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If you keep going to Fishpond Lake and taking X-rated pictures of people you are going to wind up in prison someplace. You better cool it and cool it quick, buddy.

. I was listening to 88.7 the other day and some girl was playing good music, but then some guy got on the air talking about antibiotics and brain cells. I hate to have to tell him that I don’t believe he has a brain cell in his head. That was foolishness. If this guy thinks he was being funny he needs to get a real job and get life.

. We need some honest and experienced women working in the courthouse. Think before you vote. We have two great women running. They are experienced and honest. Don’t think about what they can do for you; think about what they can do for our county.

. When I’m not around to get my mail out of my mailbox my next-door neighbor gets in my box and steals my mail out of it. That’s a federal offense, pal. Have a nice day, crook.

. I would like to respond to a comment in Speak Your Piece, in which the caller was bashing me over talking about a black car. If you would like to know, I am 77 years old and my wife died five years ago. I really do appreciate your sticking your nose in my business without knowing all the facts. How do you even know whether I’m talking about the same car and truck? You don’t think there’s more than one black car in the state of Kentucky? You don’t think there are more pickups from the state of Virginia that go to Fishpond Lake? I hope you can sleep at night. May God bless you.

. I was sitting here watching a TV station that has a whole lot of honky-tonkers on the TV playing their music. I don’t think that’s going to work.

. I don’t think the festival committees should have the campaigners for office setting up their tents and tables side-by-side or directly across from each other. I also don’t think it’s right for festival committee members to wear campaign shirts for candidates. Why are the committee members wearing campaign shirts?

. … I know the conservative websites to go to get the good information about Hillary Clinton. It’s even hard to believe the FBI anymore.

. To a certain person: I think you need to practice

what you preach. That way it doesn’t smack you right back in the face when it comes to drunk driving.

. I have a neighbor on Doty Creek who claims I am a cop. Well if I’m a cop do I drive a cop car? Do I have a cop’s badge? Do I pack a cop’s gun? No I don’t. You’re the one, my friend, who is a cop.

. To the Letcher County volunteer fire departments: Don’t feel too bad. We people on Cumberland River can’t even get enough water to flush our commodes. We need somebody to pay us some dues so we can haul water from Virginia.

. Mr. President, thank you for what you’ve done for America. Obama has hit the campaign trail and he thinks the American people have forgotten what he’s done to America. The people didn’t want Clinton and we sure don’t want Obama again. Obama is just flapping that jaw as usual. God bless you, Mr. President. And Obama? Shut your mouth.

. This is the old cat killer volunteering to put the Acker killers to death for less than the price of a hamburger. I am ready any time if anybody wants to get justice.

. I was just sitting here thinking about how dirty certain people have treated me. I’ll bet you a dollar that something will happen to every one of you all — the three of you — before long. You can bet something will happen to you soon because of the money you three took from me. I was just remembering that you three tried to get me to move in with you. If I had done that I wouldn’t have a penny left to my name. I worked hard for my money that I saved. I am old and I have to take care of myself. I can’t believe God lets people like you live and survive in this world.

. To the person who had the question about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails being compromised: They were and we would not have found out about it if they hadn’t been classified. Believe me, Hillary Clinton is the smartest criminal in the history of this country. Her help from McCabe and Strzok, which brought the FBI down a notch, has been some of the best criminal work I have ever seen. This is all political bull and hate for Donald Trump. Sessions is a plant for the Democrat Party and Rosenstein is his sideman.

. My wife went to Walmart and insisted on getting a pair of shoes for me. She

got one pair of the size I wear and another pair a size too big. When we got home neither pair would fit; both pairs were too small. It’s a waste of time to buy stuff at Walmart unless you try it on. (Apparently you’ve forgotten the old saying, ‘The same size doesn’t always fit.’)

. A sorry cop is one who puts people up in the lottery and then steals their money if they win.

. The Bible says believe the lie and be damned. That is what’s happening to our country.

. Was America great when white Southerners were blowing up black churches? Was America great when while Southerners paraded around with burning crosses? Was America great when the coal companies bombed union miners on Blair Mountain? Was America great when they tried to put the union miners in jail for insurrection when they were just asking to be paid a decent wage?

. The Republican Congress spent far more time investigating Bill Clinton’s sex life than they have investigating Russia’s meddling in our elections.

. Donald Trump says Jeff Sessions is just another dumb Southerner. I agree with Donald Trump.

To a certain person: I could never have imagined hating someone I once loved as bad as I now hate you and your two brothers. You know who you are. I was good to you. I was good to you and your family — your son, your daughter, and your brothers. I even paid to get your sorry brother out of jail.

. To a very beautiful lady who lives up on Kentucky Route 7 and has been dating a boy who lives down on Route 7: You are a very beautiful lady and I would love to have dinner with you. You deserve better than him. You need someone who can handle you just the way you need to be handled. You need a real man, not a boy.

. There’s been some talk going around about how bad the Green Acres Cemetery at Ermine is looking. It is not so. The grass has been mowed and kept better this year than it’s ever been. And if people would quit throwing their garbage out up there it would look a lot cleaner. It is a wellkept cemetery. If everybody would do their part it would look even better. All of the work shouldn’t be left up to the Everidge Funeral Home to do.

. I was watching TV the other day and saw where they had a meeting about Appalachia over in Pikeville. I did not see one representative from the local governments in Letcher County over there. Could anyone tell me why?

. Pine Creek has a bunch of thieves. I know who two of them are, because I have a bunch of pictures. We’ll just call one of them Old Skunk Beard and the other one Frankenstein. I’ve got news for you fellows and your little sidekick. It’s going be like the Eagles sang in ‘Hotel California’ — ‘You can check out anytime you like,

but you can never leave.’

. A question I have for the City of Whitesburg is this: Has anyone ever checked, structurally, the building that has fallen in on Main Street? Is it safe for people to walk past? (The answer to both of your questions is yes.)

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Our House of Representatives and Senate in Washington cannot and will not be able to legislate, ever. They need to all go home.

. We came in to visit Letcher County from Pennsylvania for Labor Day. The wife and the kids and me decided we would ride up to the park. We got the shock of our life. If Mr. Anderson saw the park the way it is now he would probably turn over in his grave.

. What a certain sorry excuse for a person may not know is that he still has to travel across that bridge at Kingdom Come every morning. I would be careful if I was. I just spent ten years and guess I’ll be spending ten more. Bye.

. Why are liberal Democrats ashamed to open their mouths? I know they can remember what they’ve said in the past. I can.

. In regard to the preparation for the upcoming Mountain Heritage Festival, I think it would be nice if the City of Whitesburg would power-wash the storefronts, signs, and sidewalks downtown. It is not very visitorfriendly right now if you’ll look closely at the sidewalks and some of the buildings and signs. Thank you.

. To the person who claims to be filming the people up at Fishpond Lake at Payne Gap: If you are prying into their personal business and you’re not a cop or a private investigator that makes you a pervert.

. The City of Jenkins has never had a mayor like Todd Depriest, nor have they ever had a mayor that is paid the money Todd Depriest is being paid. He should be working twice as much as he is now for what he is being paid. Wayne Fleming went to Vietnam to fight for our freedom. Todd never had to do that. We need to support a veteran who has fought for us.

. I wish you crazy people would quit trying to save our country from the greatest president this country has ever had.

. To a certain fisherman/ maintenance man: You need to quit reading Speak Your Piece and start doing your job. You also fish worse than a three-year-old.

. To a fellow who came to see my grandma at the Whitesburg housing project: You better be glad I wasn’t there. She is not interested in you. You are always up there saying this and saying that about other women. Well where are they? Leave my grandmother alone.

. I just can’t figure out why the law won’t do anything about the people who are selling cocaine and pot and pills and everything else in the world over here in the Love’s Branch area. They have been reported about twelve to thirteen times

and no one will do anything about it. What should a man do? Call the DEA? Make a citizen’s arrest?

. There was an interesting comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about Jenkins Mayor Todd Depriest. The caller was commenting on the wonderful job Todd Depriest is doing as mayor and how he never sleeps and is working twenty-four hours a day. Was he awake when the two city employees were allegedly selling drugs out of the city water plant for a year? And was he awake when twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment was allegedly stolen

from City Hall. Oh, I forgot, the mayor said it was nine thousand dollars’ worth that was missing. The mayor should have made sure that someone was monitoring the security cameras that are in City Hall and the water plant. Mayor Depriest needs to get more sleep so he can keep up with what’s going on. Signed, a fed up city employee.

. To show how screwed up and sad things are in our country today, I put my flag stamps on upside down as a subtle form of protest. I wish everyone would do that, and I do wish our country would straighten up. Thank you.

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