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Hello dog shooter. I heard someone else talking about you. Don’t believe nobody knows who you are, because your reputation is growing. Is this the popularity you hoped for? To be known as the person who goes around killing dogs. Too late, the word is out.

. To all you people out who might be sending your money to one of the many false prophets out there: When you send them your money you are denying the blood of Jesus Christ. You don’t owe them anything. They are vultures. They have turned the word of God into the word of merchandise. Don’t send them money. The ten percent tithe in Deuteronomy was for the Jews, not for us gentiles. So take a stand for the blood of Jesus. Do not send those filthy people anything.

. Seems to me there’s a certain pastor who needs to learn to keep it in his pants, get his family straight, and get out from under Daddy’s thumb.

. I would like to leave a message to a very beautiful lady in Letcher County. I have been trying to tell her for all these years that I have been in love with her. She is the prettiest woman I have ever seen. If it takes money living in California or drawing food stamps in Letcher County just to be with you, I would pick the food stamps. You are a beautiful girl and a nice person. Know that I will always love you.

. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for shuffling the cards with Iran. Don’t let them cut them. And speaking of wickedness, have you all noticed the more wicked human beings become, even here in the United States, the stronger the diseases are? You know why? It’s because Satan rules all that wickedness. Anyway, God bless America, God bless Mr. Trump, and God bless our government for all they do to protect America.

. How can you own a restaurant and not pay your employees and still hire more employees? You owe one employee more than a thousand dollars and haven’t paid me since I’ve started — not one time. If you’re going to own a restaurant you should pay your employees first.

. I would like to see something done about people who have land leased on Black Mountain, both on the Kentucky and the Virginia side. They are killing all the elk that go up there. They have been doing a lot of night hunting. Thank you.

. The DEA is trying to kill old people.

. I know a certain person who got ahold of some counterfeit money from a person at Mayking. This certain person lives at Doty Creek.

. I am asking for people’s honest opinions. I met a married lady and have been seeing her for probably a year and a half. We met just as friends and then we started holding hands. That graduated up to a kiss and now we’ve been together this long. Does this make me a bad person? She is just as guilty as I am, and I don’t beg her to come to my house.

. Has anyone seen the druggie working at a certain restaurant? I was in there the other evening and did not want to eat when I saw who was there. It’s a shame. I don’t know if the owners don’t know or if they don’t care. It’s one of my favorite places to eat, but I guess I’ll be sticking to lunch when I am there.

. The Letcher County Food Pantry needs to change some of its requirements so that people can get the free food they need. They are still sticking with proof of residency, income, household size, and Social Security cards for the entire household. And that’s not to mention your light bill and your phone bill and all these other things people who need free food are not able to produce. That was established years ago and not by the people who are running it now, and it needs to be changed.

. A big thank you to County Extension Agent Shad Baker for coming out to see why our garden is not producing. He went beyond the call of duty, and we had a good visit. Thank you again.

. I am getting ready for the college football season and I’m looking for Alabama and Georgia to repeat. I am looking for Auburn and LSU to be right up there. I think one of the most dangerous teams in the SEC this coming year will be Texas A&M. Their new coach, Jimbo Fisher, is not going to take a back seat to anybody. Look out, because the Aggies are coming.

. To a certain person: I know you got your $25,000 in cash. You didn’t help get it; you went against your loyal little sister. But you got it and you cashed it so go on and enjoy it even though you don’t deserve it.

. They holler about the jail downtown being overcrowded.

Well, I’ve got a solution. Take the prisoners out for the day and make them work real hard and they’ll be too tired to quarrel about how crowded it is at night. If they would take them out and make them Weed Eat and pick up this garbage that’s all over the county they wouldn’t be so happy to go back to jail after they get out.

. A certainly elderly man who drives a black vehicle needs to know that the woman he took to Walmart late in the afternoon of August 7 is a prostitute. She first bought diapers, then came out and got more money from him for Red Bull.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: With the election in Ohio and the Republican struggling to win a race that still hasn’t been called, I guess Ohio doesn’t want to help make America great again. I heard there is a whole lot of heroin up in Ohio, so I guess we can just write them off.

. The commentary and the music are what make ‘Ridin’ Around Listening to the Radio with Wiley Quixote’ such a good program on WMMT-FM.

. These so-called highly educated illiterates keep referring to our ‘democracy.’ This is a representative republic. Neither one judge nor a panel of judges can overrule the vote of the majority of the people. (Courts can and have overturned elections.)

I’m thinking of the scripture about meeting Jesus in the air. Aren’t we already in the air? This is talking about the spirit body. If someone you love went away for a long time and came back to you, would you immediately leave to go to where they came from? Not in the case of Jesus, because he is bringing a team and he is meeting a team here on earth, which are the ones who stayed in the fields working. Jesus is going to Jerusalem to set up his kingdom. These people will be working with the ones who are in spirit body like everyone else, but they still have a mortal soul, which means they can die. Read Matthew 10:28. This is not a second chance.

. I think they ought to have a class in our schools on teaching our children about good hygiene and how to be a productive citizen. The mothers and fathers have slipped so badly their children, even those about to get married, don’t know how to take a broom and sweep a porch or even how to cut grass. This is sad. The schools need to start teaching this stuff, because the parents aren’t going to do it.

. If asbestos can be used in products in the United States, why can’t DDT be used? Why is the low media putting Trump Tower ahead of everything and letting the Obama clan and the Clinton clan get away with all they did? It is just stupid the way they persecute Republicans.

. It’s sure not going to be the same here in Letcher County after the fall election. We will have a new county judge and a new mayor of Jenkins. Things won’t be same around here.

. I’ve noticed the phone calls have been dying down on ‘The Swap Shop,’ which has always been a very happening program. I think a lot of people are getting made because a certain person gets to call in and sell his parts and others can’t. It’s not fair when people get on there with three or four vehicles to sell. That’s not someone who is trying to sell those small items like the ‘The Swap Shop’ was intended to do.

. I am not sure if a recent caller to Speak Your Piece was talking to me about the ‘treasure,’ but all that person

would have to do is just talk to me.

. If a certain man who works at a certain store in Whitesburg doesn’t leave a couple of certain women alone, their husbands will take care of it. There are dogs and there are real dogs. You are a real dog. Be thankful for what you’ve got, but I’m afraid you’ll never be thankful for anything you have. You are a home wrecker.

. To the editor of The Mountain Eagle’s Speak Your Piece: When somebody calls something into Speak Your Piece you guys don’t always print it. The truth is the truth, and you don’t have the right to discriminate against somebody. (Perhaps more of your comments would appear in print if stop attacking your neighbors and family members over and over again.)

I called the Letcher County Property Valuation Administrator’s office recently to speak about a matter. I was asked to provide the proper address for the land I was asking about. After that I started being asked other questions about the property and said I didn’t know about it and wasn’t I talking to the tax assessor’s office? I told the man I was surprised that he said he didn’t know anything about any property in Letcher County since he was the tax assessor. He got irate and said he didn’t have to help me at all and hung up on me. I understand this year is an election year, so hopefully someone who actually wants to help people can run and be elected to that office.

. I’m calling about the person who was complaining about the homeless shelter being beside Jenkins City Hall: I’ve got a good solution for that; they need to move the homeless shelter next to the caller’s house. Where would be a better place for a homeless shelter than in town? We don’t want them in our community, but if you’re dissatisfied with that I am sure Mayor Depriest will move it right into your neighborhood if you ask him. Thank you.

. I’m calling about Wayne Fleming running for mayor of Jenkins. This is one of the best things to happen to Jenkins. It’s about time we are able to get rid of the Depriest-Addington faction.

. Parents of Fleming-Neon Elementary School need to be made aware there is an alleged pedophile living near the school.

. Put Wayne Fleming in as mayor of Jenkins and this town will hit an all-time low. That would be the greatest mistake ever.

. The noble American Indian had a rock, a stick and a hide. We probably committed genocide against at least 10 million of them over time. Now we’ve got North Korea building big missiles that can reach the United States. Mr. Trump, he’s rattling our chain. I know it would make a big difference in the payout for Social Security and other programs if one of those missiles gets over here and explodes, that man needs to pay for what’s he done and what he’s doing.

. To the person who stole my debit card at Family Dollar Store on August 10: I’m just glad you can’t use it because I had a stop put on it. And there wasn’t much money in the account anyway. Just goes to show you there’s hardly an honest person left in this world today. Thank you very much.

. To the citizens of Letcher County: What kind of people run with child molesters? Other child molesters.

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