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It was good to read recently the accomplishments of SOAR in eastern Kentucky. The region is making a considerable effort to overcome the loss of the coal industry. I was disappointed there was not money appropriated for the dredging of the Elkhorn Lake in Jenkins. Jenkins has expanded the number of water customers it serves in recent years. The water lilies must be removed and the dam updated. In the future, water will be a most precious item. Now is the time to ensure this.

. I’m calling about this Kavanaugh who is trying to get into the Supreme Court. It reminds me of Judge Clarence Thomas some 25 years ago. I watched that, and that beat all I’ve ever seen. It was what he said it was — a high-tech lynching. They slandered him in every way possible. The people who did that to him back then were lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. It’s the same for the people today who are doing the same thing to Judge Kavanaugh.

. To the drug dealers of Letcher County: You should be ashamed of yourselves for sucking people dry like leeches. You won’t get a real job and work; instead you sell drugs and destroy families, destroy children, and people die from overdoses. You may think you’re getting by with it now, but God is your Judge and He will not let all this go on. And the law enforcement officials in Letcher County don’t do a thing about it. They need to do something and do something now.

. How can grandparents have only two granddaughters, yet go out and buy one an almost-new car while giving the other one twentyfive dollars, or even five dollars? And you call yourselves grandparents? You know what? I’ve got three grandbabies and five greatgrandbabies and there’s no way I could do that to them with a good heart. It’s no wonder why your son gets so upset with you all. And you wonder why your son is the way he is? I bet you that when you bought that car for the one his heart was broken. Hope you all have a good conscience when you lie down and sleep at night after the way you did the other little girl.

. I see where all these local people really love these immigrants, especially the Mexicans. People around here just love them, but if they come in here and commit crimes against their families they would probably change their minds.

. The history of Jenkins can be found at the David

A. Zegeer Museum on Main Street in Jenkins. On Saturday, October 6, there will be the Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of the opening of the museum. The public is invited to attend this event at a treasure found inside the City of Jenkins. The museum is located in the former train depot, next to the Jenkins Public Library. Thank you.

. Those of you who credit some god or goddess for giving us President Trump make the best possible argument for atheism.

It would be nice if the public knew of the many plans for the future of Jenkins by the present mayor of Jenkins. He has traveled and talked to many agencies and people about the future of Jenkins. The citizens and the city government must plan for the present and the future of Jenkins. Mayor Depriest is still young enough to make the many trips necessary to keep Jenkins and the area in front of the various agencies and politicians. Thank you.

. The Grill at the Raven Rock Golf Course is very nice. As a visitor recently, I was very impressed with the food and service. The view from the patio is breathtaking. Those who live in the area don’t realize what beauty can be seen from this facility. If you have not visited this business recently you are missing out. For the next UK game, make it a point to watch from The Grill.

. A certain child molester who lives between Whitesburg and Isom is supposed to be on house arrest, but apparently he isn’t. I see him going by my house to his buddy’s house to work. Why does the court system let this happen?

. To a certain woman at Pine Creek: I saw you a while back and you were a pretty good-sized gal. I saw you at Walmart about two weeks ago and you were skinnier than a rail fence. That says one thing to me: You’re hooked up on some hard stuff and it’s killing you. So he finally got his way and took you from being a tramp to being a druggie. Tell the truth; you owe people the truth.

Does anyone know why we don’t have any city water up in the left fork of Marshall’s Branch? We were promised two years ago that we were going to get city water from Jenkins and we’ve not heard anything else about it. Please, somebody respond to this. We need to know what’s going on. Thank you.

. When you go in the voting

booth in November, remember what Joe Biden called you recently.

. I attended the Mountain Heritage Middle School Bowl games at Whitesburg and I just want to say the guys who coach the Jenkins fifth- and sixth-grade team did a really good job. I’ve lived in this county for 47 years and I’ve never seen a team from Jenkins play that well. So, Jenkins, keep up the good work. You’ve really got something going on there. Thank you.

. I hope The Mountain Eagle will let me tell you where you can learn the truth about things you have wondered about in the Bible. The best place is Dish Network, Channel 256, the Shepherd Chapel. It comes on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you have TVS Cable, it comes on at 6 a.m. on weekdays on Channel 10. We are living in the end time, which is not the end of the earth, but is the end of this earth age. Satan will come pretending to be Jesus, fooling many Christians because people are not being properly taught. God will help us if we get into His word and if we talk to Him, thereby showing our love for Him.

. My name is Paul Morris, formerly from Letcher County and now living in Shelbyville. I try to keep up with what goes on in Letcher County by, of course, reading The Mountain Eagle and Speak Your Piece. I spotted in the September 5 edition of the newspaper in the column named ‘The Way We Were’ an item from the September 7, 1988 edition of The Eagle. It said, ‘John Lynch, a member of the Letcher High School 4-H Club, is the state champion in horticulture and next month will go to Chicago to compete for the national championship. Last year, he was the national champion of a demonstration on how to select good vegetables.’ That really interested me. I’m proud of the fact that I was the Letcher County Extension Agent at that time, in charge of the 4-H clubs in the county. I was John’s coach and he was a great kid, along with several others I worked with over the years. I attended two of the national championships with him.

. To the governor of Kentucky: We in Letcher County have no means of living, because every job you can get pays only $7.25 an hour and rent is $700 a month, give or take. And then there’s the electric bill, which averages $400 to $700 a month. And there’s your TV cable, which is $100 for just basic cable. And you act like you’re bringing jobs in here to help us? The low-paying jobs you’re bringing in here hurt us, because then they will cut our food stamps out and we’ll all be hurting.

. We’re going to clean the swamp hole known as the Letcher County Courthouse out this November. We don’t want the same people who came over on the Mayflower and their sons, and their daughters, their grandchildren.

We want to see some new faces down there. We’re going to clean that swamp out this election. Thank you.

. Simple-minded people need to quit spitting out political hogwash. I listened to a lady from Puerto Rico on National Public Radio. She said plenty of supplies and water were delivered to Puerto Rico but were stolen and taken to a cave in the mountains.

. I’m trying to get in touch with somebody I can talk to at The Mountain Eagle. Is anyone available? (Try calling us at our regular business telephone number, which is 606-633- 2252.)

. I wish Donald Trump, who I voted for after crossing over as a Democrat, and the Democrats would quit all this gossiping and take that time to take care of the American people. That’s what they were voted in for, to take care of us. Have a good day. (If you’re waiting for the leaders of either major political party — Democrat or Republican — to take care of ‘us’ then you’ve got a long wait coming.)

. The way some of these folks in Whitesburg carry on, you’d think they’d been exiled to the extra-dimensional space known as the Black Lodge for 25 years. Are half you folks speaking backwards while the arm or the fireman whispers in your ear? Go ahead and replace your manufactured doppelgänger so the rest of us can understand you when you shout ‘helllloooooo!’ Thank you and God bless.

. I would like to see the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office or the Kentucky State Police set up a road check on Little Colley and start catching some of these people who are driving up and down the road without insurance or driver’s licenses. I am sick and tired of having to pay my part for insurances and licenses when they can get out and run around all over the country and do their thing, have an accident, and get by with saying they’re sorry. The police need to start checking — now.

. A girl who works at a certain location in Neon is selling pain meds. If you want some just go there and ask.

. Is it complete coincidence that so many people are turning to drugs, even to the point of overdosing, while we have an administration trying to destroy America?

. Be careful where you go to get your hair cut in the Whitesburg area. At one certain place the staff is rude, the services are terrible, and the prices are outrageous. Thank you.

. This is concerning the Catholics: If the preachers accused of child molestation had been Baptists or Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other denomination they would have been thrown in jail immediately. Somehow

there is not justice in our system that allows the Catholic Church to handle this.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: can’t believe the people who are in charge of putting asphalt on our roads here in Letcher County are going to leave no asphalt on the road at Payne Gap and the road between the junction at Whitesburg and Letcher County Central High School. Apparently they are going to leave it this way the whole winter until the next summer. These people need to be fired now. Who are the numbskulls, Speak Your Piece?

. I’m saying this as clearly as I can say it: The county is letting everybody use the vehicles that belong to the county because it is election time. Do you all hear me? This is what it’s all about.

. To all the people out there who detest and hate President Donald Trump — especially in reference to the immigration and gun control, the biblical laws, the sexual abusers, and the freedoms that we are giving the people here in the U.S.: You hypocrites. I would dare to say if your history were investigated going back thirty to forty years, what dark secret of yours could be confronted? I don’t believe Trump has done all the things he has been accused of doing, especially in the White House, unlike what Bill and Hillary Clinton did. The radicals out there have tried in every way to disgrace our president. The left has attacked the whole Trump family. The president was first attacked over his smile, his hair, his hands, his tanning booth, and his dress attire. Personally, I think Melania Trump is the most beautiful first lady the United States has ever had and the most sincere. Just when you think the left have gone to the limit they think of something else.

. If you loved Bill Clinton and excused him when he was accused of rape and now you want to hear Professor Ford you are a hypocrite.

. I was in for the Jenkins Homecoming Festival this year, as I was raised in Jenkins. I was amazed by how good our town looks in Jenkins and the nice police force. We had a great Jenkins celebration, and I would urge and every voter in Jenkins to keep the same mayor they now have in office. He’s friendly, nice, and he’s done a good job. We have the cleanest town I know of in eastern Kentucky. If I were still living there I would vote for him. We don’t want our city to go back to the way it used to be.

. I think we have the worst Senate representation in the United States. Old Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul never do anything for us in eastern Kentucky and we should vote them out.

. It’s amazing how these drug dealers in Doty Creek keep on getting by with selling their pills.

. I noticed there was a Notice of Intention to Mine’ public notice ad in a recent edition of the paper. It seems like Sapphire Coal Company has done this for the last four years and they still haven’t reopened. They talk about the lack of unmined coal in Letcher County, but we all know there is unmined coal in Carbon Glow and in D Smith Hollow in the Doty Creek area. Why won’t they put a deep mine there? Because this county is in a money crunch, because some people just don’t want any money coming to Letcher County, just like they don’t want the prison coming. (Sapphire Coal Company is one of several firms that still hold mining permits in Letcher County and are required to renew them periodically if they want to keep them valid.)

. Come November I think people will want to re-think their vote. What has Judge Ward done in the past twelve years? What can he do in the next four years? He’s not going to have any money. If he couldn’t do in the first twelve, how can he do in the next four? So rethink your vote in November. Vote Republican. Vote for Terry.

. Jim Ward’s next two yes men will be Cheddy Smith and Brad Collie. People should think before they vote.

. I see all these preachers on TV claiming to have healed all these child molesters, druggies, murderers, wife beaters, thieves and that type of people, but they never go to St. Jude’s and heal the little children there. Do you serve that same God? I don’t. Have a good day.

. Mr. President, God bless you and God bless America. The Democrats really sank low, didn’t they, to stall Judge Kavanaugh? The FBI has already investigated you to the point they know what kind of food he eats. It’s a sad thing when the Democrats sink so low they have to go back 36 years to come up with something. He will be put on the seat and he will be there for years. It’s a sad state when the Democrats fight everything that America is trying to build.

. I think it’s time the Lowe family gets answers about the investigation into the murder of Michael Lowe. I believe with all my heart there is more than one person involved. I also believe there was a woman there. He didn’t deserve this. I pray the family gets justice. If they don’t, the Lord will one of these days.

. Do you know why the Democrat crossed the road? To stall traffic.

. If you don’t believe Satan has taken over a large number of American citizens, just look at the so-called churchgoers who support the liar, sex abuser, and tax cheat we now have in our White House. I never would

have believed I would have seen the day that some of the people I attend church with would support a con man as vile, as unChristian as Donald Trump.

. Everybody talks about what Letcher County needs. I have found sure cure for the county’s economy — a place to make false teeth. It would make this county as rich as Bill Gates. Look around at all the young people who don’t have a tooth in their head. Start up a place to make false teeth here and you’ll make a billion dollars in six years.

. This concerns the freeloaders out there. First they move in a few at a time and then say they are looking at options to leave. Before you realize it they have no intentions of going anywhere. Why should they? As long as I’ll keep them I’ll be stuck with them. Thank you.

. I know parents have to

make children mind and treat them right. But I don’t understand this: Why does an overgrown elephant, a man some might call him, take a belt and whip his son with the buckle and all?

. Why does the Democrat Party want to rob the United States government of my tax money that I have worked out and paid and give it to illegal aliens who do not pay any taxes like we citizens do? Why have illegal aliens been treated — in many instances — better than American citizens by our government? Let them go back to their own native countries and work there to rebuild their own culture and type of government. I do not want them coming into the USA and trying to change my culture and drag down my lifestyle. I want capitalism to survive. Any other type of economic system is too restrictive of human freedom and social rights to live. God bless Trump.

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