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In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: On subject line put Speak Your Piece.

In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: On subject line put Speak Your Piece.

Call 606-633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

We all have signal lights on our vehicles, so use them. You may know where you are going but everyone else around you don’t know when you are sitting in the middle of the road with no signal light on. We don’t know what the heck you are doing. Using your signal light the right way it makes it easier for everyone.

Let’s be honest. No one wants the sign at Mayking restored.

Rose, I’m still waiting on you. I’ve been waiting all my life. I love you forever.

Yeah, I’ve got dinner ready. I wish Sharon and family would come and eat. Have a good day.

A certain family has five kids. Yes, that’s right, five Social Security checks and there’s nothing wrong with most of them, but one doesn’t know if it’s in the world or not, and they take its check every first of the month and blow it on garbage and junk food. I think people like this ought to be turned in to the FBI or Internal Revenue Service.

What gets me is how around this time of the year these stinking dad-burned Democrats don’t want to turn loose of any money, but a for a foreign country like Ukraine they’ll give all the money they can. They ought to know that Social Security does not pay enough for room and board, or even buy groceries with the way things are with this inflation. These Democrats need to send us a stimulus package and start saying no to Ukraine and these other foreign countries like Pakistan and India.

I wonder about all these people wanting to do all these sex changes on these little children. I wonder if that’s what they’re doing to all their children. That sounds like stuff that Adolf Hitler did. Have mercy on us. Also have mercy on our children and forgive me if you don’t agree with me.

It breaks my heart to see the beautiful German Shepherd chained up outside on 3rd Street during such brutally cold weather. Its owner must have a heart of stone.

The coal trucks on Eolia are speeding in and out of here and they’re running day and night keeping people awake. There’s going to be a bad accident if something isn’t done to slow them down. Thank you.

Is that how the editor to Speak Your Piece works? I put a comment in a couple of weeks ago about some coal being removed from the bypass. And it was being chipped up at three or four o’clock of the morning on a Sunday in the Mayking area. Well, a week later I saw eight tractor trailers sitting at a mouth of the holler where the old radio station was. Really? Well, the mining officials are aware because there’s been three phone calls to them. Somebody’s going to have some explaining to do. Thank you.

A granny sometimes makes a difference in her grandchildren. She doesn’t get all of them Christmas presents. She forgets about them. Plays favorites with her grandkids. Three of her grandchildren wanted Christmas gifts from their granny this year, but she plays favorites with her grandkids, and she leaves some of them out. One wanted a baby for Christmas and Granny forgot all about it.

I am appalled at Republican politicians who wouldn’t show their appreciation for Volodimir Zelenskyy’s speech. He’s probably the bravest man on the Earth. Some of them didn’t even show up for it. They need to get over their obsession with Vladimir Putin no matter what Velveeta Voldemort says.

Merry Christmas folks. What he said was a lie. You don’t even know me or what I wanted. I hope you will be happy because you deserve it. I will always love you. If you need someone to talk to, sorry, because I didn’t know. I wanted to be with you all my life.

Blink? Somebody knows they don’t blink. It’s the suit they wear. Just like we wear sunglasses, that’s what their eyes are covered with. Anyway, I just watched your stuff, and I am amazed at just how stupid some of it really is. They were asking why they were here and what they wanted to find. Well, they’ve already found it. They found us; they found this planet. They are wanting to protect this planet, some are. Anyway, stay in contact with them.

In 1817, given the choice of subjects to paint for the rotunda in the U.S. Capitol, which was being rebuilt after the British had burned it during the War of 1812, fine artist John Trumbull picked the moment of Washington’s resignation. As they discussed the project, he told President James Madison: ‘I have thought that one of the highest moral lessons ever given to the world, was that presented by the conduct of the commander-in-chief, in resigning his power and commission as he did, when the army, perhaps, would have been unanimously with him, and few of the people disposed to resist his retaining the power which he had used with such happy success, and such irreproachable moderation.’

Well, I’ve been calling ever since they had the big flood trying to get my road worked on, scraped, gravel put back on and stuff. I called the county the other day and asked them about it, and they said they couldn’t do it or didn’t do it anymore and I had to call the state. So, I called the state, and they said no, we don’t do that, you have to call the county, so I saw where that was going and I just hushed. I won’t call nobody anymore. I’ll just do it myself.

I have a wish and I will patiently wait until next year to see it filled. There is a prominent person who is charged with many criminal activities who thinks he is above the law. I want to see him behind bars for even one of these crimes. I think an orange jumpsuit will complement his orange hair.

The people in ‘Eddieville’ are so dumb they cannot drive in and out the correct way. There are arrows pointing in and out, but the people are too ignorant to drive the right way. They probably do not need half of what they are taking. They are wasting some good stuff, the dummies. Even the kids can read the signs. Also, it would be a lot quieter if they would stop those dogs from barking all day and night. The dogs barking never stops.

Here we go again with the Trump Derangement Syndrome thing. Amazing. He’s rented a room in your head, and you can’t evict him, can you? He’d love it, so just keep on giving him time in your head and spewing out your hate for him wherever you go. Any attention that egomaniac can get just makes him happy. So stupid. Ugh.

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