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To the person who responded to my request for gingerbread biscuits: Thank you so very much for taking the time to find this recipe for me. I tried the recipe and it tastes just like what my mom used to make. Again, thank you.

Greetings, J.B. How are you, sir? Do you recall that cold, dark night on Bill Moore Branch? I do recall it myself, sir. The raven has perched many times and is now constructing its nest. Yours very truly, Sea, Earth, Air, Land.

Shane, I hope you and Grandma enjoy Mr. Hanky. A lot of love and work went into it, and you don’t know how hard I had to fix it to get it to come through the mail to you in one piece. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I just want to tell everyone to enjoy the holidays and be with those you care about. If you have a neighbor next door who doesn’t have someone to look after them all the time, please check in on them and make sure they are safe. This time of year can be rough on the elderly who have no loved ones left. It’s a very depressing time of year for them. So please care about your neighbors and friends this year.

People, let’s move on down the Kentucky River and pay honor to Denver and Beulah Mae Webb. Denver has been gone for years. Beulah Mae is still around and gorgeous as ever. Let’s go on down the river and thank James and Lois McCauley. They took care of people back in their day, including me and my children. People, call Speak Your Piece and thank somebody for being good to you.

I don’t like having to turn my iPod so far up when I walk down Main Street so I can listen to what I want to.

A special thanks to the city for playing all that Christian music over the loudspeakers on Main Street. What better way to let Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other non-Christians know that this is a Christian city and they are second-class citizens who are not welcome here? We don’t need diversity and we sure don’t need their tourism or shopping dollars. It’s like in 1984; our city fathers are like a benevolent Big Brother and know best for us.

A hundred dollars for a vote? Is that for voting just one time? We’d like to know who that is before the next election. I’ll ask around. Some people would vote several times for that much. And maybe steal a few newspapers, to boot.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to my old friend from Seco. I was down home for a week. It snowed while I was there. That was nice. Last snow we had was 1989. It doesn’t snow much here. From an old friend way back when.

It is a shame that Bill Richardson does not have lobbyists in Washington and Frankfort. If he did we could just build everything in the county with ‘free money’ like Summit Engineering. Well, it doesn’t really matter since this new rec center will be a church in a few years anyway. However, it is funny hearing people talk about economics that obviously have zero understanding of how business processes work. Whitesburg would not even be on the map if it were not for Bill Richardson. Him and his wife came to Letcher County originally to help with documenting poverty. Ironic that this county is now based on kickbacks.

Christmas greetings to Dixie Harlow, Bernetta and Dick York, Jason, Dana, Kevin and Kate York, Mary Blair, Ricky Vance, Norma Jean Hall, Herman Bates, Irene Bates Smith, Don and Collette Tolliver, Samantha, Randy, Nicholas and Kaitlyn Issac, Brenda and George Ables, Barbara and Frankie Craft, Sabrina Kaiser, Talmage and Hestilene Tolliver, Reba Adams, Neal and Irene Hart, Carlos and Charlotte Hart, Raymond and Wanda Hart, Bill and Bev Morgan, Ruby and Mac McCarty, Bobby and Amy Morgan, Charlie Phillips, Glenda Faye Phillips, Sandy Gardner, Sherri and Larry Puckett, Tommy and Bev Phillips, Bernice Grubbs, Dorothy York, Liz Smith, Delano Phillips, Billy Wayne and Judy Morgan, Liza Morgan, Bootsie and Bobby Combs, Cherrie Collins, Granville and Lina Johnson. With much love from your Indy family and friends.

If you see a fat man who’s jolly and cute, wearing a beard and a red flannel suit, if he’s chuckling and laughing away, while flying around in a miniature sleigh, with eight tiny reindeer to pull him along, then let’s face it, your eggnog’s too strong. Merry Christmas and happy 2009.

The contracting process in this county has got to have more oversight. Reports continue to come up about abuse in every area of county contract support. There’s too much smoke here to be ignored, and citizens should insist on surveillance from someone, be it the attorney general, the U.S. attorney, or the FBI. What about the choice of contractors? What criteria does the court use? Is reliability a factor? Honesty? Past performance? Things are tough, and it looks like they’re going to get tougher, so whatever money comes in must be shepherded very carefully. The court already has the boondoggle of all time in process, the $6 million one. The spending on that, and other foolish ventures, has gotten us into the likely possibility of not being able to prosecute criminals. I see that Wayne Fleming, the only person on the court who seems rational, is deserting this sinking ship by refusing to be a part of these boondoggles. Good for him. Why should he get in trouble when the court blocks his every move?

Hey D.D.T., just lettin’ you know I never forgot you. You are still in my heart and I think of you a lot. It’s good watching you go by and you never know I see you. Hope things are good for you. Love, your punk.

O Shucky Bean, O Shucky Bean/Who came from the garden so green/Your shell has grown so withered and dry/Making you harder and harder to find/Your beans lay sleeping inside your leathery pouches/In a city with the population of 1,534 plus two grouches.

I am very concerned about Gov. Beshear’s proposed 70-cent tax increase on cigarettes. This political move, like so many others, won’t have much effect on anybody except those in the lowest tax brackets. Those with higher incomes that smoke can pay the increase without cutting into their bill money. It seems almost as if it is politically incorrect to smoke these days, as you can’t do it anywhere except the privacy of your own home. Thankfully, Letcher County is close to the Virginia state line. We already have to go out of the county to go to a movie, go bowling, out to eat somewhere besides the Grill, or to buy alcohol that you can take home. Since the introduction of the new fire retardent cigarettes that go out after a few seconds of not being puffed, many Kentucky residents have been going to Virginia to buy ‘real’ cigarettes. So go ahead and slap that 70-cent tax on there. It will only cause the businesses of Letcher County to suffer as consumers will go to Virginia and buy smokes by the carton to avoid the tax. Gas prices have come down, so they won’t mind one bit to make the trip to save money in the long run, while our friends who work at tobacco stores in the county will be in danger of their employers going out of business.

I have listened to WMMT and have enjoyed the station very much. It does bother and sometimes tickles when DJ’s let it go to their head when they get a little bit of publicity and think they are so special. You listen when they start a show and they are just simple people. After they are there for a while then you can tell a difference. Instead of playing music they make it their personal talk show. They seem to forget they have people who like to hear music, not their own personal talks. Oh, I know this is a volunteer radio show, however if you are going to be on the air, please play music and don’t delve into so much personal and sometimes too revealing conversations. I am glad there’s music on AOL.radio on the Internet because that is what I will be listening to for a long time.

I am very proud of the new superintendent of Jenkins Schools. I want to applaud Superintendent Watts and all the board members for a job well done. There is still a great need for change, so keep up the good work. As for the person who commented in last week’s Speak Your Piece about how Superintendent Watts is destroying Jenkins, you must be tightly spun in the Bentley clique. Are you and your children no longer getting away with whatever you want? I, and most importantly my children, are glad she is gone. My children have never been a problem at school, but yet during her reign all the students at the school were presumed guilty and had to try over and over to prove their innocence. That was unless you were in the famous Bentley clique, then you got away with whatever you wanted. The children I have talked to say they are no longer feeling like they are walking around on pins and needles. The ones who oppose Bentley’s demotion are the ones that were getting away with what they wanted and now they are not. If she was such a great principal, then why are our students failing the state standards? As for the teachers being so stressed, why would a teacher who is actually doing their job be so stressed by Superintendent Watts? There are a few, and I mean a choice few, teachers that work for Jenkins that are worthy of being called a teacher. The school was far from being alright before Mrs. Watts came. This school system is in serious trouble. There is no reason why a school system this small should have these types of problems. Last but definitely not least, what about the other goings on at the school? How many of the staff including ex-principal Bentley know about the allegations of teacher having relations with a student? This teacher is a sexual predator in my book and needs to be locked away. All parents at Jenkins Schools need to keep a close watch on all that is going on and show your support for the new change.

To the world: I didn’t know I was a racist, ignorant redneck when I voted for McCain. I had the nerve to think I could vote for who I wanted to. I thought McCain was the lesser of two evils. I didn’t really look forward to one party ruling the country. And to the world I will say, not all people of Letcher County are as ignorant as the one who wrote about my vote being wrong.

I have just noticed from all the people around me that people that don’t have anything and act like they have everything are trying to keep up with everyone else. You can’t do that and never will. So quit trying and getting everything that we do. It looks better at my house anyway. Ha, ha.

God bless a woman who evidently cannot control her wild, lying daughter that in her distress would make herself look like a nitwit. You could ether laugh about it or you could pray for someone like that. I choose to put her in God’s hand and let Him deal with her.

Nobody ever did respond when someone said, ‘When he divorces you, no one could tell what you look like. When they are done with them, nobody would know who they’re talking about.’ But maybe the right person does. They’re ignoring them because they know they probably don’t have the guts to do anything but run their jaw.

I would like to wish the ones I love a very merry Christmas and hope the New Year brings everyone the happiness that you deserve. Merry Christmas down in Florida, Bear. Blue, I know that times have been hard, but know in your heart that when the storm subsides I will be standing strong on our love. Merry Christmas, darling, I love you more than words could ever begin to say. If anyone thinks that I will just stand and let anyone come between me and Blue, please, ain’t gonna happen. I’ll be back and Blue will be by my side. I ain’t going nowhere, never have, never will. Merry Christmas to Lil Ronnie, Dusty, Docie, Tabitha, and Outlaw Sadie. The Kentucky Ridgerunner and Kentucky Blue forever.

A monkey would say what a monkey would do. But you got it all wrong; you see retribution is all about you. You don’t have to worry about me for I am nothing like you; I’m one of God’s chosen few.

To Curious Callie: Not all men are dogs and not all women are nags. I happen to be on my second marriage, and we’re happier than either one of us has ever been. You must have been through the shaft more times than one. You sound like you’re pretty boring, from a man’s point of view that is.

Marriage vows — do we really mean them when they are spoken or are they just words spoken for a ceremony? We promise to love in sickness, in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse till death do us part. How many people do you know that have really stuck by these vows? Mostly only people over 55 seem to be standing by them, it seems. When the going gets hard or sickness or poorer, people seem to find reasons not to stay together. Most women marry just to get the man they think they must have, or he’s got a good income or he can just be there ’cause she wants him and no one else can have him. Rarely do women who marry older men ever really stay together long. After five to six years they seem to think they’ve wasted their life with him, especially if he gets sick and can’t give or do like she wants. She’ll leave him flat, but when he gets real sick, off she goes and he goes to a nursing home. His money and possessions go with her and a new man. In reality, the man is always wondering if she’ll ever really stand by him and keeps telling himself she’s different and will be there for him. It would be nice to think that some people mean those words when they are spoken for they are truly the words that can keep a couple together till death us do part or be the biggest disappointment of our lives. Curious Callie.

It would seem that the attack on India is in retaliation for India stopping the pirates. But at least India’s anti-terrorist organization lost no time reacting to the terrorists. The big show that George put on in Afghanistan has accomplished nothing but the increase in drug production. In this man’s opinion, Afghanistan was just a useful tool in George’s quest to invade Iraq. To quote Michael Savage, ‘George Bush would have to rehearse the word abdicate a few times, because it has more than one syllable. And who knows, we may have a stronger military once we get rid of this useless idiot from Texas.’ Also, Bill Cunningham, a neoconservative attorney and talk show host, said that Obama has put together the greatest cabinet ever. I could hardly believe what I was hearing from Bill, who has never had anything good to say about a Democrat. After the deregulation caused the stock market crash, George is using his last few days taking away environmental regulations. What further destruction do you have in mind, Mr. Bush? And for those who haven’t figured out that one and one make two, there are many who haven’t forgotten that Neil Bush was involved in the savings and loan scandal, and was not held accountable. But, after all, he was a president’s son. Is this equal justice?

To my beautiful baby girl in Stinking Branch: Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a great New Year. I love you with all my heart and soul. Remember, good things come to those who wait. Always thinking of you, forever yours. Love, your baby boy!

I would like to wish a merry Christmas to my daughter, Willa. I’m so very sorry I couldn’t be there with you this year. Daddy loves you forever and always.

In the wake of the bailout a congressman is introducing a bill which keeps any taxes, including F.I.C.A., from being cut from wage earners in January and February. This is just another case of Washington manipulating the minds of the masses, making them believe they are also getting a handout. The fact is that this is just less money from the worker and the employer going into Social Security, and the effect that it would have on the next year’s tax return. But Washington only thinks in the short term, never looking at the long-term effects. People don’t want to blame George Bush for his part in the failing of the stock market, but in 2002 he called for a 5.5 million new minority homeowners, people who could not possibly continue to make the mortgage payments. The only requirement was that you have a job. I have the ads as proof of this. Bill Clinton warned Congress that something like this might happen. Then, not to be left out, George Bush warned them, echoing Clinton’s words. But, lest we forget, the Republicans passed legislation in 1999, deregulating Wall Street, a bill sponsored by Phil Gramm. Remember that the Republicans controlled Congress for 12 of the past 14 years, and yet some loudmouth talk show hosts are telling you the Democrats are to blame. They want you to believe that all of this has happened in the last two years, when the fact is that it has been in the works for at least nine years. And this supposedly well-educated lawyer/ talk show host, keeps saying that we have ‘unalienable’ rights. Excuse me, I thought the word was ‘inalienable’. He keeps saying that too much regulation is the problem. From where I stand it looks like deregulation of the stock market is the problem. Now they complain that Democrats want to bail out the auto industry, but ignore the fact that Republicans bailed out Wall Street without preventing massive layoffs. Your tax dollars for rich CEOs.

I sure would like to know where the county is going to get all of that ‘free money.’ I would like to have a little extra for hard times if they could get some for me. Oh wait, these are hard times, so let’s give our tax dollars to the largest county in Kentucky. Who are they trying to fool? There is no ‘free money,’ it’s all paid for by the taxpayers. I bet they’re talking about all of those fake $50 bills floating around the county. The free money is already here — it’s crooked money. Now that’s fast. Signed: Fed-up Taxpayer. P.S. Washington should send some of that ‘free money’ to all the citizens to boost the economy, with no strings attached.

People — I sit here and wonder why people do what they do/ Don’t they know there’s a God in heaven they must answer to?/ They use God’s name in vain and pay it no mind/For they will have to answer at the end of their time./They lie and cheat, think they’re having a great time./If only they would seek Jesus, real peace they could find./Their love of money tends to make them not seem to care,/Too greedy to help anyone, they have nothing to share./Please put God in your life, He’s the most important thing,/He’ll put joy in your heart when you receive your angel wings. C.A.C.

I would like to wish a whole bunch of people a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, starting with our new next-door neighbors, the Foleys, everyone up and down Big Cowan, Little Cowan, the men and women in Whitesburg Jail, the ones in the nursing home, members and all at Thornton House of Prayer, Cowan Chapel, Neon, Clay City, Somerset, the homeless wherever they’re at, especially them. Please print this? Also our friends who live in Yalee, Fla. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

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