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It’s a shame we the people can’t hold Governor
Bevin legally responsible
for the damages to our cars
and trucks that are being destroyed on US 119 between
Mayking and Jenkins. Like
our governor, this road is a
If the county health department isn’t going to do
anything about checking
the motel room conditions
in Letcher County then the
state needs to look into it. At
the place where I stayed the
beds hadn’t been changed
and there was mold.
You people who work
at Speak Your Piece can
keep on protecting these
no-account authorities who
don’t do right, but God
knows every thought in their
hearts and imaginations
and He will bring wrath and
judgment against you just
the same as He will against
them, regardless of what you
print in your paper or what
you don’t.
I want to speak about the
proposed prison project,
which evidently has been
cancelled. I hope everyone
who backs Trump blindly
will reject him. He’s lied
and cheated and bullied all
his life, and now he’s lied
and cheated us. He and
Mitch McConnell and all
the Republican cowards
could care less about Letcher County and its citizens.
How much more evidence
do you need? Trump should
be exiled to a desert island
and replaced by someone
who will bring morals and
ethics into the White House
again. McConnell should
lose the coming election
and replaced with a senator who cares for Kentucky
and its people. Wake up,
people. Republican officials
work for themselves and
their rich donors. Enough
is enough.
I just saw on the news
where Amtrak is building
new trains for 2021. Are they
still running on the same
rails Abraham Lincoln split
when he was a young man?
I’m not so sure about this.
They still have spikes driven
into the ground to hold the
rails that carry trains traveling 160 to 170 miles an hour.
Let’s fix the rails before we
put a rocket on them. Hasn’t
there been enough train
Does Letcher County
know it has a celebrity living in Cram Creek? Yes,
‘Will Ferrell’ lives there. He
sent me a picture of a fish
he claims to be a 15-inch
largemouth bass, but it is
a three-inch long bluegill.
Someone needs to teach
‘Will Ferrell’ the difference
between oatmeal and green
I want to congratulate
Cheyenne Renee Roberts

on her graduation.
If a woman cuts any of
her hair off, it is a sin. According to this eleventh
chapter of 1 Corinthians,
if a man lets his hair grow
out any it is a sin. I want
to see a lot of bald-headed
preachers running around
here next week.
If Hillary Clinton had
been elected president, the
federal prison would already be under construction at Roxana. After all, it
was President Obama who
signed the law giving $444
million for the prison to be
built here. Hillary Clinton
would not have taken away
what Obama gave to us.
Instead, we go and vote for
Donald Trump and he takes
the prison away from us.
To the ones who killed
the white cat in Mudtown: I
hope you rot in hell and die
with your neck broken.
Thank you, Mr. President of the United States
of America, for not letting
them fly that flag with the
rainbow on it on the same
flagpole the American flag
is on. God will take His rainbow back.
To the hooting and hollering rich baseball crybabies who quit: You all need
your little behinds kicked.
You just can’t cut it, you ‘level swing’ know-nothings. I’ll
be around the scoreboard at
next game if you want your
behinds ‘level swung’ into
next month’s government
hand-out. You will know
I believe this mainstream
media has gone loco. I
wouldn’t believe anything
they said if they had their
hand laying on a stack of
Bible three feet high. That’s
bad. They just have no credibility at all. I can’t stand to
watch them.
I would like to know the
attorney general’s opinion
on police officers getting
paid by a city, using city
vehicles and city gas and
getting paid by a third party
at the same time. I was just
reading a story where the
former Leslie County sheriff
got reported to the attorney
general for this same thing.
One city in particular is allowing their two officers to
use city time, city cars, and
city gas to be everywhere
but in the city. This head
police (can’t call him a chief
because he doesn’t fit the
bill) officer comes in at 11
a.m. and stays in the city hall
until he leaves around 3 p.m.
The night shift police officer
spends about two hours per
week in the city. With all the
talk of low budgets, less tax
dollars, and the high cost
of employee benefits how
does this city council sit by
and allow this to go on? It
would seem that if a former

sheriff had broken the law
that every member of this
city administration is continually doing so.

Yes, I read the paper today and it looks like we’re
not going to get the prison
at Roxana. We all knew it
would never get here. You
can’t even put a prison in
Letcher County. We don’t
even have dress shop in
Letcher County, or a shoe
store. What are you people
thinking? We ought to be
able to go out and buy a
dress and a pair of shoes.

In response to the
Trump-Bot who keeps calling in to ‘bless’ the traitorin chief, I have a suggestion
how we could best solve
the ‘problem about illegal
immigrants.’ Keep those immigrants and forcibly expel
every last right-winger along
with the traitor-in-chief. By
and large, those immigrants
were better Americans before they even left their
home country than those
who are trying to throw
them out. And I agree that
we should not ‘try’ to impeach Trump. We should
stand up and do it and then
indict him immediately
afterward and sink his miserable treasonous hide in
the deepest, darkest cell
at Riker’s for the rest of his
not-natural life.
Speak Your Piece, I am
sick of our choices for governor of Kentucky. Do we have
an independent candidate
running? I sure hope so,
because I hate not voting.
The hypocrites in Washington say a security fence
on the border is not worth
anything, yet they are building their own walls much
higher. The peasants don’t

count to them. Their lives
don’t really matter; it’s just
the elites that matter.
I believe you go to hell
for stealing and lying, and
I believe you go to hell for
supporting false prophets.
Jesus said if the blind follow
the blind they will fall in the
ditch together.
I wasn’t going to say
anything about this, but I
am now. Two times I have
caught a man off Millstone
sitting outside a certain
place and staring at my
woman. I’ll tell you right
now, mister, you and I are
going to have it out if you
do not quit doing what you
are doing. You had a woman
and you screwed it up by
screwing around.
That girl looks just as
smoking hot in her white car
as she was in her Mustang.
She looks good in anything.
I voted for Mitch McConnell ever since I could vote,
but I’m done with his lying
and scheming. He’s the one
holding up the Senate bill to
keep Russia and China out
of our elections. He is smart
and wily. I know he’s always
got an angle, but I can’t
figure out this one. Does
he want foreigners to cause
more chaos in America and
sway our elections? I saw
a ‘Ditch Mitch’ bumper
sticker the other day and
will buy one quick as I get
a chance. Yes, he’s helped
coal operators but he’s done
nothing to help coal miners
or other Kentuckians. He’s
all about power for himself
and his rich wife. He could
care less about us. Divide
and conquer. So long as
Mitch and others keep us
arguing amongst each other,
ne’er-do-wells like him can

feast on caviar and champagne and watch us fight in
the streets from behind the
bulletproof windows in his
high tower.
I’ve never in my life seen
any kid humiliated more
than I did recently when I
went over to watch some
seven- on-seven scrimmages. The kid’s father
and grandfather were both
chewing his behind off, with
one telling him to do one
thing and the other telling
him to do another thing. The
poor kid didn’t know what
to do. And I wouldn’t call either the father or the grandfather a coach. Lighten up,
dudes. Chill out on the little
fellow. He’s just a kid.
Now that Donald Trump
is taking our prison away
from us, will the people who
praise him every week in
Speak Your Piece now start
to see him for the lying jerk
and fraud he is?
I found out that a certain
woman in Neon is a scammer. She is on the Internet
in every place I looked.
Now she is begging everyone she knows for money.
Pretty soon a whole bunch
of people are going to figure
out who I am talking about
after they see all she wants
from people is their money.
Have you been over here

to Cumberland lately on US
119 and wondered about all
this excavation work going
on? If so, it’s going to be a
house seat for the mayor’s
mansion. Thank you.
I have a Thermos that
says it will keep cold food
cold and hot food hot. I’m
going to put two cups of
coffee and a Popsicle in it
and see how that turns out.
(Be sure to let us know the
To the person who has
been cutting the weeds on
Pert Creek: Thank you. You
have to be a new movein, because many of these
people won’t even cut the
grass in their front yard.
But don’t let the population
bring you down. You’re doing good work.
Once upon a time, people would stop and help an
elderly person or a disabled
person who was out trying
to work around their house.
Now they just run up and
down the road, mocking
people who have worked
all of their lives and are
crippled up because of it.
To a certain woman who
accused a certain man of
stealing from her: You are
the thief. You are the devil in
sheep’s clothing. Everybody
knows you have a criminal

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