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I would like to speak my piece about the Mountain Breeze subdivision area. A few years ago a man moved to this area and put in a mobile home. This in itself is not a problem, but afterward he proceeded to move in junk cars and stacks of block meant for a garage or outbuilding that have sat there for years. He has also erected a building that looks like an outdoor toilet. Weeds grow rampant on this property, dogs bark at all times of night, and more junk shows up every day. He has shown no respect for his neighbors and has lowered the property values all around him. I call on the City of Jenkins to respond to this problem, or the Letcher County litter warden. It is obvious that this man has no respect for himself or anyone else. Thank you.

Here in Letcher County we have a bunch of geniuses. Where else can a road be breaking off and the solution is to blacktop it so it won’t show? Way to go, Letcher County.

This is in response to last week’s comment about a young man who was supposed to have died of an overdose: His death was not caused by an overdose. He fell out of the back of a pickup and hit his head and was not given medical attention for over 10 hours, thanks to people who were more worried about getting in trouble than saving the life of a young man who just turned 18 the day before. So I hope they do get what they deserve.

Here’s the question: Why are we rebuilding Iraq? It is estimated that by the end of the year Iraq will have in the banks $80 billion. It seems to me they could afford to build back better than we can. What are my Christian brothers and sisters dying for? Who are they freeing? Didn’t we do this in Vietnam? They had bamboo and rice, and who’s in charge now? Let’s see — sand, oil, and money. Yes, they call us infidels. No wonder. The way I see it a bunch of crackheads on OxyContin could do better planning and spending than who’s in charge right now. Heck, if they would just put more meat in oodles of noodles I would be happy. God have mercy on us all. The only glory in war is peace. Think about it.

This is to the maroon drunk: A drunk you are and you do drive drunk, too. The car you drive is a sissy-looking car. By the way, where are your women? Why did the other woman leave you? Another thing: You are old and cheap. Give it up, old drunk — I mean old, old drunk. And you don’t have a beer-drinking buddy either, because nobody likes you. By the way, I don’t drink or do pills. I just know you. So just stay on that hill and do what you have to do.

I would like to comment about the young man who passed away after falling out the back of a pickup: I would like to know from the people he was with why in the world one of them didn’t call 911 or get this young man some medical attention? He had just turned 18 and had his whole life ahead of him. Thanks to you now he has nothing. I also wonder why some of his family members didn’t go to the funeral or express any kind of condolences at all.

Craft’s Colly is a dangerous place for anyone to drive. You have to be very careful in order to survive.

To a guy in a black Chevy: I think you are hot.

I know this woman who should have been born an actress. She sheds crocodile tears and stabs you in the back with one hand while shaking your hand with the other. She really could win an Oscar for her performance lately — the Liar’s Award. Let’s all give her a hand and get that dagger out of my back. Oh well, they just nominated me for the Big Mouth Award. Now if I can only get to my office in time for my performance. I hear they just about believe anything down there anymore. Thank you.

I’m all for providing recreation for our teen-agers, and everyone else in Letcher County for that matter, but I would like to ask our county officials to take a deep breath before they commit to tearing down that old A&P building and putting up a new building at a cost of $6 million. I agree we need to do something, but I don’t see how this county can afford to pay the $100,000 per month it would take to pay for a facility of the magnitude they’re talking about. I know we need to do something for our young people, but we better make sure we’re not bankrupting the county in the process. Any thoughts?

This is concerning the late boy who fell out of the truck: He had the right to say yes or no to alcohol or drugs, but if you’ve got so many pushing you to drink something or take something you sometimes do things you shouldn’t do. If they let this go unpunished there is something wrong with our legal system. Thank you.

I see my friends again — Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks — coming back from their usual run across the state line to get their medication and bring it back for distribution.

Why do coaches want to kill their players during football practice? Football has gotten so brutal, but most boys won’t complain for fear of being seen as weak. You especially don’t want to kill your quarterback or get him hurt. That’s why they put red shirts on the quarterbacks in the NFL.

You cannot patent a natural substance. That is why the regular medical industry puts no emphasis on herbs or vitamins. All drugs are made from chemicals. That’s why we have side effects. Chemicals destroy electrolytes and essential vitamins. Mercola.com is the most visited web site in the U.S. for natural and alternative treatments. Dorway.com has a lot of information on diet products. Check these out.

Medical workers are overworked and underpaid. That’s why there are so many mistakes made. In defense of doctors, there are some very good and caring doctors. They can’t recommend alternatives or natural treatments for fear of losing their license. It’s the system that’s broken. Countries other than the U.S. pay their doctors to keep their patients well. A lot of people want to eat what they want and eat poorly, then go to the doctor for a magic pill to try to stay healthy.

To D.J.: Thanks for the time we spent together. Hope you keep in touch. Wish you the best in life.

I just read the paper and I’m right on with Craft’s Colly and the old house. Our magistrate passes by the house twice a day. You would think he would try to help Craft’s Colly with this dangerous situation. I hope he’s not like the others — all talk and no action.

(If the road is maintained by the state there is little a county magistrate can do. As for the house itself, you ought to find out when the county’s new committee on blighted and deteriorated property meets and ask its members to act on the matter.)

On Monday, August 4, I had family visiting from Ohio. I was proud of Fishpond Lake and wanted them to see it. We noticed trees had been cut on the hillside. The splintered stumps didn’t look good. Then about threefourths of the way around the lake trees were lying in the road. We could not get around them or over them, so we had to get out of our vehicle and try to move the trees that were still connected to stumps to get by. I must say I wasn’t so proud then. I was ashamed. The trees should not have been cut that day if they couldn’t have been cleaned up and moved on the same day. Somebody should check this out.

I just read a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about a house that is ready to fall into the road at Craft’s Colly. During the last two years I have tried several times to get something done about the house. I called Pikeville four times to try to talk to the man who is in charge of guardrails, but he was always in a meeting or I was told he would call me back and he never did. The road is narrow and breaking off, and the metal and timbers are sticking out from the hill so bad it is a danger and a shame. Craft’s Colly, we need to do something. Where are our elected officials?

I want to wish a certain person happy birthday on the 18th.

To a certain woman: I think it would be funny if your husband found out what you’ve been doing at work and who you have been talking to every day. Everyone else already knows about it, but we’ll see what he thinks about it when he finds out.

I’m calling to tell you that I went to pick my kids up from my girlfriend in Neon where she is staying with her aunt. I just want her to know that I love her and always will, and that she did me wrong by cheating on me. She’s my best friend in the whole wide world and we’ve got kids together. I will always love her no matter what, even though I have to move on and do what I have to do.

Howdy, everybody. This is you-know-who again, the maroon drunk. First, I would like to say howdy to my beer-drinking buddy and his hot, lovely, sensuous and exciting wife. Me and him are gaining ground on the pill snorters. They had one backfire on them the other weekend. We looked good and they looked bad, and the police were interested in some information we let them in on. So far, the score is beer drinkers four, pill snorters zero. And on it goes. We’re having fun and they’re sweating and worrying. Best thing is we have the police on our side. We can’t lose.

What kind of husband would call his wife ‘baby girl’ while she calls him ‘daddy’? Sickoes, I think. It doesn’t make sense. She’s older than him. She should be ‘mommy’ and he should be ‘baby boy.’ I don’t know. Sick, I reckon.

Someone in Cowan thinks a certain guy is hot.

You can thank your idiotic friends in the Blazer for the lights. I’m tired of being followed around. I’m taking your tag number and reporting it to the authorities.

I would just like to say hi to Anna over in Elkhorn City. I haven’t talked to you or seen you in a couple of years. Call me sometime. And say hello to your two boys for me. Hope to talk to you later.

I think all the people in Letcher and surrounding counties should put their heads together and vote for King Daddy for president. He would make a good one. Thank you.

What’s up, cuz? By the time this paper is printed you will have been cuckolded again by cuz, the county cuckolder. How you like me now, homeboy?

Woman, you are sick to say those outrageous things about me in Speak Your Piece. And this last little stunt you pulled proves that you need psychiatric help. And that’s a fact.

Mrs. H: I saw you in the bank on the first of month cashing my sister’s check again. She is not stupid and she is not retarded. You need to start letting her take care of her own money and pay her own bills. Thank you.

Hi Frog, your column is a master energy — the extra boost for these hot days. Come home and help me with things around the place and we will sit under the apple tree and talk, etc. I know you were worried about your being a fruitcake and going around on a high and tomcatting around plus the addictive habit every night and the harassing phone calls. You can trust me when I say no more harassment. Mother word. No fruitcake. I know you were lied to so many times by me when I was higher than a Georgia moon or pine. You take my hand and say ‘let’s pray for you to be strong and let God’s moon shine on you, don’t use that addictive habit. Walk away.’

I read in The Mountain Eagle that a poker game was to be played. The pot was $1,500. If I had the money I would buy land and plant trees for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is too late to plant for your children. That would be money in the bank and no taxes on interest. Can you remember the white walnut tree? We had one when I was 9 or 10. The family would take the sled and horse and the corn bags and gather them for cake and candy. We had black walnuts, too. The white walnut was long and oval. I think it takes 20 years for a tree to grow. If I had trees no one would do away with them. They do help make our oxygen. Talking about money, it is sad the young teens think money buys love and happiness. My grandchildren say marry a man with money, Mama.

Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you. This is what it means to let your light shine. Make it shine so bright that it will be hard for anyone to miss your happy spirit. My thoughts and prayers are always with you all. From someone who has a love for Kentucky and its people.

I wish people would quit slinging trashy remarks about a pastor and his wife. You are being ignorant. They’re people trying to serve the Lord. If you do have the guts, talk to me and sign your name. Then I’ll get you for slander. I’m nobody’s judge, but some may wake up in hell wanting one drop of water where no water fell. Please don’t change none of my words, OK? Stanley Pack. Thank you.

What did you not understand when I said don’t blow at my house? Was it the sound of my voice? Stop. Now it is print. Stop. Don’t blow at my house. I am sending John 3:16 your way. Do you hear or understand that?

Proverbs 4:14. Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not into the way of the evil men. The way of the wicked is as darkness they know not at what they stumble. Micah :7. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy. When I fall, I shall arise. When I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

I’ve seen so many good Christian people suffer from cancer and losses of all kinds, while an old cheat, adulterous, lying, troublemaker never has a problem. A wise person told me God has nothing to do with the devil’s children, but that people will pay on Judgment Day. Christian people have to suffer in this world. After all, look what Jesus went through.

You can always tell the people who only get out the first few days of the month; they think the first thing they see is beautiful. If they would get out a little more they would really see what beauty looks like, through and through.

In today’s economy $10 won’t buy much, but it could assure you many hours of listening pleasure. If every person or family out there listening to WMMT would just contribute $10 to the fund drive I am sure it could meet its goal. I know that some of us contribute many times that amount. Think about it. I would also like to add that it was a real treat to hear Curt Henderson on WMMT again for a couple of nights.

I would like to meet a man older than me. I’m 44 and single. All military veterans are welcome to reply. No games, please. This man must be single or widowed, no druggies or drunks. This man also needs to be financially secure. Please send resume to …

(We’ll be glad to print your address, as you requested, if you will confirm it by calling us at 633-2252.)

Every time you get stuck at a crossing, waiting for a train to pass, you can entertain yourself by counting cars and watching another five to 10 million dollars leave eastern Kentucky, most of which will never return. A lot of our coal severance money, which isn’t anything like as much as it should be, goes to Northern Kentucky University, the University of Louisville, and other places in which the people have never seen a block of coal. A lot of the rest of it goes to projects that benefit selfish politicians. Everyone knows that the overriding need in Letcher County is for water and sewer but those projects are just lurching along. There are plans and schedules, but they aren’t being met. There are promises of funding for water and sewer systems, but much of it doesn’t materialize. What about that $6 million recreation center, though? How many of you on Collier’s Creek will drive across the mountain, on icy roads, or at any time for that matter, to take advantage of that? How about those who live in Skyline, or Ulvah, or Gordon? Will you be included to use all that gas to do whatever it is they are proposing to do? I don’t think so. I think Jim Ward and the other members of the fiscal court owe the public a good explanation of how this project will advance the common good. The average person in Letcher County is pretty old, so such a thing would probably never be used very much, even in Whitesburg. The fact that Appalshop is supposed to be involved in the management hardly inspires confidence. If any federal agents are listening, please that a look at this. It’s a real dandy, rivaling any boondoggle in Knott County.

Does anybody know whatever happened to some folks that used to live down below Blackey up on a hill. I think they called it the slate dump. I hear there’s some coal digging going on there now. Just wondered. Wonder how I can find out who owns the property, or if they’re still there. Thank you.

I especially enjoyed two columns in the August 6 edition of The Mountain Eagle, ‘School or garden? The choice wasn’t hard for children of the ’50s and ’60s’ by Ike Adams, and ‘I’m going back to age 12’ by Jim Cornett. I hope those two continue to write articles for a long time. Arkansas Mountain Eagle reader.

M.A., thanks for the invitation. L.C. has been calling me. I am going to try and make it soon. K.J.

Letcher County lost a wonderful man on August 5. Father Randall of St. George’s Catholic Church in Jenkins was moved to Massachusetts by his superior. Father Randall had grown weaker recently and had been in Jenkins since 1980 and was loved by so many people. He loved the people of Letcher County dearly and loved his Kentucky Wildcats just as dearly. He was a regular at Hardee’s daily for discussion. If Father Randall taught our community anything, it is that we can all get along no matter what our differences are. It is something we could all learn from. He is my role model. I will miss him dearly and love him forever. We are all poorer for him being gone, but richer for him being here. God bless you, Father Randall.

Just wondering if all you conservatives happened to catch McCain at Sturgis? You know, the annual biker event where he showed up because he knew there would be a crowd since he can’t seem to draw much of one himself.

All you Judy girls out there can stop wondering about who the message in the paper was meant for. This is the real Judy and I know it was for me. Thanks for saying I am beautiful. You can talk to me anytime you want to.

It has been over 60 years since I had the misfortune of accepting a date with a man I will simply call ‘L’. This bully of a man tried to rape me not once that night but twice, once on the road near Collie and the second time up on Pine Mountain. Upon return trips home I sometime see this man and cannot help but wonder if his wife knows what kind of man she married. I hope ‘L’ has treated his family better than he treated me. I think it is sad that I have carried the pain of that night with me for so many years. I doubt that men who act like ‘L’ ever realize how much their actions affect another person.

Remember to register to vote. This is the right and privilege of being an American.

Can anyone tell me what the Letcher County Prevention Project and KRCC have done with all the grant money they received? From what I have seen they are wasting a lot of money flying all over the country and haven’t done anything to help the prescription diversion in Letcher County.

My husband works for Enterprise Coal. I know that he’s not the only one who feels this way. They are on four days and off four days, which sounds good, but you have to work an off day to get your hours in, and it’s swing shift which means you’re pretty much tired all the time because your body can’t get used to a time. If everyone hates the time, then why not put it back the way it was? Funny how the people that make this decision just work the regular hours. Why don’t you work when your men do and then we will see how long the swing shift lasts?

The best thing that could ever happen to Letcher County would be to close the bingo halls. Most of the people who play are welfare recipients and they waste all of their monthly checks the first week playing instead of buying groceries and paying their bills. They then tell their family members that do work sad stories about how they have a bunch of bills due and they can’t afford to pay them and buy groceries too. As soon as they get the money though, they don’t go to the grocery store or pay their bills, they head straight to the bingo hall again. The parents usually dress their children in dirty rags for clothes and their teeth are about to rot out. It is so sad to see children looking like orphans when their parents actually draw as much as a working person does, but they spend their money playing bingo instead of taking care of their children. It is even sadder than everyone knows what is going on in the bingo halls and it is still allowed. Gambling is illegal. Isn’t bingo gambling?

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