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To the person that I loved: I’m sorry. I know there are things I did that Saturday morning that were inexcusable.

When I was listening to the opening prayer during the inauguration the idea came to me that some organization should make it their goal to have the prayer put in every police station in the country.

I was reading about this Jason Ison. It’s just hard to believe that our officials that took care of that case did not know the law. Don’t you think that we should just fire them all and get them all out of the courthouse since they let all the druggies run free and they send an innocent man to prison because they don’t know the law? We knew they were backwards, this is just more proof of how ignorant they are.

In regard to the statement last week about the woman at Wal-Mart, can you be more specific? There are so many of us that work here. We don’t know who you’re talking about.

This is to The Mountain

Eagle: Why is it that every time I call to put something in the paper it never gets put in? I’d just like to know who is working there and why some things never get put in the paper.

To a hardworking boss in Letcher County: It’s not right what your wife, daughter and niece are doing with your hard-earned money. The men that you hire, they get all your money. If I were you I’d take a look.

Oh no, I’ve never been a skank but you wear the name well the way you walk all over people to get what you want. You’re nothing but trash.

This is a happy birthday wish going out to a certain person January 24. Just wanted to wish you happy birthday, baby, and you know that I love you. But your birthday’s June 6 so I’ll be sending you out another one June 6. Happy birthday.

Whatever happened to all the good men? I think there are no more good men out there. I also think that Valentine’s Day is just another holiday, but unfortunately we have those retards that go all out to get their rocks off with nothing more than to show their lady that they can take them to Jerry’s or C. & H. Rauch. That’ll never happen because they’re too cheap. I think Cupid and stuff is stupid myself. No thank you, I’m not that desperate.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Jesus is.

This is to a certain little redheaded man: If you want to know threats and stuff that were made against you, please give me a call. I have no reason to not tell you anymore and I will tell you everything that was ever said to me. Just give me a call.

This is to Brown Eyes: I’m just wondering how you are doing, if you’re taking care of your sugar like you should be. Hope you’re doing alright.

What kind of service can you get with a pervert boss who writes up customer complaints and then laughs about it? He keeps his watchdog cohort so she can report or tattle and boss them. She lost her position but is still working. Does she know a secret about the boss?

I want to talk about the government. People better start thinking about whether they’re going to go to heaven or hell. The banks are foreclosing on homes and the banks are the government so people better be praying.

I could smell the smoke from the campfire I had cooked my supper on and the coffee, fatback, and cornpone. I could hear the fox walking back and forth outside the firelight. The owls were singing their songs. As I looked up into the Milky Way Galaxy I thought of the one who made all this. I could hear the water running in the creek so cold and sweet as I dozed off to sleep. I felt the snake crossing my sleeping bag and it was a big one. I was wide awake. It stopped. I knew it was looking around, testing with its tongue. It moved some more and stopped again. At this time the good Lord and I and that snake were all that were in this universe. When it went on across I waited about 10 minutes. I came out of that sleeping bag. It was gone, I was gone. Thank God our good Lord is still here. From a young man who almost walked on water, instead ran into a tree. God bless all of you.

Does anyone out there know of a cable company that the Jenkins area can get hooked up on another cable company? The one we have now has the rudest people in their offices and a lot of us people are trying to find out if we can find a new cable company. If so, we want to go with that so maybe we might ought to boycott that Jenkins one and get rid of that bunch down there. Anyone with any information, please feel free to put it back in Speak Your Piece and let us know a little bit of something about it.

The Letcher County Cougar football team would like to wish Coach Hillard Howard happy birthday on April 2. Cougarama, Coach, Cougarama.

To the lady in the blue Jeep: I know what you’re doing and it won’t be long, darling, till I see you.

To the good looking man in a gray truck: If your wife’s going to cheat on you, why don’t you and me get together?

I don’t mean to be stupid but I am stupid. Local on the eights. What does that mean? Eight times this, or eight times that? What does eights mean? I know I’m stupid and ignorant but local on the eights, what are you people talking about? I’d like to take a baseball bat and beat you all over the head with it for being so stupid.

Every man I’ve ever gone out with or ever liked disappointed me. Every single one of them went out on me, and that’s been quite a few. Also, I’ve learned one thing — you can’t be thin enough, pretty enough, nice enough or work hard enough. You can’t even lick their rears and get along with them. So you know what, if I was you I would quit worrying about it, because one thing about it I sure quit a long time ago. The harder you try the worser it gets. Just let happen whatever happens and forget about it.

You lost your contact lenses. Our dog ate them up.

This is from the lucky lady at Millstone to the woman that went out my husband: Maybe you’ve got a husband and he’s as lonely as I am. Ask him if he’d like to get together sometime.

This message is to a tramp, the sorry thing that gave her son away and keeps his check. I know all about my husband meeting you at Wal- Mart parking lot. Cameras don’t lie. The deal at the racetrack you performed is also on film. The guys still laugh about it. You broke another family up. The guy that escorted you through J.C. Penney’s and got all his things on your credit card is telling everybody. You had a good man on the hip, no, you ran his kids off too. But he doesn’t know what a sorry piece of trash you are when he’s at work. You still see all your other men. The truckers are all laughing at you. As for the man that you’re staying with now, I make sure he’s taken care of in every way. I love to rub his bald head and wipe the sweat.

After more than two years of the pressure from 100 members of Congress and thousands of citizens, George W. Bush finally decided to do at least one good deed. As his last act, he commuted the sentence of two good border patrol agents, Ramos and Campian. However, he did not pardon them, because to do so would be to admit that his friend, Johnny Sutton, who prosecuted them, was wrong. These men are supposed to be released sometime in March, but knowing the system, I will have mixed feelings until they are released. Johnny Sutton is notorious for prosecuting good police officers. On another note, Dick Cheney claimed to have hurt his back, and attended the inauguration in a wheelchair with a blanket over his legs, as though trying to resemble F.D.R. and to get sympathy. Most people probably didn’t notice, but when he was wheeled back to the car, it seemed as though he almost jumped into the seat.

My darling blue eyes, as you read your paper today, I wish I could be beside you to see the smile on your face as you read this. I hate not being able to be with you more than I am, but we know things and chores keep us apart more than we want to. Hopefully when spring comes a lot of that will change and even be better than last summer and fall. But when we do get together it is so much more special. I cherish our time together and to get to be in your arms or talk on the phone. You can make a bad day better just hearing your voice. That husky voice of yours makes your lotus blossom miss you more, my darling blue eyes, so very much.

We have a new gambling joint at the Mayking Fire Department. Four nights a week are Bingo and Saturday nights we have Texas Hold ‘Em.

To Dream Lover: Hello darling, been lying here watching it snow and thinking about the things spring will hopefully bring. Our talk of Gatlinburg, Cades Cove, Smoky Mountains. I got to thinking of walking down the streets hand in hand, stopping for an ice cream and sharing a kiss by the ice cream stand. Sitting on a bench and watching people go by and seeing all the women looking at us and wishing it were them there beside you instead of me. Walking in the moonlight hand in hand, standing at an overlook with you standing behind me with your arms around me and putting butterfly kisses down the side of my neck as we watch the sunrise. These are the things I hope we could do when spring and summer arrive, my darling. Kisses, love, and hugs from your sunshine.

Know of any haunted houses or places? Had an experience you can’t rationally explain? Contact Letcher County Paranormal Society at letchercountyparanormalsociety @yahoo.com.

This is to my only two sisters: It is a dirty rotten shame that you would threaten to kill our mother and slice her neck open and watch her bleed to death. Well, let me tell you both, God looked down on you both that night and He is not pleased with what He heard. You will regret everything that you all said. No matter what you may disagree on with your parents, that is no reason whatsoever to verbally abuse them in such an evil manner. You two are proof that evil does exist in this world and it is people like you that cause the human race to be called dogs. Yes, you know who I am and I really don’t care. All I can say is that your drugs and alcohol have given you a name and put your name to shame. Read your Bibles and get your soul right with God before it is too late. One day you will wish that you would have listened to me. What kind of lives do your children look forward to having? Sinful? Drugs? Alcohol? Reprobated? Spiteful? All the things that the Bible speaks of in the last days. By the way, I know what you did last summer.

I went to my cousin’s house one day this month and met the love of my life. I never knew in a million years that I could find this man who I feel like I have known all of my life. He is the type that I can talk to so easily. I feel like I can tell him anything and he will understand. I also feel like I can trust him with my life. When he smiles I just melt completely. When we hug I feel like we melt into one. I love lying in bed with him as he is telling me how he loves my brown eyes. He has the most beautiful white teeth that I have ever seen. How did any woman let this man go and not take care of this precious man? Thank you, Lord. You know who you are and I love you with all of my heart. Signed, A.

I hope all of you battered women out there had a chance to watch ‘Cold Case’ on CBS this past Sunday night. If you did get to watch it you now know that the man who beats you and controls you is really a homosexual, but because of this crazy society we still live in he can’t live the life nature chose for him and he takes it out on you and your children by beating you, controlling you, and making your life completely miserable. Until we make it okay in this country for people to be who they really are, men are going to continue beating their wives, totally messing up their own children, and abusing the neighbors’ kids as well. In other words, the he-man who beats you isn’t a he-man after all. He’s a closeted homosexual who wouldn’t be hurting anyone if he could live his life the way nature intended.

People, what’s wrong with WMMT? Where is the old WMMT? The DJ’s are different and I think I know why. I’ve talked to several trying to find what’s wrong and I believe I finally found out. It’s the management. I’m not donating anymore. That’s right, no more. Come on, management, get a life. Act like somebody. You are running everyone off. I’ll bet you when the time comes to do the spring fund drive it’s going to flop. You need to go ahead and retire. No one respects you. Everybody is laughing at you. Just remember, no more donations. Go, go, just go.

Excuse me, but those who work at the school certainly do know what they are talking about when it comes to the Bentley clique. It is the same one that provided half-day work days for spouses, brothers in-law, and sisters.

Looks like the county judge stopped the raises for the deputies. Well, good for him. No one should get any raise while others are having to get pay cuts and furloughs. Times are tough, and everybody is going to have to share in the cutbacks.

All the corncob drawers on R. Branch need to start doing productive work in the real world. They’re lazy, never done nothing, gossip wives, it’s game over.

Now wait a minute and bear with me. I want to be sure I heard this right. A guy goes into a bank, sticks a gun to an employee’s head (isn’t that kidnapping when you take control of someone?), robs the bank (oops, federal offense here) and takes off. And when he’s caught, he gets charged with burglary and possession of marijuana? What happened to armed robbery? What happened to kidnapping? What happened to federal bank robbery charges? I guess it really does pay to be a family member of a Letcher County magistrate.

(The suspect accused of robbing the bank at Isom/ Jeremiah is charged with robbery.)

Little Shepherd Trail is so pretty in the winter with all of the snow.

I think it’s a shame how the Jenkins fire station is a hang-out joint every night. I mean get real, people. Don’t you guys have a life? I always thought it was a place you go to when you have a fire call, but maybe I’m wrong. Who knows, they might be playing Bingo there, too. Ha, ha, ha.

Joe, I hope you are enjoying school in Ohio.

When are you going to get your wife out of the buckeye?

I heard that the Isom bank robber held a gun to the head of one of the ladies there and had her package the money he took. Yesterday I heard on WYMT news that he had been charged with burglary. I hope this isn’t true, but it seems consistent with the way things are done in the Letcher County legal system. This was kidnapping, armed robbery, and several other things. Had one of those ladies made a wrong move some of them could easily have been killed or injured. This situation has to be sifted out and if it is the way it appears, some officials must be charged with malfeasance. We’ll see next week.

Forgive me if I’ve missed it, but I’ve yet to hear anyone mention the fact that if Gitmo detainees are integrated into the general prison population this will undoubtedly result in al Qaeda’s extremist ideas spreading through American prisons and the eventual recruitment of homegrown terrorists. Al Qaeda is a cancer that needs to be isolated from the rest of the world. For anyone who might thing they’re no longer a threat, 68 Gitmo inmates that were released have since committed terrorist acts. The commander behind the Yeman attacks was once an inmate at Gitmo. American should come first and politics second.

To a certain man: First your wife, now he’s got your daughter. What’s up with this?

Well, if you’re like me you live in this county and the cable company has not fixed the streaming video issues nor the fact that music pauses constantly through their Internet service. Now you can check your speed and tell the world about it at the blog www.tvcablesucks.com.

To you who wrote in about KFTC (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth): My guess is that you are not and have never been a member. KFTC started here in eastern Kentucky 27 years ago by people from here wanting tax reform. Today the organization is statewide with over 5,000 members and takes on many issues. We the membership (residents of Kentucky) hire the staff and we decided what issues we are going to work on. We only tackle issues the membership has asked for help with. If there are issues you would like to see taken on, join us, attend the meetings and give your time and energy to making democracy work. Hired staff is not allowed to make decisions for or speak for the membership because we the people speak for ourselves. We have offices in Whitesburg, Berea, London, Lexington, and Louisville. Two staff people work out of the Whitesburg office and they cover Harlan, Knott, Letcher, Perry, and Pike counties, so they are often not in the office. If you call and leave a message (we have an answering machine), they will get back with you. Staff is where they are instructed to be. We can also be reached through our website www.kftc.org. Legislative sessions are getting ready to start and we are planning numerous trips to Frankfort. Last year, one day in February, we had over 1,200 people in Frankfort. We are continually transporting folks (members working on these issues) during the legislative sessions, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We are offering lobbying training on Saturday, January 31, in Hindman. We have a major presence in Frankfort every week when the legislators are meeting and many of the representatives and senators know some of us by name. The issues we are working on during this session include HB 104 known as the stream-saver bill, HB 70 for restoration of voting rights, fair and adequate tax reform (hasn’t been issued a number yet), and clean energy (also no number at this time).

Greetings from the frog doctor. How is everyone enjoying this weather? I have noticed the weather is just like the people around here, nice one day and cold as ice the next day. What is the deal with people acting like jackasses? Oh well, people are the way they are and I guess you just can’t change them. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing good and is enjoying your friends and family. Just remember your family is all that you have, so don’t be so quick to get mad and teed off at them. They will be there when no one else will be.

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