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I’m asking all good Republicans to show their support of President Trump and write ‘Shove it’ on their stimulus checks, tear them in half, and send them back.

. Congratulations to the best college basketball teams in the state — the ones going to the Big Dances; Louisville and Kentucky on the women’s side, Morehead on the men’s side.

. I have a question for Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Rand Paul, and Representative Hal Rogers: Why did you three Republicans vote against helping the people of Kentucky who will be receiving the $1,400 stimulus checks? Why wouldn’t you work with the Democrats on something like this when it clearly benefits most Kentuckians? And why did you vote to try to take away the $300 monthly check that will be coming to me, a single mom, for the next year to help me meet the cost of raising my child? And while I’m thinking about it, when will one of you three be giving us here in Letcher County an update on the federal prison you promised us, then stood by and did nothing to stop the Trump administration from taking the prison away from us? Shame on all three of you.

. A tip of the hat to the Republicans in our Kentucky legislature who are doing their best to cripple Governor Beshear’s efforts to stop the virus. President Trump may be history, but they’re carrying on his policy of spreading death and destruction as ordered by Vladimir Putin.

. Not sure how many folks have reviewed the line items in the state budget that our legislature is close to voting on, but it looks like they’ve set aside half a million dollars to pay for Daniel Cameron’s personal security. With that amount of money, I believe the state attorney general is going to have better security than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

. To the birthday fairy — the one with long brown hair who looks incredibly beautiful: I have tried to find you since I saw you on the news. I know word gets around and thought this would be a great way to find you. If your stunning beauty wasn’t impressive enough, your kind soul that loves people won me over. I need to know if you are married or happily married if so. I would love a woman like you to

spoil like you deserve. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in all my life. If you are interested in being treated like a queen, please respond next week. If you don’t, I’ll know my answer and I hope your husband or boyfriend loves you and treats you like you deserve and tells you how beautiful you are every day. Signed, KJ.

. Can anybody tell me why we don’t get water bills anymore in Letcher County? What’s wrong?

. I appreciate Speak Your Piece setting the caller straight the other day about the real reasons why the gasoline prices have been going up recently. But in my opinion, you shouldn’t be allowing any caller to phone in lies about Joe Biden being responsible for the higher gas prices when Biden has absolutely nothing to do with it. These people criticizing Biden over the gas prices are Trump lovers who are desperate to make Joe Biden look bad after Biden has already done so much for our working-poor and middle-class people. They can’t stand the fact that Joe Biden has already done more in only two months for the regular people of America than their hero Trump did in the four years he was in office taking care of only the rich.

. To the person who commented about the psychics: I’m not psychic, but I do have common sense. Those thousands of pages of tax returns Trump had previously refused to turn over because of his claims he was being audited for over 10 years tell us he is busted. He knows he’s busted; that’s why he moved out of New York. I just can’t wait to see him in a striped suit picking up trash beside the road. That will be hilarious.

. Glory hallelujah, Joe Biden is president. We finally have someone with some common sense to watch over our nation.

. I just saw on the real news today where the Q from QAnon says President Abraham Lincoln has rolled over onto his stomach in his grave so that all of today’s Republicans can kiss his behind.

. I was reading in last week’s Speak Your Piece about how someone thinks the former president, Donald Trump, should still be holding office. I think that is preposterous, especially after seeing five lives lost at the Capitol because of something Trump did.

That the caller would still have him in the White House running the show is ridiculous. I don’t know why so many poor Kentuckians are for Donald Trump.

. I’m surprised the sheriff’s office never goes to Beetree Fork or to Blair Branch and Doty Creek on Friday and Saturday nights to catch the bootleggers and dope dealers. This sheriff ’s office seems to worry only about catching people around Neon and Jenkins.

. Well, it looks like two from Letcher County got busted for selling pills. Lo and behold, I was over in Cumberland on March 14 and I saw them go right up to another dealing hot spot. I guess those felonies they picked up weren’t enough.

. In Louisville, gas averaged $2.10 per gallon last year. In the last half of 2020 I paid $1.89 in Hardin County. I guess next week we’ll find out Democrats paid $10 a gallon for four years and are now paying 33 cents a gallon. Gas hit $2.79.9 the first week of March 2021. That’s all, folks.

. I’m so depressed. My local meth dealer got everybody’s stimulus checks and went for a week to Florida. Isn’t that depressing?

. The passing of the COVID relief bill is bringing help to millions of Americans, and not one Republican voted for it. What does that tell you?

. This past year has been the deadliest year in American history. And guess who was president?

. God bless America, but we need to get somebody who knows how to run the prison system — someone who will treat our prisoners like the criminals they are.

. I went over to Wise last Sunday to Walmart and the Chinese restaurant. People were out by the beaucoup, yet everybody was so respectful and everybody was wearing their mask. People were so happy to be out that even rank strangers would say, ‘Go ahead and get in front of me.’ Isn’t that a beautiful picture? I love it.

. To the lowlife idiot on the hill: Keep your son at home at night and keep him off my property. I am going to report you to social services and the sheriff of Letcher County. The check you are spending on meth will be taken away. Go to rehab, take your dog that barks all night to the dogcatcher, and take your idiot neighbors to the dogcatcher, too.

. To a certain young lady: You shouldn’t be going up on old strip jobs with two men. People get out hunting and feeding turkeys, which is what I was doing when I saw you come up on the hill with two gentlemen. And what you did with them was unreal. You’re really going to get you a real reputation. You’re going to be a piece of work. If your mom and dad knew what you are doing they would beat you to death.

. To a certain person: If you want to eavesdrop on me and watch me with your video camera, be my guest. But guess what? I’ve got a camera, too. I have it hooked up where you’ll never see it. You think you can spy on me? Well, two can play that game. And the truth about you will come out sooner or later.

. Pull your pants up, put your drugs down, and keep your son at home at night. He is threatening to burn my house down. You, the clown, gooseneck, and your son need to spend some time in the big house. You are on the highway to hell.

. I was glad to see the Kentucky State Police having a road check the other night up on Little Colley. I think they were about an hour-and-a-half too soon, though. Had they waited a while they may have gotten a couple driving up and down the road without a sign of a driver’s license or insurance. There are a bunch running through there that have no business being on the roads. If you don’t have a license you shouldn’t be on the road.

. Why don’t you self-righteous people out there walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me? Oh yes, I’ve heard the things you’ve said about me. I didn’t know there were such evil people in this world until just lately. I guess you people who say such nasty things about me and my drinking are perfect? Well, I don’t think so.

. Hey, Uncle Joe. Thanks for the doubling of our gas prices. We sincerely thank you.

. I would like to say that I feel bad for Joe Biden. I think he has the reasoning power of a 10-year-old. There’s nothing he can do about it; I’ve got something similar to what he has myself. Also his press secretary, that redhead girl, they’ve thrown her to the wolves, and you can see she’s in over her head, too. I wish them the best. I hope Joe Biden can hang on, but I don’t know if he can or not. Thank you.

. I would like to leave the judge/executive of Letcher County a message: I just came down through Fishpond and down the straightaway down toward Kona was an LKLP bus. By the time I topped out I was doing 75 just to try to get around it. I don’t know if you monitor their speed, but they need to slow down and stop cutting people off in traffic. Thank you, judge. You are doing a great job.

. What’s this with all of these executive orders? A president with the stroke of a pen can take control of all the voting regulations from the states?

. Why are President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so easily befuddled? Is it because of questionable health or advanced age? Or is their vindictive and lying nature that is making them paranoid? And has their paranoia reached its pinnacle? Could this condition be exacerbated by the onset of dementia? Why have they turned the nation’s capital into a military camp? Why do so many people call Joe Biden a puppet president? If this is true, who are the people pulling the strings? Why are they so evasive and filled with snobbish hate? Did the people elect them to serve and appreciate or to hate and dictate?

. There are two older ladies living in the Whitesburg area, and all they do is gossip about their so-called friend’s family members who are on drugs. If they are that worried about people being on drugs without knowing all the information, why don’t they talk to them or go visit them? But I think if they do their duty they would pray for those people. They also should look into their own

backyards. If they were true Christians they wouldn’t be talking about people on drugs, they would be praying for them. If I were them, I would get myself right with the Lord and start praying for people instead of talking about them.

. You want to know how to keep from catching COVID 19? You post a green light on your doorpost and a picture of you and your dog on Facebook. No need to take a shot.

. To the person who called in to Speak Your Piece last week asking if the Republicans were going to send back their stimulus checks: We are — just like you sent yours back when Trump was president. Sure.

. Thank God for President Biden. He has already saved more lives than the last president we had ever dreamed of.

. Joe Biden is worried about the problem he created on the border. That’s what happens when you do something for spite and jump in with both feet on something you know nothing about.

. I just found out the reason the elderly people are having a hard time getting their meals brought to them is because they bring so many to you that you have no place to keep them. A lot of people are rejecting it because of that, and they really need the meals. Something should be done about this.

. To ‘Signed, an American’: You have the unmitigated gall to tell a Vietnam veteran to shut up and get the hell out of the paper? I didn’t agree with the veteran’s cavalier way of thinking and speaking, but as a Vietnam veteran they have earned the right to think, say and do just about any damned thing they wish. They also protected your right to think and say what you want. Their sacrifice is your gain. What sacrifice have you made to protect that cocoon of safety and freedom that surrounds you? And who gave you the right to ridicule any military veteran. So suck it up and shove it. Signed, another Vietnam veteran.

. If anyone is interested, bring your sports car over to Jenkins any night after 9 and you can race this orange Mustang or black

convertible Mustang that are always racing each other up and down the road. They know when the police are gone, so they just have a field day with it. I’m kind of enjoying it. I’ve seen them going through town passing each other. They go a little quick, about 70 miles per hour, but that’s alright, they know where the police are. You all bring your sports cars over; let’s have some races.

. Well, I have to give it to Officer Stevens here in Jenkins. He will try to catch that red Mustang that girl drives. I just saw him take off after her with his blue lights on, but he got a late start and couldn’t catch her. I feel like we’re at the Bristol spring nationals.

. To the caller whose latest pandemic death toll was over 600,000 by the first of June: You have an IQ lower than a jackass. Get the message?

. I am a Vietnam vet and proud of it. I have the right to be happy about the election or whatever. The United States of America and God give me that right. You shut up and get out of the paper. Thank you, from a better American.

. Has anybody ever heard of a rat or rats taking off with maybe six bars of Just One Bite poison from a bag? This has happened to me twice now. If this has happened to anybody else, I would love to hear how they fixed the problem. I put some out the other night and it was all nice and clean the next day. And the bag I had the rat poison in had also gone away. If anybody has any ideas, please respond and let me know. I have some creek rats, the four-legged kind, that just love to destroy things around my place.

. I am so sick of this ‘Republicans did this, the Democrats did that.’ The way I feel is that it took both sides to get this world in the mess it’s in. And you know what? Donald Trump really was a good president. I think down in his soul he really loves the American people. But let this crap die. We are going through a really bad time right now. Why don’t we all just try to get along and love each other, no matter if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or whatever? .

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