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Warning to Letcher County women: A man from Whitesburg who lives away from here was, and still may be, going out with multiple women from around here. My mom was one of them before she discovered that he was seeing other women. My mother was going to win this game that he was playing with women’s hearts so she contacted the other women and they all confronted him. Since he lied to my mother from the very beginning, in my eyes it makes him a nasty crooked slime ball who needs to get a life and whose teeth are as fake as his personality.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: All these socialist, communist professors who are spouting all this bull should all be rounded up and put in a federal prison here in Letcher County.

. Explain this to me. I want to know how somebody could let someone work for them when they’re a known pervert who was caught molesting a young teen-aged girl and was caught with a mirror looking up someone else’s skirt. Yeah, that’s what you’ve got to look forward to when you go to certain flea markets and this pervert is walking around with a mirror.

. I’m a resident of Jenkins and I live here in Marshall’s Branch. I wonder why in the world there are four residents here who don’t have any city water whatsoever. We’ve been promised city water since a couple years ago. Still no water. I’d like to have some answers on that. What on earth’s going on that we can’t get decent water? They claim the water at McPeak’s Branch and Joe’s Branch a few years ago was condemned and dangerous. We live under the same mines over here. We’d appreciate a little water ourselves. We’d like to know something about this and what happened to this water project.

. I’m so brokenhearted and so upset that a certain lady was caught stealing at Walmart. She’s supposed to be a Christian, or that’s what they say. They tell you they’re Christians, but Christians don’t steal and they don’t lie. She couldn’t make it right with God. She needs to go back and make it right with herself.

. Don’t trust China, Mr. President. The only reason they want to get together is because they’re communists and the communists will take over the

world if America doesn’t stand strong. I’d rather see the whole world destroyed as see my children under communism. God bless America. God bless you, Mr. President, and stand strong against communism. They’re not our friends.

. Well, I interpret the Constitution as giving freedom to bear arms, but not as a right for criminals and mental patients to carry guns. I believe if you are mentally ill they should take your gun. If you’re a criminal you should lose your right to guns but the NRA says give them guns according to the Russian sponsors.

. We know it’s time for the election because everybody’s getting hateful and contrary and everybody is ready to bite your head off. So we know it is election time.

. An interesting post in Speak Your Piece asked why liberals aren’t speaking out on that forum. It’s mostly because liberals understand that most people here have made their minds up. We will do our talking at the voting booth. Hopefully we will sweep some of the Republican trash out of Congress and set the stage to take America back before Trump ruins it. It will take years and many hundreds of gallons of bleach and other disinfectants to get the Trump stink out of the White House. But to the question, it’s pointless to argue with stupid people, and the comments from Trump supporters in this forum are among the stupidest I’ve ever seen. And arguing with stupid people is a waste of time.

. I’m calling in about the world over here on Cowan down on Kingscreek. From the junction all the way up past the top of Cowan Mountain is the roughest road I’ve ever been on in my life. We have to pay big taxes on our cars and gasoline to drive on these roads because we have to go to work. They’re going to have to do some work on these road.

. I have to hand it to Trump and Republicans for giving huge tax cuts to the uber-rich and getting back that money from the little guy who shops at Walmart through tariffs. Simply genius.

. Hurrah, hurrah, the stop sign has been taken away.

. Hey I want to speak my piece on what’s going on

here in Letcher County about the magistrates and the constables and stuff. We don’t need them. We can’t have a cop and we can’t have a sheriff after 4 o’clock, so why do we need a constable and a magistrate? What do they do? Please explain that to me. I don’t think it’s right for them to get paid. Just look at the roads. Look at the weeds. Look at stuff they could be doing. So tell me why we need magistrates and why we need constables when we can’t have a cop and we can’t have a sheriff.

. My family will not vote for another family member of Angie Hatton and Jamie Hatton to be put in the courthouse. We’ve had enough of them running the county. So I’m sorry, we won’t be voting for you.

. Georgia has now made it where they can take a child behind a closed door to conduct punishment. They can take a big paddle and beat the child with it. There will be a lot of racial profiling and there’ll be a lot of people who don’t understand that some of the children have slow learning problems. Teachers and school administrators will come in with a bad headache from a hangover and beat the hell out of the children. We were beat when we were children 50 years ago and I carried through life a damaged back since then. My brother, he was beaten every day too. It was profiling because of the way we were raised. It wasn’t even thought about back then, they just beat us. It’s wrong for anybody outside of parents to do.

. I don’t know what in the world has happened to Isom Days, but the carnival was smaller than ever and it was the music was the worst I’ve ever heard since the nineties. The band was terrible.

. I’m really worried about the Daniel Boone Hotel. Every time I walk past it that window is busting out a little bit more. One of these days somebody’s going to get hurt by something falling out right while they’re walking past.

. To a certain person: I saw in Speak Your Piece where you’re calling about somebody getting caught for drunken driving. Well guess what. I don’t drink and drive. In fact, I don’t drink at all anymore. I’ll tell you one thing. If I get stopped by the cops or you call in on me, both your little brothers will go to jail. I know what you do so don’t mess with me.

. Someone is making untrue statements about Green Acres cemetery

— about the grass being so high, the mausoleum smelling and all of this stuff. If they’d take time and ride around the cemetery they would know the people are doing their best to keep it mowed through this rainy weather. The only garbage you see up here is left by some outsiders who are so careless. Let the complainers drive by and look at how well kept it is. If you have a relative or a loved one up here, you should help keep the place clean. The cemetery people can’t do it all. We have a responsibility too.

. I was just reading here in the paper where James McAuley was born in 1928. James McAuley and Lois were wonderful people and they did a lot of good for people in any way they could, especially with their store. I know of people that left and never did pay them, but they were good people. This is just one of their good friends. They were wonderful. So are his son and his wife. You all have a good day.

. I am calling in a Speak Your Piece concerning the Cowan Elementary School. It is absolutely getting out of hand. They have no control over there. They make mountains out of molehills. They’re about to destroy a couple of little boys’ lives who have done nothing. It’s so sad. The test scores are down. I think we’re one of the lowest schools in the county on test scores and that comes from the higher echelon of the schools. It’s time that someone stepped in and got up to the plate today. We’re not going to have this. Let’s get a better school. Let’s get things going correctly. It’s time to switch. We also have in Letcher County one of the most sickening governments I’ve seen. Nobody seems to be working at the county road department. Look at the weeds all along the roads and look at the condition of the county roads. You can’t get over them.

. You should start checking on these people taking blood tests about three times a month because of all these pills you’re giving out to these druggies in Letcher County. They’re not taking them. They’re selling them. I know a husband and wife who get 240 pills a month between them and they laugh and tell about it. They sell them and make about $2,000 a month on those pills. What is wrong with you people?

. Evidently county vehicles are free now because I noticed a man is still riding one even though he hasn’t worked in seven or eight months. So I guess I can borrow one and save mine. The county’s got plenty of money. They just loan vehicles, gas cards, it doesn’t matter. Hand it out to them. We’ve got all kinds of money.

. They say poor people are raised here and don’t work or dowork but can’t make a living. If you can’t work for more than the 29 hours a week they give you it’s hard to live, so you have to use food stamps.

. I was wondering how come certain food pantry items are dated 2017. I think the government needs to step in on that and check it.

. A certain woman is my neighbor and, boy she is fine from the way she walks to the way she talks. All these white women are jealous of her. She lives in the projects and she is my neighbor and I love her.

Robert F. Kennedy said the man who sees injustice and says nothing is a part of the injustice. Donald Trump says one thing one day and something else the next day then calls what he said the day before a lie. So he’s calling himself a liar.

. I have a technical question about that beautiful, expensive clock on Main Street in Jenkins. Is that time Greenwich Mean Time or Rocky Mountain Time? It certainly is not Eastern Standard Time. I will vote to re-elect Todd Depriest if he will get that clock fixed.

. I would like to ask the two magistrates who are running for a higher office, ff elected, what would you do to improve our economy or our quality of life in Letcher County? If you are running on your record you don’t have much of a


. I submitted a complaint to the Kentucky Public Service Commission on Aug. 17. We now have a case no., 2018- 00297. Please help! Call the Kentucky Public Service Commission at 502- 564-3940 and ask for them to audit Kentucky Power Co. Use the case number 2018-00297 when calling.

. You are a very attractive dog walker.

. I’d like to wish a few family members a happy birthday starting with Kenny Pack, our brother; Elijah Trent and his grandson; Edra Pack our sister, on Sept. 27. Now on to other matters. Let’s elect Mike Watts for Circuit Court Clerk, also Barry Engle for sheriff. That’s all, folks. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

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