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I heard all you Obama supporters up and down the street last night with your loud music. You’re going to find out what kind of president you got just shortly.

I want to wish my little brother, Nathan Eddie Hurley, a happy birthday. He will be six years old on November 16. He shares a birthday with Pappaw Emmit P. Adams of Harrison’s Branch. Happy birthday from Sis, Alexis Jo Adams.

My dad said, ‘Go find your baby brother, it’s time to eat.’ I knew where he’d be — down by the river fishing. He loved to fish. He was only about seven years old and learned to swim the hard way. As I slipped down there the boy had him a stringer of fish. I said, ‘It’s time to eat.’ He turned toward me and smiled and said, ‘Let me set my poles.’ I miss him so much. I know if there’s a stream of water in the afterlife he is fishing. That boy grew up to be one of the best fishermen I ever knew. He also was my best friend. When I closed his eyes for the last time I knew he went to the greatest fisherman of all, the one who said, ‘Come with me. I will make you fishers of men.’ Rest in peace, Brother. I miss you.

Typical Letcher County. People here freak out over a little bit of petro getting into the river but don’t say a word about their neighbor dumping raw sewage in the creek. The petroleum spill was accidental; running straight pipes to the creeks and Kentucky River is not an accident.

I woke up yesterday morning proud to be an American. I am not proud today. I can’t believe it. I’m disappointed. I hope everybody is happy. Four years from now you’ll find out what a big mistake you made. This is just one white American’s opinion. Thank you.

Cowboy here. Hey you maroon drunk. Your buddy, six pack, needs to speak and write for himself. Or is it like it was when you were three or four years old and had an imaginary friend? I don’t believe you have a real friend. Also, you are dreaming when you are talking about getting phone calls. Who would want to talk to the town drunk?

I was just sitting here wondering about the man who fights against people having good water on Copperhead Road. Now that they had the mess they did with the city water, I wonder if he ever thinks about how it feels for us people up here to have to deal with bad water every day.

What happens with the water bills of everyone who couldn’t use their water to drink, bathe, cook, and do dishes in? Who is going to pay for their water bill? Whoever is responsible should have to pay everyone’s water bill for this month and the gas it took to go and get bottled water. What are we to do?

To my beautiful wife Samantha: I would like to give it one more chance if we could. Sorry for what I did. I’m a completely changed man. Just reply in next week’s Speak Your Piece. I love you.

To M. and K.: You better back off and leave me alone. You know what I found in the bathroom and you don’t want that to get out. So you better back off and quit aggravating me and trying to start a fight with me. I do not want to fight; I want to keep peace. All I want is to be able to spend time with my children and take care of them. So remember, what comes around goes around. From C.

I don’t know what happened to the trooper who shot those hunting dogs, but I hope he shot at least a hundred more of them between that day and this. If there was a jury trial and I sat on the jury I would turn him loose.

I’m sitting here reading Speak Your Piece hoping that all you moss-back Republicans will cash all of those checks Obama is going to send to you. Now vote Republican again.

Workers who had to miss work because of the water contamination should have been laid off and allowed to draw unemployment instead of having their hours cut. Those responsible for this situation should have to pay each and every one of us. Jim Ward, you’re a coward if you don’t back us.

Howdy folks, the maroon drunk here just to make things clear. Me and the drunk moron are not the same person. I don’t want some woman to tarnish my good name. I did party with her some a long time ago, but not anymore. Anyway, hasn’t it been some nice beer-drinking weather lately? I love it. Also, I wish people would lay off my beerdrinking buddy. He is pretty upset. So cheers you all.

I wish one of you scum would smack me. That would give me the go ahead to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time — knock some of your teeth out.

Does your mommy know you are out this late with that truck? Man, you are going to get in all kinds of trouble. Up and down Main Street this time at night and your mommy doesn’t know where you are? She’ll find out pretty soon.

A certain man is still bringing men in on his wife and making her sleep with them. He is now sleeping with his stepdaughter after raping her. She’s 15. This demands vigilante justice. Any ideas on what should be done to a man like that?

That tomcat is changing his lifestyle. Instead of hibernating for winter he is going to start driving a taxicab for old folks.

It’s not often you get to see what wind technology will bring to energy, but the other day I got to see firsthand what it will bring to the table. Where I live in Ohio I saw three wind turbines west of Dayton, towers 110 feet in the air. They were giving energy sufficient enough to run a commercial farm. This would never work in the confines of southeastern Kentucky. So what does the common person have to look forward to? Clean coal technology. That’s what we must have.

This is Pootie from the slope, just a hauling that coal, driving the wheels off of it. Just wanted to say duh!

I would like to know why a father who can’t find work gets sent to jail for a year for non-payment of child support, then a drug dealer gets arrested and is sent home so he can still deal in drugs. Maybe the answer is that the fathers who go to jail for not paying child support should start dealing drugs. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about feeding their families or going to jail.

My opinion about the store at Cowan School is that the woman who works there now is a whole lot friendlier and a whole lot hotter. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

I am in shock after getting my Eagle in the mail and seeing where those of you from Letcher County, the place I am proud to have grown up in, voted so overwhelmingly against Presidentelect Obama. You people may claim you’re not racist, but when a county that is nearly three-toone Democratic votes more than two-to-one for a Republican running for president it makes you look like ignorant and racist rednecks. I am embarrassed beyond words to read in this paper that 5,367 Letcher County people voted for John McCain compared to only 2,623 for Obama. I can’t help but wonder what kind of hatred some of the churches there must be teaching in order for something like this to happen. Are you people really as out of touch as you now appear to be? Do you take pride in appearing ignorant? Please explain to the rest of the world why you did what you did. Do you understand how stupid this makes you look to the people in the rest of the United States, besides Tennessee and West Virginia? Do you even care?

We not only have a water problem in Letcher County, we have price-gouging going on at a certain grocery. Even though the price of gas keeps falling the price of groceries at this store keep going up, up, up — anywhere from ten cents to thirty cents a week. Something needs to be done about this. We can’t afford this very much longer.

Just wanted to comment on the comment from someone saying the football players are toughening up each other when the older ones hit the young ones. The comment ended by saying this is not Jenkins, where you have to live at Lakeside before you can play. That’s the craziest comment I’ve ever heard. We take anybody we can get at Jenkins. We don’t care where they live, we want them. So come on over.

To the woman in Jenkins who bragged that her crystal ball could predict the outcome of the city council race: That crystal ball doesn’t work too good, does it? Ha ha ha.

Last night I dreamed I had eaten the world’s biggest marshmallow. This morning my pillow was gone.

To John McCain: Country first, my rear-end.

To the cop who kicked someone’s door open in the Neon trailer court: You need to get a grip and lay off.

My policy is when in doubt don’t do anything. So that’s exactly what I did — nothing. I tried my best to talk to you, but I couldn’t. I tried three or four times to come over there and talk to you, but I couldn’t. I just could not make myself do it. I started to flip that cigarette from behind your ear. It would have been funny if it had landed in that woman’s hair. Try not to be a hateful hind-end, even though you are anyway. Try to be good.

They kept people from using their water for a week and then just lifted the ban without doing anything? I think it was all a big old hoax.

Gosh, it sure does smell down here at Linefork. I sure wish you all would get rid of your stinking hogs so we wouldn’t have to smell the crap. Maybe you all should move to the head of a hollow so that everybody else doesn’t have to put up with all the crap.

This is Pootie again. I just wanted to tell all my trucker buddies at the slope not to worry, it’s going to get huge. Duh!

To a certain man: Why don’t you let that little girl go home and grow up and be normal before you destroy her? You don’t have any business fooling with a little girl. Quit being like your uncle. Get someone your own age.

To you nosy people in Letcher County who say all I do is stay drunk all the time: For your information I have worked hard all of my life. I raised two boys by myself. One of them passed away and other one is in Florida. He is a fine young man who has a beautiful home and a good family. For most of my life I have worked two and three jobs. I have done nothing but give and try to help and take care of others. I am one of the kindest people in this world until someone crosses me and talks about me like some of the people here in Letcher County have. Most of you have no right to say one thing about me. Most of you have done more than I could even think of doing. I don’t run around with married men. I don’t do most of the things you all have accused me of. Some of you are supposed to be my close friends and are people who are very dear to my heart. That’s what has hurt me so bad.

To the lady who has been going out with D.C.: If you want him now is the time. All you have to do is call me, because I am getting tired. Just call me, darling, and he’s yours.

God raised the mountains out of the sea./God made the grasses and the swaying tall tree./The sun and moon God placed in the sky,/ The animals that walk and the birds that fly./God made the winding rivers and the beautiful streams,/The colorful flowers, thousands it seems./Then God made man to take care of it all./ God would be with him and not let him fall./God gave us so much, what did we do?/We turn our backs on Him, take God’s teachings out of school./They want to take the commandments down from the wall,/Man’s stupidity will be the end of us all./ This world God created and let us choose our path,/The way people are living will surely stir God’s wrath.

I just wanted to let everybody know what a good company Enterprise Mining Co. LLC is. You can work four days a week swing shift. You can work for the lowest paying company around. You can have no account health and dental insurance. You may or may not have a small bonus. But yet, they are the third largest company around. All the bosses get the big bucks. The guys going underground put their lives at risk to support their families, but the big men get the big money. I feel sorry for the coal miners.

I have been told that all homes being built in Thornton are supposed to have working septic systems that must be inspected. I would like to know who is supposed to make sure this is being done. On any given day you can watch someone put a trailer in and watch as they dig a direct line from the trailer to the creek. All you have to do is try to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Just take a big whiff and you know where their plumbing is draining to. These are the same creeks that run into our rivers and lakes that supply our drinking water. Why doesn’t someone do their job and inspect the trailers and homes on Thornton Road? The individuals who would pollute the drinking water and fresh air obviously have no respect for their friends and neighbors. If they simply inspected the creeks, they can find out who is doing this.

I want to go out on a limb and believe this ‘T’ person is talking about me being the old friend. No, I sure don’t want to be friends. If you think you can worm your way to him, you can think again. He wouldn’t have you on a silver platter. The only reason I wanted him to spend any time with you was because she really didn’t want him, but now I can surely say he’s happier than he’s ever been. I didn’t know you were a maniac. There sure isn’t anybody afraid of you. No, I sure don’t want to be your friend.

To a certain person with a new truck: Your truck’s name is Bianca. So it is written. So it shall be.

I’m all for free advertising, but isn’t it a little extreme that you put Mary Kay flyers in the kindergarten kids’ trick-or-treat bags?

To the person interested in a WHS Class of ’84 reunion: We are in the process of planning a reunion for next summer. If you want to leave your email address, I’ll be happy to let you know what we have planned so far and when the next meeting is if you want to come. It’s been a long time and we hope everyone can come.

Hi there, old friend. Just want to let you know I have a new phone number. The first three numbers are still the same, 843. You know how to get the other numbers. If you can’t, let me know in next week’s paper. L.H.

Please get ready to crawl on your hands and knees to the top of Wheaton Hollow. That is what you promised if Terry Braddock was re-elected. Have you ever driven up there? That is a very narrow road. Most alleyways in Jenkins are in much better shape. Please let everyone know when you intend to do the crawl up.

Thank you for the red rose you sent to me, David. I knew you would not forget my birthday. Text me when you want to.

I’ve seen a couple of articles about sitting in the pressbox at the Jenkins football field. It’s my understanding that one is a clockman, one is a spotter for the announcer, and one is the announcer. I don’t think they’re just sitting up there enjoying the game. As for the Jenkins football team, they are having a tough year this season, and if any of the players read the article about the team stinking it will make them feel worse. They need to be lifted up, not put down.

We would like to wish my sister Norma Phillips a happy birthday on November 15. We just want you to know what a wonderful sister you are and we love you so much. Love, Tommy and your little sister Reba in St. Augustine, Fla.

Li Fu, welcome to the family.

As the holidays quickly approach, remember the ones you have forgotten. Family and friends should always be remembered but make a special effort during this time of the year to remember them.

What’s wrong with our media around here? Everybody in the county is aware of how our water problem was caused and who is responsible. What happened to the good old ‘who, what, where, when and how’? We heard when and part of what, but certainly not where and how, much less who. Why not? Are WYMT and the newspapers afraid to print the facts? If so, why? If not, are they taking money directly or indirectly to hide who’s responsible?

I live in Lexington and couldn’t help but notice that the gas prices in Whitesburg are always so much higher than they are in Fayette County. Do they really need to charge 40 cents more for gas in Letcher County? You would think that in a small town that gas would be less expensive but that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Has anybody else noticed that the water/sewer board was cut completely out of this latest water crisis? Why is that? And did Jim Ward really go into the water/ sewer office and tell them what they could and could not say about the crisis (including who they couldn’t mention) and finish up by saying something like ‘You have to do what I say, because you work for me’? Since when does a board independent by law work for him? Has he unilaterally changed Kentucky law? He has more power, or more gall, than I thought.

I understand the term ‘Yankee’ has several related meanings. But in the Southern United States, the term is often used as a derisive term for Northerners, especially those who have migrated to the South. It is hurtful to those of us who have come here and now call this beautiful state home. I would ask the editor to be mindful that ‘Yankee’ is a slur as bad as any other. I don’t believe it should be printed (unless in certain context), even in Speak Your Piece.

Thank you to a certain store manager for buying water for your employees during the water crisis considering the company you work for offered to do nothing except put a register outside to sell water to customers. Oh yeah, they did give you a gallon if you bought a gallon. Guess they have to save their charity money for bigger national crises where they get good recognition. It’s good they help in other crises but don’t forget your own people when they are in need. A big thank you to Sav-A-Lot and Wal-Mart for the free water.

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