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To the person in the red Jeep with the Marines sticker who throws trash on the highway: You should add another sticker that says ‘Pig On Board.

. Are you in a prison in Kentucky — Pewee Valley, Eddyville, or wherever? You think you got it over on my family and me? You still have family out here, so think about it.

. Our neighbor in Doty Creek had his chainsaw stolen, but neither the county nor the state police will do anything about it. They don’t want to do anything about these drug dealers in Doty Creek. And if anybody reports them, it’s hearsay to the police.

. This is to my ex-husband: You’ve been married eight times, and each time you came to me and said, ‘I’ve found me a good woman.’ You know what? You did have some good women, but you treated every one of them like you treated me when I married you. You are such a piece of youknow what. I had another ex-husband and I have lived long enough to watch him die a miserable, horrible death. He had to pay for his sins. Wonder what’s going to happen to you for the way you treated me and seven other women?

. Hey, folks, there’s going to be a great thing going on in Whitesburg on December 14, between four o’clock and seven o’clock in the evening. It will be located at the Doghead Dough restaurant located in the old Dawahare’s Department Store building. It’s a silent auction by the Whitesburg Lions Club. Many nice items will be available for Christmas gifts and such. Come and register and see if your bid is the highest. Come and help the Lions Club spread a little cheer for Christmas. Thanks.

. First of all, I love and respect Speak Your Piece, but I wish our government would expose the religious hypocrites who take up all of this free money from being on the radio and he TV. I wish God Almighty would get off his yabba dabba doo and expose them for the trash they are. People are good for the most part, but they are being suckered by religion. Don’t send those people your money. Jesus died for

you and you can’t pay that price to any preacher or anyone else.

. I see where Alabama will play Oklahoma in the college playoff semifinals. Oklahoma doesn’t play much defense, but they’re going to get a lesson in it, and it’s going to be a hard lesson. It’s an SEC defense and they will know a lot about it when that game is over. Thank you.

. It sure is funny how this old world has changed over the years. Back when I was a little boy growing up, people would say, ‘I’m going to the store to buy some dope.’ You say you’re going to the store to buy dope today and they will lock you up for it. They will think you’re talking about drugs.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Anybody who believes this country is free is ignorant.

. If I had to admit it, out of the things I have seen and done, you are my favorite memory, too.

. It has long been common knowledge that the main cause of heavy truck crashes across the country is tired drivers. Most if not all long haul truckers keep two sets of records; one that is fake in order to appear to comply with hours of service regulations, the one they show law enforcement, and another, which they call ‘comic books,’ that lists the hours they actually work, because this is the one they get paid on. This is why new regulations have been written to require electronic data recorders, to keep drivers from cheating. How anyone could be against such an important public safety regulation is beyond my understanding. Even if truckers don’t care about the general public they should at least care that their own families are on the roads.

. Aren’t they cutting a lot of trees in Africa and Brazil and stripping the forests? Wasn’t the Sahara Desert once a pretty nice place to be? Where’s that jet stream now? I’ll bet it’s not hanging over the United States anymore, either. Reckon that would have a lot to do with the weather patterns? I’m quite sure it would. Anyway, don’t strike a match. There’s a lot of carbon in the air — or so they say. Where

does the carbon dioxide go when there are no trees to absorb it?

. I just wanted to say thank you to The Mountain Eagle and staff for printing the article about the teacher who is under investigation. Although his reputation has been well known for quite some time, every ‘allegation’ seemed to always be hushed quickly. Thank you for asking questions, and thank you for showing that no matter who you are, or how high your standing in the community may be, no one is above reproach.

. To my nasty neighbor: I don’t care if you drive a nice car, the one up on blocks in the driveway is ugly and I’m sick of looking at it. Thank you and God bless.

. To a certain person: Just sitting here wondering where you are getting your money from now that I’m not here for you to beg, borrow and steal from. I’ll bet you miss all that food brought up there to you and all those groceries I bought you. I hope you get down to where you don’t have two pennies to rub together after the way you did me. I bet you wish you had brought that last $100 back to me. That’s when I realized that all you wanted me for was to use me for what you could get. Thank God I got out when I did or I wouldn’t have two pennies to rub together myself. You screwed over me bad. You know who you are.

. It is high time the police get into Pine Creek and remove the people who are making meth. I have taken all that I can take of this. I have lived here over 50 years and I am sick of two certain people who are disgraces to their families.

. To all you people who are getting down on Donald Trump over those people down on the border: Have you forgotten about 9/11? If he just let them come over like you all want, it would be a perfect way for terrorists to come over here and do a whole lot worse than 9/11. So think about it and leave the man alone. Let him do his job. And then when it comes voting time, appreciate him for what he has done and is going to do and go out and vote for him. Have a great big old meow day.

. Have you ever thought about how lonely it would be if every Christian got a mansion when they died? The word translated as mansion should have been translated as a resting place. Jesus called it paradise. Luke 16:19-31 gives an account of the first stop when we die. There is a gulf that can’t be crossed. Did the rich man think he was okay because he was rich? He lifted his eyes and saw what

he had missed. He is not in hell. Have you ever seen someone thinking something was happening with all the trauma and it wasn’t happening? I have. I saw a man holding onto the side of a hospital bed because he thought he was drowning in a Russian river. He wasn’t talking like the rich man was who people say is burning in hell. Do you believe our Heavenly Father is the kind of father who would want His children He created to burn forever in hell because they don’t love him? Yes, the smoke goes up forever and ever to being no more, because what is in the fire is being consumed. God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:29.

. A report claims that a Latino in California held fundraisers in different parts of California to finance the caravan. These people who oppose the immigration enforcement laws no little or nothing about any of those people.

. What has happened to the mothers in Letcher County? Some let their little children go out in the cold with no pants on, no socks on, and no coat on. They ask these children where their mommy is and they answer, ‘She’s in the bed asleep.’ They ought to go drag that witch out by the hair of the head. Anyone who doesn’t take care of their children doesn’t deserve to have them. These lowlife mothers sure weren’t raised like I was. My mom took care of us.

. I love the way certain car lots advertise a new Jeep Renegade for $23,900. The problem is you can go to Johnson City and buy a brand-new Jeep Renegade for $14,700. That’s sure a lot less than $23,900. That tells you how much markup there is. (It might also tell you that the $14,700 Renegade has far fewer features than the one being advertised for $23,900.)

. Speak Your Piece is one of the best things ever put on this earth. It is fair and balanced. They don’t always put all of my stuff in the paper, but I do thank them for it because they are fair, balanced and kind.

. I saw on the news where they said they U.S. Postal Service lost $3.9 billion last year. That’s a hefty sum of money to lose, and that was worse than the year before when they only lost $2.7 billion. There is no way a private company could survive that. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I heard that some of the employees were being bribed to deliver cocaine. I hope that’s not true. (Sixteen U.S. Postal Service letter carriers and clerks from the Atlanta area were sentenced to prison in November for accepting bribes — often as low as $250 per package — to deliver packages containing two kilograms or more of cocaine. U.S. Postal Inspectors and the FBI caught them during an undercover investigation.)

. If they legalize gambling in Kentucky and Letcher County the world will come to an end.

. I wish somebody could tell me why we can’t get the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper delivered anymore. Not everybody has a computer. Thank you, Speak Your Piece. Maybe we can get some answers on this.

. I am so sick and tired of people bashing Todd Depriest. The man has done a lot of good things as mayor of our town, and he is always available when you need him.

. What’s on my mind is I would like to leave a message to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife. When we buy our fishing license or our hunting license that gives us the right to fish or hunt. Let’s say a man happened to accidentally

kill a doe during muzzle loading season. Well, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Fish & Wildlife will either fine you a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars to replace the animal they say they own; yet we buy through our tags and licenses. I’m not going to gripe too much on that issue, but the issue I have is this: What if I’m driving down the road and a deer runs out into the road and hits my car on which I have liability insurance? Does the Fish & Wildlife Department want to help pay for the damage caused to my car by the deer they say they own? The answer is no. How can they say this is right? If they own the animal, why do they not have to be responsible for the animal when it ends up destroying your car? This is unfair to the public. I would love to hear feedback on this. Thank you.

. Hey, Letcher County. Let’s not forget about the food pantry. There is one in Whitesburg and there are people in need. So let’s all try to share this year. When we go out shopping for ourselves, let’s think about others and their needs. They need food. Some come on and let’s fill that food pantry this year. Thank you.

If you can get hold of a copy of the book ‘The United States and Britain in Prophecy’ by Herbert W. Armstrong, it will help you to understand more about the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob, which became the Christian nations. I recommend the Shepherd’s Chapel on TV. The preachers know a lot of Greek and Hebrew, which were the languages the Bible was translated from. The translators of the 1611 King James Bible said to check out the transcripts ourselves. The Interlineal Bible is the best way.

. The Burton Hill Bandit gave me the greatest Christmas ever. He got five big years and he’s going to be sent off in December. That tickles me to death.

. If you’re fixing to buy yourself a new pair of boots, be careful where you buy them. I bought a pair at this place where they cost $189. They wore out in six weeks. They would not replace them. These boots are from China or somewhere. I sent them back to the company and they company would not back them up, either, and said they were not their boots. So they are bootleg boots. They are trash. Later.

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