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To the person talking about the inmates eating bologna sandwiches: You said you make minimum wage and would be glad to get to eat a bologna sandwich. I bet you have three or four kids and are on food stamps and welfare, too, and still can’t make it. The taxpayers pay for your bologna, also. So don’t think the jail inmates don’t have to pay fines to help keep you up.

There’s a move across the nation to persuade people to give up meat and dairy products. This is from the PETA people who don’t want you to touch animals. Meats have amino acids which are building blocks of the immune system. Your thyroid works on amino acids and iodine. Milk has all 20 essential amino acids plus calcium. That’s why meat and dairy will keep you healthy. People who eat meat and drink dairy are the most healthy people I see. The sickest people I see are those trying to be vegetarians. People who trade milk for diet soda are the ones who get all the diseases.

In a recent edition of this Speak Your Piece, it was stated there is camaraderie among the members of the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council. This is far from the truth. A certain group of council members has ruined what the mission is supposed to be.

Apple cider vinegar can cure heartburn. If you take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a fourth of a glass of water before each meal it can cure heartburn. It saved my life. It gives the body enzymes and it keeps your cholesterol low, along with a lot of other things in your body. If you don’t like the taste, mix honey with it. Be sure to get the ‘unprocessed’ made by GNC or available at health food stores. It’s the only kind that works. It’s also available at Generations in Wise, Va.

The people who were in the house and just let the 18-year-old boy lie there for so long without getting him any help should be held as responsible as the others. Thank you.

If you want a good laugh go to nozzlerage.com. It’s hilarious. Check it out.

Your kids should be more important to you than being in love with a drug head. Are you in love with this low-life or his drugs? You should be ashamed of yourself. You better turn your life around before it’s too late. Now you’re saying you’re going to marry that low-life druggie? Do you think your kids will miss you? You thought I was your friend when you told me about your affair, but I think you’re just as disgusting as the druggie you’re messing around with. You’re supposed to be a mother and a wife. You know what you’ve done, but do you realize how badly you are destroying your children’s lives? If you can turn your back on your husband you will do the same to your children.

To a woman who runs around with a Weed Eater in one hand and a back brace in the other: Just who do you think you’re fooling ? God? Everybody in the neighborhood knows exactly what kind of person you really are. And we all know you’ve got a criminal past.

I would just like to say thank you to King Daddy from WMMT. He’s a great DJ there and does a really good job. All radio stations need someone like King. I would like to thank him for playing a song for me right off the bat when I call him. He plays what I want without any questions. Way to go, King.

I just want to wish my sevenyear old son Harley a late happy birthday. I love you, Son. Love, Dad.

To Beavis and Butt-head at the slope: To get one boot you’re going to have to take the other. So be careful which boot you grab hold of.

When that belt line gets in my culvert, don’t you go to sleep.

I’m far from jealous, blabber belly. By the way, do you have any Percocet for sale? Bye.

To a certain someone in Letcher County: Leave my boyfriend alone. He’s not yours, so back off.

To a special nanny and papaw on Turkey Creek: I love you very much.

To the person who made a statement about having to wait in the public libraries to use a computer to do important work while the kids are playing games: That’s why they’re called public libraries. You can do whatever you want on the computers when you want. Thank you very much.

A certain girl needs to leave Letcher alone and go back to the school she came from.

To a certain woman on Turkey Creek: None of what anybody else says is any of your business.

To a certain pastor: You need to get your priorities straight and practice what you preach. You also need to control your family. If you can’t, you need to step down.

I received my letter from Letcher County Central High School saying the cost of a parking permit for a student in good standing is $10, but $50 for students who have failed a class. What’s this paying for, the parking lot? Isn’t it already paid for? Does the extra $40 pay for a bus to take kids to summer school so they can re-take the classes they failed? The answer to this question is no. These parents should not be charged an extra $40 for no reason. And no, my child is not driving yet. But if they think I’m going to give them an extra $40 they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

(Why not just show some responsibility as a parent and let your kid know that if he or she gets a failing grade there will be no driving to school?)

To a certain skank: I don’t know what you’re thinking when you’re out telling that you weren’t with a certain girl the night before she was found dead of a drug overdose. I saw you with her with my own eyes and you were blown out of your mind. There should be a law punishing people who give drugs to people who overdose on them. Everybody knows that you are a skanky, drug-addicted woman who aids in killing people with the drugs you sell. Another thing: You need to quit telling lies about how people stole your pills. You traded your pills and $75 for some crack to put in your pipe, you skank.

Just wondering when they let cows in blue dresses start working in clinics.

Who is T.Y. or L.Y.? Would you please let me know in next week’s paper? Thank you.

Would some politician please explain how a 98-year-old woman who is on a fixed income and unable to cook for herself wouldn’t meet the requirements for Meals on Wheels?

This is Laura Hammock. I’m calling on behalf of myself, my husband, and my children. We are very sad because on Sunday, July 20, our Maltese puppy went missing in the Whitesburg area around 11 p.m. We live on Jenkins Road near the Mountain Heart Center near the hospital. If anyone has seen him he is a small white dog and has a terrible haircut, so you may not know he’s a Maltese. We are offering a $50 reward for his return home. If he was hit by a car we would still like to know what happened to him. Not knowing what’s happened to him is breaking the hearts of my children. Our phone number is 632-3091. Please call us if you have any information.

To a man at Isom: Get rid of that old hag you’ve got and us women from McRoberts will show you how to have some fun.

Here’s how it is: Many seek to find out how many imperfections, failures and cardinal traits are allowable in religion, but few seek to bring Christianity to the height of the gospel standard and to the unlimited promise of God. The measure of the stature of the fullness is seldom mentioned, much less demonstrated, while the stature of littleness, emptiness and powerlessness of Christianity is often emphasized and demonstrated. Something to think about.

I feel sorry for any of the elderly people whose kids and grandchildren take their money. While I feel sorry for them, I feel even more sorry for the people who did it. They are going to pay. They’ll either pay in this life or the next one, one or the other. You reap what you sow. The worm will turn. Every dog has its day. If you’re doing what I’m talking about, quit it. If you’ve done it you better feel sorry for yourself, because you’re going to get it.

You are so brave to call in to Speak Your Piece about people who go to church. So please, keep your mouth shut. Take care of your own self and you will be doing fine. Thank you.

To the fat, snotty, smart-aleck girl a certain convenience store has hired: The next time you’re rude to me I will jerk you across the counter and give you something to be smart about.

Everyone knows a certain greasy-haired girl is cheating on her husband. The next time she does it there will be pictures, because we have proof. Thank you.

I would just like to tell my beautiful girlfriend that I love her and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

Can somebody tell me what these little creatures on my butterfly bush are? They look halfway between some kind of bee and hummingbird. There are lots of them, and I don’t remember ever seeing them before.

(Without seeing a picture of what you’re talking about we can’t be sure, but it sounds like you’re seeing what’s known as a hummingbird moth.)

If you people, and you know who you are, continue to drive by and interrupt our prayer services you will have to deal with God. And believe me, He will smack your little faces.

There are some people on Big Cowan who burn clothes all the time. They get them from church, and other people could use the clothes if all they’re going to do is burn them. Other people could use help, too.

I am glad they don’t have you on the team. If you did what was right you would still have a team.

Your dogs are running all over the community, breaking into garbage cans, using lawns for a toilet, and interfering with other people’s animals and their food. Do you think you’re above the law?

I’m calling about the mayhem that goes on at Mountain Breeze. A lot of it has to do with the tenants up there. The management doesn’t know what is really going on. I’ve been banned from seeing my kids or my girlfriend up there. And the police don’t have the right just to walk into an apartment there and search for someone. People are allowed to tell the police ‘no’ if they don’t have a search warrant.

What about that ‘duck patrol’ police officer they have in Jenkins? The other night me and my buddies were on our way to go fishing and were traveling at about 25 or 35 miles per hour when we ran over a duck that came out in front of us. This police officer pulled us over and interrogated us, checked our noses, gave us a breath test, and tore our car all to heck while searching it. All this over a duck? I mean, come on.

To the new guy at a certain convenience store: You are so hot. I know it’s your birthday and we’re going to give you something very special.

We hope the Moncrief family enjoys their beautiful new home in Lexington. From all your good buddies and friends in Whitesburg.

I would like to wish a certain woman a happy birthday on August 25. I love you so much.

(Well, at least this way you can’t be accused of forgetting.)

I would like to speak my piece about all of these healthy young boys drawing SSI and still working every day and getting paid under the table. Let them be aware that things are going to change. They will be caught and they will have to work legally. It’s a shame that these people do what they do while the honest people have to get out and work like dogs without getting any help with their medical bills or anything else.

This is the maroon drunk again. I know some of you decent people don’t care to hear what I have to say, but maybe a few pill snorters ought to take notice. By the way, it was pretty hot again today, and the first thing I did when I got home was pop a top on you know what. Back to the powder inhalers: I want them to know that if I can’t party they’re not going to, either. The police told me to let them know the tag number, the make, and the color of the cars when they leave. The silver one might be the first one that gets it. I like it when stupid people think they’re smarter than me.

I want my buddy’s wife, my girlfriend, to know I appreciate her finding reasons to come back on the hill just to see me again. I love her so much. And I really do like my beer-drinking buddy. But I also know that if he catches me my butt is kicked, because I’ve seen him kick butt before.

To the woman who drives a van: Does your husband know that you’ve been going out at 4:30 in the mornings? If he did, what would he say?

To a certain person in Sheas Fork: Just calling to let you know I’m thinking about you. I will be getting in touch with you. I don’t have a phone at the moment, so I thought I’d leave this in here for you to read.

Hey, Ward. I guarantee you won’t make office again after this little deal with the security systems at the senior citizens centers. We’ll see to that. You could have purchased these systems much more cheaply from another local company. This is just unreal.

Woe be unto you for I am a child of the King. Visions He has shown, lies He revealed. Your deceitfulness and your harmful ways will be found out. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord. I won’t have to do anything. You know who this is for.

To a sexy, dark-haired lady at Kingscreek: Thanks for the good times we had. I will never forget them. I will miss you and I will always love you. You know who.

To a girl who lives in Pine Creek: Thanks for stealing my boyfriend. You know, it really does hurt a lot, but I guess you just really don’t care anymore. It’s sad to do your cousin that way.

This is Marty Snider from Corbin. I am looking for a Michelle Davidson that lived in Harlan and may reside now in Cumberland, Kentucky. If anyone knows her, please give her this number to call me: 606-521- 1171. I’ve been looking for her for almost three years and can’t find her.

A young man died recently because he was supplied drugs by a dope dealer. Why isn’t the person who gave him the drugs being blamed for his death?

You people who don’t have anything to do but find fault with other people and follow them around all day, you need to get your mind on serving God instead of taking care of other people’s business. God knows all about you. Even though you wear those sunglasses, one day He’s going to judge you for what you are doing instead of what you think I’m into. If you were as good as me you would take care of yourself and leave other people alone. Thank you, dear, and I hope you change your mind one day before it’s too late. God knows all, and He will take care of it. Amen.

I lost my beloved granny in January 2005 to cancer. That, obviously, was devastating. However, my family and I were not prepared for the hardship that was to follow. After her burial, it was time to choose a monument fitting of the remarkable woman she was. My mom picked out a beautiful design, complete with an archway-type topping, and planned to have it engraved with not only the typical family name and birth to death dates, but also a couple of applicable quotes and a vase with wedding rings in the middle. The monument is not only for Granny, after all, but for my loving grandfather whenever his date to meet the Lord comes. The monument was paid for, in full, when it was ordered. Months passed and no monument. Finally it arrived, and no sooner than it was placed there were problems. Cracking, chipping — things that should not happen to a monument, let alone a brand new one. Again, months passed as Mom haggled to get a replacement. The monument company at first seemed willing to accommodate her, even though the initial monument had taken a bit too long to arrive in the first place. When the second one arrived and was set, there were again problems. The lettering is out of line, and places where the monument was glued to the base are clearly visible. With my mom being a perfectionist, I at first thought she was finding problems that even the naked eye couldn’t see until I saw it for myself. Pictures of both monuments were taken to the company and for our family’s keeping. The company since has ignored phone calls and emails, and has been rude when Mom has made visits in order to get this corrected. Our family is out a considerable amount of money, time, and effort, as well as the fact that we have been over three years now trying to get a proper resting place for my grandmother. She doesn’t deserve this and neither do we. What happened to ‘the customer is always right’? Why can’t a business fulfill its obligations when its entire existence relies on its customers and their satisfaction? Lindsay Caudill, Lexington.

It’s plain to see./When I saw him on the street the first thing he said to me was/’Boy we sure can make them Big Mac’s fast.’/ He’s got McDonald’s on the brain/It’s plain to see./They’ve got McDonald’s on the brain/It’s plain to see./They sat around on their fifteen minute break/Showing the scars on their arms./They bragged about how fast they made them hamburgers/And talked about the times when they got burnt./They’ve got McDonald’s on the brain.

Sarah Elizabeth, your Ohio and Kentucky relatives wish you a very happy birthday. We love you a lot.

Being a bitch means I stand up for myself and my beliefs. I stand up for those I love. I speak my mind, think my own thoughts and do things my way. I won’t compromise what’s in my heart. I live my life my way and I won’t allow anyone to step on me. I refuse to tolerate injustice. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be me. So try to stomp on me, douse my inner flame, squash every ounce of beauty I hold within, and you won’t succeed. If that makes me a bitch, so be it. I embrace the title and I’m proud to be a bitch.

(Such modesty.)

I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, but what I saw the other day was sad. A neighbor and her kids were out by the road trying to get their dog that had broken loose from its collar. The dog was running on the outside of this man’s fence. He was just running back and forth doing no harm while the woman and kids were standing in the road. This socalled man fires a shot in the air with a gun, and the kids start to cry. They are upset thinking this man had killed their dog. The most reasonable thing to have done was to let these kids just get their dog. Instead this man felt he had to shoot and scare these poor kids. Shame on him. I will make sure I say extra prayers for him because he needs to think before he acts on his anger. He knows who he is.

I can’t believe that Southeast Community College would hire a convicted child molester. Does no one check on these people who are around our young people? I know for a fact that one of the people working there spent time in prison for statutory rape. I wonder if they even looked at his application to see if the question ‘Have you been convicted of a felony?’ was checked ‘YES’ or ‘NO’? Who is in charge of this? Something needs done to keep our kids safe.

I read a comment last week from someone wanting to hear more from Frog Doctor. Well I’m glad to see that someone likes some of my sayings. I try to speak the truth, but somehow that offends people some of the time. I don’t believe in being fake or trying to act a certain way. I am who I am and I am proud to be who I am. I think if more people would do a little soul searching and find out who they really are we would be better off. God gave us a voice, so use it. If you stand up for what you believe in and don’t let people push you around you will realize that you are a better person for doing this. Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone put you down for being overweight, or because you have low self esteem, or you think you are not pretty enough, or just because you are too nice for your own good and let people run all over you. Just think, these people that are being high and mighty have problems of their own and the only way to deal with it is to be mean and nasty to others. So stand up, my favorite people in Jenkins and Burdine, and take back your life. You deserve what life has to offer to you, so reach out and grab what you want. As for all the nasty trash-talking people, well, just tell them to bite you. Love life and live life and enjoy. Until next time, Frog Doctor says peace and love to the beautiful people in our hometown.

It’s hard to get criminal charges filed, and few of them result in indictments. Even fewer indictments result in convictions. The system is not working right, and people are being cheated out of the protection they deserve. A prosecutor’s discretion should not be used just to avoid trials, and plea bargains should not be made with defendants who have nothing to offer. Officials must be watched and held accountable.

County fire departments are handling a lot of money. Any agency with public money should be audited regularly, and the history of the fire departments makes it even more important that they get this surveillance. The fiscal court provides them with a certain amount of money. Do they have any way of knowing how it is spent?

I just saw three of the ugliest things I believe I’ve ever seen in my life. I saw two at our local Wal-Mart. One was a bearded fat lady wearing a nightgown/duster with no bra and no slip. Yes, very gross. And one was a very fat redhaired Pillsbury doughboy that had rotted teeth and sores from his head to his feet — the kind you get from doing drugs. He had to lean over the buggy just to hold himself up. That, too, was very disgusting. I am sure glad I don’t work in the public, because people who do not care how they look make my stomach quiver. The last ugly thing I saw was a 44-year-old ex-preacher with his own MySpace page. Very disgusting, too. He’s married but only has a picture of his girlfriend on MySpace. He is so sick to have pictures on there calling himself ‘hot.’ Yep, you can’t get more ignorant than that. Letcher County is full of some real ugly people, and these three take the cake — the ex-preacher at the top of the list. Weekly tip: Plant tulips. Make your world a little more beautiful.

I just want to wish one of my favorite cousins a very happy birthday. It was on July 29. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Dreama. Just want you to know that I love and miss you more than you will ever know. Starlinnea.

Regarding a person who didn’t get picked as superintendent: He may well be a good man, but it’s unfortunate — and perhaps even unfair — that the sins of the father can sometimes limit us. His father has quite a reputation going way back. Something to think about.

To ‘Kelleh’: Woll Smoth is watching, even when you think you’re alone. He’s watching with those beady little eyes.

The Blackey City Council is once again making noises about annexing other communities, although they have no possibility of supporting them. People in those communities had better realize that if that should happen they would be isolated from all those things the county provides. This is a dangerous group, and have proven many times over that they are only good for one thing — causing trouble. Anyone who has never seen one of the council’s meetings should go at least once.

I read in Speak Your Speak about someone having a camera in their vehicles and cameras in or on their house. What have you done to people to make your life so miserable? If I was in your shoes, I would be watching my back. You know who this is, so beware.

I am happy that the federal agents got their convictions in Knott County. They are apparently a professional, hardworking, effective group, with a very high conviction rate. What I think is most impressive is that there are just a few federal agents in Kentucky, but they are having a greater impact on crime than the hundreds of political prosecutors, sheriffs, judges, deputies, etc., in the state. Also impressive is the fact that they are working in unfamiliar territory, most of the time, unlike the locals. I believe they are the only hope for removing the graft, bribery, vote buying, thievery, and other corruption that sits on us like a plague.

Why are two doctors from Whitesburg who have more money than God trying to keep one of the doctors they hired from getting his money? This is greed. The people of this region have made you very wealthy, and now that one of the doctors needs help all you two are trying to do is screw him over. It’s not right. What if it were you? Oh yeah, you are above all that and would never be sick or laid up. This is appalling. If you were doing this to help out it would be different, but to do that you would have to have a heart, and I don’t think either of you knows the meaning of heart much less have one. Thank you.

Have a wonderful life. How you live it is up to you.

I would like to say this about The Mountain Eagle: The community news articles are good. They keep people informed about how those they are interested in are doing, and are often entertaining. The editorial page has a good balance of political views. The thing that is lacking, and it is a very important omission, is something about the deplorable condition of Letcher County government and the ‘old boy network’ that keeps it that way. A stranger reading the paper would never know from the editorial page that it is a Letcher County paper.

I think the Neon City Council and the mayor are awesome. I hope that those in office now run again. We need people like that to run our communities. So whoever said they needed their backbones straightened out are crazy, because they are fine people.

Since you got onto our case about our property being junked and a disgrace, when are you all going to start enforcing others to clean up their properties? Why are you singling us out? I am a volunteer at this organization and we work ourselves to death trying to help out needy families. One question: Have you gotten straightened out yet? If you make us clean up, then make the rest clean up as well.

I have long advocated for a ‘hanging judge’ in Letcher County, but, sadly, that will never happen. So I now suggest an alternative. I’ve noticed that Perry County is big on community service, sometimes making it the bulk of the sentencing. I thought it was overkill at first, but now I think they are really on to something. Making convicts work their butts off for free appears to be a very effective deterrent against future crimes, even more than hefty fines or jail time. And it doesn’t cost taxpayers nearly as much as keeping someone in jail. If we can’t get maximum sentences, which obviously we can’t in this county, then maximizing community service is the next best thing — perhaps the best thing period.

I’ve heard that the Appalshop wants to use the county’s planned new recreation center for an arts center. I would just like to say that if the county is going to have a community center it should be something that would bring families together, like a bowling alley. An arts center is fine, but if that’s what they want then why not go to Appalshop? We need something different around here — not a county-funded extension of Appalshop. There are companies that will install 10 lanes, the screens, shoes and everything necessary to run an alley for $100,000. I believe the budget was far more than that, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi, Aunt Virginia. Hope you’re doing okay. We miss visiting with you. MA-KJ-DL.

KJ. Looking forward to Nashville. Cousins are wonderful. MA

DL. Hope your summer has been good. Hope to see you this fall. Looking forward to cousins in Nashville. MA.

It looks like Southeast Community College has a reputation for dragging its feet and never doing anything about problems. I hope they take care of the convicted child molester they have working around our children before he strikes again.

As the Jenkins Independent School System settles into another year, taxpayers should realize they are paying certain teachers to do nothing. Some get half the day off to run errands. How is it fair that certain coaches and relatives get preferential treatment?

You left many years sooner than we thought you would. We know you are in a better place, but we still feel so sad. We cannot help crying nearly every time we speak your name. You will be missed by your friends forever.

I think that it is a shame that people think that it is OK to shoot a dog. People need to know that a new law has passed called Romeo’s Law, which makes it a felony to kill a dog or cat. It is punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison. You cannot kill an animal just because it comes in your yard, or it gets in your trash, or just because it is a nuisance to you. It is a proven fact that anyone who abuses animals also commits other crimes.

Jerry, Tim and the Isom group are to be complimented on another good program and fireworks. Jerry does a good job, and also gives a helping hand in trying to make a better community.

The politicians and news media keep calling this a democracy. The fact is, it was set up to be a representative republic, not a democracy. But big money interests have turned it into a plutocracy. Some loud-mouthed talk show hosts are blaming the Democrats for the mess we are in, although they have been in the majority less than two years and can’t possibly override a veto. Also, Phil Gramm sponsored legislation to repeal the 1933 act which regulated the stock market. Jim Bunning recently made a strong impression on me, and if he sticks to his word I will surely vote for him. As a Democrat, I am saying that we don’t need Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. In view of some things Obama has said and done recently, I can’t vote for him. And, I would bet some serious money on his becoming president. I am sure that this was cut and dried in Washington from the beginning. George W., who was adamant about staying in Iraq, is now considering a timetable for withdrawal, probably because he is afraid of being upstaged. Photo ops must be contagious, for Obama seems to have caught the virus.

To my special lady: You will always be on my mind. You are a special lady in all you do. Your painting is great. I would like to see what you are painting now. I have been sick so I couldn’t respond. I will always love you. You were always good to me. I hope you are doing better. Paint me something blue with a white background.

Imagine — Can you imagine a city made with transparent gold?/Eternal life there is not hard to get or hold./Imagine a place with no more crying, dying or pain./We all have so little to lose and so much to gain./ Imagine a place where we need no sun, God’s spirit will light the way./Imagine there will be no nights, only an everlasting day./Imagine a place where the struggle and toil of life will end./The only price we have to pay is be free from sin./My friend, we don’t have to imagine such a place./The only thing we have to do is accept God’s saving grace.

Frog Doctor, this is real, not a joke. A witch doctor came from down South. We were talking cars. He said, ‘Come on,’ and threw his hand out and touched my heart. He made me a dog, then a black crow. I flew south and landed on a cow pie. Then I became a setting hen, sitting under the walnut trees. He said, ‘Don’t stop.’ My tongue was hanging out for water so I went to the waterhole first. Wrong, wrong. He pulled my chain and I became a runaway train going down the dirt road south, a volcano blowing hot one day, blowing cool the next day. Well, with God’s blessing I’m not a dog or a setting hen. I am older and wiser. Well, Frog Doctor, it has been great to talk to you. I am on the Milky Way, me and my best friend. See you. Silver and Gold.

‘There’s nothing for kids to do around here.’ I’ve heard this line many times over the past few years in Letcher County. I’ve heard politicians, community leaders, religious leaders, parents, adults, kids and even drug addicts and alcoholics use this phrase to support their agenda in the public forum. The good news is that not all of our society has taken the road of ‘let someone else do it for you.’ We still have lots of people with the spirit that hard work and commitment are the keys to success, particularly lots of young people. I had the good fortune to watch a group of young ladies, the Letcher Central Lady Cougars JV team, travel to Lexington to play in the Kentucky Basketball Academy’s State AAU Tournament for high school girls’ junior varsity teams. These girls gave up their summer to practice and work toward a common goal, a state championship. They achieved their goal by beating Sacred Heart, Pulaski Southwestern, Somerset, Whitley County, and Sacred Heart a second time in the championship game. What a success story. The Letcher Central Lady Cougars JV team only won four games this past high school basketball season. But they decided to work over the summer, they had something they wanted to accomplish. These girls showed they ‘had plenty to do’ in Letcher County. There were a few parents there, a few other fans, and the team. The people that attended had the good fortune to witness an event that will forever bind these young ladies together. You should have been there to see this group of girls. Girls with grins on their faces, spring in their steps, and smiles you seldom get to witness and appreciate. Grins of success, grins of ‘look what we did together’, grins of a life-changing event and lifelong memories. The leadership and toughness of Myrika Begley and Chloe Wynn demonstrated the hard work, bumps and bruises, and the experience of a season of varsity basketball. The rebounding and stellar defensive play of Lauren Thomas were critical in the post for the Lady Cougars. The defensive presence, ball handling, and timely scoring of Erica Meade and Kelah Eldridge steadied the team in times of distress. Much needed offensive and defensive support, rest, and rebounding were provided by Keisha Collins and Vannah Breeding. The team’s stellar play was rounded out by excellent support from the bench by Rachel Baker, Lisa Frazier, Ana Morris, Sierra Dixon, Julie Cornett, Emi Nichols, Ari Nichols, and Auberny Campbell. All these girls played and all contributed to this nearly flawless team performance. So the next time you hear ‘there’s nothing to do in Letcher County,’ you might want to call their hand on that statement. Letcher Central High School offers most every high school sport sanctioned by the KHSAA. LCC has basketball (boys’ and girls’), track (boys’ and girls’), tennis (boys’ and girls’), cross country (boys’ and girls’), golf (boys’ and girls’), soccer (boys’ and girls’), girls’ volleyball, boys’ football, girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, cheerleading, and a dance team. Oh, and before the naysayers add they only provide activities for jocks, let me remind you of all the clubs, organizations, academic teams, and other schoolrelated activities available to all kids. Everyone might not be an athletic star and play in college, but everyone can share in the many positives gained by participating in group or sports activities. So there’s plenty for kids to do in Letcher County, but most of it will require work, commitment, effort and maybe even a little bit of your summer. But I promise our kids, our community, and our society will be better for their efforts. So when you see a young Lady Cougar JV player, or any other young kid, with a t-shirt, hat, or jacket proudly displaying what they have accomplished with their efforts, give them a pat on the back and tell them how proud you are of them. It will make them feel better, it will make you feel better, and their enthusiasm and energy may get you excited enough to become a fan again and get involved. Hey, what else do you have to do? ‘There’s nothing to do around here.’ A fan of high school sports.

On Monday we had bread and gravy, on Tuesday it was gravy and bread. On Wednesday and Thursday was gravy on toast, but still that’s just gravy and bread. On Friday we went to George W. for a change from our gravy and bread. But Saturday and Sunday were the worst days of all, we got gravy without any bread.

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