tattoo places down.

. I’d like to wish a lot of friends and family a happy birthday, all in July, starting with Leonard Tracie Boggs Howard, the third; Amanda Webb, Saturday, the seventh; Kevin Honeycutt, the eighth, he’s a special friend; Raymond Miles, our first cousin; Daisy Pendleton Potter, a longtime friend, July 11; the twins up at Neon Church, Lilly Bates and Sandra Maloney, her sister, sixteenth; Andy Wright, Wilma Brown’s husband who will be 96 years young and is also a very special friend; Wade Boggs, Jackie Boggs, the twenty-second; Marvin Boggs, the twenty-fifth; and I think Leslie Callahan and also Aubrey. I hope this isn’t too much to print. Be greatly appreciated if you do. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

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