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Kentucky’s loss to Duke last week was something else, but there’s been two other losses in UK basketball history that have been just as bad — the December 9, 1989 loss to Kansas, 150 to 95, with Roy Williams coaching the Jayhawks, and the December 12, 2005 loss, 79 to 53, to Indiana University. This loss to Duke is reason enough to put IU back on the schedule. Have a good day.

. As evil as the Democrats have treated Donald Trump and now they’re talking about him working with them? Why should he?

. It’s amazing how you people in Letcher County vote for someone like Mickey Stines even though he has no experience whatsoever when it comes to being an actual lawman outside of a courtroom.

. One Latino lady who in 2005 became a citizen along with her parents was persuaded that the president might come after them. That is the kind of lie that causes fear and division in this country.

. Well, the election is over and the Democrats did really well. Nancy Pelosi is going to take your guns; she’s going to open our borders; she’s going to change America to where anyone who wants to can come across our borders. Well you all put her in there. Trump is making this nation grow and you all threw him a stumbling block. But we still have the Senate and he is still in control of America. Why don’t people quit badmouthing him and give him some credit for what he did?

. I would like to make a comment about the mayoral election in Jenkins. What I would like to know is how Todd Depriest won over Wayne Fleming. Wayne is a good and decent man, and Todd is not. I guess it will be another 10 years before the workers in Jenkins get a little bitty raise that still won’t allow them to feed their families with.

. I notice a lot of Republicans lost their elections. I was kind of shocked that we didn’t go downtown and knock all the windows out of the buildings and try to destroy people’s businesses and call everybody a racist. Then I remembered it’s the Democrats who do that.

Well, Jenkins, Kentucky, it looks like we have four more years of Mr. Todd Depriest as our mayor. So here’s a little advice for you, Mr. Depriest : Let’s keep the slumlords out of your business and let you run the city and not them. Let’s work on the roads to and from Burdine. Those roads are impassable. Also, let’s work on your police force. We need a force that’s going to listen to and answer the calls that come in. We need more police patrols in Jenkins. You also need to make these slumlords clean up their properties, which are eyesores. There is one certain property on Main Street that looks like a car lot. Let’s clean it up and make it look less like Sanford & Son. Thank you for your time.

. I am calling on you candidates to get all of your signs down. We the people are tired of looking at them. Get them down.

. Are the Democrats not smart enough to know that everything they do is going to bite them in the you know what in the future?

. I’ve always heard tell of cleaning out the courthouse, but I’ve never seen this done before. They sure cleaned house down there this time.

. I am a member of the Millstone Church. That singing up there a couple of Sundays ago was so beautiful. I love pretty gospel singing, and that man did it so well. You could tell he’s been singing for a long time. I wish they would let him sing every Sunday. He sure did great. We thank God for our church up there.

. I think the person who feeds all those cats in Jenkins and in Dunham should have to pay to have them neutered or spayed. Thank you.

. I hope the new county judge brings some new stores to Letcher County. First, we need us a Rural King, a Tractor Supply, and an Ollie’s.

. The election is over and I am so happy that Jim Ward didn’t get put back in there that I can hardly stand it.

. I would like to see this Antifa mob come to Letcher County. We might not stop them from starting something, but you can put

it in the bank we’re darn sure finish it. So locked and loaded here; come on down.

. I do not like how the City of Jenkins and Mayor Todd Depriest put his campaign signs in our beautiful flowerpots. What a disgusting way to reach out to people.

. Did anyone notice they had a convicted felon working the election poll? How was this allowed? Something seems strange in the City of Jenkins.

. I think the federal and state government needs to cut back on the money here in eastern Kentucky, all the way to Louisville. When our local officials don’t put a stop to these people putting their garbage and sewage in the creeks the federal and state money ought to be cut back. That would be one way of squeezing our politicians so they would put a stop to this filth. I believe our politicians are good people and would like to see it done the way I just mentioned. I say we get on the ball, Washington and Frankfort, and do something to stop people from putting their garbage in the creek.

. How do you people down there at beautiful Cumberland Falls like us people up here in Harlan County sending our garbage down there to you and making you look bad? And how about you people down in Louisville on the Ohio River? How do you like us sending our garbage to you? Get mad and do something about it. I’ll help you.

. To the people calling in about other people walking in late for church: Please just be glad they’re there. It doesn’t matter if they are late. They are there at least. Don’t put them down. We are all human and we are made of flesh.

. I don’t understand why people who have a problem with you take it out on your animals, your cars, or your children. Have enough guts to say what you feel to the person’s face instead of taking it out on everything the person loves.

. To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: I will tell you why you got beat. You became a money hungry hound by constantly raising fees and taxes. You built a big recreation center for Whitesburg. You became totally incompetent. I doubt that little yes-man Terry Adams will do much better. It’s no wonder you are now out of office, or soon will be. It’s too bad that Letcher County will stay in the nineteenth century. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: just now got off the highway between Jackson and Campton, where they just put down some asphalt. I call it Chinese asphalt, because it is such low grade. The asphalt we got in Whitesburg is a hundred times better.

. Politicians, attorneys, gambling and drug dealing all available at the same location.

. Never has a president embarrassed his country like Donald Trump did during the World War I event in France the other day. Despicable is an understatement for this man’s behavior on the world stage. Can you imagine if black man Barack Obama had behaved like orange man Trump on such an important occasion? What would the Fox News ‘Outrage Gauge’ have measured if it was Obama crying about getting his hair wet and refusing to visit a cemetery full of United States soldiers?

. I grew up thinking that my Appalachian dialect was something to be ashamed of, so I hid it when I went to school. If there’s one thing I learned when graduating with a degree in English it’s that the punishment for language prescriptivism should be being beat half to death in the center of town

with a sack of 19th century grammar textbooks. Thank you. God bless.

. To all you politicians in Whitesburg and Letcher County: If you have the word Democrat by your name you will never get my vote. I cannot understand why the voters here continue to put the same people in office just because they are Democrats. We must have new leadership in this town and county if we ever want to make this a better place to live and raise our children.

. So now we learn that President Trump was back in Washington on Veterans Day but couldn’t be bothered with paying any kind of tribute to our veterans. Oh well, what else should we expect from a five-time draft-dodging president whose nickname is Cadet Bone Spurs?

. God bless America, God bless our president, God bless our government. California, wouldn’t you have had more water if you hadn’t have saved some of your storages there to save some fish? Weren’t there a lot of dams and stuff tugged down to save a funky little fish or something or the other? Sure, it’s been dry in California, but I believe in the old days you’d have had a whole lot more water to fight with. Quit badmouthing the president for what you all did. It pisses me off. I hate to see you in such bad shape, but if you had saved your water and your dams and stuff you’d have had a hell of a lot more water to fight fires with. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. (More than 40 people are now confirmed dead because the current California wildfires and many more people are still missing and you’re blaming the victims? Even worse is the fact that

not one expert backs up your claim about a lack of water.)

. I have a comment on elderly people and SSI, not Social Security like $1,300, $1,400 or $1,500 a month, I mean the disability — $750 a month. Some of these elderly people have to pay $350 to $400 a month rent. Their electric bills in the winter are hitting as high as $250 to $340. They have absolutely no money left. Not even enough to buy basic things in the house they need like dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and that kind of thing. I think it’s a shame they have to go all month just eating whatever they can — ramen noodles, toast and jelly, those little cheap canned biscuits. They can’t even make a meal because they have no money, and I think it’s a shame, I mean a shame that Frankfort does these old people like that. Give them $20 or $30 in food stamps while they have to pay a big high rent. I just wonder how they would expect anybody to live on $30 a month food stamps. These elderly people need a raise. Anybody needs at least $100. Fifty dollars or $75 won’t go anywhere. It’s a shame how these elderly people do without, and it’s a shame people think a normal little trailer is worth $400 a month. A lot of these elderly people are in a jam. They live alone, they have no spouse and on top of that, they have to eat whatever garbage they can afford. I think State Representative Angie Hatton needs to get these people a raise.

. If you have any ballots, take them down to Florida. They’re going to count every vote, no matter where it comes from. (Florida law allows overseas ballots, mostly from members of the military serving in other countries, to be counted as long as they were mailed by Election Day and arrive in Florida by this Friday. Surely you aren’t suggesting that members of our Armed Forces not be allowed to have their votes counted.)

. There’s been a tragedy

in California with those fires. More than 40 people, I believe they said, have been burnt up and 7,000 structures. I hate that. That is terrible. I hate that it happened. At the same time, it takes fuel to start a fire. Take a dozer and clear it and put dirt over it. They might be environmentally correct where they don’t want to do it, but I’d like to see them do a trial run on it.

. It’s amazing how these drug dealers can get on Facebook and deny the Lord. They find out who’s a preacher, and then they’ll get these preachers to feel sorry for them and give them money so they can get things they want, such as bribing local law enforcement so they won’t get caught. They might think they’re going to get in Heaven, but they’re not.

. If Republicans started agreeing with global warming, Democrats would start denying it.

. There’s a man in Knott County that when he dies, they’ll have to carve on his stone, “Here’s lies the body of truth,” because it sure never came out of him. He’s got a dog, killed 10,000 squirrels and 47,000 rabbits all by himself. He couldn’t have killed that many animals in 150 years, but yet he’s got top grade, top line, top blood world champion pups.

. I’d just like to let a man know that was married to a big blonde that got out and left him, cheated on him. Don’t feel so bad, buddy. It’s happening to her right now, she just don’t know it yet. You’re going to get the last laugh, I can tell you.

. As a veteran, I would like to express my gratitude to the Blair Branch Church for the wonderful way they treated us vets on November 10. We had two World War II vets, Bill Adams and Coleman Day. There were some there last year that have passed away. Many thanks for their service. Again, thanks to all who worked hard to make sure

that we had a great day and a great meal. Thank you very much. KMC.

. The food stamp office needs to start looking into some of the violators that have been caught four or five times lying about their food stamps. I know one certain gentleman that was getting food stamps and has signed up on Social Security. There’s not a thing on earth wrong with him, climbs all over the mountains and everything else, but he’s in bad shape. Turn right around, and he’s paying nothing in the housing project.

. Some people who deliver propane say they’re going to bring it and never bring it.

. I’m responding to the person who commented about the weakening of the EPA’s mercury rule. I’d like to hear more about that. I’d like to have some more information about it.

. I hear a certain person on Little Colley is pregnant again. I’ll mark her up as a Dalmatian dog, because that’s how many children she’s going to have — 101.

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