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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.

Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.

In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: On subject line put Speak Your Piece.

To our state representative: I don’t even know your name, but I do think about you when I drive on what passes for roads in Letcher County. In my opinion you will go down in history as the worst state representative ever sent to Frankfort on behalf of our county. Why did you run for the job when you obviously had no interest in doing the work it requires? I can’t help but wonder what drugs some our own people were taking when they voted Angie Hatton out and put in a do-nothing like yourself. Does anyone know this guy’s name?

(Jacob Justice currently represents the 94th District, which includes all of Letcher County and parts of Harlan and Pike counties. He is not seeking re-election.)

When o when will the area of downtown Jenkins be mowed and the garbage picked up. Downtown Jenkins was once a showcase. Let’s make it so our citizens and visitors give compliments once again. Thank you.

To the county tramp: Karma is an awful thing. Everyone knows what you are, and a decent Christian isn’t it. Who watches your kids while you make your rounds? You can’t pray for another woman’s man and think God will magically hand him over. You need to do better at your job, because all the men keep going home and don’t want to stay with you. By the way I still have your earring if you want it back. Ha-ha.

Some people say Trump doesn’t care about Melania, but I beg to differ. When he cheated on his first two wives, he did it publicly, but when he cheated on Melania, he tried to save her feelings by paying off the Playboy model and pornographic film star a total of $280,000 in return for their silence. And those are just the ones we know about. Even better, before he had sex with Stormy Daniels, because she’d had sex with lots of other men, he quizzed her about how often she was tested for STD’s and verified that she was currently safe. He didn’t want to carry anything home to Melania in case she ever started sleeping with him again. All this shows how good a husband he’s been to her.

One of our magistrates recently caused a commotion at a fiscal court meeting because the county hired an alleged sex offender. Now, he’s upset because a man who was found liable for an even greater degree of sexual assault has been convicted for falsifying business records while paying hush money to a porn star. It’s a shame these people have infiltrated our local government.

I heard some interesting tidbits from the latest Letcher County School Board meeting. Why are employees having to ask for stipends from a year ago? Also, why is one person not approving the new scoreboard for the football field at Letcher County Central High School? That should have been an automatic ‘yes’ given how much support one family gives to the school and the football program. They give more support to programs and sports activities than the school board itself does. Not surprised, though, as this administration and school board are not for the kids. Gotta clutch that purse. Won’t spend a dime to benefit the kids but won’t bat an eye for a 30 percent pay raise for the superintendent.

Just take 10 seconds and compare how President Biden’s family and big Democrats talk about the criminal cases against Hunter Biden to the way Donald Trump and his family and supporters are behaving since Trump was found guilty on those 34 felonies. The prosecutor in Hunter Biden’s case is a Republican put in office by Trump when he was president. The prosecutor in Trump’s case ran for his office as a Democrat. Since the day Trump was charged, he and his sons have called the prosecutor and the judge every terrible name there is and then some. As a Republican, I am ashamed of how many of my party’s senators and representatives are doing the same. On the other hand, the Bidens and their supporters show support for the rule of law even though the younger Biden might go to prison. You don’t hear them and their Democrat supporters out slandering judges and prosecutors and calling Hunter Biden’s trial a ‘sham’ and comparing it to a ‘Soviet style show trial.’ The devil himself couldn’t do any more than Trump is when it comes to tearing apart our nation.

‘Those of us who shout the loudest about Americanism in making character assassinations are all too frequently those who, by our own words and acts, ignore some of the basic principles of Americanism. Americans have the right to criticize, to hold unpopular beliefs, to protest, and to think for themselves. But attacks that cost people their reputations and jobs were stifling these basic American principles. Freedom of speech is not what it used to be in America. It has been so abused by some that it is not exercised by others.’ — Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith, many years ago and still applies today.

To all these coward countries that have no backbone to stand against the terrorists that attacked Israel, and this includes the United States of America: If you don’t stand with Israel the day is coming you will wish that you had. It would be good for these countries that want to make Palestine a country to shut their mouth and leave Israel alone and let it defend itself. Israel must fight to destroy Hamas or Hamas will continue to try to destroy Israel. But Hamas will never destroy Israel. God is watching over Israel and will defend Israel. All the nations that come against Israel will be destroyed. To the countries that are coming against Israel: Do you not have mind enough to remember that Hamas terrorists attacked Israel? What are you going to do when Hamas terrorists attack your country? The terrorists will stop at nothing to destroy freedom.

I’ve been watching the trial of former President Donald Trump and I’m saying this before the verdict is announced. I want to say that President Joe Biden and the mainstream media have helped Donald Trump get out of this. They have criticized him so much the people are tired of it. The only thing I want to say about Trump is that he said something that I thought made sense when he said Joe Biden couldn’t put two sentences together. I think he’s right on that, and that’s all I’ve got to say.

I just wanted to call and say I bet the county tramp doesn’t even read Speak Your Piece. She’s too busy playing with her toys and jumping from man to man.

Trump’s vice president refuses to vote for him, his wife won’t appear with him in public, more than 30 ex-Cabinet members won’t support him, he has 34 felony convictions and three indictments, he tried to overturn an election, sent a mob to beat up cops and storm the Capitol and promises to pardon the insurrectionists. But let’s make him president again.

I know a person in my neighborhood who has two side-by-sides. He could invite me to go out riding with him sometime, but he doesn’t want to be caught dead with me for some reason. I know he drinks beer, but I don’t care. I would just like to have a friend to hang out with.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but I do not understand how anyone who claims to be a Christian could support Donald Trump for the office of dog catcher, much less president of the United States of America. If I am not fortunate enough to get into Heaven, it’s not going to be because I defied God’s wishes and for a lying criminal for the highest office in the land. If those Trump supporters like — I’m thinking Billy Graham’s son; Franklin is his name I think — get into Heaven, then the rest of us should have no worries about being doomed to hell.

I’m referring to the article about people being mad over the lack of work on the roads. I’m a hundred percent with those people. We need to stand up and find out what happened to the money that was sent in here to fix the roads. What is our representative doing for us? It’s time everybody in Letcher County stands up and says something about this. Even the weeds aren’t being cut. It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense.

People, be sure to count your change when you go to a certain discount store. I was charged $72 for something that was supposed to cost $52. So please count your change.

What is the latest news on the blighted and deteriorated property problems in Jenkins? How many homes are on the removal list? Have the people who own these properties been notified? What about the garbage that is found around many properties in Jenkins? What about properties that haven’t been mowed? Shouldn’t the mayor and council discuss these problems during city county meetings?

After reading the newspaper story and Speak Your Piece comments about the poor road conditions here in Letcher County, I want to say we should be blaming our state senator and state representative for not doing the job we elected them to do in Frankfort. They can find money to build cabins but can’t find money to put water into people’s home and fix roads and things of that sort. We need a new representative and a new senator. The ones we have now suck bad. If the blame lies anywhere, it’s with Senator Turner and Representative Jacobs.

Just who is this person making the posts you think are being made about you? If you know who it is, why not go ask them about it?

Well, I’m going to write in Putin for president. Since the United States is already communist, we might as well vote for a real communist.

I believe they ought to let one of the convicted inmates in the jail run for sheriff of Letcher County. Thank you.

I just want to say I was a Democrat for 49 years, an independent last 13 years, and I never contributed to any political party. Well, I just made a $500 contribution to Donald Trump and the Republican Party because I’m tired of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party subverting the constitution. The rest of you do what you want to. I’ve done my part. Thank you.

We all know Putin would never face a jury trial no matter what his crimes were. But the fate of a Russian jury might not be so different from one here if ‘Lock Her Up’ Trump got the power to do what he says he’s like to see done. Wow.

Free fishing day for kids? I thought kids fished free already.

To the person complaining about a riding lawnmower tearing up: That’s your fault. Don’t you know you’re supposed to change the oil in that riding lawnmower and change the sparkplugs? Everybody in the neighborhood knows you only got that thing just to show off. You’re like the Wicked Witch of the West. You’re not going get away with running over people the way you think you are.

Don’t go to Walmart over at Wise to get tires put on your car. They put three different name brands on my car and wouldn’t back it up. Have a good day.

We don’t need a House of Representatives, a Senate, or a president. We need only a good dictator with America’s best interests at heart — a religious man who God would back.

It would be of great interest to the people of the Jenkins area for a report on the Pine Mountain project and the housing to be built in Jenkins. A report during the next city council meeting would inform the public on these projects. Thank you.

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