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I want to speak my piece about a certain fire department: It’s a shame people who kiss behind sit and do nothing while others work their behinds off.

In response to Ms. Desperate, 50 years old with 30-yearold daughter: Say you’re trying to find her a husband because she and her two kids are eating you out of house and home? Why would a man want to take that up? Big responsibility. Good luck finding one.

Roland and Ellen, I’m sorry I didn’t get this in last week’s paper but I want to wish you a happy anniversary. You two getting married was the best decision you ever made and we love you both. Roland, even though this will be a day late, happy birthday.

This goes out to the certain lady who fed my cat string all winter. That’s OK. I saved it and recycled it about a month ago when I was at your house. Check your floss.

The reason that I am writing to Speak Your Piece is that when I called the highway department, I got no results. Pine Mountain, from Cumberland into Letcher County, with all the horseshoe curves, blind spots, etc., has not a single road sign warning of these hazards. This is Highway 160, a state highway. This road runs into Highway 463, and once again there are no signs warning of children at play at the Hurricane Gap Recreational Park, or several churches on this road. There are no warning signs, no speed limit signs running down 160 in Letcher County. This road passes churches, businesses, an orphanage, truck turnoffs, etc. The final decision rests on the shoulders of others, but how about a suggested speed limit on some of these roads? Why promote tourism and then kill the tourists on these dangerous roads with no signs? The guardrails have helped, and people are taking pride in their area, cleaning their yards, picking up trash, etc., but a little more definitely needs to be done. Congratulations to all involved, let’s keep the ball rolling and make it safer, too.

We need some police here in Long Branch. Drugs are being sold everywhere in the hollow. We need help. Thank you.

Concerning the large store: I don’t sit on my behind at all, I work lots of weekends, and I don’t go to church. Ha, ha, ha. Guess again, Einstein.

Why do you want to tell your parents a bunch of lies to try and turn them against us? You are just plain evil.

MySpace cracks me up. There are so many ugly conceited girls.

It’s a sad time on Brickyard. And, no, it’s not about the druggies this time. We’re losing some good and honest drug-free working people with nice, clean respectful kids. Scum will probably move in the house they worked so hard on to clean up. We’re going to miss you, Chris and Melissa.

I’m sorry the police aren’t running this town. I think we all know who is, though. They seem to have lots of money for gas.

Did I read the article in last week’s paper correctly – the article that said John Pigg is eligible for a meeting before the parole board in August after he was convicted on May 12? That would be approximately three months served in jail after committing a murder. I feel really sorry for Ralph Marcum’s family and friends. I’ve always said that if you want to get away with murder, Letcher County was the place to go.

(You read the article correctly. Let’s just hope we can safely assume there is no chance the Kentucky Parole Board would let an accused murderer out of jail just because he has served a few days of a sentence he received in connection with an unrelated jail escape. And it’s not the fault of Letcher County’s court officials that such a possibility for parole exists in this case.)

This is to the miniature Italian stallion: Son, how do you like being cuckolded by a bony buck? Yes, you know who I am, boy. Please respond, little man.

You have no excuse now. You heard the truth last Wednesday night, oh Danny boy.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I truly do wish you the very best regardless of what you think.

Another meeting of the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council has come and gone. The president continues to have no control over the council members. Attending one of the meetings is like going to a sideshow.

To my stepchildren: I do not have anything at all against you all – I truly don’t. But from what I’ve heard, she didn’t do right by you all, either. That’s something you really need to think about.

This is Wayne from Wyatt Hollow, and I think this dude Ricky is a little crybaby. Goodbye.

This is Ricky from Wyatt Hollow, and I want to say Wayne from Wyatt Hollow is a crybaby, two-faced sissy punk.

To a good-looking guy who drives a black truck: I’m not sure if it’s on the 25th or 26th, but I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope all of your wishes come true. I miss seeing you. From a girl older than you who thinks of you every day, wondering how you are doing. You know my cell phone number and you know where I live. Please call me or come by and see me. Happy birthday. Love you.

Is it my little yellow T-shirt or is it my spouse that you want?

To a couple on Cowan: You think you’re being big by keeping that little boy away from his dad and not letting him speak to him or anything. But you know what? God will step in and intervene, because it’s wrong and you know it. How would you like it if someone kept your kid away from you? Just think about it. Good-bye.

To the woman who was going out with the guy in the blue truck: I gave you a chance to keep him, but evidently you weren’t any good. He came crawling back, like the snake that he is, to me. So buzz off.

I want to wish Tammy McCall a very happy birthday. I love you, Mommy. Love always, Megan.

Why is your mind so warped that you would have to comment on someone’s T-shirt?

Warning: Be aware of what you wear. We have a T-shirt stalker in Letcher County.

To the person who is stopping the water on Copperhead Road: Would you please reconsider letting them use your land? So many of your neighbors up in this hollow need good water, and we’re just begging you to let them use your land. It’s not going to hurt anything as far as we can tell. They fix it back really well. Please don’t stop us from getting water.

Shame on the two men who are keeping water from coming to Craft’s Colly on Copperhead Road. We were so close to being able to wash our clothes and take a good clean bath and washing our hair and having nice clean water to do it in. However, a father and son are stopping it and I would just like to say shame on them.

I would like to know what part of ‘Wrong Turn’ it is when a house full of second- and third-cousins start having babies with each other. To be continued in 18 years …

This is to the girl in the trailer park at Neon: You said three people beat you up? Truth is it was the little girl that beat your big fat behind. She’s going to do it again when she sees you. If you want to do something about it, try to meet her at the IGA where everybody can see her stomp your behind.

I think when you go to church it should be to go to church, not to hand out invitations to weddings or showers. You’re there to listen to The Word, not to have invitations handed out to you.

Donald, I just want to let you know I love you. And love is not just a four-letter word. It’s how you feel inside your heart. Once you love someone, it doesn’t leave. Hang in there. Let me hear from you. Bye, sweetie.

What kind of Supreme Court gives our enemies the same rights as our citizens? What kind of men have we put in our Supreme Court? What were these five men thinking? How much more are we as taxpayers going to stand for? What about all of those who have given their lives to keep us free? What about 9/11? I’ll tell you what rights our enemies should have – a right to a tree with a short rope. Whose side are these five men on? God bless the other four we have who made the right choice about our enemies. May those five men hear the screams of all those our enemies have killed and tortured. God have mercy on their souls. I’m madder than a wet hornet. There is one thing we can do. We can give them a fair trial and then hang them. Something to think about.

Why is it that KY 160 has no speed limit signs from the city limits of Cumberland in Harlan County all the way down to Roxana in Letcher County? There’s not one speed limit sign or a sign warning about those horseshoe curves. There are no ‘slippery when wet’ signs or ‘church’ signs where there are churches. Seemingly, the person in charge of that job isn’t doing a good job. We need some signs on that road.

I hate pretty people because I was born so ugly. I have been so unfortunate. I know I shouldn’t feel this way and I pray every day for God to forgive me. This is something that will go to my grave with me. No one understands how I feel, because they are not in my shoes. I just wanted you all to know how I feel. Bye.

To the boy in Neon: You need to slow down doing your drugs. I don’t know why the state police haven’t picked you up in Hogg Hollow yet.

I always loved that Hollywood movie star, Peewee Hermann. He was so cute and made such cute kiddy movies, but he ruined his career by exposing himself in a nightclub. Now who is this country music star, ‘Peewee’ Herndon? How did he get that name?

Looks like the truth finally came out. Mr. Radar Ears told a lie and tried to get an indictment. The jury wouldn’t take the case. So what does that tell you?

We all know why she won’t marry you. You’re mommy’s little boy, for one, and she still tells you what to do. It’s sad for her little girl. And everyone knows she lives on welfare and she likes a lot of different men. So you better marry her. Signed, all of the people from Colson. We know who you are.

I predict dog days are going to set in all over Jenkins, not just in Dunham. God have mercy on us all.

You better marry her real soon before she gets in trouble. They’re watching her. By the way, you are living in sin.

To the guy who looks like a bean pole and the big fat blonde: Keep on selling your drugs. Your day is coming.

I see the county judge/executive and the magistrate of District Three have let the gas company come up here in Bill Moore Branch and put down a couple of feet of pavement and move on out of here while the pavement we taxpayers paid for is broken all to pieces. Boys, I’m here to tell you that there will be 50 votes against you up here when the next election comes around. So don’t even bother coming up here.

I was calling about a lady who walks on the walking track at the Colson Fire Department: She’s getting sexier all the time and I would like for her to know that I admire her. Thank you.

I’m calling about the state cop who shot the two dogs. Are there two sets of laws – a set for them and a set for us? He left his home and went and killed that man’s two dogs. If a common person had done that he would be in jail. I think the county and state officials ought to look into this a little more. This trooper shouldn’t be allowed to kill a man’s dogs. People ought to be calling in and complaining about that trooper. He’s no better than us. He’s out there to protect and serve, not kill people’s animals. I don’t think it’s right that he’s getting away with murdering those two dogs. We people need to stick together and see that he answers to the same standards a normal person would have to answer.

To a woman on Pine Creek: Want to know why you don’t have any friends? It’s because you’ve always got your big mouth running and talking about people you shouldn’t talk about. You talk about people’s kids even though nobody talks about your kids. Our kids are just as good as your kids. Stay out of my business. And you know who wrote this.

I would like to know if it isn’t illegal for people to get porn movies off the Internet and sell them for $20. There are people in Stinking Branch on Thornton who are doing that. And another thing: I saw in the paper where people are going to jail over marijuana. Well there are four or five dealers on Stinking Branch and no one is doing anything about it. It’s no wonder that people call Letcher County a drug place. That’s what it is. UNITE has been called and hasn’t done anything.

I know why Letcher County is full of stupid drug-dealing hoochies. It’s because there are no jobs in Letcher County that pay you enough to meet your bills. As far as potheads go, I would much rather be around a stoned person as to be around someone on Xanax. I would love to know what part of the county the person is from who made that comment.

I had to call and express how …

(Please accept our apology. The tape ended just as you began to tell us what was on your mind. Hope you try again.)

It is the ultimate slap in the face that the Jenkins Board members have done to the parents, students, and citizens of Jenkins.

The act of treason that occurred recently in the Jenkins Independent School District can be attributed to the board members’ selection for superintendent by going outside our district when we had someone fully qualified within our district. The perpetrators’ names are Durward Narramore, Eileen Sanders, Benjie Prunty, Paul Stambaugh, and Tracy Goff. The paper last week had screening committee members’ names cited as making the selection. They did not. The board members’ names above are the guilty parties. We as parents trusting important decisions such as this to these board members deserve better.

Jeanie Bates on Cowan is in desperate need of a bridge being put in for her. Hers has been out since the July 2 flood came in 2004. She’s a woman alone, on a fixed income, and lucky to pay her bills and eat. She doesn’t have big bucks to hire anyone. Judge Ward or whom this may concern, please help her out. She lives above Cowan Chapel Church. She is my cousin. I happen to know she has it hard. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

Several years ago I watched with mixed emotions as the State Department of Education took control of our school system. Now I think it is time for them to do it again. The higher paying positions are being filled with no consideration of their ability to do the job. The latest promotion of a principal to a director at the Central Office was common knowledge months before the move. I have attended both school board meetings and fiscal court meetings and I have tried to figure out why the school board members never challenge the superintendent the way that some of the magistrates do the county judge. Now I know. The board members are all puppets, hand picked and approved by the superintendent. I have also found out why there is never a problem between the board and the superintendent at the board meetings. They have a meeting before the meeting. There is a meeting at midday prior to the actual board meeting where everything is discussed and problems worked out before they have the public meeting. Is this legal? Is this a violation of the Open Meetings Law? If it isn’t it sure appears to be. The people of this county elect the board members to guard and promote the educational welfare of their children. The board selects the superintendent, and it is the board’s responsibility to supervise the actions of the superintendent. It appears that the board has forgotten who works for who. Supt. Anna Craft answers to the board. The board does not answer to her.

Based on the Jenkins Independent Board’s latest decision for superintendent, I will be sending my two children to Letcher County School System next school year. How stupid can a group of individuals be to pass up on one of its graduates who could do the job better than anyone else? The Jenkins community should be ashamed of itself for this travesty.

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