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You can save money, but money can’t save you. So it is with all men. God chose to redeem man. Man did not choose to have God redeem him. He made His plan known to man and required that every individual choose Him or Satan. On the lighter side, Mr. President, if the shoe fits, wear it. Instead of trying to teach the world in perfect harmony (now you see some sing out of tune), try from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. Or just rear back and put your hand in your coat and say, ‘I am Napoleon.’ Have a nice day.

Happy birthday, Dream Lover. I hope that you had a good birthday. Sorry we couldn’t be together, but I’ll make it up when you get back. Either red or black lace or maybe both. Can’t wait until you’re back in your sunshine’s arms. Bet you’re smiling, darling.

To the witches of Jenkins: I am so sorry that I couldn’t get any messages to you. I tried. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I also noticed that the backsides are getting bigger and Hardee’s is getting richer. Talk to you later.

If you haven’t found out who the lying crooks are in your community, that’s because you haven’t been involved in an automobile accident with a police officer. Also, I was shocked when I found out they are instructed that if they pull over a relative of a member of the police department they are to call their boss before they take any action whatsoever.

Child of God, you’re just like me. You’re just another one living in hope. The Bible says the righteousness of a person compared to that of God is as a filthy rag. If you knew what the filthy rag term meant in the Bible you would realize just how no good you are.

To B.M.: I’m in love with a fool and I’m still loving you. T.D.

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining, that anointing oil is still on the road and you’re still running right over top of it. Just keep that in mind when you think of doing some meanness.

I have a one-bedroom apartment for rent …

(Please call 633-2252 and we’ll set you up with a classified ad. The cost is only $6 for one week. And you’re certain to find a renter soon after the ad appears.)

To the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council: What are you going to do now that there’s friction among your girls? Are you going to have the guts to make the right decision?

If I was idiot-enough to sit up on a fence and wait on someone who is married, not to mention someone that doesn’t want me and never will, I really wouldn’t be trying to pick an argument with someone else. I would really and truly be worrying about what God was going to do to me on Judgment Day, especially after I tried to take things from children that don’t belong to me.

I like the new Mike’s Video that’s now open in Neon, at the mouth of Barlow at Gary’s Pizza. They are officially open now and also have tanning beds.

Why is it that women love men who slap them in the side of the head, black their eyes, and beat them until they can’t talk? Even worse is when that man comes in from work his supper is ready and his breakfast is ready the next morning and his clothes are washed. If you are someone who is kind and good to these same women and are loving to them, they will treat you like you are trash or some kind of a wimp. I just don’t understand that.

The politicians should have to have a panhandler’s license to beg for political money instead of campaign fund donations the bigwigs buy their high society way with. Springfield, Ohio.

Why doesn’t our army jump on someone like Russia or China instead of bombing people with rags tied around their head who already don’t even have enough to eat from day to day? And our people want to get on TV and brag about how bad and how good they are? Why don’t they jump on somebody who has a chance of whipping their hindends for them?

My New Home — I’ll be going away to a beautiful city,/ Please don’t cry over me or have no pity./Twelve gates of pearl, one I will enter through,/My mansion will be ready for me to move into./My Lord and Creator will be sitting on His throne,/I’ll have a brand new body in my new home./I hope to be reunited with those gone on before,/My friends here are few, there I’ll have many more./My only job there will be to give God His praise,/I’ll be well satisfied there to spend my days./I hope that all of you will come to this great place,/There we shall meet Jesus and look upon His face. C.A.C.

To the first cousin kissin’, draft beer drinking, Copenhagen dipping, tobacco chewing peckerwood who’s bird-dogging my woman: If I catch you messing around my back stairs I’m going to thump your gourd long, hard, and continuously. I ain’t fooling, fellow. Cletus.

Got my man — really. Met, dated, married the man I wanted, even though he didn’t really want to get married. He says he loves me but I’m beginning to wonder. We both work, have evenings and weekends. We do a lot of things together but lately I feel that he is not really there, that he’s thinking of another woman. Is he looking at someone at work? Sex is great so I don’t think he’s cheating yet. Sometimes I watch him and have noticed he gets a faraway, dreamy look about him and sometimes a smile creeps across his face for no reason. He’s got to where he talks in his sleep but nothing I can make out. Maybe he’s found that special someone he used to talk about finding. I decided he was going to be mine and he is but have I got it in me to stand by and keep a one-sided marriage going if he decides to cheat? If I find out he’s cheating can I live with that or throw him out? But at what price will I have to give to keep him? My kids don’t really care for him anyway. I thought once married I could make him love me like I love him, but now I wonder if he can ever love me like that since he didn’t really want to marry me in the first place, just live together or keep separate places and date. Curious Callie.

School will be back in session soon and we’ll have to hear how much your old man worships the ground you walk on, won’t we, Honee Bunny? How soon I hope he sees you for what you really are, not the Miss Goody Two Shoes you pretend to be. I never could figure out why he married you anyway. I didn’t think he would want to get married again after that first marriage of his. I think you must have tricked or forced him, can’t figure out which though.

The biggest bank robbery in history took place in 2008, and it would be a safe bet that the engineers of this elaborate scheme will never be held accountable. I am talking about the looting of the U.S Treasury. And when a large newspaper asked for a freedom of information disclosure to show where the $2 trillion went, Henry Paulsen basically told them to drop dead. It seems that George W. gave Henry free rein to do what he wanted to do with the taxpayers’ money. It does not take any special skills to be a politician, and that is why we have these kind of people in office. But as long as they can lie and buy their way into office, we will continue to have what we have had for decades. And, to add to the insult, a top executive of one of the bailed-out corporations asked for a $10 million bonus. Perhaps he thought that the connections he had in Congress helped to bring them billions of dollars they received, and that entitled him to a bonus. By the way, does anyone know whether George Soros made or lost any money in the hedge funds? And this brings up questions about George Bush’s decision to bail out G.M. and Chrysler. After all, a large corporation had bought out Daimler- Chrysler and also owns part of G.M. But the real touchy part is that two good friends of George W. Bush, John Snow and Dan Guayle, are executives of this corporation. And it has been said that the elder George H.W. Bush has holdings in this corporation. As the saying goes, follow the money trail. Is it just coincidence that stock market crashes have come under a Republican president, for instance, Hoover, then Nixon, then Reagan, and now Bush? And it is always later in their presidency. In 1974, one of the biggest scandals in stock market history occurred with Equity Trading Corp., now the Mad-Dog scam, which has ripped off possibly $50 billion. I have heard people almost crying, saying that their family had lost everything, millions of dollars. Looks like Bernie ‘the Grinch’ still exists in real life.

All of us parents work the Mountain Heritage Festival, and all of us parents work the concession at ball games, and all of our daughters come to practice daily and of course all of our daughters received their yearly Christmas card of how ‘they are very important to the team.’ So why did only a few girls get to go on the weekend trip that occurred this past weekend? Now don’t use the excuse that it was only varsity that got to go, because there were several girls who went that weren’t varsity and were just hand-picked, I’m assuming. I don’t know, maybe their parents sold more Polish sausages than others or maybe they popped more popcorn or just maybe they hang around after games to suck up to coaches. Please tell me what kind of team concept it is to have these girls work tournaments on the weekend so only a certain amount of girls can benefit from the proceeds.

To the woman talking about the so-called ‘Bentley clique’: You have no idea what you’re talking about.

A lot of drug dealing is going on in Long Branch. Be careful being seen there. You are being watched. Your day is coming sooner than you think. Beware, the long arm will fetch you.

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