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Hey nephew, you’ve got a second cousin who is selling you out. So when you drive through Whitesburg, Neon and Jenkins, just remember you read it in Speak Your Piece. You’re being sold out. Bye.

To a certain girl in Neon: We combined our efforts and told enough lies to finally split you and that man up. He was the best thing that ever happened to you. It’s a shame that the lies that got told came between you two. You ought to have your head checked for losing the best thing that ever happened to you over a couple of lies.

Happy birthday, baby. Wednesdays, rainy days, every day.

You can’t come in because you killed two deer and a bear. Well congratulations, Daniel Boone. Did you ever think that the mother of the man who died was heartbroken and you wanted to talk about Daniel Boone and killing something? Shame on you. See you on the other side of the fire.

Does anyone have any information on this? This man asked two men from a space capsule if they believed in God. They looked at each other as though to decide who would answer. One of them then said, ‘Yes, we believe in God, but you people on Earth have the whole thing upside down and backwards.’

To the big brave security guard: I told you that you were going to get in trouble for messing around with somebody else’s woman, didn’t I? Keep it up. I tried to tell you. That’s all you do and all you’ve ever done.

My son, you do have a right to disagree with God. But just like some preachers in some churches, just because you say so doesn’t make it right. Even Satan knows that God’s word can only be right. This chain of thoughts can only lead to destruction. Our true God of love and mercy will not be mocked. He is a forgiving God if you ask from your heart. I am going to stand before him and so are you. Remember, our God is going to kick the other socalled gods’ behind. They know it and so does all of creation. They could run, but they still couldn’t hide. God have mercy on us all.

Tri-Star Communications Cable Service raised their rates on January 1. It’s now the middle of January and five or six channels are still out. If you call you get the answering machine or the fax number. When you don’t get service you shouldn’t have to pay for it. God forbid if you’re a day late with paying them. If you’re a day late they will charge you a five-dollar service fee. If I could afford DirecTV or DISH Network I would replace Tri-Star. I sure wish Hindman could have bought out this system.

I’m new to the area and I’m looking for a jam session with a group that play strictly traditional bluegrass or rockabilly. If anyone knows of a session of this type, please call me at 633- 8494. Thank you very much.

I hate the new system at West Whitesburg Elementary School for picking up children. You wait in the cafeteria in long lines and the teachers are rude. They yell at you like you are a twoyear old child. It’s a big mess and it’s awful. And then they have the nerve to send things home that they need us parents to do. I just want to say that I will never — just because of the way I was treated today — send anything to that class that I don’t have to send. They will never get one red cent from me again.

Hearing your sweet sexy voice this morning helped make my day brighter. With the weather the way it is, I worry about you having to be on the road so much. But I know from riding with you how safe a driver you are. Sitting there beside you as the traffic goes by and women are looking at you, I want to say, ‘Look all you want, gals, but this ruggedly handsome hunk is all mine and I’m proud as a peacock to be sitting here beside him. Look all you want but now touching. This hunk is my dream lover. He’s all mine.’ Hope you’re smiling. Love and kisses until you’re back in your sunshine’s arms, now with yellow and black lace and yellow heels.

When I was in the Korean War, this man asked me, ‘Why do you take such an interest in the war and risk your life?’ I told him how many brothers I had at home. I said, ‘I would give my life that none of them would ever have to spend a day in a place like this.’ Of course he said he didn’t feel that way. But to bring this to an end, almost 60 years later I am still afraid to give the number of my brothers. I’m afraid there will be a connection.

A certain white woman lives with a certain black man. She loves him so much, but she needs to stop putting him out every time they mention my name and fight. She needs to get used to it, because he will never get me out of his head after all the years we were together. I feel for him if he gets some big money back. She will take it and buy a car and go see another man. To tell you the truth, I don’t want him back. I don’t think he’s going to have anything left. I’ve already had the best of him.

It seems to me that some of our county employees don’t have anything to do except joke and talk on the county radio. I wish they would send them down to my place. I have a lot of work they could do. If you’re working you don’t have time to talk on the radio.

I was hoping our sheriff would clean up our camp in Whitco, but it seems like it gets worse every day. They need to do something about the guy trading pot and drugs to young people for food stamps. It’s awful what drugs are doing to our community. It’s a shame an old man would trade pot and drugs to these young people. Look into it, Sheriff.

I was listening to the Appalshop radio station today, Wednesday, and they were playing some very depressing songs. I just wish they would play some better songs that are uplifting.

I enjoy The Mountain Eagle every week, especially Speak Your Piece. I think it is the best thing Tom Gish could have done for eastern Kentucky. A comment was made about Mr. Collins living in Virginia. I wasn’t aware of that. Another comment was made wishing he would run for county judge. How can you run for county judge when you can’t even vote?

Do not deal with Mountain Empire Realty. They were not forthcoming on back taxes and money owed on property I bought through them.

To the man from Cumberland River Coal Company who thinks he is better than God: Your day is coming. It’s just a matter of time. Just be prepared. Every dog has its day and your day will soon take place.

I live at the righthand fork of Cram Creek. I have a gate up in front of the property. Some people were evicted and my lock was stolen. It takes a lowlife to steal a lock. If you stole the lock you are a lowlife. This is the guy who lives at the head of the hollow talking. You know who I am.

To my blue eyes: It’s Tuesday and I wish we were together right now, sitting side by side and doing what we do each Tuesday night. Imagine me there beside you tonight. Those marvelous blue eyes of yours make me melt every time you smile and look at me the way you do. And when you reach out and take me in your arms, my whole body and mind melt against you. Everything is just right when we are together. I miss you so much when we are apart for any length of time. But when you get to call I feel so much more secure, as if your voice envelopes me in a protective shield until I get to see you again. I think sometimes you get more handsome each time I see you. Your lotus blossom is looking forward to seeing your sexy blue eyes soon.

This comment is to woman from Jenkins: You don’t know me and you have no right to get out and spread the lies you are spreading on me. My advice is to stop spreading your rumors and stop telling the lies. Next time I come to Jenkins and see you with my husband there will be consequences that come along with it.

Cotton top, you look so wonderfully handsome as you sit across the table from me. As you held my hand in yours I was sure you could feel my heart beat. Your marvelous blue eyes made your smile so unique. We spoke of being together, and as you got up to leave I thought you were going to whisper something special to me. It was the right time and the right place. You placed your lips so gently against mine in a kiss that made me so dreamy I couldn’t think for a minute or two. But then I decided if I took a lover it would definitely have to be you.

Oh you think you’re pretty funny. You think you’ve got all worked out. You’ve got your family and everybody fooled into thinking you are a good outstanding person, but your little house of deception is going to come tumbling down. You’re going to reap what you have sown, woman.

To a lady who works at Wal-Mart: Your deceptive ways are about to be found out.

This is in response to a comment in Speak Your Piece about what we do in Roberts Branch at night: We normally sleep. What do you do, stay up all night and play games or whatever?

What gives? A certain big store in our midst is so cold anymore that all the workers wear their winter coats. When I go in and just walk around my nose gets so cold that I’m afraid to touch it. Recently, we bought an item that smelled OK in the store because it was so cold, but when we got it out to our camper truck and then on home it smelled so bad we had to use Lysol. What is going on with no heat and smelly products?

I hope a certain restaurant hurries and opens back up. My life has not been the same since it closed. Please hurry. Love, your chicken girl.

Our state officials are talking about smoking bans and raising taxes on cigarettes. Why can’t they raise taxes on beer and whiskey, which are killing innocent people? You know, cigarettes are not killing people. It’s people trying to quit who are killing people all for a cigarette. Leave us smokers alone. It’s our right.

I just wanted to say that I can’t wait for Joe Pack’s Drive-In to open back up. We really miss that good chicken. Thank you.

Anyone who believes that Jim Ward scolded Equitable Resources should remember that the gas companies provided major funding and support for his election. Equitable Resources may have been his biggest contributor.

I agree with everything being said about the harm and injustices caused by the establishment that controls and exploits Letcher County. We have been ripped off by the mining industry, the gas industry, the timber industry, the local lawyers, and the politicians — many of whom are our neighbors. If we had a fraction of the money taken from us by this group we would be one of the richest counties in the nation. Now, to add insult to injury, Equitable Resource has torn up one of our parks so they would have a convenient parking place for their trucks.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Leslie Combs for her attempt to improve timber laws, and for her insight and understanding of this area’s problems. She has shown herself to be one of the good guys, and I hope everyone gives her the support she deserves.

Just letting folks know that the new junkyard in Neon pays no taxes and has no city permits.

Brenda and George Ables are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior bless you today and always.

I need to find a place to rent some tents, chairs, tables, etc., for a wedding and reception. If anyone knows of such a place, could you please contact me in next week’s Speak Your Piece with the information. Thank you.

Timber theft in Kentucky has been highlighted by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture in a Cooperative Extension Service publication called “Timber Theft and Trespass”. Farmers, timberland owners, timber theft victims, and others who may have reason, should get this essential information by call the Extension Service office at 633- 2362.

I am writing as a very concerned parent of a Fleming-Neon Elementary School student. I believe that there are several major issues regarding the teaching staff at FNES that desperately need to be addressed and/or investigated. Basically, the teachers can’t seem to the teach due to the that they are running amok (the teachers — not the students). We have one teacher who can’t seem to stay off the Internet and we have another who cannot treat the students with any respect. They are very hateful and spiteful to the students. They say demeaning things to them and don’t seem to care if they hurt the child’s feelings and/or embarrass them. Supposedly, teaching is a noble and honorable profession. What is going on? Is this what we want our children to be taught — how to be hateful, mean-spirited and spiteful? I’m sorry, but life is hard enough without having to deal with some of the petty issues these teachers bring forth. The teachers need to grow up and act like adults. My child is more mature and knows how to behave in a public setting. We haven’t had much trouble ourselves but I hear things from my child and other students that really concern me. If you are so miserable in your job that you have to take it out on the students, then obviously you need to rethink your career choice.

KFTC (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth) should be people who live right here in Kentucky, like they were when they wrote the broadform deed. It should be run by Kentucky people who understand our way of thinking and what is important to Kentucky people. It shouldn’t be run by other people out of state who don’t share our ideas and heritage. And I don’t think we should have a bunch in the Whitesburg office taking vacation every month. The KFTC funds, at about a thousand dollars a month for rent, and no one to answer the phone if you need help. The KFTC members who work there should be in their office doing their job, and not taking money out for rent that could be used to transport people to Frankfort to fight for our rights. We should be down there at the beginning of the sessions and not letting a month go by without fighting for our bills being introduced. We don’t need people with KFTC fighting for gay rights. We need people fighting for heat issues. People here are having it hard. They can’t afford to heat their homes during winter because of the high cost of coal, oil and propane. Mortgaging issues, people are losing their homes due to job loss. We need our health care, property, timber theft rules, logging, gas companies and coal companies being more protective of our water streams. We need people from here in Kentucky who understand what we stand for and believe in, like our mountains, water and land. We need some people who want to go to Frankfort and fight for things that matter to Kentucky people. We have people willing to fight, but because of some of the KFTC, they can’t get there. Signed, Rights for Kentucky.

To the high society woman: You’re busy walking around cutting up and flirting with men you work with, but now you’re trying to pick up straight women to meet at your workplace, and telling them to look sexy is not going to win them over to your side. I’ve heard you’re bisexual so now you proved it. And don’t act like you don’t know who this is for.

Thank you for saying I’m a well-learned individual. You can go with hope, but hope can be in vain. I live for God daily, so I’m going with promise. I’m standing on the promises of God. Matthew: Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

To that lowdown critter: Just because you were caught with your pants down you blamed the whole thing on me. I’d never throw myself on a scumbag like you. Let me tell everybody what really happened: I’d just got off work and was in the parking lot. You knew I’d be getting off around then, so you were waiting for me in your pickup. Yes, you had it all planned out. You knew I was tired and didn’t want to walk home that night, so you tried to smell extra good and you made me smoke some joints with you so I’d feel extra good. After you made me high you did that stuff to make my body feel good. Then you took off my stuff and did that other stuff. Well then, when I said that about your girlfriend you just laughed real hard, remember? You laughed and said that she was nothing to you. That’s what he said, girlfriend. He said I was better than you, too. He said I was way better looking and better at what we had done. He’s just a lying scumbag who is an ugly piece of crap. You know that, don’t you? He says you’re ugly too, and that you’re like a stinking blimp. He said worse than that, but I’m a lady and I won’t say what else he said. Now he’s making it sound like I was the bad one, and I wasn’t. I wouldn’t have done anything if he hadn’t made me so high. From someone who knows what really happened.

Dear son, the apple of my eye and the fruit of my loins. It has been brought to my attention that you have plowed with another man’s heifer, as it is written in the Good Book of the mighty Samson. In other words ye have committed the act of fornication. Woe unto ye! Woe unto you on that great and noble Resurrection Day. Son, you have verily humiliated, disgraced and even possibly embarrassed our family. Son, though the prophet Amos married a prostitute, I see no reason for you to follow in his steps. Should your nasty and beastly conduct continue, I shall be forced to exclude, excommunicate and even kick your butt out of any church I may be associated with. Your loving father.

Question — say your husband is in his late 50s, you’re in your 30s. You find out your husband is cheating, but the woman he’s cheating with is in her 40s. If he wanted to be with someone closer to his own age, why did he marry younger? How insulted would you be if this was your husband? You thought your sex life was great but seems he likes it older. Let me know your thoughts, OK? Curious Callie.

Jesus wept./Into His life great sorrow had crept./ Jesus’s friend had died and been placed in a tomb,/With great sorrow Jesus’s heart was filled with gloom./To the tomb Christ went and said with a shout,/’Come forth, Lazarus,’ from his tomb he came out./Christ walked this earth, much like we do today,/Jesus’s hardships were many as He went on His way./Through the strength of Christ’s Father, God up above,/Jesus showed us all how to have compassion and share God’s love. C.A.C.

After the bailout, one of the big New York bankers, who is said to have been with the firm for only a few months, receive a $25 million golden parachute bonus. Afterward, he purchased an apartment build- ing for $37 million. This apartment building was said to have been purchased approximately two years earlier by two Democratic fund-raisers for half that amount. A financial expert joined the Wall Street bankers some time around 2007. He said that when he looked at the figures, his jaw dropped. It was incredible. He also said that the mortgage situation really got off to a big start in 2005, and peaked in 2006. The Wall Street bankers recklessly bought up questionable mortgages without any oversight. Now they are said to be contemplating buying up farms, ranches, equipment manufacturing companies and food processing companies with your money. And both political parties are complicit in this, but we keep electing them over and over. The financial expert also said that between eight million and 12 million families will possibly lose their homes within the next three years. I can’t disagree with him on the housing boom, because in 2005 through 2007 I saw an incredible number of houses under construction. In an oligarchy, money is taken from the working people and given to the rich elite, and then they take control of everything. That would seem to be what is happening today. There is news that some large newspapers, and now Hertz Rent-A-Car, are asking to be propped up. I wonder who will be next. A couple of years ago, an ultra-conservative who voted for George W. twice, saw his mistake and said that the reason that the elder George Bush was hanging around with Bill Clinton was because that was the intelligent son he never had. And, it seems that the shoe incident in Iraq might have been staged as a grand finale for a photo op for the departure of George W. Bush. There are people here from Russia who know the signs, and they are worried. But not you, complacency has you in its grasp.

Referring to the person who wrote about the Jenkins High girl, who were you talking about? Because I actually thought it was funny. There are so many stupid girls that go there. I go to LCC. But some of those girls over there, dang, they’re all mess up. Half of them think they’re pregnant, half of them have pregnant friends, and none of them are going to succeed in life.

So, when are they going to have Teresa Bentley’s appeal? Her attorney is probably putting it off a long as they can.

OK. I do believe that people are pretty stupid and really need to shut up. It isn’t that hard to keep their mouths closed. Please and thank you, dear. Your worst nightmare skank.

To the pathetic piece of crap supposed-to-be dad who found dirty and broken toys for his son for Christmas: Well, he don’t want them ’cause they are dirty and broken just like you. And people say you are a good person and dad. Ha, ha. Well, here are some 411 for you. Anyone can be a dad but it takes a real man to be a father. And I think the whole town of Jenkins will agree with me.

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