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I would love to go down in history as being the man who killed the last dog and cat on the face of this earth.

I would like to speak my piece about the hiring of the new superintendent of Jenkins Schools: I am a Jenkins taxpayer and all of my children attended school at Jenkins. I don’t know how the board could overlook a person of the quality of Mr. Harvey Tackett for the job of superintendent. He is a young man who dedicated his life to that school system, from being a teacher to a ball coach to a principal. He is highly qualified and knows every student by their first name. What was the reasoning in ignoring him and bringing in an outsider?

I would like to respond to the comment about a certain woman: Mind your own business, people. I think it’s nice she is still playing the field. If she sees this she can respond if she’s interested in a 27-yearold coal miner. I don’t mind the age at all. I think it’s nice that she’s still doing her thing.

I would like to wish Chris a very late happy birthday. I am so sorry I couldn’t get in sooner.

This is in response to the comment about Peewee Hermann, the so-called children’s movie star whose career was ruined when he got caught exposing himself: He was charged inside an X-rated movie theater, not a nightclub. What else did you expect him to do – go in there and chat with people? What he was charged with is what people do inside those adult movie theaters. Like it or love it, but he was never a star.

Does anyone else have this problem with their glasses? When I eat the left side of my plate looks a lot lower than the right side, and a square object is wider on the left side.

This is concerning the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council: Who appointed the president and officers of this organization?

To the unhappily-married blonde: I’m glad to see you are finally fighting fire with fire and his old friend. Do yourself a favor: Check his cellphone records and then leave with the other man. P.S.: You’ll never miss all that cooking.

I think it’s a shame my friend can’t move into her house without getting all of her stuff stolen – her Indian wind chimes and stuff she cannot get replaced that was made by her deceased father-in-law. It’s a shame she can’t even move in. I hope the thieves enjoy their descent into hell.

I just wonder if a person on Roberts Branch still rides an ATV through the mountains every month to sell drugs.

To the guy in Daniels Branch: You are so hot and good looking. Can we meet sometime at the Isom BP? I would love to get to go out with you.

To a certain lady: How does it feel that your son and your daughter are sleeping with their cousin and your daughter is going to have a baby by her cousin? Speaking of ‘Wrong Turn,’ lady you must have played in the movie.

I saw in The Mountain Eagle recently where Sheriff Danny Webb said the Letcher Fiscal Court’s money helped bust a drug ring: That is hogwash. Everybody knows that between the Jeremiah area and the Linefork area this county is loaded with drug dealers.

This is to a Jenkins employee who claims to be a Christian but talks about everybody else all the time: Remember, those who say Lord, Lord won’t necessarily enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

To a certain woman: Watch your friend. He is showing his body again. He has been to court for this. Thank you.

When is the county going to do something about the dogs on Blair Branch? We used to be able to get out and walk when the weather was warm. Now the dogs are so bad I am afraid for my kids. Thank you.

To the woman on Cram Creek: Yes, there are two sides to every story. You know you said all of that about her. I am another concerned citizen calling about the eviction notice. Your mother called my family demanding to get hold of the other daughter, saying that you wouldn’t let her call her or anything. I also heard with my own ears your mother pleading to get in touch with her daughter when her husband passed away. You wouldn’t let her even call so we could pay our condolences. Nobody has anybody fooled. The people on Cram Creek know how you are for sure. Every word stated is a fact. I can state much more if anyone is interested. By the way, where is she right now?

I would like to thank the magistrate of District Three and the county judge/executive for allowing that gas company to come up here on Bill Moore Branch and do that little thin paving job. They just did it in spots here and there. People just need to remember that when the gas company comes in their hollow the politics in the courthouse is on the company’s side. It’s a shame what they’ve done to this hollow and the mess they’ve left it in.

To the lowdown dirty scum who stole stuff from my porch in B&O Hill before I even get moved in: I think that is the lowest anyone could ever be. I hope you enjoy what you stole.

I think it’s a shame that the Neon Water Department is doing the residents the way they are. They’ve evidently gotten a grant to hook everyone up to the sewage, but didn’t tell anybody about it – just stuck a piece of paper on a door and gave a time limit. If at least 250 didn’t sign up then they didn’t have to hook them to the sewage. It’s really dirty. This notice should have been included with our water bills so we all could all sign up. Who in this area could afford $2,500 to hook on?

I would like to tell a fat old woman on Thornton who is living with her boyfriend that her time is coming: She lied on me and now everything is going to come down on her and her family. I promise you that. What she told was the biggest lie in the world. Thank you.

Mr. Preacher, are you sure that when you saw ‘GP’ in the sky that it mean ‘go preach?’ From what you’ve been preaching I bet it meant ‘go plow.’ How about all of these damaged children being brought into the world? Don’t you people have any remorse for your actions? Do you know what the Bible says about these children? Shame on you unmarried parents. Just because man says it’s right doesn’t make it so. Our God is the same today as He was yesterday. Tomorrow He will set you straight. God have mercy on all of our souls.

This is to a certain woman: I gave you a chance and he didn’t want you. Now leave him alone, because I’m coming after you.

I was truthful about being a convicted felon, and this is what it cost me: I was denied food stamps because of a drug charge. I went to and completed a detox program they asked me to do. I know of others with the same charge as me, and they took their diploma from rehab and got their food stamps. I am no different, yet they won’t allow me food stamps. If there’s anyone else in this same situation, please reply. Thank you.

To a certain woman: Did you know that while you are at work your boy toy is seeing a younger woman? Thanks.

At least with two kids you know she’s a for sure thing. Miss Desperate.

I’m just calling in about you people out there who are pilfering money from your dad, your mom and others in your family to buy drugs. If you’re doing this you need to try to keep it so you won’t be caught, because somewhere down the road you will pay. If you get caught you’re damn sure going to pay. If you don’t get caught and can keep it hidden, you’re cool. But if you do get caught, face up and do what you are supposed to do – make restitution, if you have to move, move. If you’ve done it, admit it and seek some kind of help for yourself. You will pay in the long run. This is just one eastern Kentucky man’s opinion.

Hey, everybody. I found out that if you’ve got extra cars you can get free parking at a certain fast-food restaurant, next to the wall.

It looks like the security guard is at it again. Buddy, don’t you know when to leave somebody’s woman alone? You need to go somewhere and do something, because you’re fixing to get in trouble.

To certain people on Turkey Creek: Quit running your mouth about what I own and have. It is best for you to keep your mouth shut, because things might turn around and hit you in the face. You people know who I am talking about. I am very serious about this, because I don’t bother anyone and I don’t associate with any of you all because of the way you act and poke your nose where it doesn’t belong.

The other day I was driving on the bypass in Whitesburg minding my own business when this fat guy in blue shirt driving a white truck whizzed around me and was cursing me and everything. He may have thought that was funny, but the joke is on him. My cousin is a Kentucky State Police trooper. I managed to get this man’s license plate and they are going to run his numbers. Next time you curse someone out, just think about that. A little patience goes a long way. Thank you.

I have noticed that in the campaign for president the issue of the price of gasoline gets talked about, but no one has an answer about the price discrepancies between different places. No one has an answer to why the price is so high and no one has an answer to who is making the big profit and why they should be making such a profit. Are we going to be price-gouged on water next?

I would like to wish a certain woman a happy birthday – it was on June 30 – and tell her I love her with all of my heart. From her man, Dillis.

Let’s see how much longer you’ll run up and down the road making all of that noise after the new neighbor moves in. We know who you are and where you live and we’ve got your tag numbers. There is a noise ordinance in Jenkins. You cannot make noise that disturbs other people’s peace. So get with it or get without it. By the way, I’ve got my groove back. Nobody is going to keep me from going to church or anywhere else I want to go.

I hate to tell you, but she’s just ignoring you all. She’s not even where she’s supposed to be at night. Isn’t that awful?

I wish I could understand why Christians have to go through storms all the time.

It is hard to believe an accused killer can be eligible to be paroled and set free on another count. Looks like the murder charge would keep him at least until his trial. Then again, Kentucky has some funny laws. Is there no law that says one cannot change the flow of water? It would be the same as blocking the Kentucky River. Guess some people are so miserable that they can only be happy when they cause someone else misery. Now some in Jenkins are complaining because the school board didn’t hire a local for superintendent. Wonder if they ever thought the person might be good for the school. Yes, maybe bring the school up to date.

M.A., I’m a little jealous that you were able to stay longer than I was. I wish that I could be there this week with all of you. I know that it will be a fun week! Love you! K.J.

Bernell and James Elbert, the best cousins ever. Thanks for the new potatoes and English peas – delicious! And you take the prize for fried pies, hands down! Marilyn.

John Pigg was charged with murder on May 12 and three months later he is eligible for parole? You have got to be kidding me. When I read that in my Mountain Eagle I could not believe my eyes. How sad that a person’s life could be taken away and then the crime taken so lightly. Shame on the Kentucky prison system for even considering granting parole to a man convicted of such a terrible crime only a few short months ago.

To the girl with big blond hair: Stop acting like you’re God’s gift to earth. No one wants to see your butt hanging out of your clothes. I find it gross and very disrespectful. I do not appreciate you looking like a hooker in front of my husband. I pray for you and your family. One day you might open your eyes and see you can find better ways of feeling good about yourself than to dress and act as you do. God bless thee!

The Knott County judge and the other cronies are a black eye on Knott County and eastern Kentucky. I can’t believe some people would support them. Thanks to the jury. You are a great bunch of people. You do have what it takes.

This is for all bluegrass music lovers: Well, here we go again. It’s time for the Little Shepherd Bluegrass Festival in Jenkins and they are replacing the two men who were supposed to be the master of ceremonies for Friday and Saturday night. It was scheduled to be the Country Gentleman from WMMT and Willard Hall, but instead it is going to be Earnestine Flint. I for one won’t be there and several others won’t be there, either. I also will put the word out. This is a job for the disc jockeys who know the entertainers and their music. I know the Country Gentleman knows the entertainers. Willard Hall also knows them. The festival is over, and that’s sad. Ked Sanders did so much for it. Everyone reply to this please.

The dude in the maroon car needs to quit running his mouth. All the police knows he is a drunk. They’re gonna get him for a D.U.I. And when they do I’ll be laughing.

I would like to take this time to speak my displeasure with the two newspapers in Letcher County. First, I have lost all trust in the reporter from The Eagle after reading his article a few weeks ago regarding the Neon City Council. In the article he didn’t tell the whole story about David and Mike Vanover. The Vanovers wrote articles and columns for the other paper in the county, and since their quotes were reported in The Eagle, the two boys were fired from their duties. As a lifetime reader of both papers I am very upset over what happened. The Vanovers brought entertainment, news, and other stuff for the readers, and it came from the heart. I do not like what replaced their slots in the paper. If I want to read about a seven-day menu planner I will join Weight Watchers or buy a cookbook. I know that the Anderson family will stop buying the other paper and the entire clan will cancel their subscription with them. And that’s a lot of subscriptions.

(You really don’t believe another newspaper fired two of its writers because of something that was reported in this paper, do you? You can’t be that naive.)

There’s an awful lot of talk and calls to Speak Your Piece about drugs, and they are a big problem. The sheriff or UNITE puts out stories about all they are doing to improve this, but I don’t see it. My concern, though, is about all the other things that are happening that destroy the quality of life here. What about the thugs that race up and down our one-lane hollow roads and keep us awake and threaten us and our animals? Why don’t they do something about them? How about the four-wheelers that use the state roads like they own them, and threaten and curse anyone who questions what they are doing? You never see a state cop or a sheriff’s deputy in most of these places. Where are they and why aren’t they doing something about this?

Why do fat women always order diet soft drinks? Food for thought.

There have been calls to Speak Your Piece saying we have two or three levels of law enforcement. I have personally seen and experienced this and I guess I must be in the bottom level, because I certainly didn’t get any response or justice. It’s just a shame that this situation can exist in this country. Many people who fought and risked their lives for freedom and justice don’t have any. How can these officials live with themselves?

I wonder how many on the fiscal court could spell magistrate? This has got to be the worst ever – an embarrassment to the county, state, and human race.

I live in Whitesburg and I have a family of four. My husband works every day of his life. He makes decent money and we have bills just like everyone else. The reason I am writing this is because I went to LKLP for help so I can go to the food pantry, but they turned me down because I don’t draw food stamps. Just because someone can’t draw food stamps doesn’t mean they’ve got it made. There are times when we get in hard spots. I don’t know how many times I have donated clothes and toys. I think it is a shame that they treated me like crap. I am a Christian, and if someone needed help and I had the money or food I would help them. But I just want you all (LKLP and the food pantry) to know I got my help, because I prayed to the good Lord above and he blessed me and my family. The end of time is near, and you so-called people who say you help people had better get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness. You don’t do people like that. That could have been Jesus Christ in person and you would have not known it. So think about what you all did. I know there are a lot of people out there you have done this to, but all I can say is God be with you all.

To the one who is all the time saying bad things about Letcher County: If you hate it so much why don’t you leave the place or if you don’t live there stay away? Letcher has bad things going on just like anyplace you go. No matter where you go you will find something you don’t like, so leave Letcher County alone. I don’t live there anymore. I left McRoberts 30 years ago, but I go back four or five times a year and I enjoy being there. There a lot of nice people there. If you don’t live in Letcher, why don’t you pick on your own town? Thank you. Lillian

If you love your mama, you’ll vote Obama.

When did the City of Jenkins put in a used car lot in front of the fire station?

Before the election in 2000 when gas prices rose by 40 cents, I saw something was going to happen but I didn’t expect it to be quite this bad. They had placed the stooges in the stock market to run up the price of oil. After they got George W. reelected in 2004, he asked Congress to sell off 30 million barrels of reserve oil. This is less than one-fourth of the reserve. Then a short time later he asked them to double the reserve. This caused a glut in the oil market, which gave them the opportunity to push prices way up. Of course, this made the Bush family and their friends in Saudi Arabia very happy. Now George is blaming the Democrats for high gas prices because they won’t agree to the drilling in Alaska. The oil companies have permits for millions of acres which they can drill but they aren’t drilling. Also, all the oil from the Alaska pipeline is going to Japan. And why are we filling Chinese tankers with oil to go to China? I rest my case.

To a certain person: Mom forgives you for keeping her stuff and not giving it to her kids, but it was wrong to not give M.J.W. Papaw’s truck. To P.B. and M.J.: Mom forgives you. To P.B. and E.D.: T.L.Y.

What do you need them for? All they do is carry their dirt and germs in your house. If they and their germs stay home you’d be better off. All you are doing is putting up with a high water bill and a high electric bill. They don’t know how to clean your house. Your ex-wife kept your clothes and house clean. She loves you. You’d be better off back with her. Look about you and think about the way things are. All for them. Where are your children?

People who throw down their cigarette butts are trash.

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