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Under Chapter 92, Section 92.03, Part D, Noise: Emission of noise which is noxious enough to destroy the enjoyment of dwellings or other uses of property in the vicinity by interfering with the ordinary comforts of human existence. That’s the noise ordinance right there. Thank you very much.

I want to say something about the ducks around Dairy Queen. I like going to Dairy Queen and eating, but those ducks make me sick. I wish someone could do something about them. Thank you.

I can’t believe that a hospital would send a two-year-old child home with pneumonia.

I read in Speak Your Piece about Letcher County having so many drugs in it. Someone asked why we don’t move and get out of Letcher County if we don’t like it. Well, we can’t. We own our homes and we live here. We’ve got no way of going to another place. Letcher County is fine – it’s the people who use and sell illegal drugs that are the problem. There are more drugs on Camp Branch, Pistol City, Stinking Branch, and Democrat. People are selling so many drugs they are building new homes and buying boats. People can look and see who is selling drugs and who isn’t. It’s plain and simple. So why don’t the law enforcement agencies do something? Thank you.

To the woman whose brother raped her daughter: The law might let him off with it, but there are people out there who know what he’s done and they think it’s a shame.

(That’s way beyond a shame. That’s sick and disgusting.)

To the little girl driving around in the little beat-up black car: Stop treating the man that you’re with the way you are. He’ll be one of the best for you. The guy you’re going after right now? He’s a piece of crap. You don’t know what you’re getting into, little girl. Just go back to the guy you’ve been with forever.

This is to a man who lives at Seco concerning how he has to pick on two young nieces when they are by themselves and don’t have their husbands to defend them: You and that big brother of yours need to come to the rest of the family when you’ve got something to say and quit picking on the little girls. Be men and come to the other men in the family when you’ve got something to say.

To a certain guy on Thornton: I think it’s a shame you let your son sleep with his stepsister. And since they broke up he’s sleeping with his cousin. What’s up with that? I think that’s a rotten shame. That’s the kind of thing that makes Kentucky people look bad. It’s called the Inbred State because of people like that. See if you can solve the problem. If you do, let me know in Speak Your Piece.

Hey, Preacher, when you go through the woods coon hunting and throwing down Dr. Pepper cans you are not a very good Christian. The Lord doesn’t like for you to litter His earth.

I would like to thank the City of Whitesburg for the terrible fireworks show this year. The newspaper said the show would start at dusk, which to most people is when it gets dark, but they waited until 10 o’clock for someone to clear the stage, I assume, at which point it began to pour the rain. People started leaving the parking lots before the fireworks even got started because they waited so late. I would be ashamed to make the people sit and wait and wait and wait, knowing that we were expecting thunderstorms. And boy did we have one, causing everyone to have to leave. So next year if you’re not going to start at dusk, put it in the paper to begin at 10 o’clock instead of dusk so we don’t have to sit and wait 45 minutes for them to start. Thank you.

(An electrical problem which affected the sound system slowed the start of musical acts who were under contract to perform at the July 4 celebration – an event of which the fireworks show was just a part. Those things just happen sometimes, and they’re out of the control of the large number of dedicated city workers who working on a holiday and trying their very best to give the rest of us something to do.)

To a guy who claims to be a preacher: If he wants help it’s okay, but if anybody needs help from him it will cost them $30 or $40 or whatever. He doesn’t believe in doing anything for nothing. People are losing faith in him on account of how he’s acting.

Late happy birthday wishes go out to that poor woman on Dry Fork whose neighbors were supposed to take her out on a fishing trip that instead ended up costing her $50. The next morning she got to looking around and saw that they had stolen her cabbage. Beware of the cabbage patch thieves. Thank you.

I am a citizen of Jenkins who is just wanting to know when the Jenkins Fire Department became the Jenkins Police Department. Thank you.

I wanted to let all of the females in Letcher County know that Jeff Jr. is taken.

Hey, you are a lawyer in my family but you’re nothing but a piece of trash. We all depended on you and you sold us all out. I just can’t imagine how much money you have in your pocket from selling us all out. When you have to meet that man with the pitchfork you’re going to be in trouble, boy.

I went to a fast-food place in Jenkins and it took me over 45 minutes to get waited on. I’ll never go there again. It was the sorriest service I’ve ever had in my life.

I see a certain person has turned to the street department now. Maybe those Christian views will be turned to the son.

Instead of closing its ambulance service to the public, Cumberland River Fire Department should insist that Arch Mineral Company pay enough to keep it open since the department was responsible for providing ambulance service to Archowned coal mines.

I saw you stop and take pictures on the mountain, boy. I was watching you. If you had turned that camera toward my house I was going to come out there and put that camera where the sun never shines and soap and water never hits. And get a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.

I’m sick and fed up with the bunch of dope dealers who have invaded the Doty Creek area. It seems like they can get away with whatever they want. I got a car recently and I’ve been driving around writing down the addresses of all these drug dealers in our neighborhood. I’m just going to wait until the right time and take those names and addresses to Frankfort and then I’ll get something done.

Instead of trying to kill the coal industry, which employes hundreds of their fellow citizens, it would be nice if groups like Kentuckians For The Commonwealth would begin to focus their activities on other areas of vital importance such as how people are being underpaid by the natural gas companies that are in the middle of what amounts to an occupation of Letcher County. You always read about KFTC whining about mining the mountaintops but you never hear them complaining about the gas companies paying pennies to landowners when they should be paying thousands. Why is this?

In October, Bush will capture Osama Bin Laden and it will be good-bye to Barack Obama.

Who’s got my lighter? Everybody does it. Usually they stick it in their pocket. Who’s got my lighter? I do, but I didn’t intentionally do it. Which one is yours? This one?

To a fat blonde in Blackey: You need to straighten up before you get in big trouble.

I don’t know if this is true about the Letcher County Schools thinking about a fourday week, but if it is that sounds fine. But if the school board thinks we are going to wake our kids up an hour earlier in the morning and make them stay an hour later in the evening they may just as well get over it. These kids are already spending 40 hours a month on a school bus. You parents better wake up.

To the raggedy, pop-eyed skank at a certain restaurant in Whitesburg: You got smart with me. Next time you do I’m going to jerk you out from behind that counter and beat your eyes shut. I remember what you look like and you are beat when I catch you out.

To a certain old woman living with her boyfriend on Thornton: I want you to know that everybody knows you have been lying on people and it’s going to catch up with you. Karma will come back and bite you, old woman. Your daughter and son-in-law know you told a lie when you said I was the one that called in on them. Everybody in your family knows that.

I just wonder when our local cable system from Hindman is going to put on some good wrestling. I think it’s time we get something new. I’m tired of them taking the wrestling off and putting boxing on. Why can’t they leave stuff alone on ESPN and let us wrestling fans watch what we want to watch?

Love thy brother as thy love thyself. Love thy neighbor as thyself. When you look in your enemy’s eyes do you see yourself? If so, then you can put your weapons down, for love is mightier than the sword and whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. This makes us all brothers. God bless.

I was wondering why when you have an emergency regarding your teeth you can’t get a dentist around this area. You can go to some and sit all day, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in as a walk-in. You can’t get an appointment for two or three months with these other dentists. If you break a tooth or have an abscess or something you need emergency care now, not later. Thank you.

I would like to comment on two comments in Speak Your Piece this past week about the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Bluegrass Festival: It will be held on Friday and Saturday of this week – the 11th and 12th – and we do have a good lineup. We also have good camaraderie in our festival committee. We will have the Country Gentleman from WMMT and Willard Hall as two of our MC’s. There will be others as well. We invite everyone to come to our festival and see how things are working. We’re doing great and we look forward to seeing you at the festival in Jenkins.

I would like to thank a guy, Chris Hatton, for coming to my brother’s house and fixing his heating and air-conditioning unit that didn’t have any freon in it. He came on a Sunday and he will never know how much we appreciate it. God will look out for him, because there aren’t too many people who will do what needs to be done. We really do appreciate it. Thanks so very much.

I read in The Mountain Eagle where they are letting Danny Little, a convicted rapist, out of prison. It’s a shame they let convicted rapists out of jail. It just makes me so mad.

Yes, we appreciate the sheriff making a major drug bust. Now make a lot more of them inside Letcher County.

If you want to lose weight just stay a week or so in the Letcher County Jail. The jailer sure has forgotten about the promises he made when he ran for jailer. They feed the inmates Pop Tarts for breakfast and bologna sandwiches for dinner and supper. It’s a shame the inmates are being starved when it’s the taxpayers’ money that is supposed to be feeding them.

One would have to wonder what is going on with the Southeastern Conference. In 1999, they signed a deal with CBS for $6 million. Now Fox is flirting to get the SEC to form its own network. If you’re an individual like myself who likes SEC football you have to ask yourself this question: Who will pick up the cost? It will probably be the people who watch SEC football, the average fans like me and you.

What do you think about that? That nasty skank must have escaped from the psychiatric ward. Who knew?

Jenkins Independent board members . . . what a joke.

I am a parent of children attending Letcher County Central. Since finding out the Jenkins board turned their back on one of its own, it has no business to declare it cares about Jenkins in any way.

It seems as if we have Jenkins people doing quality performance that they should have the opportunity to move up in the school system as openings come available. I am a retired teacher of the Jenkins Independent School System and want it to be known that I am appalled with the board member selection for superintendent recently. This board speaks with a forked tongue if they think anyone is going to believe that they have the school district’s best interest in mind.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. Somebody in yore paper said I ought to go to Washington and plow up the rose garden and straighten up them crooks up there. Now me and ole Barney like roses but hate politicians. They wuz some fairly good fellers runnin’ fer president, but people seemed to have ended up with the worst three possible. Well, I’m on my way to Washington now. If I can’t straighten up the place, I just might run fer president myself on the very, very independent ticket. I may be dumb, but not as dumb as George Bush, and I couldn’t possibly do as bad a job as he did. No one could create a mess like we have now. If Mt. St. Helens blows up again while I’m there, I want you to know that me and ole Barney gave our lives for the people of Letcher County. Sincerely, Brushey Bill. P.S. Vote fer me.

Power – A carpenter’s son he was as a child/A man so meek with temper so mild/He healed the sick and made the blind to see/He made the lame man walk, and set a dead man free./He spoke to the wind and calmed the sea/He walked on the water and told Peter to come to me./He cleansed the leper, and gave a young girl life/Yet the leaders hated him and filled his life with strife./His friend betrayed him not just once but trice/Judas also for his own device./Thirty pieces of silver, thirty stripes on his back/A crown of thorns, his cross to pack./Spikes through his hands, a sword in his side/This is how our Savior, this great man died. C/A/C.

There have only been two wrecks on the roads we read about in The Eagle two weeks ago, one at the Little Shepherd Trail on Hwy. 160 and one on 463 at Gordon. The one on 160 just tore down a Ward campaign sign. We surely do need some speed signs on the well-traveled roads and more state troopers.

Well, what do you say? A certain official was seen passing out drugs and counting money right beside of the road. It’s none of my business but you’re no better than anyone else in my eyes and thoughts. Think we’re high and mighty? Well, you can get stopped. Please print this, okay? Thank you, Stanley.

Hello to all the concern citizens of Roberts Branch. How’s life treating everyone? As for me, I am great. I loved all the things about the people on the branch. Why haven’t you written more things? I really enjoyed reading all that even though it made some people mad. Some people can’t take a joke. They took it too seriously. I really thought it was funny, so write me some stuff.

Obama is going to be president. He’s going to give a great speech asking Americans to sacrifice and then he’s going to do something similar to JFK’s ‘we are going to the moon’ speech, but it’s going to be ‘we are going to be on alternative energy in 10 years.’ They’ll dump a bunch of money into it, smart people will come out of the woodwork, etc., then some crazy loon will probably kill him in three years ala Kennedy.

To the person who is complaining about Tackett not being picked for superintendent of Jenkins Schools: I think it is good that they hired an outsider. Maybe she will make the kids go five days a week instead of four and three days a week. Let’s think about their education before we start throwing stones at people who were well picked for the job.

I keep reading indictments about these people not paying their child support. They should read, ‘If the child or children belong to you get your priorities right and take care of them like you should.’

It’s always darkest just before dawn, and I believe that while we are in the darkest part in Letcher County and eastern Kentucky we are close to the dawn. I have never felt more optimistic. I don’t believe we will be as affected by the current economic downturn as other parts of the state or country because we are already at such a low economic level, and I believe we are better able to cope, anyway. We have TV, good roads to the outside, and the very important Internet. We are more aware. The political corruption that has strangled us for so long is on its way out. The previous state administration is under federal investigation. The transportation department is being investigated by the FBI. Knott County has already had two blows from the federal government, and Letcher County may well be next. The drug problem has reached such a level it is intolerable, and I believe the federal government will take care of that. In any event, there will be good changes in all these areas, if not by local effort then by the federal government. Future elections aren’t that far away, and the county government we now have will certainly cause people to be more careful with their voting in the future. The county is much cleaner and tourism revenue is becoming a more realistic hope. People are beginning to realize that our future can’t be tied to dependence on coal and are beginning to seriously consider alternatives. This is not the time to despair, but to try to assist in the efforts for improvement.

Editor, if this doesn’t get published then I know why. There’s no need to keep this hush-hush when so many street-level people are going to jail. Doctors are not immune to public scrutiny. So how did a Letcher County doctor get charged with stealing prescription drugs from a hospital and it not be covered by The Mountain Eagle or WYMT-TV? This doctor now works at a hospital in Virginia. Check the court dockets for the last year and a half.

(We’ll check on it.)

People who work with the public, such as certain city employees, should not be rude to people and act like they are better then their fellow man or women. The snubbing and making fun of the citizens needs to stop. The talking out of both sides of the mouth also needs to stop, especially when the one doing the talking doesn’t know what she is talking about. So come down off that high horse of yours and treat us with respect and stop talking about things you know nothing about.

KJ. Had a good week. Home and back to work. Going back for the weekend. Life is good. MA.

Brother J. Hope you’re feeling okay. Only gone a few hours – missing being there already. Take care of yourself. Sister M.

M and B. Have a good week. See you at the weekend. MAW.

Faye. Take care of yourself. Thanks for the week.

To a certain gas station in Grundy, Va.: How dare you be chauvinist pigs? You ought to be ashamed.

My cousin, my friend, my heart, and my soul: I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I love you and miss you so so so much. Baby Brock says hi. And my girls too. My mom wants to say she loves you too. You are my precious moments. I will hold you dearly in my heart. Love, Kay-Kay.

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