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My comments are to address the frivolous accusations that the Jenkins Police Department is harassing people. The truth of the matter is that the Jenkins Police Department is one of the most pro-active, responsive law enforcement agencies in eastern Kentucky. The incident which a city councilman is claming was harassment is actually called a crime. I would think that a city councilman would research an issue enough to know what he’s talking about before he provides public comment on any issue. The incident in question involved a female, who is a known drug user who has a suspended driver’s license. This female was observed operating a vehicle by a city police officer. By the time the officer got turned around, the female was out of the car and was walking. (She knew she was going to jail if she was driving when a traffic stop was conducted on her vehicle.) The police officer then stopped her as she was walking and questioned her about driving the vehicle. This is not harassment, this is police work as it should be done. The fact of the matter is that in Letcher County the Jenkins Police make more arrests than any other agency in the county including the Kentucky State Police and Letcher County Sheriff’s Office. The reason for this is because they are very responsive, unlike the state police who spend all of their time doing paperwork and driving 30-40 miles to get to each complaint within the county; Jenkins Police on a regular basis are only 2-3 minutes away from anywhere and they get out and work. I applaud Chief Dingus, Sgt. Jim Stephens and the rest of the police department for doing a job that makes Jenkins a safer place for its citizens. The City of Jenkins could easily become a place like Fleming-Neon that almost has no city police protection. I for one do not want that to happen. However, with support like this, the City of Jenkins is going to lose officers to other agencies as no one wants to work in a city where its elected leaders scrutinize the very thing that makes them among the best of their profession. It’s expected that the hybrids that law enforcement must deal with on a daily basis say negative things about the police, but to hear that coming from an elected city leader is simply an outrage. Mayor Dixon, you should spend as much time looking into this as you did disbanding the politically torn Jenkins Days Festival Committee and discover for yourself that the councilman who made this totally unfounded claims of harassment has no basis for these claims. If the city council wants to address something with the police department they should hire a dispatcher to answer the phones so that the public can have better access to police services. After hours and on the weekend when you call the Jenkins Police Department, the phone just rings as there is no one in the office to answer the phones. Again, thank you to the Jenkins Police Department for being a police agency that provides responsive, professional police services to the citizens of Jenkins. While some of your elected leaders are anti-police, I for one am one of your strongest supporters.

To a certain girl who is seeing my cousin: You better slow down when you come to Blair Branch or I will make sure you don’t come back up here again. Thank you.

To the man who got the rear end from me and didn’t pay for it, then had the gall to lie to his wife about it: Don’t come back here for anymore auto parts. That money you owe me is supposed to help pay my bills. Thanks.

To (a certain employee at the food stamp office): This is (a certain person). I was wondering if you could get me in today to sign back up on my food stamps. What it is, this is my only way out here. I’m getting ready to go up the bypass …

I would like to say hi to all my friends – Kasey (two of them), Megan (who had to move to Lexington, unfortunately), Angelena, and Rebecca.

To the boy at my friend’s party back in the spring: What you did to me is wrong and I want nothing else to do with you or any of your family members, including your brother.

Girls will no longer be allowed to wear heels at LCC? School feels like a prison these days. Something needs to be done.

To the single man looking for a relationship: Don’t you know that all you need to do is go to a certain location in Isom? It doesn’t matter there if you’re married or single. I don’t know if you’d call them women or what, but I’ve got my own name for them.

I guess you all have seen what I’ve seen about the woman who is cheating on her dying husband. Gee, lady. You really need to bump the altar again. The only person who can help you out of this is the good Lord above.

I am a single 27-year-old looking for a relationship. Please respond next week in Speak Your Piece.

It’s time someone finally tries to do something about the Jenkins Police Department. They are the worst group of officers I have ever seen. They need to go back to the academy and learn right from wrong.

Dear Speak Your Piece: We need to get rid of doctors who are inept. That would be about half of what we have now. You’ll know the inept when you see them. Just don’t go back and see that bad doctor ever again. That way he doesn’t make money and he’ll have to get into a new business. Do no harm, doctors. You better remember that.

To a little smart-mouthed drug dealer who likes to go around bashing tombstones in cemeteries: There’s a gate up now at the cemetery in Carbon Glow you bashed up. If you think you’re going to party in a couple of more graveyards you are dead wrong. One of these days it’s going to all blow up on you.

A few minutes after I called Speak Your Piece about people being mistreated, I read Rose Ballard Durham’s column where she said, ‘When I get riled up I can be a pain in the back side. I will stand up for myself or someone else who is being mistreated.’ I then thought about what the Bible says in John 15:13.

Jenkins Police Chief Mike Dingus is right – if you do the right thing you won’t be harassed. All you people who whine about the law are doing something wrong or they wouldn’t be after you. And how in the name of Sam Hill did Terry Braddock get elected to the Jenkins City Council?

I would like to know how a man can be in the Masons and also be a deacon in the church. The Masons are a secret society. I just don’t think it’s right.

(What’s the harm in a church deacon being involved in an organization that does charity work and once had George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as members?)

To a woman who went from her home to a psychiatric ward to her dad’s house and is now on her way to going to prison: I wish you would come home and stay with your son and husband. We were good to you. You could at least call once or twice a week. No one is mad at you. Others are using you to get your money while your son is home starving. Your granddaughter loves her mammaw, but you don’t love her. You must not even love your son, because if you did you would be with him.

It’s a sad day in Letcher County when you have drug dealers in Pine Creek and Cram Creek both bragging that the sheriff’s department is scared of them. Neither the sheriff nor his deputies should be scared of anybody, and they shouldn’t be bragging that the sheriff is scared of them.

To a certain girl in Jenkins: You smell really bad. Take a bath.

To a certain guy in Jenkins: I know what you did last summer and I know what you’re doing this summer. So you better not be messing around.

To a certain woman in Seco: You need to straighten up and start taking care of your child. If you don’t they’re going to come take it away.

When I got my prescriptions filled they handed my medicine to me in a little bag that included the number of prescriptions for narcotics that are filled in this county. The more I think about it the more there is no way I can believe that number. Almost 75,000 a year? The only thing I can think of is we’ve got two hospitals, two nursing homes, MCHC, and KRCC. Basically, this county has a lot of doctors. What I would really like to know is how many residents who got these pills actually live in Letcher County. How many residents does Letcher County have? How many people come here from out of town to see a doctor? Something is wrong with these numbers.

My brothers and sisters, can I work for you? Maybe I can fix something that’s broken or break something that’s fixed. If your life in submission to the weakness of the flesh then you are a broken vessel. This leads to a life of sin that grows more and more every day of your life. Before long we come to believe wrong is right and right is wrong. We become a vessel that can’t hold the truth because Satan slid through the cracks in our minds and hearts. We become addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, sex and so on until we have cracked wide open and Satan lasts because we have destroyed the temple that God has placed our souls in. Here’s the someone who can fix any vessel that Satan has helped crack wide open. Just ask Jesus Christ. He alone can fix anything if you ask Him from your heart to do it. Ask Him and you will be blessed. Amen.

I’m calling in about the apartments above Homes Inc. in Whitesburg. I would like to know what kind of apartments they’re running down there. Those apartments are supposed to be for women who are victims of domestic violence, but they’re not. Men come and go and the children run all over the place. Guests lollygag in the parking lot and make it so that you can’t even find a parking spot when you need to visit the employment office. I think this needs to be checked into. Those apartments are supposed to be for women who need protection. I was at the unemployment office recently, and from what I saw it looked like a sugar shack.

To a man on Thornton: I love you very much and you know who this is. I think about you all the time.

This is in regard to the Johnson reunion: I would like to thank The Mountain Eagle for running the advertisement for us. I would also like to thank all of my cousins who attended, and everyone else who was there as well. I would especially like to thank the ones who came from Iowa and Florida for being there. This is from your cousin Marie.

To the woman who talked about going to Virginia: If you like to hurt people and take away people that others love you are nothing but a slut who drinks alcohol and snorts drugs. My cousin has been around you, and I good and well know you do it.

I am a coal miner. If I was no more productive in my job as a miner than the state and county police are in their job of putting a stop to drugs I would have been fired a long time ago.

Won’t it be fun to have our very own deputy sheriff living right in the middle of Dunham? I can hardly wait.

On July 4 we celebrated our 231st anniversary as a sovereign nation. On June 28 we celebrated another day of sovereignty by defeating the amnesty bill for 20 million illegal aliens. If I went to another country like Mexico and raised the American flag I would be thrown in jail and probably beaten. And if I took down the Mexican flag and put the American flag up I would go to jail – or worse – and never see this country again. These illegals jump ahead of the honest people who wait for a visa, and a high percentage of them are rapists, murderers and drug dealers.

To the woman who is worried about me having an affair with my husband’s brother: You’ve got no right to say anything. You had an affair with your husband’s best friend.

I think the cashiers on the evening shift at a certain convenience store are very rude and inconsiderate. I think the managers and owner need to know this and do something about it, because I will drive – and so will the rest of my family – on up the road to do our business. Thank you.

I lost a cell phone between MCHC and the housing project in West Whitesburg. It’s an AT&T phone, and if anyone finds it I would appreciate it if you would call 633-3387 or 632- 1302. Thank you.

All the drug dealers are on Cram Creek. Three live within a half-mile of each other. Two live beside each other. One is the same one that’s always been there. Thank you.

To a guy at Millstone: Drugs took your family away, but we deserve a thanks for helping with it. Now act like you’re better than us. You never were. You’re nothing, anyway. Signed, laughing our behinds off. PS: Now mess with us again.

To a certain man: You can’t deal forever on Cram Creek. You’re going to have to make a run for the border because you’re history, baby. The cops already have you on recorder.

I don’t see how the City of Jenkins can keep raising utility bills and expect people on fixed incomes to pay them. If they want to save some money they ought to lay off one or two of those cops who are doing nothing but running up and down the road tearing their cars up.

To a certain person: If you care about somebody and say something to someone you need to back up what you say without hurting them.

To a certain man: You said you never knew me? I saw you five times and looked straight at you. I’ve seen you in Wal-Mart, I’ve seen you at a wedding for my step nephew, and I’ve seen you in other places. And I did ask you out on a website and I didn’t ever say anything to hurt the girl named Patricia, because she egged on everything. She’s lying to you right now, because she’s the main one who started all of this.

I picked up my garbage four times in one day. And yes I’m the one who fed them that antifreeze. Do you have a better answer? I have – keep them at home. Tie them up. Shoot ’em between the eyes. Have a good day.

I would like to direct this to Mayor Charles Dixon and the Jenkins Police Department: If you think for one minute that all the citizens here in Burdine are going to sit back and let a good 15-year-old boy be physically abused and treated the way he was by a certain police officer on July 3 you are wrong. We all saw it and we all know the 15-yearold boy. If you aren’t going to do something about this, Mr. Dixon, you can forget any support or further votes from those of us who did put you in office. Three Jenkins police officers, one Kentucky State Police officer, and at least two or three motor vehicle enforcement officers at the scene of an accident had the 15-yearold and his brother directing traffic for them when a truck load of punks from Pike County pulled up and started a fight with the boys. And who gets brutally injured? A good 15-year-old boy who was only wanting to get the thugs off his brother. And who injured him? A wannabe cop who had no right to do what he did. The Jenkins Police Department is a harassing and useless joke to our community. You make us sick.

If you own valuable timber land (all timber is valuable), you had better realize that your timber has probably been targeted. As timber becomes scarcer, it will be more and more in demand and more vulnerable to being taken without your knowledge. You should know your property lines, and keep an eagle eye on your property. If for some reason you can’t watch your timber, you should try to get a friend or neighbor to do it. Once the timber has been taken, it is a very difficult situation to manage. This problem has become too large for the sheriff to handle it alone. Property owners need to band together and look out for each other. If you are planning to have your timber cut, you must also be very cautious in whom you hire to do it and you must take the legal safeguards necessary to keep your loggers from ‘straying’ onto adjacent properties because your logger may well do that and leave you holding the bag. You must exercise the same caution if you are known to be a prescription medicine user, because you are a target and this may be more physically dangerous than the other criminal activities which seem to be so prevalent. This problem is also too large for the sheriff, little help can be expected from the courts, and people must watch out for each other. These are abominable conditions but that’s what you have to live with and the only thing you can do is protect yourself as best you can.

Magistrates should not be working, overtly or covertly, for contractors whose largest jobs come from the county. It is up to the magistrates to police themselves, it is up to the county attorney to monitor the magistrates, and it is up to the public to watch all of them. Conflict of interest by public officials results inevitably in the victimization of the public and should not be tolerated. This kind of activity has gone on throughout Letcher County’s history and is apparently going on now. It must be stopped.

The fiscal court is charged with, and is responsible for, providing oversight for contractors working on county projects and assuring that the county taxpayers get their money’s worth. If they don’t provided this oversight, they will award jobs to contractors who are inexperienced, incapable, and don’t have the proper credentials. In addition, the contractors will get by with using substandard materials and practices, with scoffing at the state’s licensing requirements, and with shopping for inspectors who will look the other way. Most of eastern Kentucky has been crippled for most of its history by official indifference and corruption. This must be turned around before the county can realize the improvement it has been promised so many times.

I read the article regarding the recycling program in the county. This is a good financial opportunity for the county and wonderful for the environment. My question is regarding Styrofoam. Is there any reason why our school system continues to use Styrofoam since it is not biodegradable? Could the money that is used to purchase Styrofoam plates be used to hire one additional person per school to wash the trays? This would be better for the environment as well as providing more jobs for this area. It is difficult, especially for the smaller children, to carry their plates (without a tray), then add the milk, juice, fruit, utensils, and condiments.

Hey, Howard, congratulations on the recent coal truck crash fatalities in Floyd County. Or do you still call them ‘natural resource trucks’? Anyway, I’m trying to keep count of the coal truck death toll and am in a muddle about this crash. Since the young woman who was killed was pregnant and knowing that you consider fetuses people, does this count as two more brutal coal truck-related deaths, or three? Or would you comprise at two and a half? What’s your stand on a life aborted by a dangerous coal truck?

The sheriff is doing his job the way it’s supposed to be done. He’s arresting the big drug dealers instead of the $2 drug-heads UNITE is clogging the courts with. Criticizing him just aggravates the problem and distracts attention from the real culprits, the court system.

I’m responding to an article. Did you get tired of writing seven-page letters? Now you are calling Speak Your Piece. Do you still go to Pike County to buy your hydrocodone, and still make $200, $300 a day at the flea market? Do you tell Social Security? Why don’t you get a life? Better yet, get rid of her. Do you miss your dad who kept you up for so many years? It’s your wife mostly and it’s you also. Just remember, I know you pretty well also. Don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house. Your words, not mine. Thank you, Speak Your Piece.

Some loggers, not all but a lot of them, have figured out that if they get their one-third of a log harvest and then they get the landowner’s one-third of the log harvest as well, they have a very profitable situation. If this works for them, like all people who get something for nothing, they will be reluctant to go back to honest work. It is easy to become addicted to theft, especially when it is easily successful. Once they’ve crossed that line with timber, they are likely to become interested in stealing other things, selling drugs, and attacking people when that is the easiest way to get what they want. When they will kill someone for $19, they obviously don’t place a great value on human life or anything else. A lax and ineffective court system enhances this situation by enabling and therefore encouraging their behavior. New York City substantially reduced their entire crime rate, including major crimes, by ‘no tolerance’ enforcement against small crimes. One crime does lead to another. Letcher County needs to decide whether it wants to live under these conditions or brace up and send some people to jail, including officials if necessary.

I think of everyone before myself and for that I am a very respected man in this community. I’ve made some mistakes and let hurt turn to anger, but I’ve learned from that and found out you aren’t and never were worth that. The thing is, selfish people like you can’t see past your own petty wants, no matter how it affects anyone so you do what’s easiest to take care of and love yourself. I want you to know I’ve forgiven myself for mistaking you as a human and found a young, pretty, unknocked-up, real Christian girl who doesn’t need to settle for anyone who will have her. For the record, you’ve never heard me mention anything about Christian love, so don’t say I hide behind the cross. And I sure don’t need your forgiveness so maybe you should climb down off your cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and get over yourself.

The majority of women are witches with a capital B – lying, deceitful tramps. Before anyone says that’s sexist, most women agree. In fact, I’m quoting a woman. My question is, how can they say that about each other and not see that they are the same? And if they despise other women for being like that, why don’t they try to change? I just think it’s a shame that good women can’t be found. It’s become acceptable for them to be trash and even praised. The sad thing is you can’t even insult them. You can call one a tramp and they think it’s a compliment. And what’s with all the pictures on myspace of girls drinking? It doesn’t take any talent to turn a bottle up and drink, so why are they so proud of it? I can sum up every girl’s myspace profile right now, ‘yeah, I like to listen to rap and pretty much anything. I like going dancin’ at bars. I love to drink and party!’ It’s pathetic. I would like to meet a girl who is capable of having an original thought and won’t follow the crowd like a lemming off a cliff. If trash is all I have to choose from, I’d rather be alone and free. I tried to dumb down my rant so you bimbos can understand what I’m saying. You can thank me later.

This is to the couple who call themselves Bonnie and Clyde: I am not a fan of the real Bonnie and Clyde, but you are nothing like them. They did rob and murder people, but they would never rob and murder a helpless old man, especially one that had thought of them as nice people and befriended them and considered them a friend. So please don’t disgrace them by calling yourselves Bonnie and Clyde. But I hope and pray that death comes soon to you both. I also wonder if when you lie there in your cell at night thinking of your love as you say you do, does the face of a helpless old man come before you? The way you write in Speak Your Piece, you seem proud of what you did. I wish they still had hanging in Kentucky for I sure would love to watch them hang the two of you for what you did.

On the evening of July 4, I was fishing at the Stone Bridge at Lower Bottom here in Whitesburg. Three women were walking through the neighborhood and one tossed a bag of garbage right into the river. None of the women thought twice about littering in our watershed. I am appalled by this action.

It’s bad enough that bunch of scofflaws got away with theft, but now they’re bragging around the county that they did it and got away with it.

To Lavell Williams, son of the late Wendis Williams: Your cousin Jessie Williams would love to hear from you. Please call me at 1-317-890-0835.

Warm thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Minnie Williams from her Indy family and friends.

While attending a city council meeting in Jenkins recently I noticed that Wayne Fleming was there. I overheard Mr. Fleming telling people outside Jenkins City Hall that state Rep. Leslie Combs has done more for Letcher County in one month than former Rep Howard Cornett did in eight years. As a Democrat myself, I think Cornett did a lot for Letcher County while in office. Actually, I really haven’t seen what Combs has done for us in Letcher County. Let me put it this way: I haven’t seen any results. Watch your mouth, Mr. Fleming. It might get you in hot water.

To the people of Jenkins who keep commenting about how things are going badly inside the city: Instead of hiding behind the newspaper, why don’t you go in person to the council meetings that are held for the public and voice your opinions there? If you think you can do a better job then why don’t you run for the mayor’s seat in the next election and see how fast you can get the things done? I am not a citizen of Jenkins, but I do believe the mayor and the council are doing an outstanding job. Is it that you are feeling guilty about something they are trying to clean up? Get a life. If you don’t like the way it’s being run then move. I did, however, like the saying about the bird flying upside down.

A certain pastor is back in town after being gone for two weeks. Those who laid out of church because he was gone can come back now. Shame on you for laying out of church. Was that pleasing to God? Thank you.

It is frustrating to see rogues slip through the loose net of the court system. The prevailing attitudes are revulsion and helplessness. The revulsion is justified, but the helplessness is not. The pendulum swings, and it is certainly going to swing in the other direction because the people are fed up and they know that this lawlessness has to be corrected for them to survive. There is a new order coming and it will be legal and just, but it will be severe. The criminals and their equally crooked politician counterparts are too arrogant and ego-ridden to see this. Ego and pride are great hindrances to logic and reason. The change is underway. We now have an honest sheriff and an honest staff of deputies. We have an honest commonwealth’s attorney, and we have an honest district court judge. For Letcher County, this is remarkable and is a harbinger of change. When this change comes, it will be like an avalanche because resentment has been building up for lifetimes. Nature does not tolerate extremes.

‘Beautiful Painting.’ As I sit here and remember the life/I once knew. Sitting on the beach listening to the waves/As they swept across my feet,/Watching the seagulls fly about/In pairs like they’re so much in love,/Feeling the warm breeze across my face/As the sun rises and shines through it,/It takes my breath to a place/I knew./It puts my mind at ease for a moment/ In time, life is perfect and everything is right./A calm, peaceful feeling comes over me/That God made such a beautiful painting/That I was blessed to see./I hold these memories close to my heart,/So at night when I close my eyes/ And drift off to sleep,/I dream of the beautiful place that God let me see. By Misty.

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