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To the lady from Jenkins: I saw you at the hotel in Wise with some shady characters. Be careful with that bunch.

. Can some of these cops around here not do something about the noise ordinance in the city limits with dogs barking 24/7? Please do something about the dogs. There is a noise ordinance in the city limits. So tired of a dog barking all day and all night.

. The choice of words used by the Jenkins police chief to describe the suspect in the police cruiser theft shows how immature and unprofessional he is. You cannot put a person with a childlike mentality in a position that needs to be filled by an adult.

. Well now, District Four Magistrate Cheddy Smith, you promised you were going to work on the road to the Riley Cemetery at Doty Creek, but you still haven’t offered to do it. You see, Cheddy, you lied to everybody. Your county judge/ executive, Terry Adams, also promised the road would be worked on, but nothing has been done to that road. When Keith Adams and Jim Ward were in office they fixed that road.

. To a very attractive lady at Mayking: You came up to the house one night and we began to talk as you stood by the door. I told you I had a fifth of Bacardi coconut rum, and you said oh how I love coconut rum. I still have that bottle. I saw you not long ago down at Walmart. You are just as pretty as ever. I would love to crack that old bottle and enjoy it with you. If you read this, leave me a message.

. I just want to say I’m glad someone on the Jenkins City Council said something about the city workers not doing their jobs and leaving trash everywhere. That has needed to be said for a long time now. The Jenkins city workers need to be held accountable, because the mayor is too afraid to say anything to them.

. To Gomer Pyle who lives on Smoot Creek: Why do you bother people who drive slowly, abide by the law, and are out riding their four-wheelers? If you want to do something, come across the hill to Little Colley where they are running up and down the road at 100 miles per hour and selling drugs even though they don’t have a driver’s license or any insurance on what they drive. What’s the deal here?

. If you’re feeling a little down and need to read something to help you find where you are and who you are, go to the Third Book of the Bible and read Leviticus, Chapter 20, especially Verse 13. I think that will help a lot of people feel better about themselves. I hope everyone has a good day.

. To a certain man: I was

just sitting here thinking that I sure am glad that all eight of your ex-wives can’t draw Social Security benefits on you. If they could, there wouldn’t be any left for the rest of us. Now you have a good day.

. I was wondering if Judge/ Executive Terry Adams is going to let the senior citizens walk for free again when the Letcher County Recreation Center opens back up.

. Yes, Joe Biden is a great president — cheaper gas, more jobs, lower taxes, less crime, no innocent people and children being shot by thugs, great city schools, threat of wars. Joe, you have created a heaven on earth. Your dummycrats should be awful proud.

. I want to thank Judge Adams and the county road department for fixing the road up Tolson Creek over to the head of Big Branch where Stevie Ray Gibson is buried. Stevie Ray was born and raised over in the head of Big Branch, and I knew him all the years of growing up. I think he deserves a good road so we can go and visit his grave.

. I’m glad to see that the Letcher County Jail has a certain older fellow in it for breaking some laws. People like him destroy a lot of young girls by handing out certain things. So thank you, Sheriff Mickey Stines. I hope this man ends up with some time. I made a comment earlier about this fellow driving a small truck down around the Blackey area, and I’m glad someone took heed.

. Does the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet not know that Kentucky Highway 7 goes beyond Blackey?

. Judge Terry Adams, the people of Thornton would love to have an update of the process of getting the fence repaired at the Tom and Pat Gish Park, which is used daily by numerous members of the community. It is very unsafe right now with the current fence issue resulting from the recent flooding. We are really afraid a small child is going to fall down in the hold between the fence and concrete. We would love an update.

. To the mayor of Jenkins: It is time to step up or step out. Way too many things are going wrong in the city.

. It’s a sad thing that George Floyd was murdered last year, but George Floyd broke the law. If he had done what they told him to do it would never have happened in the first place. Yes, the man was murdered, but he is no hero in my book. And as far as flying the Black Lives Matter flag at our embassies, what is wrong with people? God bless America, but what in the hell is going on? Without cops we are all dead.

It’s the time of year again when certain so- called churchgoers go to church to get money given to them, especially around the Pentecostal churches. They will take anything off the road and give them money to help pay their bills, buy their groceries, or get someone to mow their grass and cut their weeds for them. People sure know how to put on an act in this day and time just they can get a preacher to feel sorry for them and hand them out a little bit of money. They ought to be on their knees begging for mercy.

. I was in Letcher County for Memorial Day, and I can’t believe the way the judge runs the county. The stray dogs are taking over. It’s no wonder people are moving out of there. There is no law, there is nothing.

. What ’s wrong with Letcher County? None of our officials will even move to get anything done.

. The sheriff ’s office here in Letcher County does its job and arrests people who commit crimes. But I just saw one certain gentleman from the Mayking area, and I knew he wouldn’t stay in jail 12 hours before he was bonded out. I would like to know how you can walk around with prescription pills in your pocket and you don’t have a prescription for them, yet you are let out of jail. This has been going on with this man for 30 years.

. I am very impressed with Drake Brock, the singer. If he comes around here, I want to go listen to him. He is a very impressive young man.

. Could someone please explain to me what we in Letcher County are paying the magistrates for? And as far as that, what are we paying the county judge/executive for? We still don’t have any county roads repaired. We don’t have any grass and weeds being mowed beside the roads in these hollows. We don’t get any gravel beyond the third house in the hollow. What’s going on? Surely there is enough money to do something or the other. Another thing: What’s wrong that the state highway department that they won’t even patch a road like the one from Thornton to Kona? It’s a sight that you have to tear your car up because the state and county won’t patch the roads.

. To the snobbish person using the dictionary to clear up their snooty use of traitor and insurrection: You are correct, I do not have the guts and Merriam-Webster does not have the words, and I do not have the brains to rebut you, a person who has colored his or herself with a case of infantilism exacerbated by megalomania. Read your own comments and maybe you will understand why I called you an imbecilic neanderthal.

. To certain people: Why don’t you pack of imbeciles mind your own business? I don’t care what you all do, you are dead to me. So, worry about your own pathetic lives. No one else cares about you.

. Question: Who runs faster, Hunter Holbrook or the BP Bomber?

. To the fellow in the small car dealing dope in the broad daylight right there in the apartment complexes for the elderly people at the school bus garage: You are ignorant. Stay home before you end up in prison.

. What is my proof that COVID-19 was hatched in a lab in China? We’ve had millions of people to die worldwide, and we haven’t heard about one bat dying. Think about it.

. The Democrats in Congress are trying to convince people there is an assault rifle. That is hyperbole. No such rifle exists. They are trying to classify any rife above .22 caliber with a

removable clip as an assault rifle. No. A rifle is an object that can be seen or touched. Assault is an action, a violent attack either physical or verbal. The second amendment guarantees that the rights of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I do not own or like guns, but I do defend the constitution.

. We the people here in Upper Dunham in Jenkins would like to thank Mr. Mullins for getting the trees cut out of the road, as we have to drive by those every day. We have tried for two years, unsuccessfully, to get these cut by our mayor. When it comes election time it won’t do him any good to come to Dunham, because he has proved what he is like. He is another Joe Biden. All he wants to do is talk and make promises that aren’t kept. Thank you.

. I want to thank the state highway department for blacktopping Highway 7 from Isom to Blackey. I wonder if all the coal mines were still working and paying in severance tax on coal if it would have been fixed long before now.

. I didn’t think all these people were supposed to fill their swimming pools up with city and county water.

. Martin Luther King said I have a dream. Donald Trump said I have a nightmare. Donald Trump preaches vengeance against his perceived enemies. Martin Luther King preached forgiveness. Which one is the more Christian of the two?

. I am a resident of Jenkins. We are going to have to have some police officers in this city other than kids. Something terribly bad is going to happen if someone doesn’t step up. Thank you.

. To the caller who claimed he had never heard of the sovereign citizens movement: It’s funny how certain Republicans don’t even try to make their lies believable these days. Don’t pretend you’re well-informed and then claim you never heard of sovereign citizens. By the way, there hasn’t been a single military action taken by the United States since the Revolutionary War that even remotely had any connection with defending first amendment rights. Ordinarily, should anybody be stupid enough to call me a communist to my face, I’d be the last person they say it to. But I can honestly say I’d rather be a ‘communist socialist’ (could you pack in a few more idiot Reichwing adjectives, there, you ignorant loudmouthed traitor?) than a Trump-sucking fascist cult member.

. In reference to the comment about it being the duty of the United States to protect Israel: No, it isn’t. Israel — the country, not the people — is just as guilty as Palestine — the country, not the people. If the world was smart, we’d quarantine the entire Middle East, Israel included, and let them fight their own battles until they either killed themselves off or got tired of dying. Food for thought: There is not one penny’s worth of difference between religious extremist groups such as ISIL, Taliban, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Kach, Kahane Chai, et al, and radical fundamentalist right-wing Christians, except that here in the United

States, civilians can and will shoot back. Which probably accounts for a great deal of those leaders’ insistence in spreading the idiot fairytale of the ‘unarmed liberal.’ They desperately need some means of convincing their mush-brained followers to be willing cannon fodder.

. This is to T.L.F.: I haven’t heard from you in over three years. I just want you to know my heart is still yours. I think about you every day. I love you, babe girl, and I will have you back one day. Love always S.R.B. I miss you, beautiful.

Well, the greedy gasoline price gougers are at it again, gouging. See what happens when you elect a Democrat? Look at your gas prices now. Are you going to blame that on Trump? It will get worse. The Democrats sent you a stimulus check so you could fatten the oil companies. They lie to you about climate change to raise the prices. The American people could do much better if the Democrats would leave our nation and let us live our lives in peace. Maybe we need another virus to bring down the gas prices and put a stop to the Democrats trying to destroy our economy.

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