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I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would vote to re-elect the members of the Jenkins Board of Education. They shut down our school in McRoberts and sold it to a motorcycle gang. Our school system is so bad off we only have fifteen students graduating last year. Our educational level has dropped so badly under this group of board members.

. Education is good. I am for it. But you have to get factories or some type of industry in here, and the people will learn. You can teach them anything. I know; I’ve been there. Thank you.

. I saw where a caller said Jenkins would go back into the Stone Age if Wayne Fleming were elected mayor over Todd Depriest. I’m just wondering, was that Stone Age before or after they started selling dope out of city-owned buildings in Jenkins?

. What is Governor Matt Bevin trying to prove by saying people’s children would be molested at home if they weren’t at school?

. I wouldn’t trust the mainstream media in an outhouse with a muzzle on.

. As a citizen of Jenkins I think that Todd Depriest has done a good job as Mayor of Jenkins.

. One of these days this streak of luck is going to end for the dope dealers in Doty Creek. They are bound to get caught sooner or later peddling their pills in the church house parking lot.

. I think history will remember Barack Obama as a weak president. I don’t care what the news media says — left, right, upside down or in the middle — history will record it straight up as to who you are and what you are.

. I have a cousin who lost her husband recently. I asked her if she would give me some of the junk he collected just to take it off her hands, but she told me no. She must want to make big money from it. People ought to start giving and sharing instead of being tightwads and money- greedy. All some people care about is money, even though money is the root of all evil.


I am phoning this in one day after the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. The guy on ‘Meet the Press’ is talking about how this might hurt the Republican Party. You know what scares me? It’s the Democrat Party. The Republicans have done a great tribute to the American people. There is nothing that can take that down. Just because a couple of idiots do some stupid stuff doesn’t mean that our president can’t run America. It happens all over the world. You all have to realize, America is growing, and it’s not with illegal immigrants. And it’s not with terrorists from foreign countries. We’re not perfect, but we are America and we stand tall.

. You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump for the marketing genius he truly is. Who besides him would be smart enough to start a new pro football league to compete against the NFL and call his team the Washington Indictments? He’s already got 13 or 14 men under Department of Justice contracts.

. It’s pitiful when the mayor of Jenkins has a righthand man who is out taking down his opponent’s signs. Just remember, signs don’t vote.

. We have politicians running for offices they have held for more than 20 years. We have kept these people and their families up for all these years. The taxpayers are tired of the same family trying to run Letcher County, and they’ve run it into the hole. It is time to dump the whole crew that’s now in the courthouse. It is time to clean that courthouse out. Let’s clean the whole works out.

. Years ago, with all honesty and kindness, I prayed to God Almighty. I didn’t get a thing done. I could have prayed to Satan the devil and gotten as much or maybe even more done.

. Two very nice ladies have opened up a real cute shop of treasures across from Subway at Ermine. I’ve been in twice and love their stuff. I think you will, also. Go in and see for yourself.


I’m going to mention this again hoping that Danny Webb’s office will get the hint. I would like to know how you can run up and down the road at Little Colley without a lick of driver’s license or without a lick of insurance and get away with it. If you don’t have a driver’s license that means you don’t have insurance, and if you hit somebody

the other driver is just flat screwed. Why do we not have road checks down here to put these heathens out of these cars?

I hope District One gets a new magistrate. Thank you.

. Hey, you silly goose. It’s been that way for a hundred years. Politicians go to the schools when the festivals are happening. They spend their money. They are the ones who help your schools. Be thankful. You don’t have to sit around and watch them. Do something else. Have your own table set up. Sell candy. Don’t make fun everything. Help out instead.

. I would like to comment on the excellent job that Jim Ward has done as Letcher County Judge/Executive through these hard economic times.

. To the lady who lives in the Mayking area: That big fancy car didn’t help your reputation or your looks at all. Everybody knows who you are and what you are. One man during the week and the other man on the weekend. Got it made, don’t you? And there’s going to be a killing, but you don’t care. Two men don’t work. So keep on doing your drugs and your two men. Hang in there, Jezebel. Happy Halloween.

. To a certain woman: We want you to know the police are watching you sell drugs and your neighbors are, too. So have fun while you can. You know who you are.

. I don’t know what’s wrong with all these politicians in Letcher County, but they come around promising everything and they do nothing. We’ve got jobs coming to Pikeville and Hazard, but none here. What are our politicians’ jobs supposed to be? Stay at home?

. God bless you, Mr. President, for ordering our military down to the border to fight off these women and children, these so-called asylum seekers, who want to come over to America. Mr. President, I think our people would love it if you would show up at the border yourself and pick up a bazooka and aim it right between the eyes of those — women, children, or whatever — and dare them to step across that border line. Mr. President, our wonderful God is giving you this opportunity to erase that awful nickname of yours, Cadet Bone Spurs. Just because you were too chicken to go and fight for your country back in the Vietnam days does not mean you won’t stand tall against these asylum seekers. Mr. President, you take that bazooka out and fire it up in the air a few times. I’ll even load it for you and help you aim it just to be able to watch those people get the bejesus scared out of them. They’ll all be crying like little babies who can’t find their mommies.

. Our local politicians need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask, ‘What can we do for the people?’ instead of always looking to help themselves.


The game warden here in Letcher County should have a publicly listed telephone number. But since he doesn’t he needs to do a check on Johnson’s Fork, where a certain family in Hotspot is shooting with guns and sticking with knives. If caught on our property I will hold them under citizen’s arrest. Poachers, beware.

. I think Mitch McConnell has Alzheimer’s disease or something. He looks awful.

. I just heard a candidate running for circuit court clerk state that he is the only qualified man running for that office. His opponent is a woman, and she worked in that office for 28 years. She is more educated and qualified for that job. That’s what’s wrong with Letcher County — male chauvinists. Men think only men can run the courthouse. Just look what the men have done to that courthouse. Their male chauvinist attitudes are the reasons why our girls have to leave here to get work after they go to college.

. I just want to give a shout out to Mr. Short at Whitesburg Middle School. I think he’s really awesome and I wanted him to know.

. I’ve always heard about robbing Peter to pay Paul. Well, a certain person is fixing to pay Paul. I told him I would be watching him.

. President Trump treats Democrats like they have always treated Republicans and they come unglued.

. I’m calling in reference to the Letcher County Jail. That is one of the nastiest places I have ever seen in my life. It is overcrowded and has been that way for months and months. They took away the soft drinks for inmates, claiming that too big a mess was being made. There are people in that jail who actually have committed no crime, but are there because of someone else. They also need to get that place cleaned up. I really believe that Bert Slone will clean it up. Thank you.

. I was watching the news about these bombs being found. You wanted uncivil, you got it. That’s what you’re going to get when you ask for it. So here it is.

. Could someone please tell me the percentage of the people living in Letcher County who don’t work? My goodness. I’ve worked for 35 years and now I’m retired and I’m out every day working by running general errands. I just wonder how many people work and how many people don’t.

. I’ve pretty much already made my mind up about whom I am voting for in the election next Tuesday. Some things I have figured out and some things I haven’t figured out just yet. There’s one certain fellow running for sheriff who I know I won’t be voting for. He’s just a little bit too rough and I won’t be voting for him.

. I paid $158 for a pair of boots that just absolutely fell apart after three months. The place where I bought these boots won’t back them up. On the other hand, I left a $10 package of coffee at one of our local Dollar General Stores and the little girl who works there handed it to me when I returned to that store three days later. Isn’t that nice?

. The media reported that one lady with the immigrant caravan said she left her children in Honduras to start walking on a

2,000-mile trip. What kind of mother would leave her family in a country she is supposedly leaving because of violence?

. To a certain pastor: Why do you let your people come in 30 minutes to 45 minutes late? That’s a little unprofessional as a pastor. You’re supposed to be the shepherd over your sheep, but they’re straying quite a bit. I would have a conference with those people.

. The reason I’m not voting for Jim Ward this time is because he’s making $120,000 a year and the county’s workers get paid only minimum wage. Jim Ward is all about himself. Wake up, people. Do you want him back in?

. Every day you watch the news, Perry County, Harlan County, Pike County, they all get stuff. Letcher County? What are we getting? Another Jim Ward. Whoopee.

. Who are you working for, Mr. Ward? Why have you held us back for so long when all the counties around us are getting new jobs? Is there a hidden agenda? You haven’t done anything to create any jobs. Where are you? Wake up.

. To the residents of Jenkins,

especially the voters: Think about eight years ago when G.C. Kincer was elected mayor of Jenkins. He made a position for Todd Depriest — city manager, which we don’t need, never have needed, and still don’t need. Then Todd Depriest became mayor. During those eight years since he has been in office our property taxes have gone up, our utility taxes have gone up, and a franchise tax has been put on our electric bill. When you go to the polls to vote, consider all that Wayne Fleming has done for Jenkins over the years. If it wasn’t for Wayne Fleming, Jenkins High School would have been destroyed by now.

. Liberal Democrats love their candidates to be criminals.

. To a certain man who sells pills: Just as sure as I can buy from you I can go and tell on you. I’ve even got video on my phone. So strut around again, big rooster.


I believe the 15,000 people who are marching toward our border are more important than this bomber. The low media is on this bomb thing heavy, which they should be, but they also should report on us being attacked at the border. Some of these people know how to make a real bomb. God bless you, Mr. President, and God bless the United States of America. I’m tired of watching this low media news. I’ll just hush.

. Hey, polka fans. I would like to sympathize with the people of Whitesburg, WMMT, and The Mountain Eagle. We’ve all lost a special friend in Jim Webb. I was a regular listener of Jim’s on Mondays and Wednesdays. There’s a way to recognize Jim for all he has accomplished in the Whitesburg area. His body of work would certainly qualify him for a Marconi Radio Award. Please help make it happen. I’ll be listening. Rich Evander, Centralia, Washington.

. As elected officials in our county, you make enough money to go out and get a hotel room. You don’t need to be doing stuff in the courthouse. Come election time, I hope you guys will be voted out. Any woman who would want her husband working in that courthouse is crazy. I hope all of you are gone after Election Day.

. People of Letcher County, do you watch the news? New companies are coming in everywhere around us. So what has Jim Ward done? Do you see new jobs coming into Letcher County? The rec center we cannot pay for. If he was going to put one in he should have put it in a lot better place than what was done. The place is not big enough and we’re paying for something we can’t afford. Before you go out and vote you better start opening your eyes. As for the prison, if you’re over 32 they will not hire you. And how many more years will it be before they even begin to build it, let alone finish it?


I’m a lifelong resident of Jenkins and I think our city is being run top-notch at this time. I urge all of our citizens to get out and vote for Todd Depriest for mayor. Our city is run well and it’s a good clean city with a good police department and good fire department. I urge all citizens to get out and vote and vote for Todd Depriest for mayor. Thank you very much.

. If Wayne Fleming is elected mayor in Jenkins, he won’t be raising the property taxes so that the city can furnish a $40,000 vehicle for him to ride around in.

. I hope you will print this, because I am going to have my say about the little fake bombs they put out. I think this was the last hope for the Democrats to come up with, is to do something like this and blame it on the Republicans.

. I am calling from South Dakota. In the mid- to late- Eighties I used to listen to Wiley Quixote on WMMT. He had a friend who was over in Paris, and those two would get on the telephone and broadcast their conversations. They were like two brothers, both with a great sense of humor. At that time it was pretty remarkable to be talking to somebody in Paris, France while sitting in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Thank you.

. What a legacy to have for Jim Ward — 12 years in office and all he has to show for it is a recreation center that is probably going to cost up to $30 million by the time it’s financed, refinanced, and financed again — if it’s ever paid for. Good job, Jim.

. Why the heck does the GOP, Hal Rogers included, keep protecting the big corporations while they wreck our streams and our air, allow mercury in our drinking water, and cut back on our Medicare and benefits for people who are trying to make a living? They must be paid pretty handsomely.

. Latest score from Pittsburgh: NRA 11, people 0. From Kentucky: NRA 2, people 0.

. Hey, dog shooter. Smile real big. We shot a video of you creeping around with your little gun. I told you that people know who you are. You are a sick, sociopathic person who needs to be exposed before you start hurting humans. Signed, neighborhood watch team.

. This is the Harlan County man reaching out to all the good people who will go out to vote on November 6: If the Democrats regain power they will try to impeach President Trump on a lie. They will not do one thing for the American people, just like Obama did nothing when he was president. The Democrats also love to lie and destroy a good conservative man like Judge Kavanaugh. Thank God that didn’t work. God bless Trump, America, and Israel. The Harlan County man.

. If you’re happy with what’s going on in Jenkins, vote for the current mayor. If you want jobs in Jenkins and lower taxes, vote for Wayne Fleming.

. The property thief from Haymond is trying to sell property in Jenkins that he stole from an old man and his grandson. One day, mister, you will get what’s coming to you. You think people like you, but they make fun of you. If there was ever a joke you are it.

. I called the attorney general’s office and asked if it was legal to use money from a non-profit tax-exempt organization to buy things being used by a for-profit personal business. I was told yes, and then they wanted to know more details of the organization and who was in charge of it. I told them I would get back in touch with them. I really think I opened a can of worms that I can’t close.

. In the August 22 issue of The Mountain Eagle’s Speak Your Piece, some chill-minded nut asked the question, ‘How in the world can you so-called Christians support Donald Trump?’ The answer to that is we don’t. We support his political philosophy, not his personal character or personality traits. We support the fact that the United States of America is a Christian nation founded upon the primary principle stated in the Holy Bible, brought to the North American continent by the Pilgrims in the year of Our Lord of 1620, founded by the Plymouth colony. Therefore, if you were born in the USA, then you are born into the Christian heritage. You have the birthright of being called Christian, even though you may not have been baptized yet. You should read Matthew, 7:1-2 and 7. ‘Judge not that ye not be judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.’ You can look up verse 7 for yourself.

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