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My name is Katherine Dollarhyde. I am the mother of Dennis Dollarhyde. I would like to start this by saying that I know the four horses were fed every day, because I am the one who fed them. I have been doing this for a while now; Everyone who knows us knows my son was injured when falling from the mule we had. His leg was busted and he has had two surgeries. He is not able to go out to the horses to care for them, so I do it for him. The horses were fed every day, twice a day, plus they had hay and were taken out to eat grass. As for not having access to water, I and others who helped me, put running water into the corral where the horses were kept and were removed from by the ones who claim there was no water. I was asked the day they took them what I fed them and I told them and showed them right where the feed was, which they did not bother to look at. Nor did they bother to walk over and turn the knob on the faucet where water was always available to the horses. I do not understand how they just took the word of someone, and came and took the horses, and made these remarks when everything they claim the horses did not have when it was visible right before them. Why, if they felt the horses were in such bad shape, did not the Animal Control that came out the first time try to talk with us and state that they felt the horses weren’t in good shape instead of letting me believe there was nothing to worry about? I am not an animal specialist, but I sure do try to treat all animals good for they are God’s creatures, just like the stray dogs at my home that others bring in the hollow and throughout. Who feeds them? I do. If anyone who knows me out there is reading this, then you know how hard I try and love these horses. I’m not perfect, but I am in no way this kind of cruel. The horses had been bathed just a few days before they were taken from us.

Considering the recent article in the paper about animal cruelty, it is complete slander and the person responsible for my brother’s horses being taken has absolutely lost their mind. My mother worked as hard as she could making sure the horses were fed and watered. They had running water right in the lot. If they would have taken a second to look around they also would have seen that they had plenty of food. My brother recently broke his leg while in the process of fixing up their lot. He had to have surgeries and was at the time unable to take care of the horses himself. However, my mother was doing the best that she possibly could. The picture of the horse in the paper is quite funny, I must say. They chose to take a picture of the horse that was the worst to put in the paper. That horse had only been here for about a month and it looked a lot better than what it did when he arrived. To say that they weren’t cared for is ridiculous. Slander, that is all that is. Simply put. Christine Dollarhyde (and that’s with aY not an I.) If you’re goi write about someone at least spell their name right.

Just wanted to give a great big thank you to the owners and management of the Whitesburg Plaza for resurfacing and patching the parking lot. It looks great and has helped the looks of the center tremendously. By the way, we love reading Speak Your Piece. Keep those funny comments coming, Whitesburg.

I know news and comments are somewhat scare, but did you need to repeat the same comments over and over again in your June 20 edition?

(We just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. You passed the test.)

The people at the gas stations that buy scratch-off tickets and scratch them off in front of the counter are holding up everyone else when we have things to get done. They need to go outside and scratch them off and stop holding up everyone.

I would like for all you people who go to city council meetings to ride through No. 2 Bottom and see what a mess. Then let’s all be sure and elect these two-faced council people again. Charlie, tell your council members to set a good example when it comes to cleaning up the city.

People who have their timber stolen have nobody to blame but themselves for not watching their property the way they should. If their leave their car unlocked at Wal-Mart with valuables inside, what right do they have to complain if they get stolen? If they leave their house unlocked, isn’t it their fault if somebody comes in looking for drugs? People like this just cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Is it going to have to come to a disaster like the one in Tennessee before the City of Whitesburg realizes how dangerous the yearly burn-out show is? It is a thousand wonders that one of those cars hasn’t cleared out dozens of people who stand right next to the street with no guardrails protecting them. The people who do the burn-outs are mostly kids who can barely drive in normal conditions, let alone one in which they can barely keep control of their cars, and the guy in Tennessee was a so-called professional drag racer. Then, as if that’s not enough, they go up onto the bypass or on the other streets in town after it is supposed to be over and torment the people who didn’t want or care to watch them when it was ‘supervised.’ It goes without saying that a lot of them are from out of town, so they don’t care if they tear up someone else’s town. So tell me, where’s the logic in any of it?

Why do the parents who buy their kids motorcycles and ATV’s allow them to ride with no regard for safety or laws? Pretty much any given day on any road or highway, you can watch a young kid flying on an ATV, or riding a motorcycle at a hundred miles an hour on a wheelie. And then they can’t believe it when their kid gets caught by the cops or is involved in an accident where they are hurt or killed. It should only take one time of seeing them drive this way or being told by someone that they are driving crazy before the thing is parked for good or sold.

Has anyone in Letcher County ever watched ‘The Godfather’? Of course cops and UNITE can be bought. That is the American way. How do you think O.J. got off with murder? Money. It really is power. Anyway, I know for a fact certain people have gotten away with selling quarter pounds and after they were arrested and on the way to the courthouse had sex with the cop. That part may be edited, but it is true. When I was in high school we would drop people off in front of the old courthouse to see a certain official. By the time we circled the courthouse and back to Main Street he had a bag. Hell, one official I saw at Wilford’s one night. They were not going over public business, let me tell you that. Letcher County is so out of control, it is funny. But, I love it. In Lexington, get caught with an OC, it is definite jail. In Letcher County, no big deal, just move to Cram Creek and serve a few months’ probation for what should be a mandatory five-year sentence. I am waiting for the day someone really blows it out with pounds and mushrooms and acid. Actually, that would probably help. Some of this stuff is so hypocritical. Hell, my dad owes my brother over 60 grand in child support. I did not see him listed a few weeks ago in the Eagle under the headline about deadbeat dads. He laughs about how y’all won’t print it. Money. He was probably in Sweden buying horses or British Colombia skiing. It is the miners who work their behinds off that get busted. If they were millionaires, who cares? Certainly not the law. I have been in the back seat of cars as prominent Letcher County officials sold coke. I have no reason to lie, I don’t even live there anymore. Like I said, I think it is funny. It is just like Paris Hilton. Money is power. Also, to that moron in jail who writes letters to Misty: Dude, I know kids in third grade that can write better than that. Did you even get past second grade? When you get to prison you are screwed. Ever see ‘Shawshank Redemption’? If you want to party, stay home. Simple. But you screwed yourself for life. There are lots of people in Letcher County who drink. They do it on mountaintops, not the highway out of control. I hope you get your salad tossed every day. You also need to read books about grammar and the English language. I hate to say it, but you may be one of the worst writers I have ever read. Jesus, dude, just refrain and save everyone’s time.

Hey, loved your article on the Country Gentleman from WMMT radio. I agree he does have a good show every morning and he is a fine guy, but in your article I found that you left out one thing – he is the man. I kept reading the article waiting for the comment, so this is all for you, Country Gent. You are the man. From one of your biggest fans.

Ira Combs had an odd column recently. He alluded to negative issues with Coach Gillispie that were both unfounded and unfair. He stated the NCAA ‘perhaps’ slotted Texas A&M against Louisville in the 2007 NCAA playoffs to make a point that Coach Gillispie had come ‘too far . . . too fast’ so they gave him a mighty opponent, Louisville and Pitino. A check of the archives will show that A&M won the game, Texas A&M 72, Louisville 69. I think Mr. Combs needs to rethink his attitude or perhaps do more work prior to committing foolish words to a foolish column.

Someday they’ll go down together/ And they’ll bury them side by side/To few it’ll be grief, to the law relief/But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

Someone who steals will do anything. If they aren’t caught, they will be eager to steal again and do other bad things. If they are caught and can outwit a sluggish, soft judicial system, they will feel doubly clever and encouraged to continue the ‘easy’ way. Their seeming immunity from consequences will not go unnoticed by their friends and others like them. This is why we have so many different crimes and why there are the weekly complaints from desperate communities like Cram Creek, Doty Creek, Millstone, and all the other victims who are suffering from a crime wave of the likes we haven’t seen before.

Timber theft, stolen fourwheelers, assault, and other atrocities seem to be the order of the day. The Sheriff catches people and they are released before

he can interview them. People lose faith in the justice system and give up. What’s wrong with this picture?

To the man in the hat, you know exactly who you are: You got yourself in a sticky situation there, didn’t you, and you ended up with it stuck to you. They say things like that happen when all the planets align. I think you need to make sure you wear a shirt with a sleeve next time. That’s just a little advice. Thank you.

The dirt bikes and four-wheelers up at Dunham are out of control again. They speed excessively, and they need to be stopped before someone gets killed.

I wish my husband would have the guts to admit that he’s not happy and neither am I, and let’s just end this. We’re never going to be happy.

Whitesburg is already a ghost town. It’s going to get worse since they’ve voted beer in.

I was talking to a girl the other day who told me she could start at Blackey and go to Isom – which is only about seven miles – and stop at 30 different places and buy drugs. What is the sheriff’s department doing? Remember, there will be another election.

(If you know any would-be informants willing to make buys from these 30 people, it’s a safe bet the sheriff’s office would be happy to hear from you. There’s a big difference between being told that someone is selling drugs and being able to make a case against anyone.)

Why would a certain ambulance blow people off the road from Whitesburg to Kona with its siren blaring and lights flashing on Wednesday, June 20, just to go a few miles up the road and get behind a paint truck painting lines and just blend into traffic after turning off its siren and lights? I think I’ll get a light and siren and put on my car.

(Any chance that what at first was thought to be an emergency ended up being a false alarm?)

I would just like to tell a certain man from Cram Creek that we have his name, we have his number, and now we have him on a recorder. All of the little guys doing your work for you won’t be pushing drugs anymore.

I’m just calling in to tell the people who will not watch their parents when they get old – even if they’re paid to do so – that what comes around goes around. I think it’s coming around the mountain as we speak. The reward is something you won’t like, but everybody else will.

To the Oompa-Loompa in Mountain Breeze: It would be nice if you would quit starting trouble with people. Thank you.

To the nosy people who keep on calling litter patrol over here in Blackey: If they’re complaining about the mess on the porch not being picked up, if they would like they could come down and help me pick it up. Then we wouldn’t have a problem. Let’s be neighborly. Let’s not call the law on people. Come down and help me. I’ll be appreciative of the help. I’ve got a bad back and can’t do it all.

When did they put a pistolpacking sheriff in Stinking Creek carrying his pistol to Pistol City and threatening people in their homes? We don’t want you in Pistol City, you big brown mule. You and your donkeys stay out. And another thing: How did you like buying those pills and putting them back in her bottle when certain people came around to check your kids and pills? If they had come a day earlier they would have caught you. There’s is a spy in your camp, and the spy tells all. Don’t say your home is a Christian home. That’s a big laugh.

The real heroes of the war on drugs in Letcher and Harlan counties are the unsung men and women in the county and local police departments. They put their lives on the line everyday in a continuing battle against this insidious epidemic. Men like disgraced ex-Harlan County sheriff’s detective Roger Hall should be considered traitors in this war for betraying the public trust. Lining these traitors up and shooting them would be too good for them. They need to see the pain they have inflicted upon our counties. They need to be left in a room for five minutes with parents of children whose lives they have destroyed by drugs.

To a certain woman whose name begins with the letter S: I would like to thank you for helping to get that certain fellow out of my daughter’s life. That was an answer to my prayer. I also think it’s funny that you had him put in jail.

Hal Rogers and UNITE together have screwed legitimate pain patients.

Does the City of Jenkins have insurance to cover any injury that might occur to a young lady I just saw riding in a fire truck with a fireman/policeman?

This is to the American Legion: If you drop charges against a certain man who came to the establishment with a gun and intentions to harm people, neither my husband nor any of his friends will be back again. Thank you.

Look who is digging around in the garbage cans again in the Jeremiah area. Are you trying to find some pills that will make you feel good or just like your boyfriend when he overdosed?

To a certain woman whose name begins with an L: Stop calling and leaving messages on my fiancé’s answering machine. Either you stop or your husband will hear them. And that’s a promise, sweetheart.

I want to comment about a woman who got out of the psychiatric ward and moved in with her sister. Now her sister is ruling her – telling her who to talk to, what to wear, and when to get out. She doesn’t even want her talking to her family. I think that’s mighty bad. She needs to call her sons and granddaughter and talk to them instead of acting so silly. No one is mad at her, but she shouldn’t let her sister interfere with her married life. She kept griping about wanting a house, and now that her husband got her one she doesn’t want to stay in it. All she wants is attention and somebody to beg her, but that’s not going to happen.

To the person in Ohio: Which part of Ohio are you from – the high O or the low O? This is the anti-freeze man.

Nobody is going to tell me where I can and can’t go, who I can talk to and who I can’t. If you don’t like it then you can lump it, big boy.

To a red-headed man: You lie, you cheat, you tell things that aren’t true. Your kids can’t even stay. I thought that one time I loved you until I was with the man I married when I stopped seeing you. I wouldn’t give him for five of you. I will find out what you said. And no, you can’t take me from him. He’s the one I love, so leave me alone.

One family member makes the deals with the coal and gas companies and tells the family what the company will pay. Why can’t we see this and demand and negotiate with the company itself? Thank you.

I am a citizen of Jenkins and I am sorry to say that we have the worst city council that has ever been in office. Also, the so-called mayor is not any better. A friend of mine attended the specialcalled meeting where they were supposed to talk about the Jenkins Festival Committee Inc. renting the city park for a festival in September. The meeting was a farce. All they wanted to do was belittle the committee and make it difficult for the members to rent the park. The city’s position on the matter was: 1. Jenkins Festival Committee Inc. must disband; 2. The non-profit corporation will be dissolved; 3. The domain name will be returned to the city; 4. The Jenkins Festival Committee Inc. will withdraw its request for city park use; 5. Individual former members of the Jenkins Festival Committee Inc. shall petition the city to join the Jenkins Heritage Festival Committee; 6. All private festival committee activities shall immediately cease; 7. The city festival committee – meaning the city council – shall decide which events and vendors it chooses to retain for the city festival. Does this sound like the city council and the mayor are for the Jenkins Festival Committee Inc.? No. It sounds like they have pretty jealous feelings for this committee, considering this committee has been doing the festival for the last 13 years with no complaints. Maybe the city council and mayor are afraid the festival in August will be a flop. I am ashamed to say I am from Jenkins and that I voted for this mayor. I think it is a shame when the city council and mayor think they are so much better than everyone else. They were elected by we the people, and we the people would like to continue having a festival that is for everyone in the city and county to enjoy, not just a few people who think they are better than the rest. I think more people should come to the next city council meeting and state their opinion about how they feel about this. Thank you.

To a man I took care of when he was home: If you had treated me like somebody I would still be taking care of you. You have no reason to be worried about that little man. I wouldn’t give you for him for anything. I have never loved anyone like you. I hope you still have what you keep with you. Love you very much.

After the recent decision by the Perry County Circuit Jury, what will keep someone who wants to commit timber theft – which is now the number one crime in eastern Kentucky – from using two different brands of chain-saws? All they’ll need to do then is steal a tree. Then they’re home free.

There’s no use in loaning people money when they won’t pay you back. When this happens, you end up getting behind on your own bills while the person you loaned money hides from you. There’s no need in that. Here in Pistol City, there has been a lot of stealing going on. We know who did it, and they better stop.

Dear Mr. Barnhart: Rumor has it that the reason Billy Donovan wanted to go back to Florida and coach was because he heard Bob Banks the Master was being offered the job, and he was wanting to learn from the best. Thank you.

To a certain little man: The woman did not run her man off for you. She made him leave because of the way he was treating her. It had nothing to do with you. And I can tell you right now she loves him. So quit packing your tales. Do what you want to do.

To a girl who lives in Seco: You need to stay up in your end of the county. We’re sick and tired of you running these roads all hours of the night with every boy from here to Kingdom Come. It’s absolutely disgusting. You need to find a new hobby.

To all the people in Seco who call the police on us for riding our dirt bikes up and down the road: We don’t have anywhere else to ride. That is the only place we have, so we’re going to ride there. You can continue to call the law. We don’t care. But it’s kind of childish and stupid. We just want to have some fun.

Dear Speak Your Piece: If you have a legitimate pain problem and you can’t get a doctor to help you, it’s Hal Rogers and his UNITE who are causing you all of your trouble. You now know who your enemy is. They’ve tried to keep this quiet, but the cat’s out of the bag now.

This is the grandmother of Jacob Elijah Stallard. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have prayed for my grandson. He is now in Holston Valley recovering from surgery and is expecting to do well. God bless each and every one of you. You will be repaid tenfold.

Why don’t you Stinking Branch people mind your own business? Keep out of our house or you will go to jail. This is the second time. The third time you will go to jail. Why did you bring that big fat bodyguard with you? Aren’t you big enough? And keep your daughter home. No one wants her, anyway. She just begs for drugs. You can’t hide anything. Everyone knows who you Stinkers are and what you do. And if you make it to heaven, no one else has any worry. You’re nothing but a bunch of big bullies. Everyone laughs at you. You should be on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos: Stupid People Edition.’

I wish the guy in the red Toyota from Sergent would move and quit saying he’s going to move. Thank you.

I was reading in The Mountain Eagle about the citizens who were given an award for doing good things. I can’t believe they gave one of those awards to Wesley Doughman.

To everybody out there with a scanner who listens to the county workers every day: Are you ashamed like I am to hear them? They act like little children.

This is for the sorry lowlifed pilled-up lazy piece of crap who robbed my brother last Thursday night: You know who you are. If you need drug money that bad, why don’t you get off your lazy butt and get a job instead of using innocent people’s hard earned money to buy your filth? There’s a place for people like you. And it’s hot down there.

The county is complaining about people not paying their garbage bills. Well, why should people pay it when they won’t pick it up. The bears pick it up better than the county does.

People in the United States need to wake up. Not one of the candidates running for president has touched on the issues affecting the people. There is no reason that every American couldn’t have free medical care and no reason that gas shouldn’t be a dollar a gallon. We have enough oil here in the United States to support our needs. Thank you.

To the girl who works at a certain bank and stole my best friend’s husband: I see you all the time walking around with your head held up. Honey, you should be looking at your shoes. You have nothing to be proud about. She’s the one who should be happy, because you did her a favor. She is better than she ever was without him. Honey, you’re the one with the problems now – him and his mother.

Ira Combs made some valid points recently about the fact that Billy Gillispie has come in here and pulled off some remarkable recruits in no time. But we all should be asking ourselves a question: Hobbs and Hanson were on Tubby Smith’s staff for a long time and they weren’t able to do in a long time what Billy G. has done in a short time. Billy G. has come in here and performed miracles while these guys sat and twiddled their thumbs and were never able to do what he has done.

(Coach Gillispie has done a great job by signing two top recruits in the short time he has been Kentucky’s basketball coach. But don’t forget that it was just three years ago when UK had the number one recruiting class in the nation. Coaches Smith, Hobbs and Hanson must have been doing something at that time besides just twiddling their thumbs.)

It seems a lot of people are trying to enter idled mines to steal copper. Two people recently went into a Massey mine in West Virginia and were reported missing when they didn’t return. The Massey employees couldn’t find the men and had to break a seal that cost around $10,000. They later came out another entry on the other side of the mine. From now on, Massey’s policy is going to be to wait 36 hours before they even begin to look for people who enter one of their mines illegally. I don’t like Massey, but there’s an old saying a thief is a thief. This type of thing could happen in Letcher County, and it could result in rescue personnel being tied up finding a thief when a real accident in an active mine happened elsewhere in the county. What would happen then?

Thanks for telling us about the bridge repair delays that are coming on KY 15.

I just woke up with nothing to do, so I thought I would just call and report something on my neighbors. They call on everybody else, so I think I’ll retaliate and call on them.

How do we please God? Be good? A human can’t do it. Love our neighbors as we love ourselves? Hard to do. Give to charity? How much? Feed the starving? There’s a whole lot of them. Give them a drink of water? They’re a long way off. Stop lusting? Have to go blind. Stop envying? He’s got more than me. Quit drinking? When they quit making it. Stop smoking? Got a light? Quit dope? Have to take a Valium. Shaking too bad to roll a joint. Quit shooting at people? Out of bullets. Have to throw a rock. Quit eating pork? Stop frying bacon. Cleanliness next to godliness? Where does it say that? Stop stealing? Lock it up. Stop watching X-rated shows in TV? Cut the power off. Quit slapping your wife? Shut up and sit down. Quit whipping the rug rats? Be good. Repent. That’s a start. Jesus did more than anyone for us. We have to have forgiveness or we are lost. God bless.

To the people of Bill Moore Branch: If you would take your trash home and throw it in your own trash can you wouldn’t have to have any other person to pick up the trash for you. Nobody would need help to get trash off their property that others put on it.

I want to say this to the man in Indian Creek: I know all about you selling drugs. I have a son who buys drugs from you. He is using up every payday he gets and is letting his family go. Now you stop it or I’m going to tell who you are. I know about you leaving them on the porch and people leaving their money. So stop, because I will be watching you and getting you on film. Stop your dealing. Sheriff, where are you? Why aren’t you stopping these people who are selling drugs? Indian Creek, Thornton, Stinking Branch, Deane, Colson, Isom, Blackey. Drugs are being sold everywhere in Letcher County.

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