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I think the road department for the City of Jenkins or the county or the state, whichever is responsible, should do something about the ice in the road in front of No. 1 Hill at Burdine. Water runs out of the hollow and there is solid ice on the road. Please do something about this before someone gets killed. Thank you.

In reference to the comment about the health department, I agree with whoever wrote that. They were telling the truth. As far as seeing the new building, yes, it has been seen, but what’s that got to do with how they act? Thank you.

I can tell you are a well learned individual. Promise means something that could or could not happen, so I still go with hope. Matthew 19:16: ‘And behold, one came and said unto Him, Jesus, Good Master. Jesus said why call me good when there is none good but One. That is my Father God who is in Heaven.’ So I admit that I am no good. And the promise you speak of, that’s only in effect if you do the will of God and abide by His laws on a daily basis.

Do you people in Stinking Branch think you can get by with what you are doing? Not so. You are selling drugs to anyone who asks. You are taking food right out of the mouths of children. Everything you buy you buy with drug money. Everybody knows this, so you are not going to get by with it very long. Stinking Branch is a drug dealing place. It’s a shame you will call kids and ask them to buy drugs from you.

When you love someone with all your body, soul and heart, how do you tell them you think about them all the time, every breath you take? When you sleep they are there in the back of your mind. When you wake up the first thing you think of is them. They are like the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink. You can’t live without them. Life would be dark, lonely, transparent, and empty. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit know how much you love them.

Hello, Dream Lover. Missing you real bad. Hope you’ll be back real soon in my arms. I sure do hate our having to be apart, but when you get back it makes it so great when we are together. Time just seems to drag on forever when we are apart, and then you call and tell me where you are and I know you are near home and will soon be back here with me. Which would you prefer, black lace with heels or black leather and lace with boots? Smile. I’ll bet you’re remembering. Until you’re back here in Sunshine’s arms, kisses and hugs.

Baby doll, you know who you are. We’ll be at Wal-Mart waiting for you at 7 on Saturday. Be there looking sexy, hon.

To my baby boy in jail: I love you and I’m always thinking of you. I can’t wait to be your wife. Hugs and kisses from your angel-eyed baby. Please respond and I’ll come see you as soon as possible.

It’s 2009. It’s the Year of the Cat and we’re going to live it up.

I might be the Bobby Bob somebody was asking about. I live in an old shoe down by the old railroad track. Every day I get my little bucket and little shovel and go outside and play in the sand. Now you would have to be little yourself to try and get in the shoe. You see, there is someone in the shoe with me that I wouldn’t want to disappoint for anything or anyone in this world. We are very happy in the old shoe. We would like to remain this way the rest of our lives. So I would like to say thanks, but no thanks.

You say it’s not over, we’ll meet again. You’re too spineless to meet anywhere. Oh wait, I’m shaking in my booties. Ha ha ha.

This place is like the Hatfields and the McCoys, only it is all one family. It’s been going on since before Thanksgiving. One lives in another state and one close by, yet they keep something going all the time and keep their family torn apart. They gossip on the phone and keep things stirred up. They better look at what they have done and what they do now and keep their nose where it belongs. They are killing their parents with all this gossip. I guess they’ll be glad when they are gone. There will be no more gathering place here on Earth and not one in Heaven if they don’t change. Today was the last straw when you called the health department on your own parents. Do you have a heart?

Discretion is the better part of valor, or so we are told. But few people practice it, especially the elected officials. Congress, for example, just gave themselves a $4,700 raise. That is possibly one-third of what some families have to live on for a year. Every month or so, Congress is taking a recess for several days, even weeks. Come to think of it, maybe we would be better off if they took off 365 days a year. Elected officials are the only employees in the world who can get a raise without conferring with the bosses. And when they spend too much on their pet projects or make sweetheart deals with their super rich friends, they start crying about needing to increase taxes on something, and to cut back on services. They expect you to tighten your belt but never mention a cut in pay for themselves. We keep electing people who don’t have a clue about economics, and that is the key to keeping everything in order in any business. If things don’t work, we just take more from the taxpayers. What happened to the concept that all men are created equal? The people we elect to office believe that they are the chosen few. And the sad truth is that most people revere them as though they were kings and queens, princes and princesses, just so long as they are of the same political persuasion. Equality plays no part in politics. It is having the right connection with the rich and powerful, greedy people who are looking for favors. And, Mitch McConnell promised that the people on Wall Street would be investigated and some would go to jail. Don’t expect me to hold my breath until that happens. Remember that Phil Gramm’s wife held a high position with Enron. And later, when the head of the SEC wanted to put restrictions back on Wall Street, Phil told him to quit wasting people’s time. He also said that ‘even if you can get the bill passed, we won’t give you the funding.’ This is the typical Washington way.

To a certain security guard: Wait until she finds out what kind of man you are, who you are, how nasty you are, and how many pure rips you’ve been with. It’s no wonder you never could keep any of your wives. I know of one good wife you had and you treated her like crap. Wait until she finds out you will sleep with anything that’s willing and she won’t spend any money on you, either. Tell her about the over $5,000 in Dale Earnhardt stuff I spent on you. If that woman knew anything about you she wouldn’t be with you, either.

I’m calling to ask all smokers and people who dip and chew to stand up for once and come together. I am sick and tired of people who bitch about smokers, but when they need money we’re the ones they come after to raise taxes. Here are numbers to call and tell state legislators we are sick of it and do not want it. It’s 1- 866-722-8669. Let them know we are against the new tax. Let them know we are voters and that elections do come around.

I wish that someone with responsibility would listen to our state and county road department people. All they do is talk on the radio. They couldn’t be doing any work, because they stay on the radio telling jokes and making fun. It’s a disgrace.

I would like to know if Letcher County has a dog warden. If so, I wish they would send him to McRoberts. We have dogs tearing up garbage. Four or five of them run in a pack and create havoc on the neighborhood. They are dangerous dogs. They are big white dogs and run the road at all times.

It’s a shame the food stamp workers will sign people up on food stamps even though they live in another city. They come in once a month to get their food stamps. They go up there and shoot them a bunch of lies and they believe them. They ought to do a little more investigating before signing them up. That’s why the community is in the shape it’s in right now. People who need food stamps can’t get them, but druggies who run from state to state can go up there anytime they want and get them.

I would like to know when the high school is going to announce when the students got their test results and awards for last year. I am sick and tired of seeing the same reruns over and over on the School Channel. Please put some academic stuff on. Thank you.

There are things going on in a certain house in Roberts Branch every night.

Letter writer Jerry Collins is a Virginia resident, but spends most of his time primarily in South Carolina and in Tennessee.

To Coach Howard: I don’t know how to get in touch with you any other way. Do you know that one of your assistants is out talking about some of your players? I think this is very unprofessional. I think you need to check on this.

I’m looking for information on a teacher and a young boy who married back in the ’70s. He was a teen-ager and she was a married teacher. She divorced her husband and married him. Please reply to Speak Your Piece. There is a book in the making and I would like to get information regarding this matter that took place in the ’70s.

(If you’re writing the book, you might want to pick up the January 22 edition of Rolling Stone and read about what the magazine calls a ‘hook-up epidemic’ involving female teachers and younger male students.)

Tiny Seed — Like the tiny mustard seed God’s love can start small./With God in your heart you can stand very tall./Joy to the hardest heart Jesus can bring/To open your heart to Christ is a very simple thing./Days of loneliness will come to their end./With Jesus in your life, you’ll always have one true friend./ Plant that tiny seed of God’s love and watch it grow./ Nothing in this world can be as good for your soul./The harvest is nearing, time here near its end./Live your life with God, on Him you can depend. C.A.C.

To all of you women who think I’m bad because I stole your man: I aim to have a good time in life and if that means that some men have a good time with me, then so be it. If you were doing your job and giving your man what he wanted he wouldn’t be looking around to have his needs met. I’m a good looking woman with a healthy body and healthy wants and needs of my own. I know I’m pretty good, and men tell me that every time. I don’t expect much from men except a good time. They usually come to me when they want to have some fun, and they keep coming back because they want to. If they buy me something it’s because they want to because I make them feel good. If you happen to be married to someone that I see, I don’t care. I don’t mess with you, so don’t you mess with me. It’s your own fault if you can’t make the man you married happy. The fault lies with you, not me, so don’t go threatening me anymore.

I am so disappointed that you spread Satan’s word. I can’t believe that you write the letters on sex and revenge that you do. Don’t you have any respect for us women at all? I’m talking about you writing letters that men and women send in about meeting people and doing nasty stuff and they either aren’t married or they aren’t married to the person that they’re doing that stuff with. Don’t you know you’re just encouraging them to be sinners? Don’t you know that you are ruining the name of marriage? Don’t you know that families break up because of the stuff you publish in your nasty paper? You will pay the price for this someday. I’m so disappointed that you do this to everyone. How do you live with yourself? From someone who would never do that stuff.

(If you could hear some of the comments we choose not to print you would be thanking us for saving marriages, not destroying them. More than a few people should be thankful that the Speak Your Piece answering machine never has learned to talk.)

The perfect man: A panel of women debated on what they thought was a perfect man. You would have thought they would decide on an athlete, actor, or even a wealthy tycoon. They finally decided on the perfect man. They gave four reasons: 1. He’s tan. 2. He’s cute. 3. He knows the importance of accessorizing. 4. If he looks at another girl, you can rearrange his face. So they decided the perfect man was Mr. Potato Head.

K.J., glad you got a tour. Hope to see you one of these trips. Going to LC over M.L.K. weekend. M.A.

G.M., so glad you are getting The Mountain Eagle. Take care of yourself. Mom.

I am seeking information about my grandmother’s sister, Rosa Thompson. My grandmother was Mary Ellen Barnett Adams, who moved from Kentucky to Arkansas in 1905. Any information would be welcomed. e-mail jlbreece@windstream.net.

What a shame that good, honest people sometimes don’t report crimes against them because they’re afraid the law, the courts, and unethical lawyers will join the offender, and treat them, the victims, like criminals. What a shame it is that anyone injured in a criminal attack had better get to Whitesburg and get a warrant before going to the hospital, or the criminal will likely beat them there and get a warrant against them. This is a breakdown of social order — a fracture of civilization — and I firmly believe that those who have betrayed their trust will someday have to give an accounting in one place or another.

Thanks to the grand jury for its recommendations for dealing with timber theft, and thanks to all the people working on timber laws. I hope these efforts spill over into other criminal situations that are supported by businesses that buy stolen goods. I believe it is common knowledge that there are outlets that provide pretty good binoculars for around $15, weedeaters for $15 or less, and good lawnmowers for $25. All of these things, like stolen timber, probably came from innocent victims, people who had no choice in being part of this venal process.

I was glad to see the timber theft laws may be given some teeth, and I appreciate what I thought was a very good report by the grand jury. All of these people deserve a lot of credit for trying to give some protection to landowners. For a long time now, landowners didn’t get much from their land, except the right to pay taxes. Mining, gas, and timber thieves got most of the profits. Mining and gas companies have usually had some legal, if not moral, right to the land, but the timber has too often been taken by people who had no right, and has been shared with others who had no right, like truckers, and especially lumberyards. Their land is the most valuable possession for most people, and the loss of their timber is tragic. These laws must be made strong enough so that the law will have to enforce them.

Leslie Combs is apparently the driving force behind the effort to get stronger timber legislation, and a lot of others are working hard to support her. This sounds like an extremely important move, that could have far-reaching beneficial effects for Letcher County. First, it could virtually put an end to the timber thievery that has plagued the area. Second, it would send a message to local and state agencies that we are going to expect them to exercise their first responsibility, to protect the citizenry. The legislative leaders need to be bombarded with phone calls and e-mails demanding their attention to this problem, and this area.

Hey, Ridgerunner, I want to be on the same page as you and I am waiting for you. Love, Blue.

A certain security guard has until Friday morning to bring my binoculars back and anything else he stole out of my house. And I mean he better bring them back or I am going to get a warrant for his arrest.

I heard a couple of months ago they were going to put a road into the Riley Cemetery at Jeremiah. Was that all small talk or is it true? If they put a road in that cemetery they better put a gate up there, because a person who lives in that area is a known cemetery vandal. He’ll do it again.

I agree with the comments about the way this area has been abused. We have been ripped off by mining companies, gas companies, timber thieves, our own officials from our own community, officials from down state, and from the lawyers who make it all possible for all of them. Our coal severance money is in constant jeopardy. I think that any society, at some point, becomes saturated with resentment and indignation, and that we are at that point. There have been many tributes to Tom Gish lately. The best tribute we can give him and Harry Caudill, and others who have fought the good fight, is to try to rise to a fraction of their courage and keep that spirit alive.

To the crazy little girl at Jenkins High: You should just stop complaining. You’re nuts and no one likes you. Stop playing my friends. Also, stop pushing your religion on everyone, ’cause if they wanted to be ‘saved’ they would be.

Kentucky Blue, I am the other woman and you better keep yourself where you belong. You ratted on the Kentucky Ridgerunner and lost the best thing you’ll ever have. Enjoy your freedom, because if you run that big mouth again like you did when the ‘bounty blunters’ showed up in Virginia, the tables will turn, pal. Unlike you, I am a woman who rides my own Harley- Davidson and it will be a cold day if you lay eyes on my man again. I will be at his court date along with a couple of redneck women from Wise, so we would appreciate it if you would do the right thing. Then we can all sit down to a cold one at the Candlelight and be the good mountain folk that we always were. We went and visited with the Ridgerunner for Christmas in that terrible place. Let me tell you one thing, honey, he sure does look great and is a great kisser, too. Eat your heart out. Why did you betray him? He loved you. But oh well, your loss, my gain. Life goes on. And oh, don’t even think about getting on his bike where I will be when not riding beside him, that’s a no-no. Well, enjoy your life. I will bring him to get a few things he has there. We come in peace and then you will never see either of us again. Waiting in Wise.

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