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People, if you have anything to say about Joe Biden you better get it in before January 20, because Big Brother will be watching after the 20th.

Imagine thinking humans have a right to Twitter but not to healthcare.

The FBI has over 4,000 tips on the Republican terrorists. Hallelujah.

Something I can’t figure out: how do the Republican terrorists have so many guns after Obama took them all away?

We have had over 300,000 people infected with the virus in Kentucky. Our president is doing a great job of creating business for funeral homes and coffin makers. And our state legislature is all about helping, too.

I hope Trump supporters were watching the protests outside the Capitol building. These scumbags were not patriots. I doubt that you could find a dozen in that crowd that served in the military and were honorably discharged. There are cowards, including Trump himself, who have egged this on, but are not there in person. This is not who the American people really are. These are simpleminded, gullible fools who have fallen under influence of a mentally unbalanced leader, just like the Jim Jones cult, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Germany under Hitler. The caller who compared Biden to Hitler obviously failed American Government, if they even bothered to take it.

To the members of the Jenkins Independent School Board: Why are there no background checks and no drug tests for everyone instead of for just a few?

After watching the fascist traitors storm the Capitol, I believe that every last one of these freaks should be shot and the Congressional traitors that helped incite this riot along with them. No quarter, no second chances, no excuses. Kill them all and be done with it. We’re going to have to get it over with sooner or later, anyway.

The election was not stolen from Donald Trump. If you claim otherwise, you’re a liar and you know you’re a liar. The only ‘radical infiltrators’ in the mob that broke into the Capitol were Nazis, fascists, and psychotic Trump cultists. Antifa had nothing to do with it. If you claim otherwise, you’re a liar and you know you’re a liar.

Everyone in this world knows what the Democrats are hiding.

Is it going to be another year where the sheriff ’s department lets the drug dealer on Doty Creek get by with whatever he wants?

If the hospital is getting money from the government when COVID is listed as the cause of a patient’s death, then it’s no wonder we’re getting the astronomical figures about death rates. If a patient did not die of COVID, it should not be listed as the cause of death. People need to wake up.

How many more deaths and how much more sickness is going to have to happen in the United States before the real stimulus money is sent out? The $2,000 check will never be sent out because of one man in office by the name of Senator Mitch McConnell. He doesn’t care about the poor people; all he cares about is his rich self.

The first act of the new 117th Democratic Congress was to cancel out the words mother or father or brother or sister. We are now called parents and siblings? What about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

Just a matter of curiosity, when Donald Trump’s family commits him to an insane asylum will Fox News still be there to record his senseless ramblings?

I was wondering how the people on Brickyard Hill on the north end of Jenkins like that Christmas decoration on that old house. That’s really something. Thanks, Mayor.

I swear to God that CNN, Fox, MSNBC and all these channels have been lying to us all.

The people living in the McRoberts area need to keep a close eye on their property. A guy living there is a known thief with a record long as your arm. He is not only a thief but a druggy and is known to sell dope.

The only good thing I can say about the Republican terrorist attack on the United States Capitol is that they are finally admitting that they are boldfaced liars when they call themselves the party of law and order.

Hats off to our military officials and other leaders who are looking for a way to take pension payments away from the ex-military members who were in Washington, D.C., trying to overthrow our government. These people are domestic terrorists. They looked like washed-up fools walking around the Capitol in military garb and carrying zip ties in case they ran across a member of Congress they could kidnap. What a disgrace to our country these people are.

The American patriots were in D.C., just staging a peaceful protest because the Constitution was trampled on and the election was stolen from them. The Democrats and the fake news are trying to make a big deal out of this, yet it was no big deal when those thugs and terrorists were burning buildings down all across America. The Democrats will paint this as a horrible thing, when it was just people who were ticked off because their election was stolen.

To the people who want to change the names of military bases and other places: George Washington was a slave owner, so why not change the name of our capital? How about Democrat, D.C.?

You can now count me as a former supporter of our United States Representative, Hal Rogers. Shame on Hal for embarrassing our state by being one of the 147 Republican members of Congress who voted to try to overturn our democracy and pull off a coup that would have given Donald Trump another four years in office. I remember reading in The Mountain Eagle not too long ago that Hal Rogers was still doing all he can to get the prison built down at Roxana. If that’s really the case, then how is he going to work with the Biden Administration to get our federal prison we were promised?

Watching the videos of these traitors storming our United States Capitol in Washington is one of the most sickening things I have ever witnessed. If you are one of those who believe this wasn’t as bad as the media says it was, check out the long videos that show these goons — some in close-up action for about 30 minutes — attacking the police with clubs, blackjacks, hockey sticks, flagpoles, crutches, and wrenches. They even sprayed the cops with bear spray. I hope that none of our Letcher County people were a part of this disgrace. Wonder how they feel after learning that President Trump was mad because they looked like such ‘low class’ people, as he called them?

To Todd Depriest, the current mayor of the City of Jenkins: You need to really clean this city up. Clean these nasty houses up and get the drugs off the streets. If you do, we may vote for you again as our mayor. But as of right now you have lost our vote. Thank you very much.

Would some of you dedicated Republicans please call in and explain how having terrorists of your party defecate on the floor of the Capitol of the United States of America helped your cause?

The Jenkins City Police are a complete joke. And we definitely need a new mayor in Jenkins. Thank you.

Al Capone was a better Republican than Donald Trump. During the Great Depression, Al Capone set up soup lines and feeding stations for the poor people of Chicago, and thousands showed up. At one point, Al Capone fed 70,000 people in one day. He also gave a speech about there being revolution if we didn’t feed people and get them a job. Then they put him in the pen. Donald Trump was on top of the world and didn’t want to feed the poor people or send them a stimulus check. Instead, he wanted to keep it all for himself.

This is in response to ‘Happy New Year’: Would you please explain? I don’t understand what I did or said to hurt you, so please explain. This is not true, so I would like for you to explain to me what makes you feel this way.

The world now knows the Democrat Party has turned America into another Venezuela.

In the January 6 edition of Speak Your Piece, a caller referred to President Trump as a criminal, an adulterer, a racist and eight other slanderous titles and called Trump’s religious and Christian supporters extreme shameless hypocrites. By his or her comment, this person presented his or herself as having knowledge in law, medicine, psychiatry and, most notably, theology. Unless you have a degree in these fields and possess vast amounts of knowledge in theology and Christian doctrines, then your stupidity and ignorance betray you. And you are the hypocrite who accuses others and manufactures lies. The shame it yours, but it appears that people with your attitude and mindset have no honor or shame.

I finally gave up today. After four years of all the destruction the Democrats have caused the country, I have not heard one bad word about a Democrat. So, I got out my shotgun and shot my television three times.

(Must have been a ‘big screen’ model if it took three blasts from a shotgun to bring it down.)

I would like for whoever owns the dogs at Thornton Cemetery to try to do something to control them. People don’t want to spend $100 or more on flowers only to find they were destroyed by the next day. Thank you.

I watched Fox News last Wednesday and they said the protest in Washington was no big deal, that only a few windows were broken. According to Fox News it is no big deal when white people take over the U.S. Capitol in an insurrection, but it is a big deal when the black people burn a building in Louisville.

I would like to know why the Whitesburg City Police have not done anything with a certain family that has lived in the Whitesburg area for two years and still have not transferred the registration of their vehicles from Virginia to Kentucky. I thought there was a law against failing to transfer registration of your vehicles. Thank you.

The peasants were restless. The king’s men were around the castle. But when the peasants charged, hollering ‘Down with the king’ the guards said, ‘Run fool.’ So, the peasants made it inside the castle. Once they got inside, they looked at each other and said, ‘Which way do we go?’ I’m telling you, folks, that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Every one of those guards who were supposed to be protecting the Capitol should be fired. Where were they? Anyway, God bless America. They don’t like the new king. ‘Down with the king.’ Anyway, God bless America, like I said, and the peasants were restless.

I saw all those people heading to Washington, D.C. What a big crowd it was with all those people standing there. But I’ll bet you will never see that many people trying to get into a church house. A church would be the best place for them to go.

With help from mainstream media, Congress tried for four years to force Donald Trump out of the White House. They finally found a scheme that worked. They were afraid he would tear down their get-rich playhouse.

Hello, Russia and China, here we come. You tyrants have always had a one-party system so you could oppress your people. America has always had a two-party system, Republicans and Democrats.

Now we’ve gone to a one-party system ourselves. The Republican Party is finished, and Democrats will take us into communism.

I think a suitable monument to commemorate the Donald Trump presidency would be a bronze statue of him standing on the top of a telephone pole with the inscription, ‘He would climb a telephone pole and tell you a lie before he would stand on the ground and tell you the truth.’

When I turned my television on last Wednesday, I thought I was watching antifa and Black Lives Matter in the White House.

I listened to a newscaster just say that what happened at our Capitol last week will go down in history as our darkest hour. Well, I want to remind her about the Twin Towers. To me that was the darkest hour. And as far as those rioters going into the Capitol, don’t those buildings belong to Americans? Don’t they pay taxes to keep those buildings going? Yes, that is their building, too. They went about it the wrong way, but that is their building also. God bless America and we hope this never happens again. What in the hell is wrong with America, anyway? Look at what they did at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Why can’t we protect what the public owns? God bless America again.

We see these so-called radical extremists on TV going into the United States Capitol and causing a ruckus. We have some of those radical extremists right here in Letcher County. They can hide in their job to cover their hind-end, but everybody knows they like to fly their little flag with the snake on it that says, ‘Don’t Tread on Me.’ Well now, you boys know how to do it, don’t you? You make the Confederate flag look like racism, but the flag isn’t the racist, you are the racist. Everybody knows you are nothing but trouble. One of these days you’re going to stick that little yellow flag where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ll fly the Stars and Stripes and the Confederate flag, but I will never fly one of those cowardly yellow flags.

I just want to give a warning to the women of Letcher County. There are men in white vans — and now a black van — out trying to abduct women from stores and trying to break into their houses. You women should carry pepper spray, a switchblade knife and, if you can, a gun. But be aware this is going on.

I was just calling in regard to a wreck in the Kingscreek area involving two prominent members of the Letcher County community. It’s pretty bad when people can get drunk, wreck their side-by-side, get taken to the hospital and nothing is done about it by lawenforcement or by their employer.

I think it’s a disgrace for the Jenkins Board of Education to allow its middle school sports program to be shut down.

A certain woman needs to pay attention to who is coming up and down her hollow all the time. This is about an alleged child molester. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact he faced charges of first-degree sexual abuse of a child under 12 and eight counts of being in possession of material portraying sexual performance of a minor. All the charges of sexual performance by a minor were dismissed. Basically, they dismissed all of his child pornography charges. How does that happen? I don’t get this. Anywhere else in this world, you will go to jail if you have child pornography in your possession. I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

To all you Letcher Countians who are big UK fans: How do you all feel about UK’s basketball team taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem? I’ve been a big UK fan all of my life and I’ll tell you right now I am done with them. They can’t play ball worth a nickel and now they are doing what they’re doing. They need to learn that just not some lives matter, but all lives matter. This is baloney. Unless they get ahold of this I am pulling away from University of Kentucky basketball, and I’ll pick me someone else to pull for. Thank you. Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers wept on the Senate floor last Monday over the University of Kentucky’s basketball team’s disapproval of police brutality against Black people. Why Republicans are OK with brutalism of anyone is beyond me. No wonder people around the country and the world laugh at Kentuckians.

Yes, I don’t distinguish between organized crime and the mainstream media. The media has no credibility, no value, no honesty whatsoever. I hope I don’t get censored by saying this. Hopefully I can still make another call later sometime. Thank you.

It’s true that the election was unfair. The Democrats ran a candidate who is honest, intelligent, experienced, and caring. The president didn’t have a chance.

Sheriff Stines likes to brag about seizing drugs, money, and guns on Facebook. Why doesn’t he do something about the cock- fighting? Apparently, Doty Creek would be a good place to start.

Here are my thoughts about the domestic terrorist invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6. I now see very clearly that President Trump has created a movement of supporters who are essentially brainwashed cult members. They have all the psychological traits of true cultists. They worship a strong, charismatic leader who can do and say no wrong. They only listen to ‘approved’ far-right media sources and refuse to consider any other opposing facts or opinions, calling them ‘lies’ and ‘fake news.’ The Trump cultists view anyone with opposing views as the ‘enemy’ and ‘anti-American.’ Fanatical cult followers are willing to engage in illegal, extreme and dangerous behavior as evidenced by last Wednesday’s riots. Cults provide their followers with a sense of meaning to their lives, a ‘Divine Cause’ that can justify almost anything. Usually, cult leaders invoke the idea that ‘God’ is on their side. Any differing views are seen as anti-God and anti-American — worthy of derision, banishment or death. Folks, see if you can observe for yourself these cult-like features of the Trump movement. I ask everyone to read and listen to a wide variety of views and opinions on every issue: conservative, liberal and moderate. See all sides of an issue and then make up your own mind. Don’t just slavishly listen to one news source and viewpoint. This is the best antidote to falling into a cultish way of seeing the world. Please think for yourself and form your own opinions about current events.Thank you for considering my views.

Just sitting here looking at the TV and realizing that never before in my life have I seen so many grown men crying such big old tears as I am seeing now in this riot on the Capitol. Someone on the inside of that building must be saying something that is really hurting the feelings of these men wearing the red hats. I don’t know who is talking to them, but when they go to walk into the Capitol, they throw a tantrum and then walk back out with their eyes full of tears. Whoever is hurting their feeling should stop saying such mean and awful things to them.

Christians say God gives us free will. But if we choose not to follow Jesus we will be tortured till eternity in Hell. How can this be called ‘free will’?

The time will come when the loyal Trumpies will want to put a monument in Washington D.C. for their hero. I think a suitable inscription would be, ‘I promised to drain the swamp and the swamp is me.’

I’ve been reading a book about Dupont’s use of chemicals that harmed people all over the world. The definition they gave to a jury is conscious disregard. In other words, knowing that you are hurting others by an act, but doing that act anyway. This definition reminded me about the unionizing activity at Caney Creek Rehabilitation Complex (CCRC) in the last years of the 1990s.Theyfired two-thirds of their workers to keep the union out. Firing people hurts them. They knew that but kept firing them anyway. Even though it hurt the facility when they fired two-thirds of the staff at one time, they would tell us not to take it personally. That is even worse because we realize that they only thought of us as objects to manipulate. They were full of malice. I have worked hard in a much better job at a mental health agency who knows that I have been a very valuable addition for them the whole time I’ve been with them. I got this job a few months after CCRC. I have had no financial problems and have thrived. Too bad I could not keep giving all of this to CCRC. But that was their choice. They actually hurt themselves. I am very happy for where I am now. Oh, the book I read is ‘Exposure’ by Robert Bilott if you are interested. Very informative.

The pandemic has done a good job of reminding us of our common fate on a small, crowded planet with dwindling resources and fraying natural systems. I wish we could just slow down in our race for what’s left. It’s like someone yelled ‘Last call at the oasis.’

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