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People needing drinking water gave some city employees a golden opportunity to do some aggressive campaigning. Several people said they were told, ‘In the city council race vote for everyone except Number Five.’ The question here is did any of those people feel that they had to vote how they were told in order to get their drinking water? Only those with a sick mind would take advantage of this unfortunate situation. Who had the most to gain by eliminating Number Five on the ballot?

I need some help with two boys from Cumberland. The first initial of one name is E. The initial of the other’s first name is P. I was good enough to give them work to do and they came into my home and stole a Colt .45, plus a lot more things such as a generator and saw. There is a reward being offered if someone can help find this gun. I belongs to a lawyer in Florida. Call 633- 7947 and you will get a good payment for it. Thanks a lot.

Let’s remember that when referring to death no sinner escapes this penalty for sin unless he repents and is forgiven of God. Death was the penalty for the original sin and is the present penalty for sin under grace, as it always was under the law. When one sins he immediately incurs the penalty of broken law and sincere repentance and forgiveness are necessary to avoid the penalty. There is no automatic work of grace offering forgiveness without repentance and putting a sin away by faith in the blood of Christ. Any other way would be a mock of sin. God bless you all.

I’ve got some news for the sheriff of Letcher County, Danny Webb. There’s a certain person who lives in the Doty Creek area of Letcher County who has been doing a lot of illegal activity on Friday , Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. This person has also been picking up certain girls to do prostitution work for him. He’s nothing but a big pimp, a druggie and a no-good bootlegger. His mother is nothing but a thief and low-life piece of scum, too.

‘Who voted for McCain/Palin in bigger numbers than they even voted for Bush/Cheney? Only one shrinking group: uneducated white folks in the deep south and a few folks in Appalachia. Take away the white no-college-backwoods and/or-southern McCain/ Palin vote and the Republicans would have been approaching single digit electoral college oblivion.’ The author of this statement is Frank Schaeffer, author of ‘Crazy For God — How I Grew Up As One Of The Elect, Helped Found The Religious Right, And Lived To Take All (Or Almost All) Of It Back.’ Just another comment that shows us how stupid most of the rest of the United States thinks we are. Sad thing is we brought this one on ourselves.

To the Democratic Party: You know how hard that we worked to get the Democrats elected. Now I want to let you know what they are doing. They are giving all the jobs to the Republicans.

Cowboy here. Hey, you maroon drunk, (or should I say town drunk?), you’re talking about getting phone calls? The only phone call you’re going to get is from the AA wanting to know why you skipped the meeting. You tell them you’re sitting on the curb talking to your imaginary friend, Six Pack.

To a certain man: Why don’t you quit what you’re doing and let that little girl go home? Quit messing with her mind. She’s just a kid. Don’t turn her out to be like you. All you are going to do is to get her to where she thinks you’re all of it and then you’re going to find another little girl and run to her. Let her have a life. Don’t destroy her, too. You need to get someone your own age and leave the little girls alone.

Step one: Pick up the telephone and wait for a dial tone. Step two: Take your finger and dial the number. In turn, I should answer the phone. If I don’t answer I should answer my cell phone. Why in the world won’t you call me? What is the big deal about it? Get your tail here.

Hey, Six Pack. If you are a real person, speak for yourself instead of having that town drunk speak for you.

To the people complaining about the road and the work being done by the gas company in Blair Branch: Why don’t you all give them time to fix and gravel the road before you start with your comments? It sounds to me like you have too much on your hands. Why don’t you get out and find a job and let the gas company do theirs?

It’s not often I agree with the recent letter writer, but the idea of arrest the 63-year-old woman in Letcher County was a joke. The whole situation could have been handled in a different way. Arresting a 63-year-old woman for baiting a bear? I have two questions for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Since someone snitched on Ms. Lowe for bear-baiting, I just wonder if anybody would like to snitch on someone for trashing the mountains with debris? This problem didn’t start overnight. These bears are coming back to southeastern Kentucky because of the trash and food in illegal dumps. Why not snitch on those folks? We have the PRIDE program, but each year the problem with trash and debris grows. Shame on folks.

Field of Dreams, Letcher County Central High School. Looks good. But you know what would look even better? The University of Kentucky baseball team coming in to put on a clinic. Let’s break that ground in right with some holy blue.

To my gorgeous little man: I love you with all my heart. I know these holidays are going to be tough for us both, but just hang on and keep looking up to God and know that I love you with all of my heart. From your blue-eyed baby.

This is in reference to the comment about waking up one day proud to be an American and waking up the next day worrying about what’s going to happen in the next four years: I’m sure that somewhere down the line your family is not as well off as you think they are. And McCain would have been another Bush. He was trying to take everything away from the American people, especially in the small towns like we live in. The small towns need the help. I am proud to say I voted for Obama. I’m white also. It’s time America pulls together and forgets about race and male vs. female. It’s time to just own up to what the country needs. The country needs change and we finally got it. McCain didn’t get it because everybody knew he would be another Bush. Thank God for Obama.

To the pimped up maroon drunk: You know what you did and it’s going to come back to you. 10-4.

To the person who made the comment about gas being 40 cents cheaper in Fayette County: When the bills from the water situation start rolling in, I’m afraid gas will go up 10 to 20 cents a gallon higher since one company controls 90 percent of the gas that comes to this county.

For all the Republicans out there: Just wanted you to know it was time for a change. We lost a great president when we lost Kennedy. Kentucky might have gone Republican, but most of the nation went Democratic.

If you’re speculating about oil, come in to Whitesburg and go along the river and drill. There might be millions of gallons. We need some jobs in Whitesburg and we’ll put up a big rig and drill. We’ll get rid of the competition from Iraq.

To the re-elected Jenkins city councilman: Okay, buddy, I voted for you just because you said you would reduce city taxes and reduce utility bills. If you can do that you will be our next mayor. Let’s see if you can perform. Or was that just campaign rhetoric?

To a certain lady: You must be doing something right to have two fine-looking vehicles like that.

If a man brings another man home to sleep with his wife, that’s up to him because she’s an adult. But if you know a 15-yearold girl that’s being raped and has been raped, you should do something about it. Vigilante justice is one thing, but if you allow this to happen then it’s your fault. So how many times has the child been raped since then while you sat there and did nothing about it? It’s not a newspaper issue. You need to go to the police about it.

I would like to know how people in Blackey get by with driving a car with no lights, no tags, and no driver’s license while hauling a little baby around with them all the time. I don’t understand how they get by.

(Pure blind luck?)

Beware of who you let clean your house. A certain woman wiped me out, wiped my mom out, and wiped my brother out. She really cleaned house. If you know this person do not let her clean for you anymore. Her name starts with the letter D. Just wanted to make that clear.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I’m a Veteran’s Day baby.

From the first president to the last president you can look and see what kind of shape America is in today — not very sound. They were all white people. Why not give a black man a chance? I was hoping we would have a woman, but anyone who is putting Obama down is nothing but a Ku Klux Klansman at heart. Come one, give the guy a chance.

To the Eagle reader who was so shocked that so many people in Letcher County voted for John McCain for president: I won’t explain to the world, but I’ll try to explain to you. You were raised in Letcher County, but left. You probably got an education on taxpayer money and left to work somewhere else. But you love Letcher County? Well, you don’t know the people of Letcher County. We’re not ignorant, stupid or racist. We understand people like you. You would vote black because Obama is black. That’s racist. As for me, I vote against abortion, gay marriage and all the other things Obama is for that are against the Bible. Don’t blame the church for that. I can read my Bible for myself.

To the man or woman who claimed that if Terry Braddock won re-election to the Jenkins City Council you would kiss him: Where are you?

Keep your spirits up, Carmella, and don’t let anyone intimidate you. You go, girl.

To a guy who drives a maroon coal truck: I had a blast the other night. Maybe some other time we could hook up and do the same again. TTYL.

Congratulations to the crosscountry team. I hope to hear more about them and their trip to the state. Congratulations to Sally Hubbard and her assistant, Monique. Hope you keep up the good work.

Now that the president election is over and we know who won, us people in Letcher County have another election going. Will she choose the guy in the white truck who will give you something you can’t get rid of or will she choose the guy in the red Ford pickup truck who looks like a god? The guy in the red Ford is a beautiful man and all of us are pulling for him. By the way, he knows exactly what you have done. He’s going to pay you back, and hopefully it’s going to be with me. Sincerely, the sexiest blonde who doesn’t come from a bottle.

The lady who had two sons, one who passed away, would help anyone. She helped me when I needed help. She even loaned me her truck. Quit talking about her and stop being so mean.

If the Food World IGA stores in Whitesburg and Neon would have another sale before the holidays like their 50th anniversary sale, that would help people a lot. Thank you.

I would like to send a letter to David Tolliver of Halfway to Hazard. Does anyone have a valid address for him?

To the Mary Kay lady: Thanks for the advertisement in my child’s treat bag. The facial was great, my skin felt wonderful, and the makeup is totally awesome. Keep up the good work. You do a great job.

I would like to wish a certain guy a happy birthday on November 23, and to tell him that he is everything I ever want. Love always, Jessica.

This is in response to the person who commented abut the citizens of Letcher County voting for John McCain for president: First, I would like to know what makes us ignorant just because the majority didn’t vote Democrat. But for some reason it wasn’t about Democrat or Republican in this election, was it? Everyone had to turn this campaign into a racial issue. I don’t understand why you think that if someone voted for John McCain i was only because he was the ‘white man’ and we must all be against Obama because he’s black. If you think all Republicans are stupid, that’s fine, but think we are stupid because of our political beliefs and do not just assume we are racist. Honestly, that’s the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Does this mean the citizens of Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Idaho, Alabama and all the other states won by John McCain are racist, ignorant rednecks? Interesting.

I totally agree that parents and student must respect teachers as well as other students, but in defense of the parent, there are always to sides to every story, and this parent is a very easygoing and super nice person. But just like most parents who truly love their children, this parent will defend their children and protect them when they are seeing them treated unfairly.

Who is going to pay the city, jail and every other citizen who was put out financially by the polluting of the Whitesburg water supply?

I would just like to wish a late happy birthday to a man I’ve known for a while. If things were different we would have our own personal party. Even though you’re another year older you are still hotter than every. Someday we’ll have our day again. Love always.

It was a sad week in the Jenkins Independent School System. What has possessed the people working at the central office? Getting rid of your principal is the biggest mistake you have ever made, next to not hiring Mr. Tackett as superintendent. It is terrible to think that at Jenkins you get demoted for doing your job. Who is responsible for the people in high position who don’t do theirs? Twenty-four years of hard work and dedication to JMHS are rewarded by an attempt to belittle the best employee who has ever walked through those doors. I am sorry to say you have messed with one woman whose spirit you can’t break. Who would have ever though we would hire such a poor superintendent to replace Mr. Shook? I guess those of equal intelligence, and too bad it wasn’t their election year. It is a gloomy time at JMHS, and what is even worse is what is to come. Are your plans to make every employee so mad they quit? Or do you simply want to shut the school down? The superintendent and all of those who whisper in her ear should be ashamed of themselves and their behavior. If standing up for yourself and your employees will get you demoted then fine, because Mrs. Bentley is not one to back down. Stand up for what you believe in — even if you are standing alone.

To the critic who downed the Mary Kay lady for her advertisement in the treat bag: You should try a facial. Are you afraid of looking and feeling good about yourself? You don’t know what you are missing.

You’re going to have to be more specific about who D.C. is. If it’s the D.C. I’m thinking about, leave your number and I will call you.

Is it possible to love someone a year after you have broken up with them? I believe so. I love this man more than anything in this world. He hasn’t spoken to me in a year, but still I think about him every second. So many good memories go through my head everyday, yet I can’t figure out where I went wrong. He said it wasn’t me, it was him. We were together for so long it felt like nothing could tear us apart. We had a love so deep, so strong, and I felt safe for the time we were together. I was so lucky to have the chance with him. I wish I could do it all over again. If only he would give me the chance. Sweetheart.

I think it is a shame that two so-called parents would let their 14-year-old daughter be with a 60-year-old. That is so sick. He buys her clothes and everything. Someone needs to check into this. She is too young to be doing this. The parents let her stay out all night with this man and even take her to his house. This girls needs to get away from the 60-year-old man and her parents.

Christmas — Christmas time is nearing, a time to celebrate Christ’s birth./Put Christ back in Christmas, that should come first./The X-mas some use now seems to me to be the wrong thing./If we put Christ in Christmas more joy it could bring./The true meaning of Christmas many seem to leave out./The birth of Jesus is what Christmas is about./ Leave the X-mas out, put Christ in your life each day./If we’re going to celebrate His birth, Christ’s name in it should stay.

Why can’t you show up at the courthouse? Why are you letting your mother lie for you by being in the trailer and having your mother tell the officer you are not there? Yes, your friends let it out that you were hiding in the trailer when the officers brought the papers to serve you. Be a man. Show up at the courthouse, if you can.

Hello out there in the free world. Anybody interested in one solid built, Harley-ridin’ fool who loves being in the wind, all water activities, camping, chasing the sunset on two wheels, and waking up together to greet the rising sun, toast a few drinks of wine, toss a stick in the air and ride off into the direction that it points. Life is too short, so let’s ride next summer. I will be released around July 4 so let’s make the fireworks go off in our own way. Because the Kentucky Ridgerunner is single and free and tired of playing games with people, ready to leave the problems behind and start new in another dimension of life. Hi Smiles, how have you been doing? See ya soon. Kentucky Ridgerunner. Adios Blue ’08.

This goes out to a gentleman I ran into in Pine Mountain Grill about three weeks ago. I would love to go out with you. You had on black dress pants and white shirt. I am shy and recently widowed a couple years ago. If you’re not married, I would love to go out with you. You looked about 40 or 50. I ran into you on a Sunday three weeks ago. You made eye contact with me and were friendly. I was afraid you were a Christian and I believe in not causing someone to stumble. I would love to meet you and get to know you if you’re not married or taken. You are very handsome. I’m 5′ 7″, auburn hair, attractive. I’d love to go out with you and get to know you. I have good meals. I’ll treat you to a steak dinner because I am so shy and you could get to know me. You walked toward the food bar and I was behind you. I’m real shy. Let me make it up to you. Write me at Box 311, Neon, Ky. 41840 and your picture gets mine. Until we hopefully met.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. I’d like to thank all the folks who supported me in the election, even though them sneaky Democrats tuk my name off’n the ballot. They wuz afeered ole Brushey Bill would win. I guess I’m better off than any of the other candidates who ran. Mr. McCain bought an island and went there to retire (Australia). Mr. Huckabee is trying to make it on television. They put Ron Paul in the nut house, where he belongs. They tagged and released Sarah Palin back into the wilderness of Alaska, and Ralph Nader has vowed to get all the Corvairs off the road. I heard Hillary might try to climb Mt. Everest again. Mr. Obama has inherited a mess that even ole Brushey Bill couldn’t fix. He don’t seem too bright to me anyway. I’m just going to finish up cutting my winter’s firewood and running one more batch of ‘shine before the snow falls. It shore is purty this time of the year with all the critters running around, and the fall colors are in peak. The air and water is so clean up here on the mountain. How is yore water these days, Whitesburg? Come see me. Brushey Bill.

Four or five months ago, Michael Savage said: ‘If you think the damage George Bush has already done to this country is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.’ And even after the stock market crash and enormous bailout, Bush still has two more months. Now George W. is going to a religious tolerance summit at the U.N. led by the fascist dictator of Saudi Arabia, a country that believes that people of other religions are infidels. Michael also remarked that the media are not reporting the greatest theft in history by this government, and that it could possibly amount to $2 trillion. And just to show the disregard that elected officials have for the law, the McCain campaign spent $150,000 for makeup and wardrobe for Sarah Palin and her family. McCain excused it by saying, ‘She needed a wardrobe.’ Then what kind of job could she do managing the financial affairs of this country if she couldn’t afford a substantial wardrobe on a governor’s salary and a supposedly good income that her husband had? Wake up and think about it, Kentucky. Is it any wonder that people in other places think we are ignorant since many of us can’t comprehend what has been happening for the past eight years?

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