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If you have family members buried at Green Acres Cemetery at Ermine, make sure you go and check the grave site. Some lowlife went to the cemetery and stole our flowers and the shepherd’s crook that held them. They pulled it all up out of the ground. What type of low-life scum would do something like this? Can something be done to better make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen? What’s the next thing the thieves are going to do, start digging the graves up?

The old tomcat is still running around Partridge. Catch him, ladies.

Would some politician please explain to me why a 99-year-old who is on a fixed income and unable to prepare a meal was discontinued from the Meals on Wheels? They were told they were on a waiting list. Is the economy this bad? If so, heaven help us all. Thank you.

Everybody out there does know that minimum wage is now $6.55? If not, you do now. Thank you.

To the beautiful lady who walks at the Colson walking track: I would love to get to know you better. You’re really looking good.

This is in response to the comment about the women who are fat being the ones who are drinking the diet sodas: Studies have shown that diet products make you crave carbohydrates. When you see someone weighing 400 and 500 pounds, you will notice they are usually drinking diet drinks. The more you drink the heavier you get. The aspartame in diet sodas and diet products goes into the body on an empty stomach and make you extremely acidic. Acidic bodies are going to have many diseases – even cancer. If you eat a meat it kicks out the aspartame and will kick out a sugar. Any time you eat a meat it kicks out the toxins, but when you drink the diet products on an empty stomach it’s going to cause you problems. A good diet can kick out many toxins. A few years ago, Erin Brockovich came to Harlan County to try to find a correlation between the auto-immune diseases and the cancer in this area, which is the highest in the nation. They thought it was the coal, but she couldn’t find a connection. It’s the diet products. We have the highest consumption rate for diet products in the nation. There’s a definite correlation between all the cancer we’re having and diet products.

I was reading in the paper about the poor people in jail who don’t get anything but a bad breakfast and a bad bologna sandwich for supper. Well, I hate to tell you this, but I work for minimum wage and the last two days I couldn’t even afford a bologna sandwich because of the gas prices. At least the people in jail do get to eat every day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Out here I am working every day and still can’t afford to eat every day. You people in jail did what you did to get there, and you still get to eat. Don’t whine and cry. Do your time and try to make a better person out of yourself if you can.

To a certain girl: You are always throwing yourself at all the doctors. They are all married, but I don’t think you care. You’ve made yourself look as bad as you act. Congratulations.

I would like to wish a certain person a happy birthday. It was on July 18.

Folks, when you go to a certain store be sure to watch the dates on all of your products, from your canned goods to your drinks. We’ve had to take back something every week. I got a two-liter pop and other things with ’06 on it. Just start looking at the dates on the products you buy. Thank you.

I would like to send a message out to certain people. I hope you’re happy I’m gone. You better be finding you another one, because you just messed up and lost the one that you loved.

Congratulations to the folks in Jenkins for producing another outstanding bluegrass music festival. All the bands did a great job. Willard Hall, as master of ceremonies, gives the event a special touch of class.

Since there are so many of you who can’t control yourselves, the security cameras will now run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I’ve also gotten them mounted on all four sides on the house and in both cars.

I paid $10 each day to get into the bluegrass festival at the amphitheater in Jenkins. The music was very good and well worth the money, but I resent being badgered every few minutes to buy a ticket for a cake walk or split the pot.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I have a theory that if Americans don’t drive at least half as much as they did before gasoline went to $4.20 they will take the world economy into a depression. We had better get out of our cars or we’re not going to be able to eat.

A few days back, when gas was $4.10 a gallon, I got 3.8 gallons for $20. People need to watch the gas pump to make sure this doesn’t happen to them.

I just want everyone to know I saw the real live Kool-Aid man walking a girl to a vehicle on Tunnel Hill. Pretty cool.

To certain people who live at Cowan: You will pay for what you did to my nephew. I will see to it. My family is grieving over it now. His aunt was with him when it happened. We never figured anything like this would happen. You guys are going to pay big-time.

I wonder if two brothers and their friend will have a bigger crop this year than last year.

You are in my family. You are a preacher. You accused my daughter of stealing your Lortab 10s and she didn’t do it. My sister stole them for you because you had back pain. What are you going to do at the Great White Throne of Judgment? You are going to go straight to hell. I don’t appreciate you.

To my blue-eyed sweetheart: I care a lot about you. I want to make sure you know that. Love, Brown Eyes.

To the person talking about the Letcher County Jail inmates: The reason they are in jail is because the deputies pick the poor people up who drink so they can get their fines when they go back to work. I know people who drink and drive every day, but because they know certain officials they don’t get picked up and have to pay fines. That’s pitiful.

It’s amazing that one of the best all-around athletes ever to come out of Jenkins High School didn’t even get the athletic award at graduation. What’s going on here?

Why is it that Americans have spent $2 billion to cure cancer, walked a billion miles to cure cancer, and there’s still no cure? Could it be the cancer industry makes too much money raising funds? Thank God for the Internet for information.

This is the maroon drunk again. It was really hot today. The ice cold Budweiser after work in the back yard was really good. My old good buddy stopped by and told me our pill snorters are having bad luck right now. We hate that. They are such good people and everything. Oh well. Gotta go. I hear it’s going to be hot tomorrow, too.

Some car buyers get lemons. Some get grapes.

To a certain man: Do you remember what we talked about the other night – that you were getting married? I think you’re making a big mistake. You even told me that you weren’t really sure. I wish you would figure out what you want to do. That’s all I have to say for now. I hope you keep in touch. Love, E.

A television producer from Los Angeles, California that does a popular TV show called ‘Heroes Among Us’ came to Whitesburg to film one of our local residents. It wasn’t even in the newspaper, which seems like a big thing. I’m not trying to make anybody mad, but it seems like that isn’t good journalism.

(An advance story on the car show to which you are referring appeared in the July 9 edition of The Eagle, complete with the information that the production company was going to be on hand. Hopefully, another story will appear when the production company announces what it will do with the footage shot here.)

To the smart-mouth neighbor of mine who likes to bully people around: Just keep on turning your dogs loose on my nephews and jumping onto them about their skate boards. It’s all going to come to an end. The truth will come out. Everyone knows what kind of liar you really are.

I read in The Mountain Eagle about the new law on bullying for school students in Kentucky. It says it is now a criminal offense. What does this mean. Fifteenand 16-year-olds get into fights and call others names. What’s going to happen to them for just being kids? Kids are often placed in bad situations. That’s what parents and counselors are supposed to be for, not to send them to the courthouse to treat them like criminals.

While up at Wal-Mart, I noticed customers going through those isles driving about 25 to 30 miles per hour. What do they think would happen if a kid stepped out in front of them and they ran over them and killed them? It would be something to think about then, wouldn’t it?

See you later, alligator. Let’s go to Florida. After while, crocodile. Love you.

I would like to see more of Frog Doctor’s comments in the paper.

I want to say happy birthday to my little brother. He turned seven years old on July 20. Happy birthday, Harley. Love, your sister Georgeanna.

Barney has well organized a good group of citizens at Dairy Queen. He is a good leader. Everyone should give him thanks.

We’ve been waiting for you two rats at Deane. Do we really have to come to Blackey?

When we go up the road and see you burning all those clothes a church gave to you and you didn’t offer them to anyone else after you were done with them, that is wrong. There are more kids that could have used all of those clothes you burned.

Your girls are what is destroying your name. If you would stop all of those druggies from coming over there and having them partying and drinking all the time then maybe you wouldn’t have such a bad name.

All of us Judy girls out here are wondering who put that piece in the paper about the type of car she drives and where she works. Could you be a little more specific? Thank you.

I went to the doctor today and saw the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. They had a young lady working there – well, with a 40-year-old body stuffed in a blue shirt (that) I guess she thought was a dress. Anyway, it was disgusting. It looked as if she was wearing a dress made for a child. It makes me wonder how she can get away with wearing things like that when there is a dress code. She shouldn’t try to wear such things with a body so lumpy and bumpy.

Your wedding anniversary will soon be coming up. Hope you enjoy it.

I wish my beer drinking buddy hadn’t moved off the hill. I sure miss him, but I miss his wife even more. Know what I mean?

To a certain security company: I just want to say way to go for being on top of things and doing a good job out there.

I think WMMT in Whitesburg does a wonderful job, but I can’t get a certain DJ on Saturday night to play a song for me. I really can’t get them to answer the phone. I can’t wait until Kenny gets there. He’s number one.

Enjoy the summer. Soon it’ll be winter and we’ll all be cold.

Happy birthday, Jenny. Happy birthday, Jennifer. Enjoy your special days.

M.A. Glad that you and your honey are enjoying your swing. K.J.

I appreciated the article on the opinion page regarding the Jenkins School District’s decision to reduce its school week to four days with extended hours. As gas prices rise, we all must find ways cope while still providing a high quality and competitive education to our mountain children. I would like to know how the students’ test scores, grades, attendance and drop out rates compare to the days before the four-day week.

I’m a resident of Dunham and was attending the last Jenkins City Council Meeting. I was wondering why one reporter didn’t report the whole thing when Councilwoman Baldwin blew up on Bo Hopkins from the water department? Is the reporter supposed to report all that happens? Well, he didn’t. What gives with that?

I was an avid reader of another paper, but I’ve noticed there was no news report in that other paper from the recent Neon City Council meeting like before. I’m a former resident of Letcher County and I am very disappointed in this other paper. First, no Jenkins School Board, Jenkins City Council nor Whitesburg – and now no Neon. Good thing The Eagle was there to report the news, and our family is grateful. If nothing is changed with the other paper shortly, I’m turning all my business to The Eagle. Thank you.

This is in response to the dummy who wrote in last week’s column about members of the Neon City Council needing to get their backbone straightened out and start doing their job. I’m a council member and we are doing our job according to the law. We just can’t jump up and do this and that without following procedures. I think that we have an awesome council board and a mayor. And for your information, we have our backbones and they are straight. If you have a concern then please attend the monthly meetings every month. Thank you.

Have you ever noticed that there are so many people leaving Jenkins? Does that ever make anybody wonder why? Maybe it is because of all the drugs. Maybe if someone would stop all the drugs that come and go then maybe people would want to move back there. Jenkins used to be a really good place to live and raise a family but look at it now. And what is all this drug court stuff? All that is, is a way of making money off poor broke people. Yeah it’s keeping them from buying pills at that moment, but they are just going to leave there and go find a way to get pills with what money they have left. I don’t understand what is the big deal about pills. OK, so you get a little high for a while. Is that worth taking a chance and killing yourself over? Look at all the people that have already overdosed in just the past five years. And then you have all these people going to the methadone clinics. Get real and get a life. That is just an easy way to get high. If you want to get off drugs then go to a rehab facility. No kid wants to tell their friends that his or her mom or dad is a drug addict. Why not think of someone else for a change instead of always thinking about yourself? No one likes a selfish person. Just stop and think for a moment and ask yourself if you want your kids to grow up to be drug addicts. If the answer is no then listen carefully – kids do as they see.

The Mountain Eagle has been the most effective force for justice, and the greatest deterrent to political corruption, in this area for the greatest part of its history. Sadly, in recent years, its thrust has changed from addressing vital issues to giving accounts of family reunions, church socials, community gossip, and other entertaining but less important things. It seems oblivious to the magnitude of the problems facing us – and not very relevant anymore.

(News about families and communities has been a staple of The Mountain Eagle for 102 years. As for relevancy, our circulation, which is audited by an independent firm, continues to grow each year even though our county continues to lose population.)

Happy birthday, Jason York. May God bless you and your lovely family, Dana, Kevin and Kate.

It doesn’t seem likely that the federal government would commit the people and resources they have to investigating Knott county, without taking a look at adjacent counties. I hope they have Letcher under surveillance and that they investigate courts, government, and fire departments. The 2006 election, with the inordinate amounts spent, and the newspaper disappearance, could certainly stand a hard look. When candidates spend more to get into a four year office position than the position will pay for that amount of time, then something doesn’t add up.

To the witch on Payne Gap: If you don’t leave my husband alone I’m going to kick your behind. I would love to know the guy you’re dating. Oh Lord could I tell him a lot about you. He would have a stroke. But it won’t last long between you all anyway because you’re nothing but a gold digger. If he has any family they won;t let that happen. By the way, did you tell this guy about your past – about how you lie about everything? Did you tell him your man nearly beat you to death ? If you did, that’s a lie. You had anything you ever wanted from your man, but he had to leave you because you had the hots and could never stay with any man because you always went out on them? That’s why all your men left you. You don’t know who I am, but don’t worry, you will, because no one sleeps with my man and gets by with it, If your little guy you’re dating reads Speak Your Piece he will start to find out how you really are – how you lie to get your way. You’re nothing but trailer trash. And don’t worry, I will tell a whole lot more in next week’s paper. Did you tell your little man that you had sex with my husband? Thank you, from your best friend or worst. You find out.

All of the ladies that worked the concession stand at the second annual Feed the Children car and motorcycle show would like to thank the sheriff’s office for all their help and for being so nice.

My answer about Letcher County was not about drugs. Anyone into drugs should be put in jail for along time, and I mean years. I have no use for that kind. Thank you, L.H.

Heads up, everyone. She’s at it again. She used to live in Letcher County and now lives nearby in Pound. This time she’s been charged with child neglect and child abuse. Its bad enough she hit her daughter a few years ago, but now she doesn’t even have her daughters. You would think that she’d miss them, but she never even bothers trying to talk to them over the phone. Now her son has been taken from her and yet she feels no shame. Does she cry? No, she doesn’t. Does she try and fight for him like any other loving parent would? No, she doesn’t even care. She’s left him home alone and left him in cars while she’s gone to get her fix or running on the road to one of her boyfriends’ car accidents. There’s more to everything than what people think they know. Some thought she had changed. Well they thought wrong and now they know. She’s got a list of charges against her and they’re waiting to find out about more. Word around all the streets is she has been wired up for a few months now. She’s bad news.

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