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I think we ought to have zoning laws in Letcher County. That way these sorry people couldn’t just throw their junk out in their front yards with their twenty five to thirty dogs they already have in their yard. It’s a nuisance.

. We have two great candidates for the upcoming election for a new sheriff for our county. I honestly believe either one would make a great sheriff. I hope the winner will keep the offi ce open around the clock, because we the citizens deserve police protection without having to wait for a state trooper in emergencies. Thanks, T.G

. Y’all can’t even get a Ouija board together after the patronage I’ve given you? I hope God forgives you, but I can’t imagine you’re in His good graces. Thanks and have a nice day, Andy.

. We too often take our local county elected officials for granted, thinking their responsibilities are so casual and simple that anyone can handle with acceptable success. This is not true, and if you will take time to observe people that are in charge now it becomes very obvious. Winston Meade, for instance, manages one of the best county clerk’s offices in all of eastern Kentucky with one of the smallest budgets to work with compared to most other county offices. This is outstanding because Mr. Meade knows how to manage with zero shortage in accountability. Jim Ward has been an exceptional county judge/ executive despite the fact that coal production has practically been eliminated and his county operating budget has been cut thirtyfive percent from the lack of coal severance tax returns. Still, Judge/Executive Ward continues to manage this county without cutting services to the people and without raising taxes. Judge Ward has managed with what he had to work with. All other eastern Kentucky counties placed in the same situation either raised taxes on real estate or on personal insurance policies. Judge Ward has been an excellent manager working with only sixty percent of the revenue he needed to work with. His job performance is not that of the ordinary county judge/executive you will find in most counties. He was raised in a hardworking family that demanded accountability, and it shows.

. To whom this may concern:

I made a complaint against a certain woman because she made a bad threat towards me, saying she would run over me in her gray car out on the highway. Said that she should do it, and that my family members wouldn’t miss me for four or five days. She said that if I broke over and got on a big drunk again she’d be rid of me. I’m over 21 and I am responsible for my own actions. Thus far our so-called officers have done nothing. Please print this? Just like I’ve got it worded, okay? If she screams ‘law,’ they’ll come in swarms to take me to jail. All I really want is this foolishness to stop. Do print this, will you? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. Concerning illegal aliens: am an American citizen. I was born in the United States and grew up in the United States. I belong here whether you like it or not. The United States should build the wall between Mexico and the United States in order to stop the invasion of illegal aliens from sneaking into our country. If the wall cannot keep them (the illegals) out, then President Donald Trump should exercise his duty as Commander in Chief of the United States military forces, and declare — establish — martial law along the Untied States and Mexican border about 20 miles wide from the Gulf of Mexico, across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, to the Pacific Ocean, and patrol the area as a military reserve. People who want to destroy the United States should be banished from the United States. There is something wrong with the political functioning of the federal government in the United States. Some group of people within the present government is trying to overthrow the United States government. I am going to vote Republican. God bless President Trump. (Illegal immigration is just that — illegal. It was against the law yesterday, it is illegal today, it will remain illegal tomorrow, and violators should be dealt with in a serious manner. That said, did you know that statistics provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that illegal immigration into the United States peaked at 1.64 million in the year 2000 and has declined by 81.5 percent since then, falling to 303,916 in 2017?)

. Mr. President, you are making the right decision to pull out of the treaty agreement with Russia, China

and any other foreign country that wants to present its communism to the United States. These countries have never honored anything, but they’ve taken and taken. It’s a pitiful shame that people would believe such countries would really honor a treaty. As for the asylum seekers who are marching toward our border, we don’t know who these people are. Send the National Guard down there to stop them, or send the Army. Don’t let them into the United States, Mr. President. A lot of them would do anything. Mr. President, you are making the right decisions for America.

. People in churches; be careful whom you vote for. Sometimes in your churches you may have people who try to persuade you to vote for certain politicians. The devil is at work, so you need to get rid of crooked politicians taking bribes and stealing to get elected.

. I would like to leave a message directly to Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft. I very much appreciate our town, Mayor Craft, and I appreciate all the things we’ve got going on now. But the problem I have came when we visited the ‘scary house’ at Whitesburg on Friday. We have little children. It’s all right to scare people, but for people to grab children and use foul language in their presence is wrong. I don’t know who these jerks are, but I know what needs to be done with them. I have attended my last event if it’s going to be like this.

. I wanted to know if there are others in the community who see the sheriff ’s cars being used by parttime deputies to transport themselves back and forth to their primary work location? Does anyone believe that the deputies are paying for fuel and maintenance on these cars? Of course we don’t. Everyone knows our tax dollars are paying for the personal use of these county vehicles. If you want change, get out and vote for change.

. I don’t know when certain people from Pine Creek are going to admit their son is a dope head. He has failed his drug tests and lost job after job, yet his family keeps protecting him.

. I have been reading on my computer lately where these animal lovers don’t like people who have chickens. Let me tell these people something: There is no law against raising game chickens and there is no law against selling them. Some of our people in the courthouse are for chicken fighting, so if you don’t like chicken fighting just go jump over a lake, or jump over a cliff. You are the ones who need to be tarred and feathered.

. I saw in the newspaper where some people tried to make it look like Mickey Stines was the person responsible for stealing campaign signs. Personally, I don’t think Mickey Stines had anything to do with anything like that. The ones who are paying to have these signs stolen are probably the drug dealers who don’t want a new sheriff whatsoever. They want everyone to blame each other for it. These drug dealers are getting by with everything they want.


I want to challenge all of my drinking buddies to let go of buying anywhere from a six-pack up to a thirty-pack of beer this week and send that money you save to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. You will be surprised the good that will do. And you won’t have that headache in the morning and maybe I won’t, either. Have a nice day.

. My dog is a liberal, but he won’t admit it. He took a dump in the living room floor and tried to tell me George Bush did it.

. To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: Why are the county’s sanitation workers the lowest paid workers in the region? Why are they driving around in unsafe vehicles that date back to the Carroll Smith administration? What are you going to do about this problem before somebody gets killed?

. I wish Jim Ward would tell me what he’s going to do during the next four years to earn my vote. Oh, and by the way, why didn’t you do this before? Sorry. Duh.

. Cheer up, Jim Ward. It won’t be so bad after the election. Maybe Andy Beshear will get you to run for Lieutenant Governor so you can play second fiddle to him.

. You know what’s sad? It’s when all of your loved ones are in heaven, but you know you can never get there to see them because you are so full of hate for those people who have messed over you so bad. I’m sorry, but I cannot forgive these people. They took my money and they messed over me and I can’t forgive them.

. I would like to know how a certain young lady expects to get away with being married to man while taking another man as her boyfriend. And she acts like she’s a Christian? I never figured people would uphold such a thing as this. The word is out.

. There’s an affair going on and I know who the people are.

. Governor Bevin claims that he likes to blow things up with military weapons. Why didn’t he go into service while he was young? Of course he could have gotten into harm’s way and I don’t think he would have liked that. They would have been throwing lead right back at him. I think he was playing with that military equipment just to get his jollies off. Thank you.

. If you need any drugs you can go to a certain singlewide trailer, but you can’t get them on Wednesday evenings and on Sundays, because that’s when they go to church.

. I cannot believe Democrats are not smart enough to realize the government in Washington was overthrown by electing Donald Trump.


I would like to wish my wife a very happy birthday. She is a very special person. I would like to tell her I love her and to hold onto the dream. Age is just a number. Happy birthday, Evelyn. I love you.

. This is old cat killer: I’m sitting here trying to force down a potpie, which is nothing but road kill. A dead buzzard would taste better than this potpie, so please do not buy any more of them. This is the old cat killer urging you to have a great big old meow day.

. What makes me sick is SSI drawers. All these SSI families keep right on having children while they are being paid by us good hardworking Americans who go out to work every day. We are who pays for their SSI checks, not the government. I think it’s high time someone goes to snipping or clipping and doing away with some of these drug dealers. We’ll never have the opportunity to draw a penny of what we’ve paid into the system when we get to be of age.

I’m responding to the person who commented about the weakening of the EPA’s mercury rule. I would like to hear more about that. I know mercury can be found in fish and seafood, but I don’t know about the breathing of mercury. I would like to hear more about that and how that happens. I’m not saying it does not happen; I just don’t know about it. Thank you.

. It breaks my heart to finally have to realize that my dog really is a Democrat. Even though I pay for his healthcare and buy everything he eats, he’s now acting like he’s entitled. He’s even trying to unionize the cat.

. I hear the little skank is pregnant again.


I would like to know if Jim Ward is going to pay for us a county police force. We need cops during the night, not just during the day.

. I would like to know why we should go out and vote for these people who have been in office for what seems like an eternity. They haven’t done anything for us so far and they’re not going to do anything for us.

. Does anyone know the name of the orphanage that is getting the proceeds from the haunted house the city is sponsoring? It says local orphanage and we didn’t know there was one.

. Paybacks are great and I’ve got mine. I’ve got all kinds of pictures. Nobody knows where I’m going to be or what I’m going to be doing. I see our little fat potbellied buddy who is logging illegally again. Social Security is going to love this. For all you people have done to me, payback is going to be great — absolutely great!

. Here’s a suggestion from me to a certain politician who is asking for suggestions: Go fill out an application with CNN and get yourself a job with the ‘fake news,’ because that’s exactly

what you are — fake news.

. If you like your freedom, thank a veteran. Neither Todd Depriest nor me had to go to Vietnam; Wayne Fleming did. He fought for us in Vietnam, he’s fought for us in the Letcher County Fiscal Court, and he’ll fight for us as mayor. So thank a veteran. Get out and vote for Wayne Fleming. He will be a good mayor. Thank you.

. I want to wish my daughter, Maggie Jo Hurley, a happy birthday on October 26. She is from Isom. I love you, girl. From your mom, Jackie.

. I was sitting here thinking of my brother, Jimmy Dean Coomer. His birthday would have been October 25 if he were still alive. He will always be in my heart. I miss you. Love, your sister Jackie.

. I read Speak Your Piece this week and saw where some were bashing County Judge/Executive Jim Ward and saying the county has gone backward with no new businesses. This is not true. We have a new Taco Bell and also a new grocery store across from Walmart. We have a recreation center for both the kids and adults in this county. And as for the county vehicles falling apart and being ten years old, who goes out and buys a new vehicle every three years or so? I worked with the public for many years, and sometimes the workers we had wouldn’t take care of the vehicles. This may or may not be case here. Jim Ward has gone out of his way to help this county and he’s working on getting new vehicles. He has many contacts outside of this county already. As for me, Judge Ward has my vote when Election Day comes. Keep up the good work. Pat on the back.

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