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I swear the drugs are running Cowan crazy right now. Where are our cops?

. I think it’s time the FBI or some other federal agency come to Letcher County and investigates the drug dealing on Blair Branch, Spring Bottom, and Doty Creek.

. Thank God President Trump is weakening the EPA’s mercury rule that Obama put in place. I have been worried that my kids are not breathing enough neurotoxins ever since.

. One would think that with all the interest in putting the Ten Commandments in courthouses, someone might think about putting the Ten Commandments in the White House.

. I hope you’ll print this. I think that all the young men out there need to carry around in their pocket a contract and get their girlfriend to sign it before they get into the sex act. That way they can go on about their business. If she says okay, have sex. If she doesn’t sign it you better not have sex.

. Congratulations, MAGA’s, you’ve now got two alleged sex abusers on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh can compare notes with Thomas and explain the importance of covering the woman’s mouth so she can’t get any witnesses to come help.

. I had the spaghetti at a certain restaurant today. It was so bad I could not eat it because my noodles were hard. What happened to the cook that was there?

. To the person who called in bragging about Jenkins and how good it looks and how we need to keep the mayor we now have: I guess you didn’t know the reason we were doing so good is because of the dope being sold out of city buildings and somebody stealing twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment at City Hall.

. I’ve seen a lot of comments disparaging Dr. Ford in regard to the recent Kavanaugh hearings. Survivors of sexual assault generally do take a significant amount of time to report it. That is, if they can bring themselves to report it at all. I know where we live and I know the kind of people who have made these posts, so I don’t expect to change any minds. But Kavanaugh is a degenerative drunk with a bad temper. His wife has the look of an abused woman. And he’s a liar. All of his statements are full of holes. He comes from the kind of privilege his defenders can’t imagine. It’s the kind where you rarely hear the word no. We didn’t need this drunk on the Supreme Court.

. Thanks to The Mountain Eagle for letting us express our opinions. We in the City of Jenkins have got a mayor who has a salary of forty seven thousand dollars. We can’t afford that. I don’t know how that salary was set to such an exorbitant price, but it’s time we elect a new mayor who will not add to the taxation on us like this one has. I urge everyone to get out and vote for Wayne Fleming. He is a veteran, he is honest, and he will tell you the truth.

. I want the FBI to investigate the Professor Ford situation and find out who bought her alcohol. Somebody needs to go to jail.

. Don’t the people know that abortion is not a Republican or Democrat thing? It has been going on for many years in every city and every state, even when they are illegal. If people don’t get it they are simpleminded.

. After not attending the Mountain Heritage Festival for two years due to illness, I got to go this year and all I could think about was getting a blooming onion. I thought about it and dreamed about it. I wanted a blooming onion. I finally got one and came home with it. The onion was not done. It was still hard. The dough in the middle was runny. It was barely white, much less golden. I was so disappointed with that onion, and to beat it all it was eight dollars this year. I was not happy with my blooming onion. I hope they can do better next year. I heard a lot of complaints about them this year. Thank you.

. The Bible speaks of a false prophet and we’ve got one in the White House. Instead of people out there hollering Republican or Democrat they should read their Bible.

. I am calling in on a certain beauty shop. They did some hair for an occasion of mine, but the hair was not done well at all. I would not let my client leave with the hair they did. Since they have raised their prices, we can go elsewhere and be able to pay the prices. It is not worth it to go down to the place I am talking about.

. I’m calling about the last of the top sportscasters on ESPN, especially Chris Berman. Most of them are run-of-the-mill now and won’t last as long as he has, but I just wanted to give him thumbs up as I have always enjoyed listening to him. Thank you.

. Democrats really love Democratic men who rape women, beat up their wives, and beat up their girlfriends, but if a Republican man just has a thought they hate him terribly.

. This is to the mayor of Jenkins, Todd Depriest : Where have you been for the last four years? What about these dilapidated houses and our great city manager, who doesn’t live in the city, trying to tell us what we need to do? I think a city manager should be required to live inside the city limits of Jenkins.

. I want to wish my daughter, Renee Coomer of Isom, a very happy birthday. It was on October 9. From her mom, Jackie. I love her.

. I was sitting here thinking of Crystal Roberts. It would have been her birthday on October 8. She will always be in our hearts and she will always be missed and loved. Thank you.

. How stupid can you be to complain about the FBI not interviewing Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford since they have already been through a Senate hearing?

. I would like to voice my support for the reelection of Mayor Todd Depriest in Jenkins because we’ve got the cleanest town that I’ve seen in a long time. We also have a good police force and fire department. Why would we want to change mayors when we’ve already got a real good one?

. To a certain person: I hate you 10 times more than I love you but at one time I loved you like a daughter. I hate you for the way you came back into my life and took advantage of me and took my money from me to get your sorry brothers out of jail and to help your sorry daughter and you and your husband. You all literally took my money. One of you stole $1,300 out of my purse up there in your yard. Isn’t that wonderful? And then you wonder why I hate you? You all are nothing but thieving pieces of crap. Anyone you can use you will use, whether it’s a 74-year-old woman or a one-year-old baby.

. I’m reading an explanation of the Bible by Jud Wilhite, called the ‘Uncensored Truth Bible For New Beginnings.’ He doesn’t understand there was a heaven and earth age before this one. He doesn’t understand the word ‘us’ in Genesis 1:26. People don’t know that we were already created with a soul before we came here as a baby in the flesh. Why? God wants to see whom we would love, Him or Satan. The destroyer Satan will come pretending to be Jesus and many will worship him. When they see Jesus coming in the sky they will cry for the mountains to fall on them, because they were fooled.

. The dumbest thing I saw at the Mountain Heritage Festival this year were the food booths with political signs hanging on them. Didn’t they know that would knock them out of a lot of customers? Thank you.

. This comment is for Rocky Hollow in Jenkins: A certain woman poisoned and broke the back of a little Jack Russell terrier dog. Nobody on Rocky Hollow wants her or her family to come around. The houses that she’s visiting now — her and her son — they say they can’t get rid of them. So just stay up there in your house or move out of the hollow, because that’s enough of your animal cruelty. Thank you.

. If you like your freedom, get out and vote for veterans who are running for office.

. I believe there are some good people in the Letcher County Democratic Party. My question to them: Do they support and agree

with the recent actions of their senators, like Chuck Schumer, Richard Durbin, Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein and others? If you do then you are saying that men are guilty by accusation and the rule of law of innocent until proven guilty does not matter. God help us all.

. People of Letcher County better wake up and smell the roses before they vote for county judge this year. What have we got and what has he done for the county during the past 12 years? Talk to workers of the county and find out what kind of shape the equipment is in. Why hasn’t he bought any new equipment? Ask Jim Ward the hard questions; he can’t answer them. .

On Election Day people need to open their eyes and see what’s going on and clean the courthouse out and get the corruption and all the love affairs out of that building. Clean it up and get rid of the soap operas that are going on.

. God bless you, Mr. President, your staff, your family, and the United States of America. Well you know that with the Democrats, it’s like this: If Jesus Christ was a Republican and running for the Kavanaugh seat on the Supreme Court, the Democrats would find something to drag out against the man. We’ve seen it happen many times. I’m not comparing Kavanaugh to Jesus Christ, but I’m saying the Democrats would find fault with anything and everything and even lies about certain things.

. This is to the man on Pine Creek: What is wrong? Is the pot too hot to handle? Shame on you. All the land you have is what your dad and mom gave you and your brother. So now you are trying to take his part, but he has a deed for his land. You took your ex-wife for all she had, everybody knows that for a fact. So your problem is now your brother has more money than you, so you can’t take it anymore. It hurts, doesn’t it? Shame on you for talking about everybody else. From someone who knows you well and loves Speak Your Piece and never misses a week of reading it.

. I think Wayne Fleming and Terry Adams should have to pay for the audit that refuted their unfounded claims of irregularities in Letcher County finances. It would be a black day in the history of Letcher County if these two should be elected to serve in higher offices. Do we really need hell raisers in leadership roles?

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