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I think there should be a road built into the Riley Cemetery at Doty Creek. It’s a shame you can’t go there to visit a grave now without being harassed. When I voted for Judge Ward and Magistrate Adams, I did so thinking they would put a road into this cemetery so we could go visit the graves of our loved ones.

Motorcycle, motorcycle. Hey, I have no reason to lie. I have no lies to tell. Why would I lie?

People really get under my skin when they ignore you when you are talking to them. But if they’re talking, they want you to really pay attention – especially if they’re talking about their grandchildren. Don’t they know we love our grandchildren and children just as much as they do? Thank you.

The Champ 1, Radar Ears 0.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have that Google search thing on my computer. I typed in the name of my favorite country music singer, Ty Herndon. Boy was I surprised to find out about his arrest record from 1997. I am so disappointed.

Stephen loves Crystal, not Heather. I found me a real woman. Crystal is a real woman.

I am so upset. For years I have been visiting a certain healthcare provider. On June 4, I went for my regular checkup, yet there was a new woman in my regular receptionist’s seat. She was very rude and barely clothed. From now on I will go somewhere else so that I don’t have to see any disgusting body parts. It’s not fair that some people are allowed to dress in this manner when others aren’t. Thank you.

Think about this: China and India are drilling for oil 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Do you think they will sell some of it to us? Maybe they will sell us some for food stamps. It is a better deal than money. Ask the ones who are paying taxes on the food. This is not robbing from the blind, this is a nation with no leadership whose words are, ‘I can’t do anything about it.’ All I’ve got to say is China and India are doing something about it. This just pushes my buttons and rattles my chain. Move over, little dog, the big dogs are moving in. God have mercy on all of us.

(Reports, circulating mostly by e-mail, that China and India are drilling for oil off the coast of Florida have been proven to be false. On June 12, the office of Vice President Dick Cheney admitted that Cheney was wrong when he claimed China was drilling for oil 60 miles from the coast of Florida. Sen. Mel Martinez, a Florida Republican, has also denied the rumors and called them ‘urban legend.’)

Why do we need a Jenkins festival committee to come to Whitesburg to put on a festival? Is Whitesburg going to Jenkins to put on a festival?

We would like to wish our daughters a belated happy birthday. Mason turned four on May 12 and June turned 8 on June 9. We love you so much. Mom and Dad.

There must be more than one dog hater on Little Cowan. This is a warning to all of the animal owners on Little Cowan: Rat poison mixed with dry dog food has been found on the creekbank more than once. We wish the person doing this would stop. Please.

Hello, you long dark-haired pretty girl who lives in Pistol City. I wish I was with you.

To the lady who used to live at Log House Drive: I just wanted to say thank you for moving out of Log House Drive so I could come home. Me and my man had been seeing each other for a while, and we were just waiting for you to leave so I could come home. We are very happy.

While you are restlessly looking up and down the road, she is miles and miles away having the time of her life with her friends who can’t be bought with money, drugs or pills. Just thought you would want to know that.

I was just calling in about the water on Copperhead Road. We have been fighting for water on Craft’s Colly for all these years, and then one greedy man has to try to stop it. We just want him to know that his neighbors think that what he is doing is a shame.

This is in response to the comment from the man seeking a woman between 25 and 45: I am a 50-year-old lady looking for a man for my 30-year-old daughter who has two children, ages 6 and 8. She needs a good hardworking man. They are eating me out of house and home. Yours truly, Miss Desperate.

The speed limit needs to be enforced on Main Street in Jenkins. Do the police not have any gas?

This one has a title. It’s called ‘Sleeping on the Job.’ If I ever in my life got paid the money the person who was sleeping at the Letcher County Central High School graduation gets paid by the public, I would have stayed home rather than embarrass myself in front of all those people.

You might as well go on with your lies, because I will never want you. I have all that I will ever want until the day that I die.

I would like to know what the law is concerning dogs. And when is the county going to do something about all these that are running loose on Blair Branch? They are very vicious. Thank you.

To my family member on Bill Moore Branch: I saw those 125 Tylox capsules you had. You work for those people and you know who you are. I know who you are and I’m fixing to turn you in to the government.

You’re overweight. You need to eat less pig and drink more moonshine.

I agree with the caller who put the notice in about people drawing Social Security disability pay but still get out and work. The SSI people get free medical care and all that stuff while others with jobs can’t even get health care because they can’t afford it with the gas prices and everything else so high. Look around and you’ll see 99 percent of the people cutting grass and painting are SSI people. I also think it needs to change and I will back the caller up.

I don’t think it’s right for children and grandchildren and other family members to be riding around in cars that belong to public offices with the gas being paid for by taxpayers.

I would like to comment one more time about the bankruptcy deal. I know about it, because I filed myself. When you do you cannot buy anything for seven years. So when you buy a new car you have to put it in someone else’s name. So don’t try to pull any wool over my eyes. And I know who you are. Anyway, I’m glad you got a new car to drive. I’m still driving junk.

Why should I move because we’ve got a sorry police department? Half the population of the town isn’t satisfied with what they do.

I just read a comment in Speak Your Piece about the woman who is being evicted by her sister. It disgusts me that the only thing that’s happening to her is she’s being evicted. I don’t know who you are, but when she was crying and telling her sob story, did she tell you she’s been being evicted for two years now and won’t leave? Did she tell you she helped coerce that wonderful old woman out of all of her money? And did they tell you she gave her sister bad checks and stole her mother’s check? Did they tell you they used the woman’s credit cards? Did she tell you they called that old woman and bitch and a whore at 80 years old and put bruises on her? Elderly people might be difficult at times, but it’s never okay to bruise them up. By the way, there are always two sides to every story, and you have been misled. Not many low-life’s brag about what they do. They only make up excuses and justifications. They are sad, pathetic users of people. They should thank God that all that’s happening to them is they are being evicted. After two years you would think they would get the clue and just leave. All the drugs, gambling, greed and warped sense of entitlement – what a way to show your love for somebody.

Let me just tell you and your thug buddies that I don’t care what you say and dang sure don’t worry over you. You know what happened, and my being indicted doesn’t mean I am guilty. The truth will all come out and I can’t wait to hear you stutter when my attorney questions you and your record. Like I said and always will, it was worth everything in the world. Don’t send anymore messages to my house.

You can blame me all you want for all the trouble you are in again. I wasn’t home all weekend and I am gone every evening until late at night with my family. You, meanwhile, are living payday to payday doing your drugs and living in filth with children in the home. You’re being watched. Every stop that’s made out there, you’re being watched.

Did you know that two women and a man held a girl down and beat her up at Wright’s Trailer Park in Neon? They beat her up even though the man had told her she could stay there. The mother and daughter just went in and beat her up and threw her out. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if someone didn’t slap the brains out of both of those women some night.

I want to wish Darlene a happy birthday.

My son wants to wish Delania a happy birthday.

I want to say hi to my sister Suzie and her husband Ronnie, and to their boys Jason and Quinten.

Where’s my neck brace?

I would like to know why people – neither children nor adults – just do not think it is necessary to send a thank you note. They send out invitations, but then they don’t want to spend the money to send a thank you note or even say it in person. I think it is very important. I don’t know if the problem starts with parents not teaching their children like they should or what. I would like for folks to be more aware of this. Thank you.

This is the girl from Whitaker: I have no need to steal a dog, because he is mine. I bought him in Tennessee. And you are not aware of the agreement between me and the woman you were talking about. We agreed that if she goes to a nursing home or something happens, he comes back to me. I go visit the dog, and I would bring my husband and children to visit the dog. I wouldn’t have gone up the hollow and told someone I had the dog if I was stealing him. Get your story straight. I am a Christian and I don’t steal. I don’t need to steal. Everybody else knows the truth.

It’s great that the kids in the Whitesburg area have a swimming pool and a skate park. But what about the kids that don’t live in the Whitesburg area? Parents sit around and wonder why these kids are getting into trouble with drugs, drinking and teen pregnancies. Well, maybe someone needs to get the kids something to do down this way – maybe a swimming pool or a youth center. If you know how to get this moving along, please write back next week and let me have some information on how to get something done around here for these poor kids.

Why are people so stupid in Letcher County? They’re either drug dealers, hoochies or potheads. They can’t get anything straight.

To the adulteress who is going out on her husband with a 19- year-old: Instead of being at the hospital with your little 19-yearold, you should be ashamed to show your face in Letcher County. You should be run out of this county. Shame on you.

To Jeffrey Craft of Mayking: I don’t know who beat your son up, but in my opinion he didn’t get enough of a beating for what he has done.

A certain fast-food place in Whitesburg won’t run the airconditioner because the management is too tight to pay for it. I hope everybody joins me in taking all of my business to the Pine Mountain Grill.

If you need anything, come to Number 4 Hill.

If a person who kills a dog would also kill a human, that means a certain woman must have killed at least two dogs in her life. Everybody knows she was involved in killing a man and his innocent little son.

I work at a fast-food place. When I went to work the other day they said they didn’t need me and sent me home. It cost me two gallons of gas to get me there and back. How much longer do you people think we can keep standing this? It cost me eight dollars to go to work and be told to go back home. I can’t stand it much longer.

I want a t-shirt, a little yellow t-shirt.

To a lady who is committing adultery with a teen-ager: Honey, why don’t you straighten your life up? You used to have such a good life – a Christian woman going to church with a good and loving wonderful family. Please. People love you and care for you. Most of all, God loves you. Please straighten your life up. Please don’t let the wrath of God be poured out on you. There’s still time. Just remember, your family loves you and God does, too.

Evidently, if you have a certain last name in Letcher County you can deal drugs, you can shoot a man, and you can do just about anything else you want to do.

The day will come for everybody. Even good Christian people have hard times. That’s just part of life.

This is in response to the concerned citizen on the branch: I think you owe apologies to several of our neighbors. A certain man and woman both have had strokes. Another man is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s. I don’t see you mowing their lawns or doing house cleaning for any of them, or making sure they get their medications every day. I don’t even see you visiting them. And I’m sure Miss Debbie would appreciate some help in her garden. That’s just to mention a few of the people on your list of neighbors you had to slander. Are you a concerned citizen or just a busybody? You be the judge. And to answer your question about the price of admission to Old McGary’s farm: It’s free. I wouldn’t even charge someone like you.

I’m calling concerning some grandbabies: You’re told that they’re not your grandchildren legally, but they are no matter what. You’ve been there with them since the day they were born. No matter what went on between me and you, those babies will always be your grandbabies. So don’t ever let anyone tell you they’re not. They still think about you to this day. As a matter of fact, we’re sitting here talking about you right now. So keep it in your mind that they are still your babies.

To my next-door neighbor: Let me tell you something, woman. You might like to laugh and giggle every time I call 9-1- 1 to come and get my mom when she’s having a nervous breakdown. Just keep on laughing, because one day you’ll be on your knees begging to God and wishing you had never lied.

People who bleach their hair must really be ugly with their own natural hair color.

What deception on an elderly woman who has done a great job raising her two granddaughters. The older one, at 16 years of age, has tricked her into thinking she has been seeing a young man of 17 when all along it has been a 21-year-old married man.

Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘If this nation ever falls, it will not be from forces from without, but from within its own borders.’ Dwight Eisenhower said, ‘Beware the military industrial complex.’ We are now seeing the results of what they both said. Politician and prostitution sound very much alike and are spelled differently, but they have taken on pretty much the same meaning. We don’t need natural disasters, we now have our own manmade disasters. It is no consolation, but now you party loyalists can suffer with the rest of us.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. Kids, who needs ’em? The noisy little rugrats are everywhere. I used to try to run ’em off, but they’re like flies. Before I moved up on the mountain, they used to hang around my place constantly, and I finally figured out why. A gas can! Their trail bike or fourwheeler always seemed to run out of gas right in front of my house, then the little brats would want to buy a quarter’s worth of gas. I’d always take their quarter or even a dollar sometimes, but give them at least a gallon so they would leave and get far away from me. Hopefully they would stay away awhile. When they found out I had an air compressor and tools, my place became a rugrat service station. They’d sneak and ride ol’ Barney or want to shoot my guns or taste moonshine. One drop on their tongues, and they always decided that they would never drink again. The worse I treated them, the more they came back. Occasionally, one would get bruised or skinned up, but it didn’t keep them away. I once asked why they hung around here and they said, ‘You let us do stuff our parents would never let us do, Brushey Bill.’ Now I can’t see nothing wrong with a 10-year-old shootin’ a shotgun or using a acetylene torch, but most parents don’t see it that way. Them kids have growed up now and done good. They still visit me, and talk about the times I snuck up on their campsite and fired up my chain saw or howled like a wolf. I don’t know still why kids was always around here. Maybe it was the attention they got, or maybe they just found me odd. Anyhow, I hope these child abusers and preverts never come up with the idea of putting a gas can in their front yard. Sincerely yours, Brushey Bill.

Surely you’re not the one who responded to the ‘are you afraid to marry her?’ comment. Disregard this if this is not the psycho. If it is, you don’t have an ounce of common sense or you would know that could not have been to your man about you. You have gone completely crazy if you think he would ever take trash like you back after all you’ve done. What’s wrong with you? Why do you waste your time going to church? I’m glad you exposed yourself, what a tramp you are, to people and then call yourself a Christian. Ha, ha, sweetie, ha, ha.

This is concerning an article on the front page of The Mountain Eagle back on February 27. The article said, ‘Letcher County has been designated as a member of the Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) – a move that should help local law enforcement agencies to secure more federal funding for the efforts to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking organizations.’ So now it sounds like the government has recognized that Letcher County is one of the counties that has a drug problem. They are going to sit back and throw our taxpayer money at the drug problem in Letcher County by sending money like they did to fix the Southern states after Katrina while drug dealers and bootleggers are left to do their small business all over the county in plain sight. What we really need is for the federal government to send in undercover federal agents all over this area and investigate every official and all known drug dealers and clean up this area. We need a Buford Pusser as sheriff like they had in Tennessee a few years ago. They should be trying to get the big dealers and helping the young people with rehabilitation. I believe two men on horseback that were willing to set out at night and pull surveillance in the rain, snow or whatever comes their way could clean up the county if all of our prosecutors, judges, and law-enforcement officials would do what their oaths of office say. I challenge each one of you to really start looking at your sheriff, deputies, policemen, state police or any officer and see how sharp they look. For his/her shoes that are shined, their pants and shirt are pressed with military creases, gun belt and all their brass shined and the hat sits just right. Their well cleaned patrol cars sitting somewhere close like a horse at a hitching post waiting for his master. Now if you would see a dirty car only sitting on three of the four tires and a policeman getting out of it with mud up to his knees and his uniform torn off of him, you can pretty sure bet this man has been serving you. I’m not saying policemen should look that dirty all the time. But they must be ready to look like this at any given time. Then they will be able to catch a drug dealer that’s selling drugs under their nose. Please ask the following gentlemen for help: Congressman Hal Rogers, 2406 Rayburn HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515, Senator Mitch McConnell, 361-A Russell Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510.

(Did you write down your thoughts before or after June 11, when the news broke about federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies busting a ring of criminals responsible for bringing in up to 75 percent of the OxyContin that is sold illegally here?)

To a girl who moved away: So you decided to marry the second one who got you pregnant. What’s wrong, were you afraid of what your parents might think and having to go through that alone? No one targeted you to talk about. You just slept with so many people that you earned a reputation. So quit feeling sorry for yourself and blaming everyone else for your problems. Like they say, ‘live by the sword die by the sword.’ You were your own undoing. Just keep a positive attitude and think of it this way: At least you found someone who’s too stupid to know what a cheap ride you are.

I went to church Sunday and saw a certain son and mother. I thought to myself, if they make it to Heaven I surely will. People better wake up and see that if you do ‘friends’ wrong it will come back on you. I would think twice before I would walk into a church and act so goodie-goodie.

I admire the Potters. They have true grit, and I don’t think they are going to drop the injustices against them very easily. People like them can be very stubborn when their rights are at stake. More power to them.

Congratulations to the Potters for at least getting their side of the story told, and thanks to The Mountain Eagle for publishing their letter. There is no better indicator of a community’s character than the way they treat their elders. If what has been published is true, this community doesn’t rate very well on the character scale. The officials involved should be ashamed of themselves and the community should be ashamed of them as well. After all, those officials are a reflection of the community.

Roland, Ellen, Ruth Ann and Doug, we really enjoyed our visit with you. We had a great time. Maybe it won’t be too long be- fore we can visit real often. We love you.

Oma, you’ll never know how much I enjoyed my overnight visit with you. Even though Robert said we would we didn’t run out of something to talk about. Love you bunches.

Cry, cry. The people on Roberts Branch can’t take a joke. I was always taught if the shoe fits wear it and wear it well. What if whoever wrote that about you all told a little more information on you? Then you might have a reason to be a cry baby. But we don’t want to go there, do we?

I totally agree with the caller from last week who said a certain store was against its older workers. I have been shopping there since the store opened and I used to get good service from the older women. Now it is a bunch of teenagers running that store. I have quit shopping there, as I am tired of waiting in line while the teenage workers are having a party in the corner. And I am tired of the girls who work there being half dressed. Does this store not have a dress code? If it is true the older workers are being treated that way, this store might want to read up on some labor laws.

‘People take their very own existence and freedoms for granted to sneak another escape through the mental back door of the mind. Why? ‘Cause life is SCARY.’

Letter sent to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee: Last week, a courageous member of Congress finally submitted articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. As you know, this bill was designated as House Resolution 1258. As a patriotic American, I am writing to demand that the House Judiciary Committee hold hearings on H Res 1258 as soon as possible. As a loyal citizen, I demand that you uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. As a voter and a taxpayer, I demand that you obey your oaths of office. Political expedience is immaterial. George Bush has already publicly confessed to serial felony violations of the Fourth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). That alone is evidence enough to warrant an indictment. I read Chairman Conyers’s book, George W. Bush vs. The Constitution. That, along with the recent release of Phase II of a report on the same subject by the Senate Intelligence Committee, indicates emphatically that there is already a mountain of evidence that President Bush and members of his administration intentionally and deliberately misled the Congress, the press, and the American public on the necessity to attack and occupy Iraq. If wiretapping Americans on American soil without a warrant and going to war on false pretenses are not ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ I hesitate to imagine what actually constitutes an impeachable offense. As I recall, Representative Kucinich itemizes 35 offenses against the Constitution and the American people. Allowing a criminal to remain president is itself a criminal act. You have publicly been made aware that there is a large body of substantial evidence which supports the conclusion that crimes have already been committed. Failure to act immediately on that information is a direct violation of your oaths of office. Generations of Americans will look back on this moment in history and wonder why we impeached a president for lying about extra-marital gratification, but not for wholesale abuse of our constitutional system of democracy. Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. They may use this e-mail to imprison the sender or the reader without access to legal counsel or anyone else. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Regarding the large store: If this is who I think it is, who are you kidding? If being mistreated means sitting on your behind all day and getting weekends off like you do, then sign me up. You’re actually the one who is mistreating people and trying to ruin a store’s good name. And stop telling people to go to church when you’re being so hateful. It’s embarrassing for you.

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