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I never heard anyone say anything in this election about clean water for the Gordon area. We have the worst water in the county over here at Gordon. It is all sulfur water. I’ve never heard a candidate for magistrate or judge — or seen in The Mountain Eagle — where anyone has mentioned water for the Gordon area. Are we not in District Four? Are we in a district by ourselves? What is the problem? Thank you.

. To Tanya, Terence and Tom: Thanks for always putting on a good show and moving the needle for the people. Thank you, God bless.

. People are always wondering why some kids grow up with so much hate in their hearts. It’s not to hard to look around and see a big cause for part of it. So many kids are thrown off on other family members or friends to raise. They grow up thinking that one or both parents don’t love them because they are never around. An example: A woman has five kids and has very little to do with or for them. She wants people to think she is mother of the year, yet puts her kids off on her parents. Her mother is ill and barely has the strength to care for herself, yet has to take care of two teenage kids plus three little ones so Mommy can go play house with some man. Listen up, girl. You are destroying your kids if you haven’t already. If this continues to be the way you choose to raise these beautiful children I will contact social services myself.

. The comment about how some people walk in late for church would apply to me. But before people start judging and throwing stones, just maybe there’s a good reason some people are late. In my case, most of the time I’m lucky I get to go to church at all, much less late. I have to deal with a selfish and controlling person at home who hogs the bathroom for hours, making it very hard to get dressed. Not only that, all through the week I have to cater to this person’s every little whim and wish, listen to the person whine and complain endlessly, never hear a complimentary word, work like a dog and yet the person still isn’t satisfied and a ton of other things. Every time I go to church I ask for a message to help me understand this miserable person better because anybody who acts like that

can’t be a happy soul. At other times, I slip off at every opportunity I get to not only attend church, but to visit friends, go for walks or just sit on a creek bank meditating. So, if I walk in a little late thrilled to be in church I am glad for the chance to hear about a forgiving and loving God. Try living with a nagging, bragging potato chip eater who never sees the good in anybody, never says thank you, and doesn’t even believe in the Holy Ghost. Walk a mile in my shoes.

. I wish the people in Whitco would put their big dogs up. I am sick and tired of them getting in my yard every night and getting into my garbage. I am not able to pick it up. They need to put them up, because if they don’t I am going to have my son kill them and haul them off. This is nonsense. People, if these are your dogs, make sure you put them up and keep them out of my yard. I am fed up with it.

. With the friends I’ve had in my life for the past six months I darned sure don’t need any enemies. Some take all the money from you they can and never pay you back and others get out and talk about you like a dog and lie on you.

. You know what makes me sick? People’s human rights are being whisked away right in front of us and no one gives a youknow what. Immigrant children are being adopted, taken away from their real families and sweeping the great trauma we’ve probably caused them under the rug. Black and brown and mentally ill people are still being shot by police. Literal Nazis have been attacking non-white people. Where’s your outrage over that instead of what Republicans or Democrats are doing or not doing? Only us, the people of this country, can save us by changing the way we treat each other and loving each other. Realize we are all in this together and it would do us a hell of a lot better to have each other’s backs instead of attacking people over their race, wealth status, religion, gender, or sexuality.

. Is it true that our nativity scene won’t have any Jews, Africans, Arabs, or immigrants? That will just leave a jackass and some sheep.

. I find it completely disgusting that someone running for elected office is openly calling gay people

derogatory names on Facebook. You know who you are, and I want you to know that people know what you said and what kind of person you are. How would you treat a gay person, whom you would have power over in your elected position? Get with the times or get over it, bigot.

. All I’ve ever done in my life is try to help people, and then someone comes out here the other night and keys my car. I would never do that to someone else.

. I saw where someone wants to know the percentage of people in Letcher County that work. Just look around: There are more people working than ever before. Go to the woods and see how many loggers you find or to the flea markets and see how many are there. Check the number of people working at what they call side jobs for cash. There are a lot of people working. Now how many are working and paying taxes is an all-together different question. As far as statistics go for the state and federal unemployment rate in Letcher County, it would show a higher rate than is real — not only in Letcher County but all of eastern Kentucky and elsewhere in the country where we have men and women getting disability payments from the government that are tax free. These people also get free or reduced

cost for medical insurance plus food stamps and other tax-free assistance. If the government would send investigators into these places we would see two things happen: One, a large savings in the cost being paid out by the government that could be used in more important ways than paying for fraudulent claims; Two, by putting these sorry people back to work would reduce the unemployment rate and increase the tax base in the country. I’m not against disabled people getting disability; they deserve it. I am against men and women who pretend to be disabled yet work every day and get to double down on not paying taxes. This being said I guess your question would be one that would take a lot of time to research, because unemployment rates as calculated could not be correct.

. I would like to give a friendly sendoff to a wonderful lady who is going to the military. She is a great person, just super nice.

. If they ran elections in eastern Kentucky the way they run them in Florida, Georgia and Texas we would be laughingstock of the country and front-page news.

. I don’t keep up with politics all that much, but was watching our ex-President Obama the other day and he

said all this economy of today is riding on his success. According to him, he cut taxes and got the economy booming again and put people back to work, and that Trump is the one who didn’t do anything and was against the coal industry. I was a little confused there.

. For the last 19 years I have had to put up with a certain smart-mouth idiot. Well guess what? There’s a new sheriff coming in and you better get your hindend in gear.

. Hey, Maverick Cook, I know you’re going to win the election. We people in Bill Moore Branch have fought hard for you. We expect you to do a good job and I think you will.

. I think I would rather move out of Letcher County than have a judge like Jim Ward.

. Is there any possibility we could replace all of the children in Washington with some adults?

. This is the time of year when you get to learn everything about your county officials. This is the time of year when they tell on each other.

. So you have a video of me with a pistol? You idiot, it’s a BB pistol. I do have a video of you hitting my dog with a rock. The Humane Society would truly like to see that.

. I think it’s really bad that the local politicians will sling mud and every bit of the mud they sling is false. It is not true. To me, the person who slings the mud is the person who should get voted against. That’s what I do. Something is wrong with

a person who slings mud.

. Thank you, Mr. President, for protecting our borders. I was listening to the members of the caravan speak. Sure they want a better life. Mexico offered those people from Honduras a better life, yet they just keep coming on.

. I second what someone called in about needing factories or some kind of industry here for the people. Tourism is good but it’s not something everyone can make a living at. Why can’t a task force be set up to get this for Letcher County? Call Mr. Trump and remind him that two years ago a wealthy Japanese investor said he would invest in America. I don’t know if he has followed up on that or not, but maybe he would like to see his name on something here where we live.

. I support Mr. Trump. He might be too rough around the edges for some people, but the people who appreciate what he has accomplished don’t really care how he words his sentences. I believe he was prepared from birth to be president at this time, starting with his Scottish grandmother who taught him about our Christian heritage. He was born into privilege but we can’t hold that against him. He learned about the world and its institutions and industries from top to bottom, which allows him to function with confidence on the world stage. God bless you, Mr. Trump.

. Does that Jezebel from the Mayking area who is seeing two or three different guys drive an old car? I believe that’s the real Hemphill hooker.

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