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Who is that feller I’ve been seeing on television daily since January 20? He is tall and slender and well-dressed, soft-spoken, diplomatic, caring and empathetic. He is trying to be proactive in ending the pandemic, ending the divisiveness in our nation and mending the relations with our foreign allies. He seems to be the polar opposite of what has been on Twitter the past five years raising hell and rabble-rousing when he should have been leading our nation. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers.

. Last Sunday me and my wife were out riding around and we decided to ride through Kingdom Come Creek. We had not been through there for a while. Certainly a lot had changed. Well, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — garbage all around some of the houses, porches so full of junk you couldn’t see how they got in their houses, and yards full of garbage. It is sad when folks decide to live in this kind of environment. Sad to the folks who live in the nice houses on the creek who pay high taxes. They shouldn’t have to pay any taxes to have to live there.

. I want to know how someone can live their entire life in Letcher County and have seemingly no clue as to how to drive up and down a holler. When one car meets another on a narrow patch of road, someone — usually the nearest car — must pull in to whatever wide spot is available. If no wide spot is available, someone must put their vehicle in reverse and back up. It is also improper to park your car in the middle of the road or only a few feet off to the side and pretend that this is enough room for even a side-by-side to get through, let alone a full-sized vehicle. Staring open-mouthed from your porch as if you are bewildered at the fact that someone else uses a public road is not an excuse for your inability to pull into a parking spot in the first place.

. I am a 1978 graduate of Jenkins High School. We were a mix of black and white girls and boys. I don’t think we knew a lot about racial hate as a lot of our fathers worked side by side in the mines. I would like to know how many of my schoolmates are still alive and living there or anywhere else. They were all smart people. I would like to hear from some of them. I don’t do social media; that’s just my choice. I would like to hear from some of you all. Thanks.

. To a certain grouch: You think you can go around giving me dirty looks, but guess what? When you die

you think you’re going to be able to walk up to God with a big smile on your face and shake His hand, but it might be the other way around. God might have a trap door for you, and you’ll get nothing but fire and brimstone for your tormenting of everybody. Think about it, you’re going to pay for what you’ve done. And your money? You can’t take it with you when you leave.

. Bitcoin has increased $22,000 per coin since Biden took office. In Trump’s first month, Bitcoin increased $60 per coin. Thank you, President Biden, for saving the economy.

. I didn’t think the Democrats could be so stupid, but once again they proved us wrong. They are dumber than a coal bucket.

. I am so sick and tired of people being ugly and mean to each other over politics. People, don’t you have enough in your life to worry about than to trash talk others over their party affiliation and who they voted for? Grow up and pray for each other instead of trying to bring pain to those with whom you don’t agree. God help us all.

. Hey, water boy, weren’t you in Washington, D.C., also?

. Well, the Democrats failed again in trying to persecute Mr. Trump. Seventy-four million people voted for him and now he’s acquitted, and we do know who will be running for president before long and we know who will win the presidency before long. So, you Democrats go ahead and change the world as much as you can, because it will be changed again every time they switch. I say God bless America and God bless an honest vote.

. I hope all people of color don’t think all white people are racist; we are not. I have a lot more in common with people of color than I do with the legions of Trumpian, racist, supremacist, skinhead, morons who are following Donald Trump off a cliff.

. I think the food pantry is a great thing and everybody appreciates them giving food out to people. But why in the world are they just open for three days for only three hours each day? I don’t get that. (Just guessing, but the three days a week schedule probably has to do with the food pantry being operated by community volunteers who receive no pay whatsoever for their generous service. The schedule may also have something to do with when the food — particularly perishables — arrives

here from suppliers located elsewhere.)

. You green earth people aren’t seriously the green earth. If you were you would shut down all of these natural gas plants. They put out more carbon dioxide every day than a coal mining outfit would put out in a hundred years. Shame on you bunch of hypocrites. You are getting paid money from somewhere.

. As a Lexington liberal, I think your forum is very entertaining. I can read both sides of the issues, and since no one signs their name, I don’t get mad at anyone. Keep up the good work and let everyone continue to have their say. My subscription to The Mountain Eagle was the best deal I’ve had this year. I’d like to give a shout-out to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio for suggesting this newspaper to me.

. It is simply amazing that the Democrat Party and other people are still talking about what the former president did. He was turned loose. He was not convicted. If you want to concentrate on somebody, then why don’t you concentrate on the Clintons? Look what they did. We would like to see Mr. Trump back in office, but we can put another Republican back in there, too.

. Donald Trump had the Chinese exactly where he wanted them — under his thumb.

. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. So a man who was an Army Ranger transgendered into a woman, joins the right-wing Trump-loving Oath Keepers militia group, and helps lead the riot on our Capitol that left as many as five people dead and dozens more seriously injured. Now let’s see if our former president, who claims to love the LGTBQ community more than any other president in history, will work to free this man-turned-woman traitor, Jessica Watkins, from the jail where she claims she is being abused. After all, she is only behind bars because she was following the orders of Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump.

. I guess it’s a fair trade. We gave China millions of dollars and thousands of jobs and China gave us COVID. Joe Biden is doing a good job.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Don’t watch CBS, MSNBC, and especially not CNN. They are communist sympathizers, and they spew lies. YouTube is trying to take our right to freedom of speech. They are socialist criminals of the highest order. These people need to be ran out of the United States.

. Love, peace and chicken grease, look what’s happening in the world. Hey, Mr. President, are you going let Iraq get away with what’s been going on there — someone firing rockets at American bases?

. The lawyer that was in the Senate trial for Donald Trump showed what hypocrites the Democrats are by playing their own words back. I’m glad he did that. I was hoping he would.

. President Joe Biden stated that the constitution is fragile. No, I say the constitution is strong. It is a weak-minded president and Democrats in Congress refusing to follow the laws they have made. With their perverted selfish agenda and insatiable thirst for power and control they are trying to subvert the constitution so that we the people will think the constitution is so damaged and broken they will be able to dominate and control the vast population of this country and we will allow them to usher in a socialist or communist style of government without any resistance. But the truth is the constitution just repelled a collective

attack by thousands of vindictive sanctimonious politicians. Again, I say the constitution is strong. Forty-three civil-minded Republicans just proved that.

. Part two of my previous comment: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and all Democrats in Congress launched a full out assault on the first, fifth, sixth and fourteenth amendments of the constitution in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump by failing to assume the presumption of innocence, failing to allow due process, manufacturing and doctoring evidence, excluding evidence that would help the defendant, and now they are launching an attack on the second amendment of the constitution. These recent acts prove that the Democrats in Congress refuse to govern by permission and their goal is to rule the people by domination. Read the constitution. Thank you.

. The $3 million raised by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Texas could buy: A) 27,507,163 bottles of drinking water for Texans or B) 7,143 nights of luxury at Ritz-Carlton Cancun for Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

. I have something to say as a concerned citizen of the United States of America. The Proud Boys and the buffalo boys who went to Washington weren’t too brave when they were left facing the National Guard. They threw their weapons and Trump flags down and ran like scared rabbits from the Capitol when they met the Guard. The FBI has gotten several of them and have pictures of the most of them. I would like to see something done with them and the thugs just like them here in Letcher County.

. To the fiscal court of Letcher County: Two weeks in a row our garbage pickup has been postponed and our roads have not been scraped even though they were solid ice. We have the sorriest fiscal court I have ever seen. The magistrates aren’t worth anything and the county judge is even worse. They should remember this at election time. None of them are worth a dime. Thank you very much.

. The phones are out all over the place and they send home the crews that work on phones. Does that make any sense to you or me?

. ‘Lee Boy’ Sexton was one of the finest human beings I ever met in my life. I first met him when I was 13; I’m 51 now. He taught my son how to play and I thank him for it. Our prayers go out to you, Opal. Prayers to the Sexton family. Linefork has lost a wonderful man.

. Beto O’Rourke organized volunteers who made over 784,000 wellness calls to seniors in Texas last week. Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz organized a trip for him and his family to a five-star resort in Cancun.

. Joe Biden should make Hunter his ambassador to China. That would save him a lot of traveling. When Hunter is over there getting his payoffs, he can pick up Joe’s payoffs, too.

. To the person or persons who put the people at Pizza Hut out of work: I hope karma kicks you in the butt so hard you wish you had never done this.

. I want to know why the employees at Pizza Hut got a raise in January and then go the doors closed in their faces in February. I hope the money-hungry owners are satisfied.

. I saw on the news this morning where oil is at $60 a barrel and climbing right on up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think we can have it at $80 a barrel by the Fourth of July and $100 a barrel by Thanksgiving. With shutting the Keystone pipeline down and banning drilling on federal lands, I

figure we can go back to getting our oil off Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russian and China just anytime and be back where we were with gas at $3.50 a gallon and diesel at $4 a gallon. That must be what they want, because that’s what’s coming. Thank you.

. It’s amazing that during all these snowstorms we’ve had our magistrate here in District Four does not send the county grader into Doty Creek to grade and salt the road. He’ll do it in the Blackey area, but not here in Doty Creek.

. We all get upset when we hear that the power company wants to raise our bills, but when you think about all the men and women who go out in the horrible weather we’ve had all hours night and day I wouldn’t mind a small raise if they would pay them more. They are our heroes also.

. Responding to the ‘ordinary person’ who has read the constitution. You say that Supreme Court decides constitutionality. Agreed. But you claim that because Chief Justice John Roberts did not preside, ‘the Supreme Court has spoken.’ Sorry, but he is only one-ninth of SCOTUS. Since Trump was out of office by the Senate trial, the chief justice was not required to preside, and had he done so, he would probably be required to recuse himself when the constitutionality of the trial eventually reached the Supreme Court.

The prosecution proved its case, but 43 Republicans put their cult membership ahead of their duty to represent the U.S. citizens instead of a paranoid bully.

. I really enjoy Brandon Robinson telling the weather on WYMT-TV, but I do not like the blonde who is on there acting like she knows everything about the weather when she doesn’t. If they had any sense they would have Chasity Gayheart back on there telling the weather.

. The Letcher County Government Channel shows the same old stuff every day. The same stuff has been running for the past four years. Why not put something different on there for people to watch instead of the same old garbage?

. I am elated to learn that thousands, no tens of thousands of voters are changing their party affiliation from Republican to Democrat or Independent. That spineless group of Republicans in Washington who voted to acquit Donald Trump have lost their moral compass. They should be ashamed to go back to their home state and face the voters who sent them to congress to uphold the constitution. The Republican party is in self-destruct mode and those who follow Donald Trump will perish at the poles while those of good character will survive. The mid-term election in 2022 will tell the tale.

l Has a woman asked you to buy a Valentine basket? She may have been the one that sent a message to my Pap on Facebook. When he said no she told him his wife would want him to buy it. He said yes. When he saw her she wanted over fifty dollars. He had to borrow five dollars to pay the five dollars. The sad part is my Pap does not remember good. She knew that his wife had been dead for over three years. My family paid for the Facebook so he could talk to his friends. We want to close it, but that is the only way he can talk to his friends. How can we keep her and others from doing the same thing again?

l It looks like America will not get a State of the Union address this year. I believe there is something wrong. Every president has given a State of the Union address in my 72 years. When Biden speaks he talks like a civil rights leader and is against hardworking Americans. The Democratic Party has pulled the wool over America’s eyes again.

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