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Please see auctioneer’s website for correct information for the property on Blair Branch to be sold in September. Auctioneer is aware and not responsible for the misconceptions printed on personal Facebook sites. Correct information such as how many acres being auctioned and also any misconceptions about timber will be addressed the morning of the auction. Any questions should be directed to auctioneers.

. You want to know how I feel? I’ll tell you how I feel. I think you were the same ridiculous person then as you are now. And what you felt that night in the dark? You’re going to feel it again real soon.

. The little black car, the pickup truck, and the man going to Fishpond Lake are all mine. So get your head out of my tail and mind your own business. And consider yourself blessed if your husband is at home where he belongs. It’s nothing to you.

. To anyone who has loved ones buried in Green Acres Cemetery in Whitesburg: If you are upset over the condition of the roads in the cemetery, the upkeep of the grounds and graves, and maintenance of the cemetery in general, let’s get something done. Call the Attorney General’s Prestonsburg office at 606-889- 1821.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: We are going to have to build new jails and rehabilitation centers for meth addicts. It is urgent.

. This is to the brother who called his sister the housing project ho: Well I guess you’re the Sandlick needle junkie, running around spending a dead person’s money.

. It’s amazing how these drug dealers continued to be allowed to use the church parking lots in Blair Branch, Doty Creek, and Spring Branch to sell their drugs. They just keep right on selling it and getting by with it.

. I would rather have Clorox jugs and Pampers in our streams than the black and muddy water we now have where I live.

. Since the US 119 improvements have started at Pine Mountain Junction in Whitesburg, why not also start at the junction with US 23 near Payne Gap? The road down Payne Gap hill has seen many wrecks and people killed. The new road down the hill will open the Gateway Business Park and Fishpond Lake to easier access to these areas. Thank you.

. Thanks to the Jenkins Festival Committee and the City of Jenkins for another successful Homecoming Days. Thanks to Mayor Depriest and the city workers for all their efforts to make it a successful festival. This festival allows the citizens of Jenkins to welcome many of their former friends back home. Again, thanks to all concerned for their efforts.

. I was looking over the endangered species list the other day and came across that little old Tennessee snail darter. They told me it wasn’t in the Cumberland River. I’ll let you know that that the only reason they said that was because of the big coal companies. My brothers and I played in that Cumberland River as we grew up and I came across that little fish and I told them I did. But my working buddies made me out to sound like a liar and said that wasn’t what it is. They knew that if word got out all those big coal companies up the Cumberland River would have a problem with the EPA.

. Two of Donald Trump’s wives have been immigrants, once again proving they will take jobs that nobody else wants.

. As a visitor to Jenkins, I was very pleased to see the outstanding store. All people of this area should be proud of what Jenkins now has. Thank you.

. Every so often my water bill says old folks aren’t supposed to drink the water because of health hazards. It also says long-term drinking of the water can cause cancer. So if you drink the water long-term you won’t live to be old.

. Until some of these people who are running for county offices do something to change these rules about helping the people who live in the last house in the hollow, they are wasting their time when they come to my house to ask me to vote for them. It sounds like a good discrimination case. Those of us who live in the head of the hollow are people too.

. I do wish all the news reporters would quit spouting out their opinions when they are reporting the news. I don’t want to hear their opinions.

. Did President Obama lie when he was in office? Thank you.

. The sister of a candidate running in the election decided to voice her opinion while doing some shopping at Walmart. She criticized children for no other reason than the color of their skin,

degraded them and called them names. What kind of lowlife talks about the children or grandchildren or another candidate? Everyone bleeds the same no matter the color of their skin. This woman should be ashamed of herself and she just lost the candidate a lot of votes. Prayers for here ignorance because she definitely needs them.

. I just want to Speak My Piece about the Whitesburg Motel closing. I think that is a complete disservice to the folks of Letcher County and the county itself. We visit Letcher County several times a year from Indiana, and I think it’s a shame they closed it down. It leaves family members and tourists and other visitors with no place to stay other than the Parkway Inn. I think Letcher County is going to lose a lot of tourists because of it. I know the TV news said the owner sold because he just wanted to get out of it. He should have sold it to someone who would care. Had he let it be known it was for sale I would have thought about buying it and moving to Letcher County and running it myself. I just think that what he did was a great disservice. I hope someday that someone can build a new motel to house us people. Thanks.

. I thought our local pharmacies are participating in this needle-sharing program. From my understanding, the money for the problem comes from the federal and state governments. The problem is that if you’re stopping by for a insulin needle because your count is off there is none to give you. They all make up reasons why. Some say they don’t participate even with a sign beside them saying the do participate. So how does this needle sharing program work? Do I have to share by giving them an old needle or something? This program is supposed to help stop the flow of diseases in poverty stricken areas such as Appalachia. Some of these pharmacists are turning this program into another cash cow for Letcher County.

. I saw on the news where 25 people were shot within a 24-hour period in Chicago. It is terrible what is going on up there and there is no justification for it. I would put the National Guard on three-foot centers until hell freezes over or the killing stops. It’s not rocket science; it’s not that complicated. I know better than that.

. How do some of you folks know who made comments about whom in this forum? As for the comments about a certain cop, I may have thought I knew who was being talked about regardless of who made the remarks. It’s pretty well known this cop is not exactly well thought of, so just about anyone could be critical of him. But how do some of you seem to know exactly who said what?

. We talk about Christians, but we never talk about how Christians are supposed to be nice and kind and caring to people. Red and yellow, black and white, we are all children in God’s eyes — except Mexicans, especially the Mexican kids in the cages. The caging of the children being supported by the Christian church is an atrocity.

. I felt sorry for the president. He was jealous of President Macron’s parade and wanted to show his would be longer.

. I don’t mind the news media calling President Donald Trump a liar as long as they call President Barack Obama a liar. If you’re going to call one a liar, call the other one a liar. To deny that Obama lied is a lie itself. If you like your plan you can keep your plan. He preached that for two or three years, and the biggest joke of that is the name Affordable Care Act. It wasn’t even remotely affordable. And that’s another lie.

. I called the service tech about problems with my new tablet. They told me to take it to AT&T. We bought it at Walmart in Pikeville. Their service techs are terrible. They couldn’t give the very basic information, which my neighbor’s kids helped me with.

. It looks like we’re going backward to the 1980s — dirty work in the elections, taking down my sister’s signs — and only hers — when there were about 20 more there, but not her opponent’s. So it looks like somebody got mad. We don’t a need a temper like that in the courthouse. Thank you.

. The Republicans talk about being against abortion, but when all those kids got sick in Flint, Michigan they didn’t even talk about that. They also don’t talk about those poor Mexican kids being put into cages. That’s humane to them. Cage the poor people in this country is what they want to do.

. I think that when the weather is too hot they should keep the kids out of school just like they do when it is too cold and snowy. The heat hurts a lot of kids.

. These Catholic priests who are guilty of child molesting, these so-called holy men, had the same spirit in them that laughed at the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. They had the same spirit in them that would have probably raped the Virgin Mary and raped the Baby Jesus. These pieces of human trash need put away forever. God bless America. It’s sad that people go to this kind of church and believe that man can forgive you and get you into heaven. Let me tell you something: You better repent and you better repent quick, because this life is like dust in the wind.

. I highly recommend that you read the book entitled ‘Up There at the House’ by Pete A. Martin. This is a novel set in Letcher County. It is in your public library. Thank you.

. Donald Trump’s budget includes cuts to Medicaid and Social Security. If his budget goes through then you’ll get your Social Security and Medicaid cut. God bless those people who voted for Donald Trump.

. It’s a shame you can’t sell pill anymore because of all the meth heads around here.

. What about a man who doesn’t want to pay his child support? He wants to get it dropped to just as little as he can. A man in his position who won’t take care of his kids financially and have a relationship with them is a low piece of trash.

. I was just wondering if the big deacon’s conscience bothered him any when he walked into church on Sunday morning after what he did Friday night?

. I think it’s a shame you would wear a T-shirt supporting a political candidate to a funeral. You should have more respect for the dead than to do that. If that was the only shirt you had to wear you could have at least turned it inside out. But that’s not the point. Since there’s always some organization giving out free clothing in Letcher County just about every week. I know that’s not the only shirt you have to wear. Thank you.

. Isn’t it against the law for a school bus driver to be talking on the phone while the bus is being driven? I’m not sure if this particular bus was a Jenkins or Letcher County bus.

. President Trump and some of his most faithful voters should be ashamed of themselves for the disrespect they have shown to war hero John McCain in his death. If you want to know how crazy some of these Trump lovers are, go to Breitbart.com and

read the comments sections. Here are just a few of the sickening comments made by even sicker people: ‘John ‘Songbird’ McCain is finally dead … he can’t hurt us anymore.’ ‘Hey, guess what? Mc- Cain is dead, like he should have been decades ago, and Trump is very much alive.’ ‘Good riddance to John Mc- Cain, phony Republican, phony war hero, phony victim, and phony legend.’

. The truth is not the truth when it is twisted into a lie, and used as a propaganda ploy. The socialist subverters who are so well embedded in the United States Government and American culture that they can get by, without question of ‘pulling the wool’ over ordinary American citizens’ eyes and laugh about it. Nobody ever

asks for a counterbalance of their semantics and the syntax of their communist propaganda. People should wake up and realize that there is a ‘paper-doll’ type revolution going on at the present time here in the USA, and the adversary lives right here in the USA, all around us. You allowed it to happen. You turned the ‘raising up’ of your children over to the government. Good luck. God bless Trump.

. It is my opinion that the present day Democratic Party of the United States wants to build up the living standards of all nations of the world at the expense of the U.S.A. I am against that idea. The rest of the world should support itself. God bless the history of the U.S.A.

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