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I am so sick of being treated rudely by smart alecks when I go to see my doctor. The next time I will talk to their boss, because I know he doesn’t know they are treating people the way they are. Or what I should do is jerk them over that counter. The one I noticed, if you get smart back with her, she takes off crying and running to the bathroom. I know their names and I would say them, but I know it won’t be printed. I hate when they wait on me. What if all the people they are rude to end up going somewhere else?

(If you let yourself stop and think about it for a minute, you’ll probably agree that the overwhelming majority of employees to whom you are referring are friendly people who are just doing their job.)

What is wrong with a fire department that they take 45 minutes to answer a call? And when they do, they are not prepared for a cabin and business on a mountain that do not have a fire hydrant. So now we have a family that lost their cabin with everything in it and a garage with all their equipment for their business. Sounds to me like the fire department had better be getting themselves some more competent help. Thank you.

(Losing valuables to fire is awful, but don’t forget that most firefighters in Letcher County are volunteers who don’t get paid one cent for all of the time and training that is required of them.)

Well let’s see … Letcher County is starting to get up right now. It’s about 5:30 a.m. Got to plan the day. What’s this? I only have two green bean hydrocodone 10’s. My, my don’t know what I will do after these two are gone. A cold Mountain Dew, a couple of hydros and I’ve got the world by the testicles. All my troubles are gone, I feel like a million dollars, but yet don’t have a dime. Think I’ll check the mail today, don’t have to worry, Granny might have a check. I’ll borrow a few dollars and get a couple more green beans and I’ll be good for the day. Does this fit you? Yeah, it fits about 70 percent of Letcher County. And if it does, then you’re probably just a lazy couch potato who wouldn’t work in a pie factory. Get off the couch, people, stop playing on the kindness of your family members. That’s disgusting. Stop trying to get disability when most of you could compete in the Olympics. You are just wasting your life away. But oh, I almost forgot, I am not at liberty to say much, my mail might get returned. What a joke. Are you having a bad hair day or something?

Hey, Kentucky Ridgerunner, I am a single woman with my own home, and I will buy you a new Harley, baby. You are a good man and certainly deserve a good woman who ain’t a lazy thing that just plays men for dope money. Yeah, honey, she still does it all. You know who this is, and I am going to take you from her and you know it too. I have always loved you and I am not going to see you let her drag you to the bottom again. I love you. Leather and Lace, remember?

The Saudis supposedly cut back production to bring oil prices back up, and now Iran wants them to cut back more because they need more money. Is it strange that when oil was $35 a barrel, they and the big oil companies had no problem? Some call it free market economics, but it is clearly greed. Also, the idiots, yes, I said idiots, who work hard for their money and pay outrageous prices for tickets or pay-per-view to watch a ball game so the players can make millions, are really stupid. I heard one well-known retired pitcher from Detroit say that he would never pay to watch a game, or go to one. He said that he had a lot of fun, and made a lot of money. People don’t seem to realize that these big salaries play a huge part in de-valuing the dollar, which causes the cost of necessary items to go up. Now, after the election, people are complaining that taxes are going to go up. Financial experts said long before the election that taxes would go up, regardless of who was elected. And, with the bailout, this is inevitable. Now, even some credit card companies are wanting some of your tax dollars, although it is likely that they already get a tax deduction on bad credit card debts. Now Henry Paulsen has changed the rule without consulting Congress, and, lest we forget, Henry was appointed by George W. Bush.

Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to our Letcher County loved ones, Dixie Harlow, Dick and Bernetta York, Jason, Dana, Kevin and Kate York, Norma Jean Hall, Herman Bates, Irene Bates Smith, Liz Smith, Mary Blair, Ricky Vance, Barbara and Frankie Craft, Brenda and George Ables, Bernice Grubbs and Dorothy York from your Indy friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to Don and Collette Tolliver from your Indy friends.

It’s Thanksgiving time — be thankful for family and friends.

You made brags about shooting the dog in front of too many people. I already knew what kind of person you are, now I know who you are as well. You’re not even a real man, just a sorry excuse for one. It’s no wonder your wife looks for love elsewhere. It may be tomorrow, or after you leave this world, but your day is coming. You know what they say, ‘the truth will stand when the world is on fire.’

Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful daughter Alexis and my handsome grandson Brandon, and to my wonderful son-in-law Chris. I miss you and love you. Next Thanksgiving we will all be together again. Also, I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to Lesia and Clifford and Melissa. See ya’all soon.

Don’t you wish your wife was as hot as mine. Don’t you wish you could wrap your arms around her one last time. I get the better laugh. You let the bombshell go and got a cow. Keep making all that money. You’ll need it to feed her.

I just love how a certain woman from Jenkins runs around like she’s high class and keeps her nose in the air like she is so Miss Wonderful, when the truth is she just picks her men wisely to get what she wants. Could someone remind me what are the names for women like that?

Why doesn’t a certain woman open her eyes and realize her husband is cheating? Lady, you deserve much better than the man you’re married to.

Does anyone have a recipe for the old-fashioned gingerbread made like biscuits? Thank you.

Certain cell phone company employees need to take a workshop on customer service. Some of their employees are great, but one talks to you as if you’re an idiot if you can’t reprogram your phone from scratch. I may not be a cell phone super genius freak, but I don’t like being talked to so harshly when I pay their salaries. How hard is it to greet someone with a smile? It’s rewarded to help people, but this guy just creates more problems, and acts as if you are bothering him when you go in. Isn’t that in his job description? We all know cell phone reception around here is so-so, but at least we could get some courtesy from the techs.

Happy Thanksgiving, S & T.

Happy Thanksgiving, J & F.

K.J. Hope you’re doing fine and dandy. M.A.

Hello out there. I’m looking for two cake recipes. If anyone has them would you please respond in Speak Your Piece. One is a 30-day cake recipe and the other one is a fruit cocktail cake. Also, please try and get them to me by Christmas.

To Summit City: Please stop with all the Americana music. If not, you’re eventually going to run that place into the ground. Wake up and realize that not everyone is into that type of music. We need something different …

(Did you see Rose Hill Drive when they appeared at Summit City? How about Blue Mountain or Jason Isbell? If so, which plays Americana?)

To a certain person at Thornton: I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I always will love you. Hang in there.

To my old buddy Carter who is celebrating his birthday up there on the south side of Ashland: Happy birthday to you. If I could send you some candles I would, but I couldn’t afford to buy so many. I wish you wouldn’t put so much faith in the jacks, kings, queens and aces and try to put a little more in God.

To a certain man: Your woman still loves you. She’s just confused and doesn’t know which way to turn. She still does want to marry you, so hang in there.

The Mountain Eagle reported that the diesel spill was not intentional. Yeah, right, give us a break. We are not that stupid and gullible. The waste was dumped illegally without concern or thought to people’s lives, health, livelihood or the environment. The next issue stated it was not a significant amount of fuel. One drop in drinking water is too much. The only reason it was not more significant was people complaining about the smell of their water. As for The Mountain Eagle, I know you all are liberal and report from your slanted viewpoint, but if you’re going to be a newspaper report the truth as it is, not as you see it.

(It appears that what you’re really trying to say is that we should have reported the story based solely on the way you see it instead of basing it on the truth, which in this case was the results of testing first reported by the state Division of Water and later by an independent group of citizens. Sorry we couldn’t make it all up to fit into your narrative.)

Don’t rock the boat, baby. Don’t rock the boat.

I’m tired of being the back burner.

This is in response to the guy wanting his wife Samantha back: I know two women named Samantha who are going through a divorce or separation right now, so he might want to give some details about who she is.

Hey, B.S. This is T.J. I’ll bet you’re sitting there reading Speak Your Piece. Call me.

This comment is concerning the little hospital with the big heart. After recent cutbacks in staff I was lying in bed waiting to be prepped for surgery when housekeeper came in to give me an enema. I asked her, ‘What qualifies you to do this?’ She replied, ‘If I can clean your toilet and windows I can clean your colon.’ Then a well known drug dealer came in with my medication. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he had plenty of experience when it comes to distributing medication. Then it was time for the operation. In walked a man who works in maintenance with a roto-rooter in his hand.

It’s hard to go on when someone you love more than life itself hurts you. I gave her my heart, my soul and my life. I gave her more love than you can imagine. And how does she repay me? She committed adultery. Can you imagine the pain I am going through? Now Clorox can’t help her.

A certain preacher is having an affair with his sister-in-law. I wonder if that wouldn’t bring reproach upon the church.

Do you know the Bible speaks about women committing adultery? Do you know they were stoned to death? It’s too bad we don’t have that law today.

I want all the people on Kentucky River to take a moment of silence and remember Clarence and Mildred Hunsaker. They were wonderful people. To all you young ones who didn’t know them: You don’t know what you missed.

God’s promises cover every known need in life, here and hereafter, and reveal to what extent God has made provisions to help man in His struggle to overcome sin, sickness and Satan and regain the full domination He lost in Adam when he fell. The ultimate purpose of God in all His present dealings with man is to bring him back to the place he was before the fall and purge him of all possibility of falling in the future. God bless.

I was just reading in the paper where the man charged with selling OxyContin was allowed to go free on bond. They told how much money they caught him with but did not tell the number of O.C.’s he was caught with nor the Lortabs he was caught with. And then they go to the son’s house and find O.C.’s and don’t arrest him? Please tell me what is going on. I think we need the FBI in here.

I am a student at Jenkins Middle-High School. We want our principal back. I don’t have a good home life, and Mrs. Bentley truly cares about each student up there. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor, rich, smart, or special ed, she treats everyone equally and with respect. We miss you and we will get you back. Don’t let us down, Mrs. Bentley. Fight for what is right. You are not alone.

This is for the Jenkins High School Board of Education and superintendent: What are you trying to do at Jenkins? Mrs. Bentley is the best principal this school has ever had, and you demote her? The superintendent needs to go back to Knott County and stay away from Jenkins. Our school was great before she got here. Fight for your school and students, Mrs. Bentley. The board members ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Congratulations, Shane, on your 10-point buck. I bet it was a pretty one. Hope to see it next time I come to Indiana. Bye.

To the people complaining about a man being with a younger woman: Are you worried about someone being happy? I’ve already talked to the county attorney about what you’re doing to that man and how you are stalking him.

I would like to speak my piece about UNITE and the Letcher County Sheriff’s Department: These organizations claim to want drug addicts to get better, yet I called both services on a Monday night asking where the A.A. and N.A. meetings were held and if they had a number to Narcotics Anonymous. They did not have any of the numbers. So what does that show? They’re only out for the money they get to put back into the police departments from the drug dealers they bust. It is not a win-win situation like they show on TV. They don’t want people to get better. Without drug dealers UNITE would not exist and the sheriff would not win re-election.

To a certain redhead: It ain’t going to work, honey. Your husband will know and my wife will know. Things aren’t going to work out for you. You think you’ve gotten by with everything, but your husband will find out the truth this time if he wants to know it.

I would like to wish a certain person a happy birthday. It was on November 21. Just because our lives took different paths doesn’t mean I don’t still think about you. Happy birthday.

I think the county judge and magistrates should answer to what happened to the statement they made about making everyone pay their past garbage bills or have their names put into the paper. Is that why the rest of us may soon have to pay higher bills?

Zacchaeus — Zacchaeus was short, over the crowd he could not see/Like many today, we need to climb that tree./People fail to see what God does for them each day./They have no fear of God as they go on their way./ With drink and drugs they search for happiness or friends,/What will they say to God, when life of them ends?/Blinded by Satan, people take their life each day/ The cost of how we live, we all have to pay./Put God in your life, true peace you will find./Serve Christ each day, don’t give Satan your time. C.A.C.

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