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If somebody doesn’t fix the potholes at Burdine one of those potholes is going to swallow us up. I don’t know whose job it is to do that, but it’s tearing up people’s cars and somebody needs to take care of it. Thank you.

. Suckers are born every day — no virgin timber on Blair Branch.

. I thought I had a solution to the overcrowding problem in the Letcher County Jail. I was thinking home incarceration for non-violent crimes would alleviate the problem. Silly me; I finally realized that the inmates’ families don’t want them back home. The best solution is to create an express lane through the Letcher County Circuit Court and send them to the penitentiary for 10 years. That will get their attention.

. Kudos to the Jenkins Festival Committee. You organized a pretty darn good festival with the help of the some very good weather. With a good blend of rock, pop, country, bluegrass and gospel music, you are bound to please someone/ sometime. The political sideshows were pretty entertaining too.

. The City of Jenkins has never had a mayor with the caliber of current mayor Todd Depriest. You will never find him in his office playing Tic Tac Toe on his computer; he is on the job 24/7 providing aid and comfort to all of our citizens. In addition to keeping the city financially solvent he works closely with the fire department, the police department, the road department and the utilities departments to keep the city services operating efficiently. I don’t think he ever sleeps. Whenever a need arises, regardless of the hour day or night, he is always there for us.

. A person had may as well to spit in the wind as to go to a doctor in southeastern Kentucky. They will do nothing to help a person. My son has gone to the ER and they take him in one of their rooms. He tells them what is going on, and they try to check him for something else that has no bearing whatsoever on his condition, then they put him in a room and keep him a couple of days to bleed his card, then they tell him they don’t know what is wrong with him and they send him home just as sick as he was when he came in. I told him when they send him home he should walk back around to the ER and sign in again. The people in Kentucky should start trusting in Jesus more for

our healing, for these doctors in Kentucky are useless. They can’t understand when you tell them what you need checked, they run a test for something different. Jesus stood and let the Roman soldiers beat the flesh off of his back for our healing, if we can only believe that all things are possible. I know Jesus can heal as he has healed me. Our doctors are a government run bunch of money racket to bleed the insurance cards. A person is in a pitiful shape if they don’t get hold of God for their healing, for these doctors can do nothing.

. I’m calling in about the guy who is stalking people at Fishpond Lake and River Park in Whitesburg — the person who says everybody is going out on each other and telling who is there. Buddy, what is wrong with you? What are you looking for that you’re out all hours of the night and day with your nose in other people’s business? Go home and take care of your own family and quit looking for women and men, you pervert.

. I have a question: The Chinese are the ones who hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server and they have 60,000 of her e-mails or more. This is a proven fact. Why isn’t this being investigated instead of all this Russian stuff? Wasn’t some of that stuff on that server supposed to be a secret? Maybe it was an ancient Chinese secret. (The Federal Bureau of Investigation says there is no truth to reports that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail servers were hacked. “The FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised,” the agency said in a statement issued August 29.)

. You said, ‘One of these days the past is coming back.’ I think the past is coming back on everybody, including you and I. But anyway, people don’t understand whatever it was you were trying to say. You need to be more specific. I hope things are good for you. Later.

. Speaking about the violence in Chicago, the one thing you can’t argue with is that the Democrats have run Chicago for the past 75 years. The violence has never let up. The fact is they won’t even try to bring the National Guard in there. I would like to bring them in there and put them on three-foot centers and say, ‘If you want to go to the store, go ahead. If anyone tries to stop you we’ll plant them right there.’ Someone has to say this isn’t going to work anymore. There is no sense in all the killings

up there.

. I would like to ask the American people why the Confederate statues keep getting torn down. I would like to know who truly is in slavery, the whites or the blacks. I don’t see anyone running around with chains on their ankles. If you people who support tearing down the monuments are not happy in America, leave and go to a different country.

. A certain caller from Knott County seems to always have a world renowned, top bloodline, world champion for sale on radio swap shops shows. His tales always seem to change. If you don’t believe me, listen to 101 and 97.3. This guy is full of bull.

. I was calling about Kentucky Power Company: If you pay attention to the stock market you will see that Kentucky Power’s stock price has doubled and almost tripled over the past three years.

. I would like to respond to a comment in Speak Your Piece where someone responded to a comment about a black car and a pickup, saying they owned both of them. That’s a boldfaced lie. Your car is out of Kentucky. That car is out of the state of Virginia. And I know for a flat fact that isn’t your man. You can lie all you want to lie. Pictures speak louder than words. And believe me, pictures are going to speak.

. I was just wondering you could buy dog food with food stamps.

. I see the armed and dangerous criminal is still at large and traveling up and down Pert Creek just as free as a breeze. If he’s armed and dangerous and the authorities are aware of his location, why don’t they go get him? Why are we paying them to sit on their hind-ends instead of doing their job? They are putting the public in danger knowing what they know and not doing their job. Thank you.

. To the people who took me for my money: You took advantage of me by coming down here and acting like you were my friend after I knew you really were not my friend after you did the same thing to me two years ago. Karma is the devil. What you did to a 73-yearold disabled woman and her money will bite you and it will bite you bad. I really cared about you and your friendship, but not anymore.

. While there is definitely no dignity in murdering another human being, Patrick Smith showed a sense of remorse in admitting his role in the death of Michael Hogg. Huffman went in kicking and screaming until he was found guilty by a jury and still showed only remorse for himself.

. I watched ‘Game Day’ on ESPN Saturday and they said there was no way LSU could beat Miami. After watching LSU stomp

Miami into a mud hole I would like to know how in the world Miami got to be ranked number eight and LSU twenty-fifth. Ole Miss went to Texas Tech and gave them a little taste of the Southeastern Conference, too. This coming Saturday, Clemson is liable to get a mud hole stomped in their hind-end out there in College Station, Texas.

. This is concerning the go-kart track at Gordon: I was just wondering who owns it and who is running it. It’s not being run fairly. They need some new flagmen and a new owner.

. If the Lexington Herald- Leader could once again be sold at the Dry Fork Marathon it would be much appreciated.

. Once we were young, now we are old. When we were young we lived in Oklahoma. My wife couldn’t get a job because she had no birth certificate because she was born in the head of a hollow in eastern Kentucky. She was worried about being deported.

. A certain store has lost a customer — me — after I took a pair of shoes back that were leaking water and was charged ten dollars for the return. Never again will I go in that store, and I spent more than one thousand dollars there over the last two months. Never, never, never will I honor that store again.

. I would like to tell a certain fellow who lost his job at a certain restaurant that I would hire myself an attorney and sue the company you worked for and then the lady who sexually discriminated against you. You do have rights to be gay just as she has rights to be straight.

. Concerning the people in the little black car and the pickup from Virginia who are meeting at Fishpond Lake: It is there business and not the business of the caller to Speak Your Piece. The caller is just jealous because he or she isn’t getting any action.

. A certain lab department has rude people working in it. Something needs to be done about it.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: was going to Lexington the other day and when I got to Jackson the road had newly-laid asphalt on it and was rough as could be from Jackson to Campton. Then they were putting asphalt down on in to Lexington and it was real smooth.

. Our roads are not decent enough for motorcycle riders to ride safely. People are getting killed and that is awful.

. Tax cuts for the rich, no raise in the minimum wage for minimum wage workers.

There is a Nissan Armada that parks in the lot at Martha Jane Potter every day and always straddles the lane, effectively taking two parking spaces.

It’s black with a Friends of Coal license plate. From the time it is there it appears to belong a teacher. Either the person who owns this vehicle is really stupid or they have a tremendous sense of entitlement. The administration should really look into this.

. Hello, Pine Creek. Have you forgotten me? I’ve not forgotten you. I sure do miss you.

. Here is what you have to have to be eligible to get food from the food pantry: First you have to have a food stamp card and photo ID and proof of income. You have to have a proof of address with a phone bill, light bill or any other bill of that nature. Then, last and least, you have to have your Social Security card. Don’t forget to bring all of these items.

. If you care about this country and high taxes, you need to know that the governments south of the border encourage their people to come here because it saves their government much money on health care and education. They are also coached on how to work the system in

this country.

. We walked the floors at midnight and held crying babies while they died and prayed to a god that didn’t give a damn.

. It’s a shame you can’t drink and drive nowadays because people who are texting will hit you and say it’s your fault.

. We need some of those county workers to come up in our hollow and cut weeds. There’s not been a weed cut in our hollow this whole summer. They’ve grown over the top of our cars.

. The Mountain Heritage Festival is coming Whitesburg in a few weeks. I hope they don’t have potholes that people can see in our town like they had in Jenkins.

. I know a certain person who gets away with having flashing blue lights in his vehicle. How does this happen? He is going to be the ‘b’ when karma gets hold of him sooner or later.

. Will you work a job in a socialist government? I won’t.

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