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I thought the world was rid of Garth Brooks, but apparently he came out of retirement. He stunk back then and he still stinks today. I wish he would fall off the face of the earth and quit singing. I just as soon hear two fat beagles let gas than to hear him sing.

. I’ve been watching this Brett Kavanaugh ordeal and the lady accusing him. I don’t think it’s right. She waited more than thirty years to bring it out. If it meant that much to her, why didn’t she pursue it when it happened? This is politically motivated. I do not think it’s okay to hurt a woman in any way, but there ought to be a timeframe for people to bring charges on people.

. I just can’t believe the atmosphere about sports at a certain school. It seems the coaching staff has lost interest in the basketball team, resulting in the girls also losing interest. It’s sad to see them go from what they were last year to what they are now. They only lost a few girls, but not letting the fourth-graders play last year has really hurt. It seems there is no motivation from the coaching staff or the girls. We need a real change in attitude on both sides. And no, I don’t have a close relative playing, just the neighbor’s kid. Thank you.

. Coal mining employment is up very little, wages are down, and production is up. That is coal country progress under Trump. Work for less, produce more coal, and take more chances.

. I am so glad that Andy Barr is bringing back all the coal mines in Fayette County.

. They say friends are the best people in the world. Well I’ve got one person who used to be my friend. We used to go coon hunting together and do practically everything else together until one day he stabbed me in the back. Now he goes around acting like I’m a cop. He’s the one who gets out and rats on everybody. He’s the snitch. There will come the day he will be on his knees begging for someone to take him as a friend, but I’m not going to do it. I’ve had enough of him.

. All these people came in for The Mountain Heritage Festival, thinking it was everything. Well I didn’t see anything different that every year before. (Maybe you should appear before the Mountain Heritage Festival Committee and tell its members how you can improve on the volunteer work they already do.)

. I’ve been watching the hearings concerning the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and all the false accusations against him. I know for a fact the men in this county and in this state have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct and found guilty in a court of law on false statements. That is a fact. Thank you.

. I want to wish my granddaughter, Cheyenne Renee Roberts of Isom, a very happy birthday. She turns eighteen October 5. I love you, from Mamaw Jackie.

. I want to wish my brother, Ray Coomer of Hazard, a happy birthday on October 5. Love, your sister Jackie.

. I want to wish Jimmy Lee Blair of Hazard a very happy birthday on October 3. From Aunt Jackie. I love you.

. About the Green Acres Cemetery, I have two loved ones buried up there — one in the cemetery and one in the mausoleum. I was up there about two weeks ago. Yes, the grass was mowed. Yes, the mausoleum does have a smell inside. I don’t know what the problem is, but there is a problem. Yes, they are now doing a better job of trying to keep it up, but the mausoleum still does need work. Thank you.

. I’m not political and I don’t care who is on the Supreme Court. I just think it’s ironic they had a prosecutor examine the alleged victim of the sexual assault and they didn’t have a prosecutor examine the alleged perpetrator. Brett Kavanaugh should have been examined by a prosecutor just as the victim was examined by a prosecutor. I used to be a Republican, but I’m not even political now.

. To a certain person: I hope and pray to God that through all this rain that dining room ceiling fell in right on top of your head. Even if it didn’t I bet you’ve been busy emptying water. That’s what you get for messing over people by taking their money and doing evil things. I pray that whole ceiling caved in right around your ankles. I know you know who I’m talking about. You have a nice day now. Goodbye.

. Your vote for Janet Ratliff can correct a mistake that was made when Margaret Nichols retired. Only you can correct this mistake.

. I just finished watching the Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford hearing. I’m a Democrat, but after watching what the Democrats

did to that man — plus the way Senator Cory Booker and that group are — I have come to the conclusion that President Trump won’t have to build a wall. Mexico will build it because the people of the United States will be leaving if the Democrats get control. Thank you.

. I think some major changes need to be made at Cowan Elementary School.

. It looks like our Senator, Mitch McConnell, will succeed in locking in a Supreme Court to his liking while destabilizing some of the best in our country. McConnell is using his enormous power to threaten and twist Senate rules legally but unethically to win the confirmation of a judge whose records show he would (1) hurt Medicare, (2) make our birth control pills inaccessible or as expensive as possible, (3) give powers to the president that a dictator would love, (4) support corporations and increasing air, water and ground pollution for profit, and (5) support big businesses in pouring billions in dark, anonymous money into political campaigns and drowning out the votes of little people. Boy, have we been taken. Thank you.

. I’m recommending a book available at the library called ‘12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’ by Jordan B. Peterson. I especially recommend it for people with young children, because Rule Number Five says do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. It takes effort to be good parents, but the outcome will be appreciated by you and them when they are grown and out on their own. I hope you will check

out the book and read it. Thank you.

. To the mayor of Jenkins: Old buddy, who do you think you’re fooling with these comments your supporters are putting in Speak Your Piece? Don’t do that; it makes you look stupid.

. You are right, Speak Your Piece, there are no Democrats nor Republicans who are going to help us hillbillies, but us hillbillies will survive. Just as well get my bibs on, go out to the barn and run out ten more gallons.

. I voted for the lady candidate for coroner, but after she won the election she didn’t deliver on some of the promised me. That just goes to show you that candidates will come up with any kind of lie just to get you to vote for them. She led me to believe every word she said, but it didn’t happen. You can’t believe a word anybody tells you anymore, especially these campaigners. I thought the lady coroner was my friend, but she turned her nose up at me when I saw her in the grocery store the other day. (Have you considered that she simply might have had something else on her mind and just didn’t see you in the grocery store? Perhaps she was tired from working all day and just wanted to get her groceries and get home.)

. Is there any news going on around the world besides this fiasco, or circus, that’s going on in Washington with the Supreme Court nomination? You would think the whole world was standing still, because that’s all that’s on every channel. I would be ashamed to be a politician now. That’s a fiasco if there ever was now, and it’s a sorry sight to see. (One bit of very recent news that hasn’t gotten much coverage on TV, if at all, are the remarks former CNN owner Ted Turner made over the weekend about the poor state of cable news. Turner, who invented 24-hour cable news when CNN went on the air in 1980, told interviewer Ted Koppel over the weekend that the cable channels ‘are stickin’ with politics a little too much’ and should work to create a ‘more balanced agenda.’ Remember when CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News and the others covered the weather, sports, news about health, and interesting features about people and places in addition to politics? Ted Turner does, too. Unfortunately, all the news channels have learned it’s much cheaper and far more profitable to have panels of so-called Democrat ‘experts’ and so-called Republican ‘experts’ argue with each other about whatever issues they are able to manufacture. Sadly, record ratings show the format fake outrage is working well for the cable channels. While the country is being divided their corporate owners laugh all the way to the bank.)

. This past Friday my wife and I were at the new grocery store at the Walmart Plaza. The new store opened on Thursday and we were seeing what it had to offer. We shopped and were in line to check out when I heard a woman behind me whisper to her friend and ask, ‘Is that (a certain person)?’ She had to say yes, so they moved over to another line. A relative of this whisperer was once a very close friend of mine for many years. Her relative is a wonderful person, but I moved on because her relative moved her son in after his marriage had failed. Her son and I did not agree on things.

. Remember how badly Janet Ratliff was treated when Margaret Nichols retired? She was told to go to Frankfort and take the test and she would be appointed. However, when appointment time came the powers that be appointed someone else. What do you think about the powers that be?

To the people at Tunnel Hill who used me for my money: I hope you all are proud of yourselves.

. There is a book entitled Beyond All Reason: A Scrapbook of Knowledge and Wisdom.’ It is coming soon to a library near you. This book was researched, compiled and written by Pete A. Martin. If you read and study this book you will learn more than I will ever know. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking. Thank you.

. Hell is too good for that man who hit that little boy with a belt, buckle and all.

. President Trump asked why Dr. Ford didn’t come forward with her sexual assault allegations against Judge Kavanaugh before. It’s because she knew she would be getting the death threats she and her family have been getting.

. I went to Letcher High School and have been out of the county for a few years. I am looking for a very good friend I went to school with and would love to find out where she is. Her name was Navana and she was the best friend I ever had in my life. I would love to see her and talk about the old days.

. The Democratic Party can find 10,000 women to come out against Brett Kavanaugh, but they’ll all be Democrats.

. The people of Haymond might already know that Skyview Park is just getting to be a regular drug distribution center. They are in and out of there like clockwork every night.

. It looks like the Cowan School and the Whitesburg City Police could be in trouble for questioning two juveniles without their parents being present. How can you charge someone with a felony for taking a picture? It looks like the parents may soon be part owners of Cowan Elementary and the City of Whitesburg once the lawsuits are over. You cannot question juveniles without parents being present.

. Yes, I know what I did to you years ago and I know what you did to me. So let’s just call it even.

. I’ve lived in Pine Creek for 40 years and I am sick and tired of drug dealers buying and selling drugs right in front of my face. I am sick of you — every one of you.

. To the moron who said Everidge Funeral Home is not fully responsible for Green Acres Cemetery: You’re an idiot. The funeral

home is fully responsible for the complete upkeep of the cemetery. By the way, I’m an Everidge also.

. Don’t sell your vote for t-shirt. Where is all that money coming from and how do the candidates plan to recoup all that money? Have you really thought about it? Plan to vote for the best qualified.

. This is the Harlan County man. I just want to say what an all time low again for the Democratic Party and the liberals who are more than willing to lie about and destroy the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It is all about abortion. If Trump’s nominee were Jesus Christ these same liberal Democrats would be lying about Jesus. God’s laws will not put up with this any longer. This is just real bad politics to keep the abortion door open. This is just a smear tactic to try and stop Judge Kavanaugh from being the nominee for the Supreme Court. The Harlan County man thinks he will be a very good judge. I hope to God he gets put onto the Supreme Court and that abortion will stop. God bless President Trump and the USA and Israel.

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