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If you people in Letcher County believe it’s going to get better around here you are crazy. We have citizens stupid enough to go out and stock up on enough guns and other ammunition to start their own private army. That’s right. We know the people who are doing it, and our law enforcement officers know them, too, but they don’t want to do anything to them. When one of our taxpaying citizens get shot and killed by this bunch, our law enforcement still won’t do anything about it, because the one who is doing it has everybody afraid of him. We know the law could do something about this person if they wanted to do something.

. I want to wish my son, Emmitt Duane Adams, a big happy birthday. It was on July 28. He is from Blackey. This is from his mom, Jackie.

. I want to wish my granddaughter, Alexis Jo Adams of Isom, a happy birthday on August 3. From Mamaw Jackie. I love you, girl.

. The Bible says love thy neighbor as thyself. One of the worst things you’ve ever done is love thy neighbor, because when he gets a chance to stick it to you he will do it, so just stay the heck away from him and be kind.

. We love it when these two guys come in to eat at the same time wearing shorts. When we see one of them we can’t breathe, so thank goodness when we see the other one we can’t keep from laughing.

. Lots of firewood, easy access, lying beside the road, some hard, some poplar mixed, cut this way and cut that way. Ten dollars a load, and you finish it the way you want it and stack it as high as you want. 855-7565. Bye.

. Exchange student s who spent a school year in Whitesburg are writing me to ask why Republicans are kidnapping kids and not giving them back, even losing some of them. They used to think the United States was above practicing human trafficking. What should I tell them?

. I think it’s a shame that Letcher County, with as good a people as we’ve got, still has sick-minded people. What I’m calling about is a 14-year-old boy being molested by a man I went to school with. This has shocked me. They need to build the prison at Roxana

for people like this and put them in it for the rest of their sorry lives.

. There are several websites that use the term ‘Appalachia’ and invite you to call, but when you call several of them are rude to you. Why do they post their phone number on their website if they don’t want you to call and ask questions? You can call Appalshop and ask questions and they don’t seem to mind. You can call WMMT FM and the DJ’s will talk to you, but if you call Appalachian Alliance they tell you to call Appalachian Voices because they’ve got a newspaper. God bless you and have a nice day.

. All you Donald Trump fans should read ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ which came out in the Sixties. ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ looks so much like Donald Trump it’s pitiful.

. My cousin says for me to join the neighborhood watch. What good does it do? Everybody knows these pill heads and druggies have police scanners hooked up and know when the cops are coming around, so what good would it do?

. Ignorance is bliss. Look up the word immigrant in the dictionary, genius. And while you’re at it, if you can spell, look up the word citizen.

. It’s about time for the county to have the police give people a warning about the garbage being poured out in the middle of the road and in their yard. People need to get out and clean their garbage up. We’re tired of this garbage stuff. People need to start getting tickets. (Wouldn’t it be nice if Letcher County — and the entire state of Kentucky, for that matter — took the crime of littering as seriously as neighboring Virginia does?)

Does anyone know where ‘Jingles’ is? I haven’t heard him on The Swap Shop in forever.

. To all these young girls out there who are getting themselves pregnant and don’t want their babies: Why don’t you keep your legs closed or get protection?

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I am going to vote against Matt Bevin for governor and I am a Republican. I will vote for the Democrat person, whoever he or she is.

I see the disabled boys are back in business at UZ. If you need your vehicle worked on just run it on down there.

. The sorriest law firms I have ever seen are in Knott County. They hold your money and lay it off on big Medicare or another law firm. It’s a bunch of bull. I will never fool with them again, nor will anybody I talk to about them.

. This is a message to the two candidates for county judge: We people on Kingscreek have decided that if you want our vote you will come in person to our house and ask us to vote for you. We have decided we want candidates to come visit us and ask for our votes one-on-one. Instead of sending someone else, come yourself. The Kingscreek Speaker.

. I think it’s simply amazing that a large number of the people who go to church in this country every Sunday are going to bust hell wide open because their preachers preach to them false teachings.

. I’m calling about a certain antique shop on Route 7. If it was cleaned up a little bit on the outside it might get more business, especially if the pop bottles were gone.

. It’s a good thing Matt Bevin reversed his decision to keep people from getting their vision and dental care, because that was going to adversely affect Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation, the great facility in Whitesburg. It was a big win for people getting their coverage back. I was disappointed to see that was going to happen initially, but everything is back to good. The Matt Bevin administration is going to have to learn from this, because they are hurting Kentucky more than they realize. In November things are going to get very interesting.

. A lot of people out there are going to have to understand that just because someone dies, that doesn’t mean they are going to heaven. A lot of people out there are saying this one’s in heaven and that one’s in heaven. People, you better check into that. Just because you say your prayers doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven.

. The drug dealing still goes on in the parking lots of the churches in the Jeremiah area and nothing is ever done about it.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I would hope that in the future we will have a computer system sophisticated enough to run our country for us and only do good things for Americans. We would need no House or Senate, state or federal, and no president. This way the computer could figure out how to run the country, all the way from the left-wing Democrat socialists to the Republicans who are to the right of Attila the Hun. Wouldn’t that just be great? Everybody would be happy.

. When you’re putting your campaign signs up you have to be careful where you are putting them, especially when you don’t ask people for their permission. It sure is bad when you put your sign up on your opponent’s private property.

Were God and Mary, the mother of Jesus, married? I can’t find it in the Bible. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I don’t mean to get out here and get loose, but quit blaming yourself so much. We’re pretty good ole people to be injected with sin. Be you therefore happy.

. Where did the Whitesburg Housing Project thief get to? She breaks in on people and steals their stuff. I hope the Whitesburg Police Department lays their hands on you and lock you up.

. To certain people: Is it true you all are hackers? I would have never guessed it. I thought you all were above that. I really need to pay more attention to what I think are good people. To me, hackers are lazy and spineless. I need to pay more attention.

. I saw on TV where they were returning some of those bodies of our war veterans from North Korea. It may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but my late aunt’s son was shot down over North Korea and never was found. I hope and pray there’s the slightest chance that his body could be identified and brought back. There’s a plot still open in our cemetery for him. He was a fighter pilot. Also, I had a brother who was on the front line in Korea. He brought a book back with him called ‘Lightning in Korea,’ and he said that’s what it was — the skies were lit up practically all the time.

. What about all these preachers out here fleecing their flock?

. I’ve called in and said several times before, but I’ll say it once more: The Friday night rock show on 88.7 WMMT that replaced the long-running ‘Rock Extravaganza’ is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. My comment is not political and it’s not personal, it’s just fact. The new show is the worst radio show ever. I don’t where these guys are coming from and I don’t know what kind of music they are playing, but it sucks and it needs to stop right now.

. Well, many of the American people, especially the Democrat Party, can’t stand what Mr. Trump is doing for the United States of America. As much as I can’t stand that maggot from North Korea, the President of the United States is controlling him for a change. And Russia? Trump is right; Russia would be a better friend than enemy. Anyone with common sense would know that war with China and Russia could annihilate most of the planet if it broke loose. Why can’t you all leave this man alone?

. It seems like some young hoodlums are throwing parties in the graveyards once again in the Blackey and Jeremiah areas. Why won’t the law do anything to them?

. I just flipped on the television to ‘Face the Nation’ and saw these women making statements about President Trump that were totally unverified. I never heard such squawking since I went to the henhouse. They ought to change the name of ‘Face the Nation’ to ‘Hen Squawkers.’ But anyway, God bless America and keep on voting Republican.

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