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It used to be the druggies and the thieves. Now you have to lock your door for the bears. Keep up the good work.

. Who is running the recycling center? The reason I ask that is because I take stuff to the recycling center. A lot of times I don’t get my stuff there until after they shut the gate, so I take it out and lay it in front of the gate. The driver of a certain tan Ford truck comes down here and gets whatever I lay out there. Is that not considered stealing, since the city or the county owns the property?

. On the morning of August 14, a blue Honda fourwheeler came into Letcher County from the Knott County line all the way to Caudilltown and wouldn’t let me pass. Because I had to keep mashing my brakes, the repair bill cost me $275. I would probably let the boy by with giving me the finger twice, but when he called me a SOB he messed up. It was a young boy and a young girl on the four-wheeler, and I know where the vehicle is in Caudilltown. I’ll tell you who this is: This is Porky York and I will unleash the beast. If you ever come this way again, son, I will put you over the mountain, and that’s a fact. You better have your daddy or your mommy get in touch with me and apologize. If not I will be your worst nightmare, pal. You got that?

. I hope I am not the only one who feels this way, but I long for the days when our young men and women would get out and protest for things like world peace instead of setting up picket lines for their own selfish purposes. The ridiculousness of these so-easy-tooffend and so very selfish millennial types are the reason why we are stuck with an idiot like Donald Trump as our president.

. I would like to warn everyone with Medicare or any of the other insurances, the braces — back braces, knee braces and any of the other braces — are not free. When they deliver them to your house they do not make you pay money, but for the rest of your life they are going to call you at least three times a day over those braces.

. You just proved my point. Judges have overturned the vote of the people on issues. However, we have a constitution, and in a democracy the majority of the people take precedence over everything. That is why the framers rejected democracy.

. It’s amazing how someone who isn’t a member of the neighborhood watch will take a neighborhood watch sign and hang it on

their house. That just goes to show what kind of low life person this person is. It is no wonder that half the people in the neighborhood won’t join the watch; he tells them what to do. This just goes to show you that if you come to Doty Creek you better be packing a weapon with you.

. So imagine that, life with you on food stamps. What beautiful woman could turn that down?

. It’s not flattering by any means to be so narrow minded and self centered to never be grateful or thankful for the small things people do for you. Always expecting more will someday get you to where people will not even answer when you call. Because every time you call, you ask for something and never just call to talk or ask about that person. People get tired of being used and it’s too bad you can’t see that. The day probably has already come for other people who have stopped answering their phone when you call. Pretty soon I will stop answering my phone when I see your number show up.

. I am calling to let people know what kind of person Wayne Fleming is. He went to war and fought in Vietnam. I have known him for more than 50 years. He is straight and honest; what he tells you is what he will do. He has had a hard time fighting for the people against many of the other members of the Letcher County Fiscal Court. That’s why he is getting out of it. He didn’t get any support from the other members, other than Terry Adams. The two of them fought for us people of Letcher County. Wayne fought for the senior citizens, to no avail, but he continues to help the senior citizens any way he can. Consider him in the election for mayor of Jenkins. He will fight for us. Thank you.

. To certain married women: Be very careful about what you put online where everybody can see it. A lot of these faces I myself recognize. One even goes to church and professes to be a Christian. When you put pictures online for everyone to see you will realize a mistake was made.

. There’s a woman who lives in a certain apartment in Whitesburg, and I believe there’s a man after her. He’s been after her for I don’t know how long. I think she is doing her boyfriend wrong. He’s been awfully good to you and you shouldn’t be treating him like that, you two-timer.

. The old saying goes, ‘you can’t cure ignorance.’ Even if you go and pay the property

taxes on a dead couple’s property, that doesn’t mean you own the property. That means you have a lien on the property. You can’t and start timbering everything you see, whether it’s on that property or someone else’s, and apparently it’s a lot of someone else’s. I think you better think twice before you jump at it again.

. Let’s look for a moment at the teaching that we in this country are gentiles. The people we are going to be talking about descended from Abraham, Isaac, and through Jacob, who had twelve sons. Judah was the son who the Jewish people came from. What happened to the other sons? Some are wondering why the Jewish people, who don’t acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God, are not called gentiles, and we that do are called gentiles. The ones that I believe are gentiles are the atheistic, communistic and idol-worshipping countries. Not all of them are that way; it is their governments’ ways. As to what happened to the other sons, they became the Christian nations who are spreading the gospel message to others who do need to be grafted in to the countries mentioned above.

. I saw where the mainstream media was complaining. It’s an easy fix for them. Just break tradition and try telling the truth once in a while. I don’t want the media’s opinion, I want the truth. I want them to quit slanting the news in one direction all of the time. Just tell the truth and everything else will clear itself up. Thank you.

. I would like to call in about Dr. Dustin Campbell at ARH. He is a fine surgeon and I pray he stays around.

. As they say, only in the City of Jenkins will you find a mayor who will put a stop sign on a road that has been there for more than 100 years without one.

. Mr. Trump, you are doing good job of making America great again. The American people are proud of you, sir. Drain that swamp, Mr. Trump. All those who are not for us are against us. I don’t know why they want to lie and do the things they do in high offices, but a whole lot of them need to be drained right on out of the system. The question is, who will replace them? Put in good people, Mr. Trump, who are for America. And about the homeless situation: Let them get jobs. Create jobs for them. Give them advance and let them get their apartments or whatever. Build apartments for them and put them to work.

. I am responding the man who finds himself in an immoral web with a married woman. I know it will be difficult, but you need to break off the relationship. Put yourself in the place of her husband. How would it make you feel? If she is serious about you she will get a divorce from her husband and then you could resume the relationship the right way. You need to pray for forgiveness for your part. If you are a Christian, continuing with her will destroy your Christian witness with other people.

. Just think of the money the county could save if they could put most of the inmates on ankle bracelets and send them home and make them feed themselves.

This is concerning the voting place at the old Ermine Senior Citizens Center: Last May we went up there to vote and all we could smell was rat urine and mildew and mold. It stank something awful. Now they have two people homesteading right in the yard up there. You know there are no bathrooms there, so where are they using the bathroom? I just don’t like to go up there and vote because it is so nasty. I think we ought to have a decent place to vote, one that we

can be proud of going to and voting.

. I would like to talk about these so-called ‘free phones’ available to low-income people. Why not give our poor people a chance by helping them get these phones in modern America? Shouldn’t poor people be able to call 9-1-1 in an emergency, too?

. To a certain person: The past is coming back to get you. You know what you did. It’s been years ago, but it’s coming back to get you. Just wondering how you feel about yourself right now. I hope you have to admit things.

. This just in from the Real News Network: These NFL players aren’t going to play football for their entire life. They can only play for a certain amount of time before they have to get out in the real world. When you start doing business deals with people you don’t know after you’ve retired, these people you don’t know now are liable to tell you they didn’t like it when you protested and wouldn’t stand for the national anthem. They won’t do business with you, but you’ll never know why. Grow up. The world is going to turn after you quit football. The question is, have you destroyed yourself in the process?

. Beware of a certain child molester who is working in Neon.

. Who knows what causes humans to go into a school and slaughter children in the first place, but the horrible truth is it’s happened before and nobody wants to see it happen again. I think it’s a very good idea to have cops stationed at local schools and hopefully this will protect our children and stop the senseless killing of our youth.

. I am tickled to death that one of my friends got proposed to and has accepted. She is now rid of the guy she was with, who was a piece of crap from day one. I am so happy she has finally found someone who treats her right. Instead of living on potted meat, maybe you can now have some steak and pork chops, plus someone to help you take care of your kids. I don’t know if your ex did what people say he did, but if he did do that he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

. Is the walking track at River Park in Whitesburg really a walking track? If it is a walking track, would the City of Whitesburg keep these bicycles off the walking track so that we can walk?

. To the person who called in and said I made the comment about the cop and said I thought I knew everything: I hate to inform you, but I wasn’t the one who made the comment in Speak Your Piece about the cop, but I did agree with every word of it. And there’s one thing I know about you for sure, and that is that you’re on the stupid side.

. To a certain blonde: You’re not as hot as you think you are. The reason I say this is because you don’t have your boyfriend anymore, your daughters have him. I was at the certain location the other day, and believe me when I tell you he really likes your daughters. While you’re out lollygagging with your men behind his back, he is loving on your daughters.


I’ve come up with a way to slow down this child-molesting problem that’s going on around here in Letcher County and everywhere else. When I was a boy we used to raise hogs. When those pigs would get to be about six months old, we would have what we called a ‘cutting.’ We’d get that old pig down and get his seeds out. It didn’t hurt him a bit, and then we’d throw coal oil, suit and turpentine on him. He never stopped eating, but he never bothered the girl pigs again either. Just imagine the good that would be done if we could schedule a gathering and publish it in the paper that we’re having a child-molester cutting on the courthouse steps on a certain day. It would fix the problem.

. How in the world can you so-called Christians support Donald Trump, who is a sinner, a liar, a child abuser and an infidel who life is ruled by the love of money? God bless Donald Trump.

. I’m calling about the situation in college football at schools like Maryland, Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State and others. I hate to see this happen. I was hoping that colleges could keep things as clean as they could, because college football has been gaining momentum. I wish things were better.

. I wonder how many people will die because of no health care, bad environmental conditions, and global warming. The Republican Party doesn’t care, because they don’t believe in any of these things. God bless Donald Trump.

. Down here in the lower end of the county in the Linefork area, it sure is funny how fathers-in-laws and daughters-in-laws have such special bonds.

. To the lady who is going to Fishpond Lake in the little black car: How long do you think you’re going to get away with cheating with a guy from Virginia who is driving a full-sized Chevrolet truck, a fourdoor? It’s coming, and believe me, when you get it your husband is going to be upset. Someone in Virginia who is married to this man is also going to be mighty upset. I see a lot of people from Virginia cheating over here in Letcher County at Fishpond Lake and at the Whitesburg walking track, under the bridge.


I agree with the person who suggested having jail inmates get out and work every day to clean up the trash lying all over the area. In other states, this type of community service is done routinely. In most cases, many inmates could benefit from having to get out and do a day’s work. It would be good exercise for them and they will even sleep well at night instead of being up whooping and hollering about being in jail.

. I saw on the news where public official in Florida was asking that all men’s bathrooms be supplied with Tampons because of so many [transgender people]. Lord, have mercy, what has our country become? Sodom and Gomorrah are here, folks. I just pray God has mercy on us all.

. I would like to tell a certain girl off of Cowan that she has a secret admirer. I was in town the other day and saw her in that little car she was driving, and she is a pretty as ever.

. A few months ago some concerned citizens distributed a petition asking for signatures for an audit of (AEP) Kentucky Power Co. because of high power bills. We received 8,300 plus signatures from this petition. I filed a complaint with the Kentucky Public Service Commission Friday, August 17, 2018, using the 8,300-plus signatures as evidence asking for a management and operations audit of (AEP) Kentucky Power. We as customers deserve to know that (AEP) Kentucky Power Co. is operating as efficient, cheap, honest and without waste as possible. A lot of families are doing without and hurting because of these high power bills. Please help. Call: KPSC, 502-564-3940 and attorney general rate intervention 502-696-5300 ask for this audit.

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