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Donald Trump is right.
I have grown tired of all of
this winning during the
two-plus years since he was
elected. Just think of all the
winning Trump has done
for Letcher County. Not
only is he stealing our longpromised federal prison
away from us, he is standing by and doing nothing
while our two biggest coal
companies are declaring
bankruptcy with at least
one of them screwing over
the men who work for them.
Why is Trump keeping silent while Jeff Hoops pays
the miners, then takes the
checks right back out of
their bank accounts, leaving
the miners overdrawn and
in danger of facing criminal
charges for writing cold
checks to pay their monthly
bills? How much money has
Jeff Hoops contributed to
Trump’s campaigns? The
Whitesburg area has really
won during Trump’s term.
After all, the town has only
lost Rite-Aid, Shoe Show,
Cato’s, and Hibbett Sports
since the day Trump was
elected. Letcher County
hasn’t seen this much winning since President Herbert Hoover brought his
Great Depression to us.
A certain woman who
reported her neighbors for
allegedly growing marijuana needs to keep her
nose to herself and learn
what regular weeds are
when she sees them. When
the state police helicopter
flies over they will see they
are just regular horseweeds
growing, not pot. You ought
to learn to quit judging
people. It’s why half the
neighborhood doesn’t like
you. So learn to keep your
nose to yourself.
I’m tired of hollering
wolf, wolf, and wolf. It
doesn’t cost but $10 to file
a complaint, so I’ll just go
ahead and send it off to
the bar and let the bar deal
with it. Have you ever been
to the federal courthouse
in Pikeville? It says felonies
don’t go away, they get
tried. Thank you.
I don’t know how mommies and daddies with children are allowed to live in
a household with drugs all
through it. All you can find
are needles. I feel sorry for
these people who aren’t
on drugs and have to live
in a house with drugs. The
mommies and daddies are
on meth and anything else
they can get on. We know
what a pain in the neck it
is, because we are going
through it.
I would like to know

many people in Letcher
County have noses a foot
long from meddling in other people’s business. Clean
up your own backyard and
let everybody else live their
lives without you sticking
your noses in it.
Someone who works at
McDonald’s in Whitesburg
needs to pay their friend
the eighty dollars they have
owed them for four months,
because this person is moving. Thank you.
New York, when I think
you can’t sink any lower
than killing all those babies in the wombs and
everything else you do that
is so wicked I then see the
marches in the streets of
hundreds of people thinking they own the rainbow.
I feel sorry for that city.
There’s bound to be one
person there with some
moral values. That might
be the only thing that’s
keeping that city from destruction by God. You saw
what happened to the Twin
Towers. I believe that was
just a warning about what
can become of a wicked
city, and you all are very
wicked. God bless America.
What’s America coming to?
I want to know how to
become an illegal immigrant. I’m struggling here
with the way things are,
having a hard time, but I
see where these illegals get
a lot of stuff. If you have any
information on how to become an illegal immigrant,
I want to be one.
(If you really want to
know how to become an illegal immigrant you might
start by first going to the
Mexican side of the Rio
Grande River. Once there
you could get rid of your
identification and get yourself caught trying to cross
back into the United States
via the Rio Grande. At that
point, you could ask Border
Patrol to check you into a
processing center like the
one Clint, Texas, where 200
or more migrants are said to
be confined to a single cage.
From there it’s all up to you
on what to do next.)
To that one man who
dug my ginseng years ago:
A certain man and woman
were involved with you.
They didn’t do the digging,
but you did. You didn’t
know it, but I had a camera
up there. I have waited all
these years and now, old
buddy, it’s karma time.
I went to school with a
couple of boys who I have
been hearing some wild
tales about. I heard these

two boys have been sending pictures of their Johnson to girls, even though
both of those men are married and have children. You
boys were the most stupid
boys I ever knew in my life,
and now you are supposed
to be men and settle down.
From what I understand,
one of them claims to be
a church member. And to
send pictures like that? I
hope your wives divorce
you and that you pay child
support just like everybody
else has to pay.
I am almost 80 years old
and it doesn’t look like I’m
going to get to smoke any
pot before I die. Let’s legalize recreational pot and
make some money from it.
Our officials need to get off
their behinds and get on
the ball.
The illegals who claimed
they were told to drink out
of the commode are liars. If
they think they can tell a lie
and make someone believe
it their friends consider
them to be very intelligent.
I know this for a fact.
I watched both of the
first debates between the
Democrat candidates for
president. I saw candidates
sanctimoniously pontificating in more than one
language. All of them made
audacious statements, even
the promise of free healthcare for illegal aliens while
millions of Americans suffer for the lack of healthcare, because Obamacare is
inadequate, unobtainable
or too expensive for the
average working American.
Wake up, America, nothing
is free.
I wish these liberal
Democrats and the liberal
media would show half the
compassion for people in
this country who need help
as they do for these illegal
immigrants. People in this
country need help, too, but
they’ve more or less said to
hell with everybody else,
we’re going to take care of
the illegal immigrants and

the rest of you can take
care of yourselves because
we’re not interested in you.
Thank you.
We can blow millions
of dollars on a Nuremberg
rally on the Fourth of July
but can’t give the children
we’ve locked up toothbrushes and soap? Yep,
we’re under the boot heels
of a Republican administration. .
I know you probably
won’t print this, but at least
you and me will know it.
If you told these liberal
Democrats they would have
to cut their mothers’ throats
to get one up on Trump
they would do it. That’s how
bad they want to get at him.
It’s a disgrace and it’s really
sad, too.
Is there going to be a
McRoberts Reunion this
year? If so, would someone
please put the information
about it in the paper? Thank
I love the way Christian
people want you to tell the
truth and nothing but the
truth, so help you God. But
when you do tell some of
them the truth and they
don’t want to hear it they
get real mad. The best thing
I can tell them to do in
that situation is to admit
to it and go on about their
ways. What’s happened has
happened. It’s out there for
anybody to know. Quit hiding it, because hiding it is
just like a lie. Do the crime,
face the time. And that’s
what he did. It’s just a big
embarrassment to you.
To the people who are
sacrificing the cat to the
devil at the devil worshipping ceremony they are
having: The secret is out
and people know what you
are doing. You killed the
white cat in order to worship the devil, but you don’t

have to worry, because
you’re going to need him
sooner than you think. Bye.
I wonder if Donald
Trump’s Fourth of July celebration cost America as
much as all the investigations the Democrats have
I’d like to wish a whole
bunch of people happy
birthday all in the month
of July starting with Tracie
Boggs Howard, the 3rd;
Amanda Webb our niece,
the 7th; Kevin Honeycutt, Raymond Mire, our
first cousin, the 9th; Daisy Pendleton Potter, the
11th, same age as me; Andy
Wright, the 16th, who is 97
years young; Wade Boggs,
the 18th, longtime friend;
and relative E.J. King, the
last day of July. Please print

this? Thank you, Stanley
It is not a question why
people are leaving Central America and migrating
into the United States, it is
a question of why they do
not stay in Central America
where their natural home
and social culture is? You’d
better pray that Donald
Trump can manage to save
our democracy and secure
your standard of living,
because most of America’s
present-day citizens do not
have enough brainpower
to save themselves under a
social-controlling government like some Democrats
want. In other words, most
of you were not trained and
educated to do ‘real labor.’
God bless President Trump,
our only salvation in this

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