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I just wanted to show my appreciation to the boys from the jail work-release program who cut all the trees that were blocking the views at Fishpond Lake. It really looks nice. I am from Indiana and I had never seen Fishpond look as bad as it did before those trees were cut. It really looks good now that you can see the lake.

To the Letcher County judge/ executive and members of the Letcher Fiscal Court: You should be more worried about the county’s rising drug problem than bothering with the poor people who can’t afford the gas to cut their grass or fix their buildings. The fiscal court should be finding ways to make more jobs for the people of the county instead of making more ways to convict the innocent.

A certain troublemaker has to know it is just as illegal to snort pills and drive as it is to drink and drive. Guess what? A few cops are watching her now. I saw her drive by my house not able to hold her eyes open while slobbering on herself. I’m not going to shut up. She’ll be sorry she started this with me. Some people just aren’t too bright.

I would just like to tell everyone to go to www.deeznizzles.blogspot.com. It’s good fun for everyone.

This is the maroon drunk calling. I just got home from work and am sitting in the swing on the front porch. And guess what I’m having? A good ice cold Budweiser right from the bottom of the cooler after being there all day. Guess what I’m not having? A snort of a pill. Never have and never will. But I know someone who is, and they had better leave me alone.

I would sure hate the feeling of getting hit on a broken nose and busted eye, but someone is going to know how it feels. I’m tired of you thugs and skanks. Bring it on.

To the beautiful girl who works at a certain drive-in restaurant: I love you with all my heart, baby, and I couldn’t live without you.

There is a certain guy I work with underground who is on drugs that are prescribed. He is abusing them, and it’s going to get him or me or someone else hurt. Do something soon before I tell the federal inspectors. Please.

First of all, I just wanted to say to my old lady that I love her, even though she’s 20 miles from home and I am 20 miles from home. It’s just 40 miles between us, but it feels like thousands. I just wanted to say I love you.

To a certain nurse who thinks she has it all figured out: For starters, have you even once stopped and looked at what you’ve got and, to be blunt, don’t deserve? The man you have at home is one of a kind. He is one of the most loyal and hardworking men you could ever know. And God know how hard he has tried to keep you in all of your worldly goods, only to have you do everything in your power to bust up a marriage and destroy a child’s life. Although I am sure the ex-wife thanks you every day for taking the pillhead off her hands, what are you going to do when he finds another nurse who can get him some better pills from work to keep up his habit? Better yet, what are you going to do when they catch you doing this and you have already lost your husband and your job? Let’s face it, you are getting older and looking more rough since you started doing the pills. Your husband deserves so much better than you.

I am happy that Terry Braddock is trying to keep the mayor and other council members in Jenkins accountable. We should back his lone voice.

If the rot from the lily pads and years of accumulated fish feces haven’t killed us yet, duck and geese feces won’t. I just believe the do-gooders on Lakeside don’t like beautiful birds.

I passed an 18-wheeler the other day and saw a woman in it who I know for a fact is married. Does your husband know what is going on? I’m sure all he has to do is ask around. I think you’re sick looking and I don’t see who would mess around with you. You look like you’re in your sixties or seventies. If I were you I would leave my husband before I brought him something home he can’t get rid of. You know who you are. If you don’t want your husband I’ll take him.

To the senior citizens: I would like to know how many watch those big screen TV’s the county bought when they should have been putting water in for the seniors. My neighbor is 86 years old, and he has to buy water to drink and to cook with and handle those heavy jugs while they give our tax dollars away.

(A handful of new television sets for the county’s senior citizens centers has no effect on who gets public water and when. The fact that most of the rural areas of the county still have no public water can be traced back to about 30 years ago when the then-Letcher Fiscal Court voted against the county participating in the National Flood Insurance Program – a must before the federal government issues grants and loans for water lines. After many more missed opportunities in the years that followed, the problem was corrected about eight years ago and the county has since been able to get serious about building water lines. Unfortunately, the job takes a lot of time.)

Alex Rodriguez fooling around on his beautiful wife just goes to prove what we’ve always known – no matter how beautiful the woman, some man will always be tired of sleeping with her. Same truth holds for what the lovely Christie Brinkley is going through. Men are scum.

To whoever set the cats out on Indian Creek: I would like for you to know that the dogs killed them. I would like to drop you off in the ocean and let the sharks eat you.

A certain coal company has a mine manager who won’t hire anyone unless the superintendent likes him. It looks like he needs to let the superintendent be the mine manager if that’s the way he’s going to run his business. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

I am calling concerning the man who got run over in Blackey: I want to know why the law hasn’t picked anyone up and charged them. If they had stolen something they would be behind bars. I think this is really sad. My prayers go out to this man’s family and children. He is a good man who was just in the wrong place.

(The Letcher County Grand Jury is expected to act in the case to which you are referring. If the jury returns indictments then someone most definitely will be picked up.)

To the person who vandalized the mailbox at Letcher: We just want you to know that you were seen doing it. Therefore we have an eyewitness. Vandalizing a mailbox is a federal offense. You can go to prison for it. Warrants will be issued for you. From now on there will be a dog down there keeping an eye on the mailboxes.

To a certain person in Jenkins: Are you mad because your little boyfriend moved out? Oh well, get over it.

I wonder what kind of person would destroy a mailbox sitting right under a big light. You were seen. Smile, you’re on camera. Beware of the mailbox bandits. There are two of them.

I am looking for a certain guy whose first initial is A. who used to live at Cram Creek at Mayking. I’m not sure if he still does or not. We went to school together at Mayking Christian School and used to talk on the phone sometimes. I had a huge crush on him at the time but he was dating someone else. I was just wondering where you are and how you are doing. Please respond. From friend with the initial J.

My sister’s friend needs to let her start taking care of her own business and making her own decisions around the third of the month. If she doesn’t, things will have to change. I will call the authorities. Thank you.

It looks like that drug dealer in Roxana has contributed to a death.

To my accuser: First I would like to tell you that I do forgive you for lying on me and having me in so much trouble. I put you in God’s hands. Second, I want to remind you that of your two witnesses, one is your pre-teen son. You know I’m pleading not guilty because I am not guilty. You’re going to let your son perjure himself before he even becomes a teen-ager? You talk so highly about my mother and how good my parents were to you when they were alive. You think about what my mother would think about what you are doing. I want both of your witnesses to testify, and they will. I will plead not guilty and we will go to trial and your son will be called as a witness. Your son and your wife will both be perjuring themselves for you. You think what my mother and father would think about you lying on me. You are thief. You stole the copper from our house and we know it. Your wife told us.

That Pikeville paper that they’ve been putting in our mailbox? I don’t like them putting it in there anyway, but now I see where they are going to start charging for it. I didn’t want it in put in my mailbox for free. If it ain’t got Speak Your Piece in it I don’t want it. So don’t tell me where to buy it.

I would like to speak my piece about the nursing staff at the Whitesburg ARH in the thirdfloor patient ward. I was there recently with six broken ribs, and all the nurses there went above and beyond the call of duty to make my stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Thank you all. Signed, A.F.

This is to a little gray-haired old man and a little short redheaded man and big tall blackhaired man: All three of you are being put in the same category. You’re running after these little girls, some of them who don’t have any sense at all. It looks like you would grow up and get you a woman. One day you’ll see what I’m talking about. Do you think those kids are going to stay with you, old man, or have anything to do with you except to get their pills? You all need to grow up and face the facts.

If Jesus Christ was a mere man as some people contend, in what sense was he rich and how could he make many others rich? His family was poor. He himself possessed no property from the manger to the cross. He was a poor man and was buried in a borrowed grave. The answer to these questions would have to be that he was and is more than a mere man. He was God. He now saves all who believe. Do you believe? God bless.

It looks like Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood have come back from their usual place getting their so-called medications to distribute out to all of their friends.

To my sweetheart: Have a good day. I love you. Bye.

People who have pets should keep them on a leash.

I’m calling in about what was in Speak Your Piece about Danny Little getting out of prison: He served his time – and him a blind man at that. If you want to respond, come face-to-face.

I’m commenting on the remark in Speak Your Piece about Danny Little. He wasn’t let out of jail early. He served his time – five years. If you want to comment about it, come to his family’s face.

What part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you understand? I don’t care who you are and I don’t care if you’re made of solid gold. I’m not interested.

It looks like a certain neighborhood is busy again with a pillhead making money as usual. What’s taking so long for the sheriff’s department to catch this drug dealer and put her in jail where she belongs?

To all the drunks in Beetree: Don’t you think it’s time to settle down and get a life?

I can solve the problem. It ain’t nobody’s business what I do, and you can kiss my behind.

These Christian people who go to church on Sunday and lie on Monday better take heed. God knows what they’re doing.

Congratulations to the two cousins on the birth of their fourth cousin.

To a certain girl and boy in McRoberts: Don’t go try to sign up on AFDC with a daddy in the house who is working.

This is from the drunk to the nasty skank: The reason you want me to quit running my mouth is because you all are using and selling drugs.

I would just like to say hi to a certain woman on Thornton. Everything she said will come back to get her.

You believed your wife over your best friend. You better look back, because she has a lot of skeletons in her closet she hasn’t told you about. And they’re about to come out, because I’m tired of all this ridiculous stuff.

This is in response the gentleman who was wondering what is going on with the Southeastern Conference: CBS signed the $6 million deal to cover the top-tier SEC games, the premiere matchups. That will stay the same. Also, Jefferson Pilot will keep the same middle-tier games on. The SEC Network would be for the bottom-tier weekly SEC football games that wouldn’t get coverage otherwise. So look at the bright side. All you Kentucky fans might actually get to see your team play now.

How is it that a 20-year-old can come into a workplace and destroy a healthy working environment and break all of the rules and still keep her job? Makes you wonder.

If you’re ever looking for anything just go over to Neon to the last house in a certain hollow and you’ll find it. They’ve always got it.

Getting a tan won’t take away the ugliness, but it will give you premature aging.

To a certain man: You can use your daddy all you want to in saying we can’t use your land for water up here on Copperhead Road. We know your name is on the deed for the land, so why would you want to stop us from having decent water? You can say what you want, but you have the final say.

If you are worried about a copper theft, check out a certain van in Neon and the passenger who tags along.

Cousins. Thank you for thinking of us. We bought an oak porch swing in memory. Thank you. M and M.

I would like to say something back to the people who called certain people the cabbage patch thieves. After everything they did for you, you are treating them like that. But from what I hear that’s okay, because you can sit and rot before they will do anything else for you. You know it’s pretty bad when you can’t say something to their face. You have to put it in Speak Your Piece. You’re a really big sissy. You better watch your back. There are many people looking after you and they will get their revenge. Remember, you mess with them and they will mess over you harder. Trust me, I know. Thanks, the cabbage patch thieves. And another thing: They gave the cabbage back and it wasn’t stolen. They were told they could take it.

A certain church was given a church bus and the people that gave it to them said to use it only for church business, and the preacher of the church agreed. Well, this preacher takes an offering up for gas for the church and, during the middle of the day on weekdays, goes and picks his mail up with this bus or goes and gets groceries and lets his kids drive this bus to go and do what they want.

Those who complain about lawlessness and official ineptitude need to face reality. The court system is for the benefit of lawyers, be they judges, prosecutors or defense attorneys – not for the benefit of citizens who pay their salaries.

To Holy Jodeever: In the name of the Confederasai, I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Why is it that goofy little man with the big dog never goes for walks around town anymore? Is he afraid a certain man will show up?

Men who work in hospitals shouldn’t be getting women’s phone numbers when they come in to see the doctor and calling them at home. If this happens to you, call and report it.

Last week someone put out an alert about the drugs in Camp Branch, Pistol City, Stinking Branch, and Democrat. Let me add Doty, Woodrock, Isom, Craft’s Colly, Elk Creek – on and on. It would be a lot easier to list those that don’t have drugs, if there are any. Some of these markets are as obvious as a Saturday farmer’s market, and I don’t understand why more isn’t being done by the sheriff to shut some of this down. The excuse is that there has to be an investigation in each case. What investigation? These activities are blatant and open. Just arrest them.

Telling people to leave a place if they object to the way it’s being run – the “love it or leave it” concept – is just one step away from trying to force people who disagree with local government to leave. That is a very dangerous notion and contrary, at least in theory, to the way things are supposed to be done in this country. There are major problems in all of Kentucky, and the worst drug problem in the country in Letcher and adjacent counties. People who try to get laggard governments to do their job and improve the situation are not being unpatriotic or crazy. They just want to survive, with a decent lifestyle.

To the Letcher County Jail inmate who was whining last week about the food. What makes you think that we taxpayers even want to feed you a boloney sandwich? You know something? You don’t have to be there. You could be out on the street making an honest living and eating what honest, law abiding citizens get to eat every day. People choose to break the law. If this seems hardhearted of me, I am sorry. I am just fed up with people who will trade the food stamps that put food in their children’s mouths for drugs, or buy pop with the food stamps and sell it to get money for pills to put up their noses, and then complain about the food they get in jail. Well at least you are getting food. If I were some of you, I would be grateful or whatever I got and shut my mouth. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

Roland and Ellen, we just wanted to remind you how special we think you are. It’s a shame that more people can’t be as wonderful as you are. We love you. Come see us soon. The special is still on at Smokey Bones.

I would like to know what kind of man goes around trying to sell farm animals to women in Mountain Breeze. You dumb goofy person, does it look like anyone in Mountain Breeze has a place to put live animals? Stop going to women’s apartments and trying to feel all over them. What gives you the right to try to put your hands on women? Does it look like anybody wants anything to do with you? Get a life and leave women alone. If you ever go to my aunt’s apartment and put your foot in the door again where she can’t close it, don’t be surprised if you end up with a broken foot.

Hello from Frog Doctor. How is everyone in the huge town of Jenkins? I was just wondering anyone has been sweeping lately. I just don’t think we sweep as much as we should. You know sweeping is such good exercise. Personally, I think if I would just get a chance to sweep I would feel so much better, I probably would feel like a new frog. Ha ha. Oh well, I guess that is life. Not all of us get to sweep as often as we would like. Sending lots of love to all of Frog Doctor’s readers.

He ordered a burger, he ordered some fries, he took your woman then blacked your eye. Dude, one thing’s for certain: She’s not going to stay so I’ll place an order now send her my way. This is not the first time and it’s sure not the last, for me, her and her sisters we’ve all had a blast.

I was really disappointed in one local media source for not covering the meeting of the Jenkins City Council. But what really gets me is that the Whitesburg City Council meeting wasn’t reported either. Hey, the folks in the Sandlick area miss reading the news columns weekly. Guess I’ll cancel our subscription and keep on being faithful to The Eagle. It is the best to begin with.

M.A. Thanks for calling and checking on me. I hope that you have another great weekend. K.J.

I am a resident of Neon and was wondering when the Neon City Council and the city officials are going to get their backbones straightened out. They are allowing one organization to ruin the whole town. Look at the old A&P building – filth upon filth. I’m ashamed for my family that lives out of state to come in here now and bring their friends. Then there’s the place above Neon where plastic bags are hanging trying to hide the junked cars. What’s next?

Thank you, dear Lord, for watching over my mother and keeping her safe. My mother is truly a blessing in my life as well as those of all that know her.

To the so-called preacher, deacon or whatever you are: Your place in not in thechurch it should be somewhere else (if you know what I mean). It speaks of liars and tongues in the Bible, so beware.

This is to all of you gossiping, nosy, good-for-nothing nobodies who have nothing better to do than try to ruin the lives and business of two great people. All you know how to do is run your mouths about things that you know nothing about. But just so you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what’s going on, I’ll clear it up for you. All of us that are fortunate enough to work at a certain restaurant just outside of Whitesburg would be happy to have you come visit us. We are one big happy family just cookin’ up a storm. All of the rumors that have been spread around about us are from people who were hired there but who couldn’t do the job. They were weak. They’re only mad because they would love to still be part of our team. But they just couldn’t hang with us. So the next time your tongues get cut loose, think about it. You know the truth. But like I said you have nothing better to do. But like we all know, this restaurant is one of the best places to eat and work in Letcher County. And it’s great working for the two owners. I’m speaking for every one of us. We wouldn’t want to work for anyone else. So, the next time you’re driving by, please stop in. We would love to have you. I guarantee you’ll like it. We know we’re doing something right, because if we weren’t you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Sorry if you’re disappointed, but that’s life, it’s full of them. And by the way, James and Rita are doing great. Thanks for asking.

I don’t think kids should be allowed to play games on computers in the public libraries when others are standing by and waiting to do important work on them.

Revelations – If you were John and saw what’s to come/ What would you do, where would you run?/The things he foretold of may soon come to pass/No one here knows how long time will last./God’s revelations no doubt will come true./Then what will the sinners on this earth do?/God sent His son to die long ago/So we could have the choice about our soul./So when this old world comes to its end/I want to be with Jesus, on that you can depend. C/A/C

To A.S.: Another close call. Four-wheelers are dangerous. I was there with V.S. when she lifted it off of you. I am glad to see that you are OK. Be careful, play safe. I hope you can forgive me about the money I owe you. I love you. Your buddy and uncle, T.L.Y.

R.Y. and T.R.Y., I am sorry that I kept you two apart for so long. I am sorry I got you and E.Y. in trouble in Ohio about the money. I love you, brother. I love all my brothers and sisters. T.L.Y.

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is not to now know what an insensitive Jenkins Board we have. The taxpaying citizens should be disgusted with the school taxes it still continues to pay. The board had the opportunity to select a superintendent, a graduate of Jenkins again, who was totally qualified and would do a fantastic job no doubt. I have known him his entire career. They chose to go outside the district. This is a slap in the face to every student who has ever attended and graduated from Jenkins High School.

After reading the article about Jenkins Independent retiring Superintendent John Shook, it seems the board of education went totally against the community by selecting someone outside the school district.

Judy, you are a very beautiful woman. I wish I was able to tell you personally how I feel about you.

John McCain is talking about the oil shortage in 1973 and how we were dependent on foreign oil. It is common knowledge that the oil companies were holding the tankers offshore and that it was just a scam to raise gas prices, and they did. Five years later, in 1978, they lobbied Congress to deregulate oil. I have firsthand knowledge that they then started drilling all over the Northwest. At the same time, they doubled the price of gas, from 58.9 cents to $1.19.9. And recently I listened to two men who worked in different locations from Wyoming to North Dakota. They said that in 1981 all the wells were capped and left idle. Why?

It is a disgrace and disappointment to the taxpayers of Jenkins again on what the Jenkins Independent School board members have done by selecting outside our district.


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