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To an old friend of mine I used to do some hunting with on Blair Branch: I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you for a chat, but I can’t seem to catch you. Everybody says you’re into go-cart racing. That’s cool, but I’m into drag racing myself.

My grandmother would ask me to read the Bible to her. She would shake her head and ask me to back up and re-read certain passages. I was very young, but I can see in my mind her in a bonnet and long granny dress. I never heard her curse. She would get up at five in the morning. I would ask her why and she just said, ‘It’s time to get up.’ Some of us need to re-read the Bible. And some of us need to get up because it’s time to get up. I miss her and my Uncle Bradley, my aunt and all my cousins. I pray that life has been good to all of you. I miss those simpler times when we would all get together on Sundays, go hunting, digging ginseng, and berry picking — always knowing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is everywhere. God bless you all. Alfred.

To a man on Linefork: All you have now is a pill-headed skank. You had a good woman and you were just too stupid to see that. I wouldn’t blame your wife if she never saw or spoke to you again after the way you did her. It’s a shame.

I would like to wish a very special person on Bates’s Fork a happy birthday. It was on October 28.

In a recent newspaper article, I was quoted as saying we had 700 people at our recent drama/ music/folk arts festival. What I meant to say is we had over 200 kids from the Jenkins School System and seven people from the general public, not 700.

It’s such a relief that the bad guy has finally been put in jail. I guess he won’t be going around shooting with those two guns anymore. He should be glad that he was just Tasered. The cops could have fired shots.

This is what I think about life: I think that if everybody would mind their own business, clean up their own backyard, and quit sticking their nose in other people’s affairs they would be better off. If they don’t, someone is going to smack their nose off and put them in their place.

I found a gold earring in my husband’s truck. If you want it back, call me and I’ll give it back to you.

I always wondered why people complained about the gas companies being in their area. Now I know. The road to the top of Blair Branch Mountain is awful.


The county road department needs to look at the road they had built at Arthur’s Loop. The gas company has destroyed it. Thank you.

I was just calling in to say that I wish the girl who worked at the store at Cowan School would come back to work. We really miss her.

It’s a shame the legal system in Letcher County would take a child out of a loving home and give it to the father who had nothing to do with her for the first six years of her life. She is now being made to stay with them except for every other weekend even though the child is afraid to speak there. She has no toys there and is afraid to take any toys there. I think we need a better court system in Letcher County.

(For what reason was the child removed?)

Cowboy here. Brushey Bill is a dedicated educated sort of man. He is my kind of people. I bet he could teach ol’ Barney how to climb a tree if he could get hold of the first limb.

To three old hens who work at a certain restaurant: It’s time for you all to retire and let three little pullets take over who can do a better job.

I just wanted to comment about someone asking a few weeks ago who you had to know to sit in one of the box seats at the Jenkins football games: First, who would even want to sit in a box seat? The football team stinks. If you still want to, all you have to do is become a fisherman.

To a certain man: You know who you are. Why don’t you tell the truth now? You know yourself what went on and what you were doing. No, I didn’t hit your truck. You hit mine. And tell them about the threat you made against me. Why don’t you tell them the truth and tell them about threatening me the way you always have? All I have ever gotten out of you is a threat.

You folks at Little Shepherd Amphitheater have found yourselves a real hero or heroine to lead you around by the nose in one misadventure after another. Did you have a good turnout at the haunted forest? Did you have 700 or seven?

Don’t put away your folding chairs yet. We are going to have an outdoor Christmas play at the Little Shepherd Amphitheater in December. We only have 200 seats, so we will need to carry in 500 more.

I went to the flea market and bought myself a crystal ball. Let’s see if works. Here are the winners of the Jenkins City Council race: Chuck Anderson, Rick Damron, Becky Elswick, James Polly, Todd DePriest, and Bob Bartrum.

To the drunken moron: You need to get out of jail and you need to come and pick the garbage up by the roads.

To Samantha: Don’t take him back. If he was dumb enough to do it once he will do it again. You need to find someone who will treat you like the princess you are.

I’m just curious about this cowboy and Brushey Bill and the drunken moron and all that. What’s the big deal? Is it just three morons communicating or do they all know each other? Please respond.

If anyone knows where you can get a poster with the UK basketball schedule please be kind enough to let me know. I’m a big UK fan and have a feeling we are going to have a good year. Go Billy G. We didn’t need Billy D.

I was just responding to a comment about some of the Letcher Central football players not getting to play in games and being used as tackling dummies. It’s not because their parents don’t work in town, it’s because they are young and inexperienced. Some people say football is about fun, and it is. The kids aren’t being used as tackling dummies. They are helping their teammates get better, and it’s only going to make them better in the future. It will teach them how to take harder hits and how to respond better in games. That business about having to work in town is ridiculous. This isn’t Jenkins where you have to live on Lakeside.

Whatever happened to the state police trooper who shot the two hunting dogs? If anybody knows, please respond.

To a certain woman: How has your boyfriend not found out what you did while he was locked up? I am tempted to tell him myself. I know he would do the same for me. You better tell him or I will. All you do it is use him.

To a certain man on Thornton: You know I love you. I always have and I always will. All I ever wanted was to take care of you. You said we didn’t have to live life that way anymore, but apparently we do. Still, I want my chance to go hunting with you.

I think a teacher wearing a Letcher Central shirt to work at Jenkins is being very disrespectful. Imagine what would happen if a teacher from Jenkins who worked at Letcher Central walked in there with a Jenkins shirt on. People who keep talking about moving to Letcher Central in the coming years should just go ahead and go now.

The county road department had a good road to the top of Blair Branch Mountain. Now the gas company has destroyed it. Something needs to be done about it. Thank you.

Once you change hearts it’s hard to get the other heart back. If you switch hearts you will never be happy. I’ve switched hearts so many times that mine is just floating around like a cloud. One thing about it, the heart knows for sure.

Could someone tell me why the Letcher County Central boys’ soccer team was not even recognized in the paper? They came in second and nothing was mentioned about them, but the girls were. What’s the difference?

There are more sports at Letcher Central than football. The boys’ soccer team was second runner-up. Five boys got district trophies and two got regional trophies but nothing was in the paper. Senior night was not in the paper, either. The girls were. There was a soccer picture this past week, thanks to the parent.

Hey you drunken moron. Where you is?

Jesus Lives —Three days in the tomb our Savior lay/But He arose and left on that third day./ Mary came to the tomb to see where that Jesus lay/The angel there said He is gone away./ Jesus’s friends were fishing out on their boat/’Cast your net on the other side,’ Jesus spoke./They didn’t have to ask who He was/ They knew it was their friend Jesus whom they loved./They sat down to breakfast and had some fish/They were so glad to see Him, it was more than they could wish./As they were walking and going along,/Jesus ascended into heaven saying, ‘You can come too, it won’t be long.’ C.A.C.

Our mail carrier has messed up again, the fourth time. Put Maudie’s mail in Edra Mae Pack’s box today, Wednesday, October 29. I’m not being a smartmouth. I know you have a hard job, but you do need to correct this. Okay? Thank you, Stanley D. Pack.

The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness. Looking for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when the heavens being on fire and the elements melting with fervent heat. Nevertheless we, according to his promise to look for a new heaven and a new earth where in dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore beloved seeing all these things be diligent to be found by him in peace and without spot and blemish before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the signs are all around us. God’s children better be looking up for our redemption is nigh. Found in 2 Peter Ch. 3 V. 10-14.

Unlike Rush Limbaugh, I will not steal a phrase like ‘trickle-up economics’ from Michael Savage, and pretend it is my idea. Michael has a new pledge: ‘I pledge allegiance to the stock of Goldman-Sachs, and to the gang for which it stands, one gang indivisible, with liberty and profit for them.’ It now appears that some of the big banks are using the bailout money to buy up other banks to increase their own holdings and further enrich themselves. This is corporate welfare at its worst. But, after all, George W. did promise them that he would take care of them. And to the person who made the childish political comment about Republicans burning their headlights during the day, and Democrats turning theirs off at night: This is the kind of mentality that put this country in the mess it is in.

While visiting family up around Portsmouth, Ohio, I was told that a lumberyard manager up there was convicted of receiving stolen lumber and got not only a big fine but a prison sentence. Other states have handled this crime in a like manner. That got me to thinking about the Potter theft in Craft’s Colly, which got worldwide attention but no action. Why won’t local officials and the state of Kentucky protect property owners here? Receiving stolen copper, automobiles, appliances are treated as felonies if their value exceeds $300. Why the casual attitude of the law enforcement officials toward timber theft and receiving stolen timber? The Potters’ loss was reported in all the major papers all over the world, but, despite having an eyewitness account, they didn’t get an indictment, very likely because of the way their evidence was presented or not presented to the grand jury. The Commonwealth’s Attorney is alleged to have told other officials that he would never prosecute another timber case. This goes way beyond what he is allowed for prosecutorial discretion. The sheriff is alleged to have refused to have anything to do with the Potters. Why are these officials allowed to make these judgments? These crimes are clearly covered in Kentucky statutes and don’t need local interpretation. KRS 514.110, Receiving stolen property, says, ‘A person is guilty of receiving stolen property when he receives, retains, or disposes of movable property of another knowing that it has been stolen, or having reason to believe that it has been stolen . . .’ It further says, ‘The possession by any person of any recently stolen movable property shall be prima facie evidence that such person knew such property was stolen.’ What is difficult about that? It looks like crime victims here need to go to the federal officials, U.S. attorneys, to have their rights and recourses defined.

So a woman has been arrested for feeding honey to a bear. This strikes at the very core of Letcher County’s pristine image, and must not be tolerated. She must be punished swiftly and severely. But what about the store that provided the honey? What is their responsibility? What about those who processed the honey? Oh, and further, did the woman or the honey or the bear cross a state line? That would make it a federal offense and bring it under the purview of the FBI. Clearly, this must be stopped; nipped in the bud. Once that has happened, and not before, other less serious, but annoying, crimes can be addressed, like the theft of almost anything that isn’t nailed down, and some things that are; reckless driving on almost every road, but especially by the coal and gravel trucks on Route 160; child sexual abuse; domestic violence; and driving under the influence of a variety of things.

A West Whitesburg Elementary School teacher was threatened by a parent and some want to keep it hush hush. This is a very serious offense and should be dealt with as such. Our kids need to know that making threats to other students or school personnel comes with severe cost for their parents as well as themselves. It is time to send a clear message that our courts are not going to allow our teachers and students to live with threats and end up in Letcher County with an Columbine type situation. If these problems go unaddressed then the code of conduct needs to be thrown out.

I admire Lonnie Buchanan for resigning in protest because of the way the fiscal court treated Seth Long. Not many people these days have that kind of courage, and you have to appreciate it. I am sorry, though, that he felt the need. That is one more good person lost to the water/sewer board, and one more blow against the independence it is supposed to have by law. Why the fiscal court would want to dismember a board that has worked so successfully to bring water to this county — doubling the customers served in two years — can only be because of a lust for power whatever the good of the county. They don’t seem to appreciate the sense behind the saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ I do have one reservation about Mr. Buchanan’s letter — his praise for Bob Lewis’s support. What support was that? Bob Lewis voted for the very thing Mr. Buchanan protested against by resigning — the firing of Seth Long. If he truly supported the water board and Seth Long, how could he have done that? The answer is that Bob Lewis doesn’t have a single conviction of his own, much less the courage to exercise it. He is a yes-man to anybody in power. I am ashamed he is a magistrate and I will be voting for someone else next time.

This is Pootie from the slope. Just wanted to say hi to all my buddies over there at the slope in Hindman.

To a certain coal company: You have a boy working as a security guard and you’re cheating him out of his money. He was making more money when he was getting paid under the table. You promised him $15 when he got his papers. How come he’s only bringing home $325 now? You are a bunch of jerks. Pay the boy what he’s worth. I’m his aunt and I want to know when you’re going to start paying him $10 an hour.

Back in September someone called Speak Your Piece and said they saw a little white Ranger being hit. Well, I had a white Ranger at the Mountain Heritage Festival on September 27 and on that evening it was hit. If anyone knows anything about this, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

Turning out your lights when you pass the house won’t help. God still sees you. He knows your every thought. He knows your every action before you do it. So some of you better do some thinking.

To a certain lady: Honey, don’t worry about what he has been with. You are far prettier than anything he has run with. When I see you are not letting him come back I will show you what a real man is like. I will keep in touch. You are just what I’m looking for — no drugs, a hard worker, and just as sweet as you look. You just need a good man to treat you the way you need to be treated. Let that trash go.

Hey, you beer drinking buddy of that maroon drunk. Is he too drunk to write or call in his report? Does he have the shakes? Get him enrolled into AA.

This is the fellow who shot and killed that dog: What I did isn’t going to come back and bite me. It’s dead.

I think your business is a bad idea. You Yankees should go back to where you came from.


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