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The person who complained about the ineptitude of judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys was correct. This also applies to any county office you visit. You may get attention if you’re a billionaire. They all sleep in the same bed, all across the U.S.A.

Hey, Brushy Bill. Cowboy here. Come down from the mountain. If ol’ Barney will carry double we’ll hit the campaign trail. It certainly will be good to have a mountain man as president of the United States.

I would like to speak my piece and say that if you’re dating a county official you can get whatever you want done. If not you might as well give up. I think it’s a shame they’re making a difference between people. Thank you.

Eastern Kentucky, I thank God the economy is growing thanks to the coal industry. I am sorry about the environment. The strip-mining is like a cancer on the land. Yes, you can reclaim it, but the damage is already done. A deep mine is like a creature in a dying man’s blood. You follow the vein of coal until there is no more. And what about the ozone? I watched my daddy die from the dust on his lungs. My brother also went to his maker gasping for his last breath. That’s the way it is. When the mining goes and there is no more coal, what is left for you? Nothing. Once more your towns will go the way of the Old West — just images and scars of thing past. So enjoy life now. There is a bright side to all things — Jesus is coming back and He won’t have a coal shovel in His hands. He has everlasting life. Think about it.

To a certain man who is always picking a fight: You only wish you could be Mr. Bud and Mr. Bud Light. You think you’re tough, you think you’re bad. The way you fight is oh so sad. You and your red-headed skank are nothing but trouble. You better look out, because someone is getting ready to bust your bubble. We know what you do and we know how you deal. And you think you’re bad when you’ve snorted your pill.

Ladies, the old tomcat has slowed down in Partridge. He’s worn out, can’t run, can’t scratch, and he can just tinkle a little. Growing old. Leave him alone. Let him rest.

When you figure other people from other areas read this newspaper and read Speak Your Piece, you really have to wonder what kind of image they have in their head about us when they read this stuff. I mean, good grief. Well, it’s eastern Kentucky — the armpit of civilization.

(Have you ever compared Speak Your Piece to the reader comment areas on the Web sites of any of the major daily newspapers — or, for that matter, to what’s included on any of the Internet portals such as MSN or Yahoo? If you haven’t, you should. Then you will see that the majority of those who contribute to Speak Your Piece have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of. In fact, they come off quite well when compared to the other stuff that’s out there.)

Someone commenting in last week’s edition of Speak Your Piece thought that Appalshop wanted to use the old A&P site for an arts center. That’s not the case. Appalshop has no designs on that property. The caller was apparently referring to the fact that a number of the outstanding community leaders associated with Appalshop’s Appalachian Media Institute approached the Letcher Fiscal Court and asked to be actively involved with planning the new county recreation center. They are the future leaders of our county and they are some mighty good ones, so I hope that will happen.

To a red-headed druggie: Honey, you better be glad you left when you did. Everyone saw your true colors and nobody liked them. Everything that happened here came back to one person, and that one person was you. You were the backbone to everything that got started and everything that continued to go on. If I were you I wouldn’t come back. And if your husband knows what’s best for him, he would leave too. Let your kids have a chance at a good clean life without a mother and father who breathe, sleep and eat drugs.

Concerning a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about a skank, overdose and crack pipe, could you please be more specific about who that is? Could you tell us the color of the vehicle? I might have a crow to pick with that person, too.

I was wondering why our county coroner, John Cornett, is able to drive a cruiser to and from Hazard to work at county expense. I don’t understand why he should be able to do that when we taxpayers can’t go up there and get one.

If anybody knows the time and dates of the Mountain Heritage Festival in September, please respond in the next Speak Your Piece.

This is the maroon drunk again, and I thought I should do something to make people proud of me. To start with, I don’t drink and drive, but do have a cold one after work. But I know people who snort and drive and my aim is to stop them. I plan to start a neighborhood watch. Between me and my beer-drinking buddy down the road, we should get some results. So we’ll be letting you nice people know what’s going on. I bet you people are already proud of us. We can feel the pats on our backs already.

I’m calling on the people of Letcher County to vote and demand that we have a new school board. They have taken it on themselves to take our children and put them all in one school without having a vote on it. They have changed the grade schools down to one school. I think the public needs to be able to vote on these things. They don’t need to be told what to do and made to get in line with the little sheep and follow the big bad wolf. It’s time that we stand on our own and decide we want a school board that will work for us instead of against us. Thank you.

This is in response to the person who commented in Speak Your Piece about a young man who died recently because he was supplied drugs by a dope dealer: The reason the person who is a dope dealer isn’t being blamed for his death is because you can’t make people do stuff they don’t want to do. So you shouldn’t blame it on a drug dealer just because some idiot wants to do drugs and overdoses.

So you want to go to the beer store this weekend, pill heads? You better be careful, because you have to drive right by my house. And if I’m not at home, you will be surprised at the people who are watching you all and all the company you keep. And speeding by a ‘children playing’ sign is a definite no-no. Walking doesn’t count.

I’m going to speak the truth. For some time now a certain woman I have for a neighbor has thought she can bully anybody around and get away with it at any given time. Well, my mom has a mental breakdown because of her nerves and here come the cops to pick her up as usual. It’s not my mother’s fault nor my fault what happens. It’s her nerves. So let me tell you something, honey: You can go up and down Doty Creek telling your lies and getting everyone to believe you. You just keep on lying and laughing and giggling when the law comes around, because sooner or later it’s not going to be too funny.

I want to wish my husband, Johnny Coomer, a happy anniversary of 28 years on August 7. I love you and I always will. Your wife, Angel Coomer.

To a certain person: You should be ashamed of yourself for using God as a weapon for your jealousy and vindictiveness. God will not be mocked. You are disgraceful.

I have called three times to the county road department to try to get a sign put up on Wildflower Lane to tell people to slow down. I go out on that road, and people are coming down off that hill so fast they will run over anyone that’s out there. My grandchildren go out that road and we travel that road. I would like for the people who live on Wildflower Lane to please slow down before you kill one of us. Thank you.

The Kids’ Day at the walking park in Whitesburg was very nice this year. You could run into people you hadn’t seen in weeks. Some of them were kind of rude and would almost run to keep from having to talk to you. It might have been too hot for them. Or maybe they were trying to hide something. Oh well, we all love Kids’ Day.

TVS Cable needs to send people out to check the cable lines. They have a lot of service being stolen.

I would like to hear from others on Craft’s Colly. How many of you are tired of the house sliding off the hill onto the road and the road breaking off with no guardrails and no room for two cars to pass there? Let’s get together and let’s get this fixed now.

At about 1:30 p.m. on July 31 I pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store at the top of Pound Mountain on the left. I saw the most beautiful woman in the world sitting there in her car. I would love to be able to talk to her. I wish she would get in touch with me and talk to me. I still love her very much and she shouldn’t let anyone tell her I don’t.

A certain man is single again, so you men better be watching your women.

I appreciate Speak Your Piece and The Mountain Eagle. Most people wouldn’t take the time and space to put these messages in for the people. It’s a great forum. Thanks, Mountain Eagle.

I am a native of eastern Kentucky and have just moved back to the area from Virginia. I am very concerned about the poor health of the people in this area and the high death rate. I am a former teacher and a natural health consultant. I have a bachelor of arts degree in education and health, so I am qualified to give some good input on nutritional topics. I consider myself to be a nutrition detective. People don’t think about their diet or their habits. Colon cancer is rampant in this area, and if you knew that cutting out pop and cigarettes and adding crunchy vegetables to your diet could possibly prevent colon cancer, would you do it?

I notice that many of you have an aversion to light. Well, I’m going to give you a chance and see how you behave. If you can’t behave the lights are going to come back on.

All the women need to watch for a certain man who drives a gravel truck: He picks up every woman he can and he never tells the truth. And he doesn’t care who he hurts. Watch out for him.

I know the name of the woman who burns clothes on Cowan. Some people don’t think of anyone but themselves. She has a man who works every day. I guess it’s come easy, go easy.

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of. It’s like there are unseen forces trying to crash our economy with high gas prices. The truckers, the lifeline of our economy, can’t make a profit and are quitting around the county in droves. There’s a bill before Congress right now that would us go Meximericanada, the North America Union. This will put us in competition with the European Union. It sounds good, but I wonder. Check out the RFID card and the VeriChip to be put in your body. It will have financial and medical records and it sounds good. Prophecy is being fulfilled. We are going to a worldwide government, worldwide religion, and worldwide currency. It’s coming.

To certain people: UNITE will follow you all the way to Knott County. We already know your new address.

I just wanted to thank Speak Your Piece for printing the comment about the DJ at WMMT. I would just like to say again that he’s pretty cool, King Daddy is. I just met him about a week ago and it seems like I’ve known him all my life. Way to go, King. From me and my soon-to-be wife and my little boy. I want to say also that Chuck Johnson does a really good job, too. Way to go, Chuck.

A.S., I am proud of you and your family. God is the way to go. A.S., watch what you eat. Sugar will kill you. Take it easy. P.B., I was there when they put pins and screws in your leg. Sorry you had to go through that. P.B., do you think that it was right that you signed married papers for E.D. and W.H.? I’m worried about our brother T.R.Y. I miss you all so much. I’m around. You can’t see me but I’m there. T.L.Y.

Preacher Man — Hey, Mr. Preacher Man, you may need to watch your ways./If you’re in it for the money and not to get souls saved./If on a Sunday morning is the only time you pray/You had better be careful not to lead God’s people astray./If you’re driving around in your new shiny car, without a care/We may not know, but the Lord above knows how you got there./If your pride makes you think you’re above it all,/God has brought many greater than you to a terrible fall./ I know there are a lot of preachers that really do care/But, people, if it doesn’t sound like it comes from God, get out of there. C/A/C.

Hey, hey, what’s up, Doc? Not me. Why didn’t you let me know you came calling. Have you been reading C.A.C.? I have. Good stuff. Just what everyone needs. Be a man. Park in my driveway, knock on my door, and say hello. You have my address. Put a letter in the mailbox. Come and make yourself at home. It’s my house and my home. Look around and you see everything of his was put in the trash, so you can be a friend without him around. Don’t worry about those two troublemakers. God will take care of that. Love you. Let’s go to some car shows.

Years ago I had a house in Tazewell. On the way to Tennessee I stopped in Whitesburg and had my hair done. The beautician sprayed my eyes full of hair spray. Thinking nothing about it, I didn’t get my eyes washed out. I went on to Tennessee. I was at the house 30 minutes and I had this big, big, big headache. No one could have stood it without calling for help. I called friends and they were not home to take me to the doctor and the hospital. Well, I got down on my knees praying and crying for three hours, then I cried and slept some, then my head was OK. When I got back to Kentucky I saw a doctor and he said I was allergic to the hair spray or there was carbon monoxide from the mold and mildew where my house had been shut up. All of my sisters and mother are allergic to perfume. That is and was the first headache I ever had to this day and I am 70 years old. No problems, God answered the call.

Oh my God. You didn’t, you did. Oh my God, silver and gold house. You bought it. Two of everything? I know he was one of your family the way he was dressed and looked. You are love. John 3:16. Yes, you are love and love. Thank you.

I am a young lady of 68 years. I was born at Calso, Ky., in Letcher County. I used to be proud to tell people where I am from, but now I am very ashamed of the court system down there in Whitesburg. I and two sisters, age 72-73, and a young child were camping out on our own property which is located in Sexton Branch, what you people changed to Earl C. Drive. We were trying to enjoy ourselves and have some fun on our own property until a certain so-called preacher tried to lock us out of our own property. But your Godfearing judge gave him a right to go across our property. This was the 6th or 7th of July late in the night about 11:50. We saw someone up on the hill where we have a pavilion with a light. We called 9-1-1, told them where we were. They said they would be right there. We called again at 12:00, they said they were on their way. We waited until 2:00. They never showed up. I thought this 9-1-1, when you called, that the police were supposed to come no matter where it was. Are you police and judge so afraid of big bad preacher you won’t hold up the law and save a life? People, get rid of those devils you put into office. We pay taxes on our property. Thank you.

To the person who commented ‘woe be unto you for I am a child of the King’: Give more information to who you’re talking about. No, we don’t know who it’s for and if you don’t give information, you are a poor Christian to judge someone without stepping up to the plate about what you’re talking about and who it’s for. It would be clear that all you’ve shown is you’re probably just a trouble-making hypocrite.

Romans Chapter 1-24. God gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the creator who is blessed forever. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women don’t change the natural use into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient (reprobate) backsliding, not spiritual. Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, matriciousness, full of envy. John 3:16

I did not comment or respond to the camera comment, but I do, and know a lot of people who have cameras outside their home. I don’t have one in my vehicle. What makes you think these people are miserable? Maybe they’re trying to catch a lowly thief. Perhaps you’re one as well. You’re the one who needs to watch your back. I don’t do anything to people, so bring it, mouth.

D., I was thrilled to see you up close for a change. I can assure you that you are just as beautiful from three feet as you are from 50 feet. When you are speaking, your eyes sparkle like the bright sun reflecting from a beautiful diamond. I’m very thankful for name tags, as I was curious as to what your name is. Now that I know it I can put a name to the person that I have heretofore only known as a very beautiful lady. Your beautiful smile is fantastic!

The FBI’s corruption unit is doing a terrific job. The senior Republican in the Senate, one of the most powerful men in government, has been indicted on seven felony corruption charges. The Kentucky Department of Transportation is under investigation. Knott County’s power structure has been decimated with the convictions of a large part of their government. This is not a large unit, but it seems to be able to show up where needed, and it has a great conviction rate. It’s also getting very close to home. Incidentally, public officials should realize that, while they may not be criminally charged, they can get in trouble, and even removed from office, for violating their public trust responsibilities and for dereliction of duty.

KJ, when you get to Kentucky, come over and sit on the swing. It’s fun. MA.

I pay around $70 a month for digital cable in Jenkins to the only company that services my area. The only other option is satellite services. We’ve got these nifty little boxes that give you extra channels besides the basic 70 or so offered. Recently, the boxes stopped receiving certain channels. I can unplug them and use the basic cable, but I’m paying for the digital service. I took the boxes to the cable office as I had done in the past. I was told I had wasted a trip to Jenkins because a work order had to be filled out and a technician would come to my house and fix them. So a work order was placed and a week or so later I got a phone call from one of their technicians, telling me that I needed to take the box to the office. If they couldn’t fix the problem there, they would then send him out. I told him I had already done that and seemed to be going around in circles. He was just following orders. I made another trip to Jenkins and was then told the digital cable boxes couldn’t be fixed. I was paying $4 a month for 3 of them. I could pay $20 a month for new ones if I wanted to, and get the same service I was already paying for. If they’re going to raise their rates, shouldn’t it be uniform and not just affect people whose boxes stopped working? Not to mention the confusion over sending technicians out vs. bringing equipment into the office and the gas involved in doing so, just to be sent back home with broken junk. My family has decided to go with a satellite company since this has happened. I just thought others should be aware of the treatment they can expect from their cable provider.

I’ve never been labeled as a tree hugger and I don’t mind them sucking the gas up out of our hills if it’s going to help our struggling economy. I can even live with the mud all the trucks get on the roads. What I do mind is the people at Equitable Resources sending guys out in trucks with high pressure hoses to spray the mud off, when the muddy water runs out of the road and onto my family’s driveways, porches, and splashes up on the cars. These hoses are so powerful that they chip the paint off the yellow lines on the road. I asked them if they could keep the mud off the porch. Their answer was to just not spray and leave the mud in the road. My grandmother could slip on it and break her other hip while trying to get across the road to her car. I made phone calls to try and get a little help and got an Equitable Resources representative to come out to our house. He took some pictures of all the mud and left promising that his guys would be back the next day to spray the mud off our porch, the least they could do. It’s been two months now and we still haven’t seen anybody to clean up the mud. I guess they figure our 80-year-old grandmother will just do it herself and not complain about it. Thank God she’s got a little help.

It’s still summer!

DL. When are you heading to LC? MA.

The Mountain Eagle is one of the good forces in the county, and should be supported. The best indicator of its impact was the action taken by political notables in the county when they stole the 2006 election. They considered it important enough to steal, hide, and buy the entire edition the day before election — the election issue. In doing that, they effected a significant turn for the worse in county government. It is likely that that episode is still being investigated.

Hello from the Frog Doctor! I have to honestly say that there aren’t too many times that someone can leave clueless, until the article in last week’s paper. It confused me and left me wondering what the heck they were talking about. But I guess everyone has the right to express themselves as they see fit. Good going for you but on the other hand if you expect me to understand anything you are trying to say then break it down in easier riddles that I have at least a chance in figuring out what you are saying. I was wondering you kept talking about the South. Why is that? Why couldn’t the witch doctor have taken you up north? I like intriguing people and I will always write back to you but I would also like to know if you know who I am. As for everyone else in Jenkins and Burdine, what’s up, my favorite people in the world? I just want you to know if you have any questions or any comments for me then I will be happy to reply back to you. I like to gossip but I like telling the truth when I gossip, I don’t believe in making crap up. If you need advice, well, I will try to give my honest opinion, whether you take it or not it will be answered. Give me a holler in The Eagle and let’s talk. Take care of yourselves and always remember family comes first above anything else. Until next week, love from the Frog Doctor.

About this certain person in Sheas Fork: Could you tell a little something about that person or maybe about yourself? Waiting to hear from you.

I thank for whoever got Fishpond Lake cleaned of the underbrush and trimmed trees. When I visit Letcher I like to see the lake, now I can.

After thinking it over for some weeks I would like to comment to the lady who said ‘if you don’t like some things about the county you should move out and never come back.’ The people I have met there are all very nice. The mountains are beautiful and could be a nice place to live. I have seen and read about the bad people and the rich and the politicians who rule everyday life there. I see very much control of people and they have no way to stop it. The dope problem is known worldwide. The poverty problem is also known but nothing is done about it. The huge problem I see is, if I see and speak up about something I think is wrong, all hell breaks loose. Yes, I could be wrong but again I just might be right. The dope and politicians own the county. A blind person can see this so why do some people get all bent out of shape over bringing it up? Open your eyes and you may see people mean no harm when suggesting some things. Guess you can’t fix stupid. The litter problem is getting taken care of. Guess there are a lot of people who are willing to change. That’s a plus for the county. Pride is one thing and foolish pride is another.

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