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What should be done with the Jenkins sports program? When was the last time the team won a football or basketball game? This is not to belittle the teams or coaches, but what schools can we compete with? Most of the small schools in eastern Kentucky have consolidated. Should we concentrate on the minor sports such as soccer, crosscountry, track and baseball? Why are the many trophies lying around? Shouldn’t these be put into trophy cases, and each trophy listed with the team members, the year, and the won-loss record? Don’t let these be thrown in the garbage as some were several years ago. There should be a committee meeting to discuss the sports program.

. I would like to wish a whole lot of people a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, starting with the Meades, Kingscreek and Cowan, all the Sturgills, Preacher Darrell and his nephew Danny included, Jim Fields family and so many relatives, Mark, Kathy and son, Jeanie Bates, Ricky her brother, his wife and family, the Day generation, Kelsey, Kathy so many more, Miles, Lorraine and Faye, Brother Andy Wright, Wilma, Danny Mullins, Phyllis, Brian Neace and Tina, Jenkins area, Boggs, Jerry, Larry, Sheila, Banks, Danny, Darrell, Patsy, Betty, the Johnson sisters on Little Cowan, Bruce their brother, Bonnie Frazier, Stephanie Breashers and Sam. I hope this isn’t too much to print. I would appreciate this. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. To the school system of the Letcher County: A teacher in your system is alleged to have raped a young student. How could you all not make a response to these allegations and tell us this man has been terminated? From what I can understand, this is not the first rodeo. We send our children to school expecting them to be safe, and look what happens?

. Thanks to James Hibbitts and the Raven Rock Resort committee. It is nice to see people with vision for the future. Their plan is one that will not only help Jenkins, but eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia. Visions and plans for the future are what eastern Kentucky needs. Please talk to

your state legislator for help with this project. Thank you.

. After just watching the national news, I want to say hooray for Delta Airlines for starting to stop this nonsense of people taking their ‘support’ dogs on the airplanes. I only get to take a vacation one time a year and I danged sure don’t want a nasty dog on the airplane with me. And anyway, most people just claim they need a support dog just to get their pet a free ride. I don’t think any dog should be allowed on a plane unless the passenger is blind or the dog is being used in search and rescue missions or police-related work. This world has gone crazy with all this nonsense like support dogs.

. I just want to say thank you to whoever put the beautiful flowers on the grave of my son Ricky over at the Isom cemetery. They were really pretty.

. I’m kind of like Judge Kavanaugh. He said two hundred times that he couldn’t remember or couldn’t recall. But I’m an old man, which should make a difference. I can’t understand why the Supreme Court didn’t take up the case on abortion. They wouldn’t even agree to listen to it. It’s wrong, and we’re tired of what’s going on in Washington when the big shots get by and the jaywalkers get charged. It’s sad.

. Condolences to the Bush family. I respect what Mr. Bush did when he was a young man. I do not respect him as president and I do not respect his son as president. I’ll tell you what — the president we have now has done more for America than those two did all the years they were in there. I say God bless America and God bless all the warriors.

. If the CEO of the Red Cross makes $500,000 a year, why do they need bell ringers out there?

. I’ve heard the old sayings, ‘coal keeps the lights on’ and ‘we dig coal.’ Well, I dig it, too, and I also dig a certain young lady who is married to a coal miner. I’m digging her and I’m not a coal miner.

. Our local TV news stations like WYMT in Hazard and the one down there in

Lexington are the sorriest TV stations on the face of this earth. They want to tell you about one ball game over and over and over while we have child molesters, druggies and murderers out here running wild. I hate those ballgames. I wish they would do to them what they did to Bibles in the schools — take them out.

. Isn’t it something how families, friends and neighbors will quote something that is supposed to have been said ten or fifteen years ago with a slant to it, just trying to cause trouble today? Shame on you, people. It didn’t work, did it?

. I am a combat veteran who read in The Mountain Eagle about the convicts and their attorneys protesting the building of a new prison here, saying our location is ‘toxic.’ Well those two lawyers and the 21 convicts should be required to go through combat. Then they could see how deadly those bullets are and fragments from shells. If they’re willing to go I am willing to lead them.

. Jenkins Mayor Todd Depriest, along with the city council, voted to give city employees a twenty-five dollar gift card. If they would have called Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft in advance he could have let them know this is illegal. You cannot give taxpayers’ money away like this. Ask your attorney to check the law on this. This is one thing the auditors busted the City of Whitesburg over. Thank you.

. Hello again, Speak Your Piece. First I want to thank you for all that you do. I have a very important question. I hope everyone pays close attention to this. My question is for the slumlords of Jenkins and Burdine. Do you people ever go and inspect your properties? Do you ever go inside and check them out? Do you ever go inside and smell of them? I drive by a few of them every single day. You can’t drive by them very slow or the smell will hit you worse than anything. Do you ever inspect your yards to see what kind of shape they are in? Do you people approve of your tenants having seven or eight dogs in the house at one time? If you people would inspect your properties it wouldn’t be so bad. Those are my questions for you; could you please answer them? Thank you very much.

. I have come up with a great idea for a new factory in Letcher County. If we would set up a factory to produce aluminum signs painted yellow with black stripes we could absolutely flood the market with workhands. That’s the only way the Kentucky state highway people fix the roads in Letcher County. Just look, especially on 160, 931 and 588. Every little hole along the road has a post sticking in it and a yellow sign with black stripes. We could make jobs fly here. Our state highway department is the best at putting these signs up.

. It is hoped that Mayor Todd Depriest and the Jenkins City Council will work through the blighted and deteriorated property ordinance to see that the houses that are falling down are removed, and that garbage, abandoned cars and other eyesores are removed also. No one wants to come to a place where this problem is prevalent.

. Some people are about as bright as a burnt-out light bulb, such as the caller in the November 28 edition who said someone could take that VSM and shove it up their ask me no question and tell me now lies. Do you really think your point is proved? You need to be more specific as to who you are talking about.

. Please don’t forget the food pantry in Whitesburg. If everybody would donate

just one can of food, just think how much that would help.

. I would like to let you know that even if you can’t watch the Shepherd’s Chapel program on TV you can still get CD’s, tapes, and DVD’s by calling 1-800-643- 4645. The introductory offer of the mark of the beast will come to you free. It will include a list of CD’s for new students. The cost is five dollars each for the CD’s. All you need is a CD player. They never write asking for donations.

. We were walking in Whitesburg the other day along Solomon Road near the three-way stop. We had a hundred-pound Rottweiler come out and growl at us. I’m sending a direct message to the City of Whitesburg: If you do not get this dog under control I am going to sue the city. That dog is not on a leash, nor is it fenced in or restricted in any other way. Whitesburg is a city and people are supposed to respect that, not allow our children to be eaten up by a dog while getting some exercise. And to the woman who owns the dog: I will personally sue you until you cannot walk.

. I would like to let a lady at the courthouse know she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I am not a pervert, ma’am, in any way, but when I saw you I just had to admire your beauty. You are the prettiest lady I have ever seen in my life. Magazines have nothing on you. I am sure you are married, and whoever your husband is, he is one of the luckiest human beings in this life. What you are doing in the courthouse I do not know.

. To the guy who called in about a pair of boots being a bad deal: I bought boots that were supposed to be waterproof but they weren’t. I have bought pairs of shoes that were of different sizes and they would not back them up.

. This is the first time I have ever called Speak Your Piece. I would like to comment on the lady who works at The Mountain Eagle offi ce. Pam Walker is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and I would just like to comment on how nice she is every time I go in there. She is really wonderful. Thank you and have a merry Christmas. (Thank you for the very nice compliment. And merry Christmas to you, too.)

. I watched the George H.W. Bush funeral and two things stood out to me. One was the soldiers from each part of the military who moved the casket from place to place. I liked the way they did that; it put a little swelling in your chest and eyes to watch it. I also liked what the Union Pacific railroad did to that lead locomotive. Painting it the presidential colors and putting the number ‘41’ on there was well thought out, too, not to mention the Plexiglas in the car in which his body was riding. That was also well thought out. Thank you.

. To the super-nice gentleman who lives in Pine Creek: You finally got away from that heifer you were

married to, and I am so glad. You deserve wings out of Heaven put on your back for dealing with her. Now her new man has thrown her down and that tickles me to death. You are the winner. You got your early Christmas present.

. Has anybody been checking on that SonLife Broadcasting Network with Jimmy Swaggart? I’ve been checking myself and found out he is making plenty of money in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As far as I know he doesn’t give any of that money to help anybody. I called down there to Baton Rouge and was told he gives money to other churches and to the poor, but I don’t know about that. The only miracle he could make happen

would be if he took Viagra before being with a prostitute. This man needs to be pulled from behind the pulpit. These men will stand before God just like I will.

. It is sad to see that the Jenkins Independent School District has fallen on hard times. At one time Jenkins was one of the leading learning districts in Kentucky. What happened to demanding that our students be the best around? What has happened to discipline in schools? It should be known that the Jenkins Schools are the best, and that starts with an administration that demands the best, a school board that backs the administration, and teachers who are in the classroom teaching.

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  1. Dorothy Moore says:

    I am puzzled as to why the majority of Letcher County are big Trump defenders. He is not capable of running the greatest country in the world. He has lied and scammed his way up to where he is now and is destroying all values that Americans stand for. A real man doesn’t cheat on his wife especially when she is giving birth to his child. My mother came from Letcher County and I shutter to think of what she would think of the so-called president that you people support.

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