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If the University of Kentucky Wildcats don’t improve drastically on the basketball court, Billy G. will soon mean Billy Go — as in go away, now.

A certain doctor in town doesn’t pay any taxes. I’m not going to name any names.

Customized night and day, creating for high and dry, needing wet and easy spreads. Customized, suit and tie and Italian shoes, always shaven, hair styled. Customized. A pocket full of money, a new car, with all the numbers. Always bets the sure score. Dancing with pain at the best gentleman’s club, high out for soakers and floaters. Highest technology and electronics. Thought highly of by everyday people. He doesn’t wake up to get high or drunk. He’s customized. You might be a gal of his — pumps and nylons, a regular Victoria’s Secret. Always a condom in his wallet to keep down surplus population, child support and alimony. Lawyered up with pre-nuptials. Customized. Knows everyone has an addiction, alcohol to drugs. The more lonely you are he has a pill of absolution. He’s lying, ‘I can’t take you home, but I can take you to the best hotel in town. I can’t solve your problems, can only prey on your torment.’ He’s a total customized man. Been totally confused, Wasn’t the dinner enough for your appetite? If you’re not satisfied with a bottle of champagne and a fat line of cocaine. Always know I can feed, drug and sex you completely numb. I’ll surely lose your number on my cell. After all, baby girl, didn’t you know just for a whirl I’m just a customized man here to please me? Just where you been not to know I’m a customized man?

Been up for days it seems. Got paid, whore-robbed, wrecked my car, ended up in jail. Been up for days. Sleep I’ve had can’t discern from my waking hours. Been up all day. Same old dumb tricks. Kicked out of my house, down to my last Marlboro. Out of whiskey, done my last 40. Dance at the projects. Listen to a man warned to come out of the closet. Or this moo-sick cow, hugged closely and cried about. This is a man who is leaving her for a fact to go back to his wife living in Mexico. Been up for days. So high, so low, listening to a man talking and answering his own ego. Only in America can you be happy one second and the next minute you’re in Dante’s inferno. Been up for days, unable to distinguish sleep from being awake. Only in America, where you’re guilty until you are proven innocent. I wish I hadn’t run over my friend’s bulldog. Only in America, where it seems hard to distinguish between the good and the bad.

Lady, when he divorces you it’s going to be on. Your behind is going to be mine. You will be going down, and I am going to hurt you so bad that no one will recognize you when I’m done.

To a certain person: I heard about you running over him with a vehicle. Actually, I saw the evidence on his back. There is no place on God’s green earth where you can hide. I am coming after you.

I don’t think the people who work for McDonald’s and Hardee’s should have to foot the bill for the Big Three. Employees at Ford, GM and Chrysler get $78 an hour. Let them do like the people at McDonald’s and Hardee’s and work for minimum wage. They can use the savings on the bills they owe and won’t even need a loan.

There are blue skies in Jenkins again. The wicked witch is dead. Kudos to the new superintendent for breaking up the old regime that ruled with an iron fist and heartless soul. Whoever wrote the comment in last week’s paper praising the fallen principal obviously never worked for her.

I wish our Food City had a better selection of magazines. They don’t have any magazines on wrestling whatsoever in the Whitesburg store, but do in Wise County and Hazard.

Some say that patience is a virtue. Real patience is learning to work on God’s time. God doesn’t force Himself on us. He gives us a choice. Our asking unleashes the power of Heaven in our personal lives. Something to think about. God bless us all.

From your sidewalk friend at the hospital: I had a good time talking to you. Thanks for the compliments you gave me and the invitation. However, I have lost the number you gave me. I will have to find you or you will have to find me. We go to the same drugstore and the same place, so sooner or later we will bump into each other. Happy holidays, Neon. Maybe I’ll get your number back some way.

I would just like to tell everybody in Letcher County that we have a true Scrooge living with us here. Everybody knows him. He works for a certain store, wears a hat to cover his bald head, has cigarettes hanging out of his mouth and talks to people like they are dogs. You all know him.

I guess everybody knows where the little snitch lives — down around Seco. He out telling on everybody, even people who don’t do anything, just to get his behind out of trouble.

To the rat’s mom: We know you are out borrowing money to pay off his drug debts and get his hind-end out of trouble. He’s in trouble now and he knows he can’t get out.

Cowboy here, responding to the person who is curious about the maroon drunk, Brushey Bill, Barney and myself. I do not know the drunk, but that is what he is and what it is. Brushey Bill seems to be well read. And ol’ Barney seems to know his way around the mountains and through the briars and the bushes. He doesn’t seem like a moron to me. That is my opinion. Myself, I am not a moron and I don’t claim to be. I am well educated, but I do not have much book learning.

The members of the Letcher Fiscal Court can vote to built a $6 million building, but they’re not smart enough to put their heads together and come up with an answer to get the people to pay their garbage bills, yet they want to raise the price on the ones who are paying. If they raise the price I don’t think anybody should pay.

To the love of my life, the gutter man: It was really great visiting with you and our babies this weekend. When I see you I melt. It’s like we never argued or broke up at all. I sincerely hope you meant all those things you told me. Yes, Mama wants to come home. I think of you every second of every day. I don’t care what people in Letcher County say. All they have to do is talk anyway, or should I say make things up, because they are unhappy and don’t want to see anyone else doing good. Here are some kisses for you and my girls. Put them in your pockets for when you think of me. I love you and I always will. Love, Mama and your Lindy girl.

I miss you so much, my honey buns, and I love you with all my heart still. Happy holidays. They could be better. Love, P.B.

Last week’s Mountain Eagle talked a lot about coal power plants and the financial crisis they are in. Here’s another note on the energy front: The idea that we’re able to buy cheaper gasoline right now is a great thing, and we should be happy. But here’s the downside: The oil refineries and oil rigs aren’t pumping. There is no exploration right now. Therefore, when the upturn starts we will be paying again at the pump and it will be steep.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Amtrak after Vice President-elect Joe Biden takes office. We know nothing has been done in terms of improving passenger trains during the last eight years, but with Joe Biden things will change.

To the woman who is going out with my husband: I wish you would hurry up and call me so that I could hurry up and leave for good. That way you can have him all to yourself.

Are there any private investigators in Letcher County? If so, leave a name and address.

We need a principal at Jenkins who will put the needs of the children first.

To a certain woman: Wouldn’t your husband love to know who you are meeting after work at nights?

To a double-chinned sleepingaround married tramp: Your husband is a coal truck driver and loves to have his gears shifted. He tells me you’re no good at finding them, so now I’m the one who is grinding them.

You know what the saying is — ain’t no finer than a dirty coal miner.

Hey, Johnny. Did you buy the November 26 edition of The Mountain Eagle? You probably didn’t. Anyway, it still screams.

I don’t see how you people who live between Carbon Glow, Doty Creek, Adams’s Branch, Elk Creek and Bull Creek can sit on your sorry behinds and let these coyotes run over you. They come into your yards and kill your animals and you act like nothing happened. I’m about ready to put some poison out for every one of these coyotes. The game warden says go ahead and shoot them. Why don’t you put the lead to these coyotes and end this nuisance? Go get yourselves some predator calls and call them into your yard and shoot every one of them.

I am Samantha from Pistol City. If you’re talking about me, please respond in next week’s paper and let me know who you are.

I want to make sure all my trucker buddies had a good ham day. Keep trucking that coal. Burn the wheels off her. Du-uh.

I saw a man whose wife left him about a year ago and took everything he had. I saw him with her the other day at Wal- Mart and think it’s a shame that he would even speak to her again. There must be some love there or she’s getting ready to do something dirty to him again.

From a teacher to the Jenkins School Board member who, when he was told ‘we need to hear your vote’, snapped and showed anger and a bad attitude: You should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to be a Christian. Do you treat your brothers and sisters this way when they ask you a question? You should be in anger management class.

This man said there could be some truth into him being a S.O.B., for after all he did attend her funeral.

Sitting here thinking about what my mother taught me when I couldn’t fix Thanksgiving dinner because of dishonest people who don’t care if you eat or not as long as they eat. She said every man is for himself and the devil is for all.

What happened to the other boy involved in the burning of the church in Blackey? Did his dad get him out of trouble? Come on, Letcher County. Don’t you have any better sense than this?

To a certain cheerleading squad at Kona: You all have gone downhill. You are not together, and it is the worst I have seen in my four years of being there.

You might cheat at playing cards, but you can’t scam the banks.

You’re on high burn. The one on the front burner is on low burn. I’m fixing to get rid of her. Just give me time. Love you a bunch.

Let me tell you something, people. Barack Obama, John McCain and all the people of the United States of America in a hundred years from now will not be able to clean up behind George Bush and his cronies and the damage and repercussions they have brought on the United States.

To all you women out there who get treated like crap: You don’t have to be treated like that. I lived with a guy for six years. I didn’t know what drugs were, what jail was, or anything like that until I got with him. I found out since I left that I don’t have to live that kind of life. He used to get mad if you ate more than what he thought you should eat and would shout at you and hit at you and say, ‘I’ll hit you with this billy bat as much as a policeman.’ I walked out one day and thought about going back but asked myself, ‘Why should I go back to something that when God has a better plan for me?’ He does for you all, too. So take my advice and get out before it’s too late.

To a certain woman: Since you’ve been married to your husband I have been with you three or four times. If you’re looking for a good time, holler at me. We were together the day you got married and at the carnival. Now I’m locked down, so call me.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I hear these scab coal companies on the radio begging people to come to work in the scab coal mines with scab coal miners. Unionize and we may just let you have a coal boom.

I’d like to know who is going out with a certain 40-year-old man.

To the family of Raymond Sexton: Indy friends were deeply saddened upon reading in The Mountain Eagle that Raymond had passed away. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jessie Williams Miller, Paula (Susie) Rogers, and Charlie Phillips.

Little Grasshopper wants to say happy holidays to Aunt Frog, Doctor and Aunt Birdwatcher. I even want to say happy holidays to my Uncle Jimmy and to the rest of the family. I love all of you and thanks for putting up with me over the years. Couldn’t have been easy.

I just want to know if Bobby Bob can come out and play. I have been a very, very good girl and now I feel like it is time to have some fun. I see your gorgeous face every day and I am tired of waiting for you to make the first move, so I’m making the first move. Here I am, waiting like always. You know that you want to come out and play.

I think it is great that in Letcher County if you take pain medicine and don’t attend church you are an addict. However, if you take pills and go to church, it is medicine. Typical. Also, to the person who was complaining about Americana being played at Summit City: Why don’t you just stay home and keep listening to ‘Achy Breaky Heart’? The closed-mindedness of this county is just hysterical to me. You do know that Rose Hill Drive is from Boulder, Colo., where they have medical marijuana co-ops and such? It is interesting that in Massachusetts, South Dakota, and California marijuana has essentially been decriminalized, but buddy, get caught in Letcher County with a joint and they will act like you murdered someone even though marijuana has never caused one death and is impossible to overdose on. But that is how UNITE gets their narcs so it is alright, I guess. Seriously, you people need to get out more. I can’t even imagine what you would think if you went somewhere like Amsterdam, Vancouver, or San Francisco. Also, my condolences to the family of Tom Gish.

The Jenkins Independent School District’s parents and community members need to get on board and begin with their opposition to the creation of a one-school district. They need to heed the advice given to the parents opposing the merger of two high schools. ‘You can get three board members to go along with you or you can get the state to vote against it.’ ‘If enough people talk to the board, we can get this thing turned around.’ ‘It’s a power play by the superintendent.’ ‘Once this merger is approved, the school councils are dissolved, and then he will put his choice for principal in and start putting teachers and administrators wherever he thinks they should go.’ And so it will be true for Jenkins Independent One- School District. Gone are the days of joint decision making and the voice of the parents of our community. The school will be run by a dictator that has only been in our community for five months, knows little about our schools, our community, or our children. But, I was wondering what the superintendent and board will choose as the mascot and the school colors of this new K-12 school? Rumor has it that it will be the Cougars and blue, black, silver, and white. Maybe the new school name will be Letcher Central East.

Frog Doctor says what’s up, my peeps? Happy holidays to all of my friends and my wonderful family. A little birdy told me that one of my friends is having trouble and I am sorry to hear about this. Be careful in everything you do. Frog Doctor will always be here for you no matter what happens. I am your special friend; remember that always. Frog Doctor is kind of tired and not feeling too well so I will have to catch my peeps next week. Remember to love your friends and family.

Tom Gish will be remembered for his positive influence on education in Letcher County. Tom Gish will be remembered for always taking a stand fighting corruption in Letcher County. Tom Gish will be remembered by a lot of people for a lot of reasons. He was truly a hero for many in this area. While others were unable to be heard, his Mountain Eagle screamed.

I am flabbergasted that the Jenkins Independent School Board voted without question, the reconfiguration of Jenkins Independent Schools into a oneschool district. Why does this elected body choose to give in to the whims of the new superintendent without any regard to the consequences? The leader of the team assisting the district couldn’t explain what was meant by the board agenda item on reconfiguration. Although the chairman of the board and the superintendent have their ‘meetings before the meeting’, why does the rest of the board sit back and allow things to pass without the slightest concern for the implications? Jenkins Independent Schools will be a one-school district, not just for accountability purposes, but this will mean that the school will be a K-12 school that need only be under the leadership of one principal. In districts with only one school, the SBDM Council is only an advisory body to the board of education. Now, the board and the superintendent will have total control of the school and decentralization of authority established with SBDM Councils will be null and void. Lastly, why did the chairman have to look at two board members and tell them that this needed to be passed? Do these board members not have a mind of their own? It appears that the chairman has talked them into yet another mistake for our district. I guess we’ll have to quote the chairman on this when explaining to the audience the fallout of the new one-school district, ‘It is what it is.’

It was 7:42 a.m., my child’s school started at 7:45 a.m. The superintendent of Jenkins calls to say school is dismissed because of inclement weather. Did they have inclement weather in Knott County? Because I sure didn’t see any at Jenkins.

I can’t believe that not one soul has said anything about the Ralph Marcum murder case. Well, I have a few words for Mr. Pigg-let. You’re a pure coward and will soon be somebody’s punk little man. Not only did you kill a good friend of our dad’s, you also killed a good friend of mine. So I’ll be hoping they give you the death sentence, but if not, then I at least hope they send you my way. I might not have a hammer, but I’ve got two big fists that feel like one. So I’ll leave the light off for you. That way you’ll never know what hit you. My heart goes out to the kids and may the old man rest in peace. From a magic mad man.

Hey Ridgerunner, it was so nice to hear from you. You are loved and missed down here on Cowan. You come and see me when you get home, and I promise you that you will never want for anything. That woman on Sandlick has been on Kingscreek with some man. I don’t know her, but she is not faithful to you and will get it if she fools with me. Are you going to be in Jenkins? Please let us know. Brown-eyed Southern Girl.

Forgive — People will misuse your kindness each day./Yet you have to forgive them and go on your way./Seven times seventy the Lord says to forgive./ Many times it’s hard, we have to forgive if for God we truly live./ The records are kept in God’s great Book of Life./I’m sure it’s there about those that caused you strife./To help and love each other, Jesus taught when He was here./When your feelings others hurt, remember God is always there./If your friends forsake you and use you in the wrong way,/ Remember God is watching, strive for that better place to stay. C.A.C.

This is to a certain woman who likes to insult people over how they look: You need to watch your mouth and be more thoughtful of people. Some people have medical problems, and their size and how they look can’t be helped. It’s not their choice to be big. Most larger size people have hearts of gold, wonderful personalities, and feelings. They show love for others and don’t put people down. Do you treat all big people like you did my friend? You need to look at yourself. You’re not any skinny chick. I don’t know what that man you run around with sees in you. He needs to realize what you are and get himself a real life. You just use him anyway. And I’ve heard his family hates you. I wish you really knew what people in Letcher County think of you. You’d stay home and off the dance floor.

Hey Letcher County, all for the Kentucky Ridgerunner stand up and holler. I went ahead and did what needed to be done, and wouldn’t you know, nobody understood it. Well, at least not that bunch on Sandlick. Sometimes I think I belong in an insane asylum for letting myself get into the things that I do. I started to beat up a child molester today, but somehow was able to maintain. I know this much, if I ever get the opportunity to catch up to that scum of the earth that killed the little boy and his dad, I will not maintain. Know what I mean there, buddy? Hey Blue, don’t worry, my anger is not meant for you. I love you, honey. I just get completely out of control because of the situation I’m in. No one knows the empty feelings that one has in a place like this. It’s a very hard and cold feeling that will rob a man of his sanity at times. Bear with me and everything will be alright. I know it will. It takes two people to make something work. I have traveled this road alone and will probably continue to do so while here on earth. Men, don’t get involved with women from Letcher County. They just want whatever they can get, or a pill. Is there just one good woman out there who doesn’t drink, do pills, or smoke? Contact me please. My ex said that she wasn’t interested in going to church, so I am just not interested in working out anything with her. I want a good woman who is drug-free and knows how to take care of her man. God bless. The Kentucky Ridgerunner.

While the pirates are seizing loaded oil tankers, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, sits wringing his hands wondering, ‘What can we do?’ While our Navy has to consult a manual to try to figure out how to handle the situation, India’s Navy takes action to stop the pirates. This is what our military has come to with appointments by George Bush. While George keeps telling us that we all have to sacrifice, would someone tell me what George, or any of his relatives, has sacrificed? His idea of sacrifice when he took office was to have Congress double his salary. While Republicans keep saying that the Democrats always want more tax, remember that under Gov. Fletcher your driver’s license fee increased by 150 percent, your auto tags by 40 percent. Think about the outrageous personal property tax on your auto. Yes, the people you elect think they need a big raise to live better and increase their bank account, but think about the people who have to do without necessities to pay for this greed. There are states that have five or six times the population of Kentucky, and they have no state income tax nor personal property tax, yet they manage to have a good budget surplus. This is the difference in management and free spending and saying, ‘We’ll pass the cost on to the taxpayers.’ What is free about a country where state legislators tell you that you can’t buy a car unless you pay them to let you buy it? If I buy a car for $20,000, I have to pay the state $1,200 plus fees. Any good economist would tell you that this will discourage prospective buyers. Also, the next year I would have to pay them another $400 or $500 to allow me to keep it. This also causes repossessions because many people who buy have to pay big payments and insurance, and when they have to pay the additional tax every year, it is not worth it so they let it be repossessed. A good deal for the officials, but bad for the overall economy.

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