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How can anyone attempt to pass off fake money and not eventually get caught? The sizable amount of the money recovered, and the repudiated amount still out there, means that many people will be checking out their bills now. And we should.

. I’m calling about Southeastern Conference football. About this time last year, ESPN and all the sportswriters were saying the SEC was having a down year and wouldn’t be good in football. As I recollect, it was an all-SEC championship in the college football playoffs last January. So I’m wondering where all those other big dogs are they were telling us about. They must have fallen by the wayside. So keep this in mind: When you’re playing a team from the SEC, it’s like the title to the song ‘Let’s Get Physical.’ You better be ready to get physical if you’re going to play in the SEC.



. It’s not the bears you have to worry about on Pine Mountain; it’s the digital vultures. They’re everywhere.

. More than 60 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. If you want that in all 50 states, get rid of ICE and your dream will come true.

. I want to speak about the deplorable conditions of the parking lot where the Walmart shopping center is located. I don’t know which company owns that center, but somebody is going to destroy their car while trying to find a parking space. We were there Sunday and there were holes you could bury your car in the large holes there. I think something needs to be done and quick before someone gets hurt.

. From the star: When I saw you Monday it actually hurt my heart. When I lost you, not only did I lose a piece of my heart, but my best friend. That is why I didn’t turn around. I hope you understand.

. Where are we going wrong in America with our teenagers? The big ‘challenge’ now for teens is the Hot Water Challenge being shown on the Internet. One 15-year-old kid in Indiana suffered second-degree burns when his friend played the challenge on him while he was sleeping. What is wrong with this picture?

. How many people have to be bitten by a poisonous snake at a certain church

before something is done about it? I live in this area and I am scared to death of snakes, and I wish that something like this could never be. Something needs be done before somebody dies.

. I’m calling about those California fires. I have been to that state a time or two and I’m no expert on how to cure that problem out there. But I have run a few bulldozers and worked on a few surface mines. To me, just as a test run, I would take two D-10’s out there and cut a strip 800 to 1,000 feet wide from the bottom of the mountain, up across the mountain and down the other side for a mile long and see if that fire can jump that 800 to 1,000 foot wide strip. Bury the timber and leave the dirt on top.

. Tab Hunter?

. Where are all those coal jobs, Mitch McConnell? Where are all those coal jobs you worked so hard to bring, Mitch McConnell? I have waited all through last summer, last fall, winter, spring and now this summer. Now where are all those coal jobs you worked so hard to bring?

. I have noticed that a large number of so-called Christians profess their love and obedience to Donald Trump, some of them even saying that God put him in the office of President of the United States. Question: If Trump is such a Christian, then why is he on the golf course every single Sunday morning instead of being in church?

. We don’t want to hear certain woman whining and complaining about her cousin being mean to her. Everybody knows you are the one who is mean.

. As soon as it gets dark in the Doty Creek area these drug dealers start selling their drugs.

. To a certain young lady: I left you a note at the Family Dollar/Save-a-Lot parking lot, trying to tell you what your old man was doing to you behind your back. I was trying to let you know as a courtesy. I’ve always wanted to go out with you, but it seems like it never has worked out. Someday maybe it will.

. Isn’t it amazing when you call and report something to somebody, especially a county official, they just hang the phone up on you?

You couldn’t pay me to vote Republican. Thank you.

. In answer to a question that appeared in Speak Your Piece, no, Mary and God did not have sex. Mary was engaged to Joseph, but she was a virgin and by the miracle of God she became pregnant with Jesus. Thank you.

. If it is true that we have 50 million people in this country facing hunger, why do we insist on bringing hundreds of thousands more indigent people into this country? Does that make any sense?

. Pharmacies in Letcher County have started to no longer honor prescriptions for syringes and needles that are not used for injecting illegal drugs. What is going on with this?

. Criminals and drugs have to keep coming across our southern border. Keep on working, Democrats.

. I know ESPN has been going downhill for a while, but when I saw Keith Olbermann on Sports Center that did it. He’s made a complete circle after being run off everywhere he’s been. ESPN must be desperate.

. Only in Jenkins, Kentucky will you find a homeless shelter right beside City Hall. What kind of mayor would put up with something like this?

. How many elections does Hillary Clinton have to lose for simple-minded people to have to understand that America does not want her?

. I am so happy Wayne Fleming is running for mayor of Jenkins. He will do a great job after he is elected.

. I don’t know why people think it’s OK to enter into a same-sex marriage. The Bible is true and everybody else is a liar. Whoever thinks same-sex marriage is OK should pick up a Bible and read it. I think it looks awful to see two men together or two women together. And it is awful.

. Someone was asking why they hadn’t heard Jingles on The Swap Shop recently. I am not sure, but I think I

heard he may no longer be with us. Does anyone know for sure?

. Most of the overcrowding in the jail is because they don’t send them on to the prisons after they are convicted. The jail is just a holding center; it’s not for keeping convicted criminals.

. Hooked on Phonics was a gateway drug for me.

. One person’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. I sure wish I could find your treasure.

. Mother’s Day came and went and you didn’t put a single flower on your mother’s grave. Her birthday came and went and you still didn’t put a flower on her grave. Memorial Day came and went and still there were no flowers, yet you took credit for doing half of everything concerning the flower decorations. If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking they are talking about someone else. No, that’s not it. We’re talking about you. It’s time to quit being a hypocrite.

. You can see from the photograph on the front page of last week’s Mountain Eagle that all of the counterfeit bills have the same serial number. Check the serial number on twenties, fifties and hundreds.

. Would you believe what you may see on the screen of today’s electron microscopes — or telescopes, either one — regarding the universe all around you and its expanding outwards from you forever? Consider the development and the demise of human metamorphosis; you are sown a natural body, you are raised up a spiritual body, you are two life forms within one individual. You are aborn physically — ‘natural man’ in a physical world; but when you die you, the individual who survives death, remains intact and unimpaired as in original intellect. Therefore, you are redeveloped into what man calls a quickening spirit, or a spirit of light (a universe where matter and the laws of human logic reasoning

are not in control of everything). While you lived as a mortal man on Earth your image was preserved by the sunlight that was reflected by the sun’s rays bouncing from your body out into space where your image will travel forever. Take note: your visible life on planet Earth will live forever, traveling 186,000 miles a second through space. Also, every word you ever spoke is recorded in light rays which transmit noise through the ether of space (the word ‘ether’ is also spelled ‘aether’ and has several different meanings). Once you, the individual, are brought into existence (life) you never die. Your physical body dies but your mind does not. Your mind is the spirit. Your body is the reservoir which holds both spirit and soul while you are on Earth as a person, or as a human. The answer to everything is in the Bible. God is omnipresent. God bless infinity. God bless President Donald Trump. God bless the USA. God bless the land next to Route 80 from Hazard to Prestonsburg.

. I’m glad to see that our magistrate, Wayne Fleming,

is running for mayor of Jenkins. Todd Depriest will defeat him. It’s about time Wayne got his comedownance. He used to be a pretty good magistrate but he has been totally ineffective during his past two terms because he couldn’t get along with the judge or the other magistrates. The only magistrate he could get along with is on his way out too.

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