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Men, remember the woman you care about this Valentine’s Day. Instead of running out and spending big money on real roses, why not stop by the Dollar Store and get her artificial velvet red roses with baby’s breath, a card and candy, and you’ll still have money left over. And the flowers will be around to remind you for months to come instead of just a few days. This way, you can get three gifts in one and save about twenty-five dollars. If she really cares about you, she’ll think more of you each time she sees those flowers that are artificial. Don’t forget your loved ones.

While driving through Little Cowan over the weekend I saw gas company workers using water from a county-owned fire hydrant to wash mud off the road that the company, Kinzer Drilling, put there to begin with. Despite the fact that Kinzer never should have been allowed to destroy a public road just so it can make millions of dollars by shipping our natural gas out of here, who gave the company permission to take treated water from a fire hydrant to clean the road with? Will Kinzer be billed for the water that was used or will the bill be passed on to the taxpayers of this county? Also, how is Kinzer being allowed to pollute the creek with all this mud and other debris that comes from the drilling operation? Coal companies are shut down immediately when they treat public property with such disrespect. Who is in charge of making sure these gas companies are following the law?

To Superintendent Watts at Jenkins Independent Schools: The next time school is called off the day before, please don’t put the recording up at 5:30 in the morning and wake my whole house up. Thank you, and have a great day.

To a boy who lives in Craft’s Colly: You are all I think about. I have been in love with you for many years. You know you have my heart, but please don’t break it. I see a side of you that no one else does. You’re the sweetest guy in the world. I love you more than anything and you know that. I just want one chance with you and I promise you won’t be making a mistake. I’ll do anything for you. I would walk to the end of the earth for you to show you how much I really do love you. I want to make you happy for as long as I live.

To a certain woman: It will soon be February 15. Do you remember that date? You should.

On February 14 I am marrying my best friend and the love of my life. Thank you, baby, for making my dreams come true. Love always, Anna.

A certain cousin of mine has been calling my grandmother and telling her lies about me. He’s going to keep on running his mouth until he gets exactly what he’s got coming to him. He lives in Perry County.

To the narcs who live in Mountain Breeze: We know who you are. You better watch your back. We live here, too, and we know who you are.

We want to wish Sophie Hampton happy birthday on February 26. We love you so much, baby. Love, Anna and Daddy.

This is Sunshine’s wife: I would be glad to show you how to swim in Tennessee — after I take a bat to your head.

Whoever owns that pretty Crown Victoria up in the middle of Jenkins at the firehouse better come and start it up. It’s been sitting here for months and months. It’s a shame to let a car like that go to waste.

I’m getting sick and tired of a young girl who lives in Linefork and tries to pull us over while we are working. Us workers don’t need you. You need to go back to your old husband and draw his Social Security and leave us men alone. We smell you coming.

My blue-eyed Gibbs, I hope you are sitting there as usual. Wish I could be there to run my fingers through your hair and steal kisses from those sweet lips of yours during commercials in the ballgame. If you’re not smiling at that I will Gibb you. I wish that we could have this Valentine’s Day together, but I know we can’t. I’m hoping our work will let us get together before then. I need a special day with my special sweet Valentine man. Your lotus blossom is waiting for her special day with her Gibbs.

The railroad crossing at the mouth of Spring Branch at Jeremiah is in terrible disrepair and has been for months. It has big holes and the school bus has to stop on the crossing to get his front tires out. We all drag and can’t keep air in the tires it is so rough. The last time the CSX workers tried to repair it, they made it worse and left it this way. All out-of-state family and friends ask why in the world the train company doesn’t fix it. My comment was, ‘Too lazy, they’ve been on the payroll too long or need a handbook on crossing repair.’ One of the CSX workers lives on the hollow and drives a railroad vehicle, which is high and heavy duty. Apparently he isn’t concerned that his wife and kids cross this track several times a day. So much for the Bible and any good neighbor policy. Perhaps some time in the doghouse might help to adjust his attitude. Please, CSX, repair this crossing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. My patience with you is wearing thin and worrisome. I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt if repairs are not made ASAP. A Concerned Citizen.

To a certain person I work with: You went through the store spreading tales about your ex’s wife, I don’t believe a word of it. I know the whole story and I do happen to believe you still want your ex. Your ex does not want you. He does not want anything to do with you. A lot of us know how you are, so I don’t want to hear none of your opinions. I like her and her son. Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut and go on with your life?

It seems that the high oil prices and the bailout of Wall Street may have been payback for the Bush campaign contributions. Now we have the big spending package which may contain paybacks for the hundreds of millions of dollars that went to Obama’s campaign. There are very few absolutes, but an absolute fact is that you can’t spend your way out of debt. Henry Paulsen is probably back in Wall Street now, but we now have another treasury secretary who never paid his taxes for a few years, and he has an assistant from Wall Street. The treasury secretary is also reported to have received half a million dollars from Wall Street. Alexander Yakolev of Russia said that the ones who opposed capitalism were the lazy workers and those who were given everything and never gave anything back. It seems to me that this bears a great resemblance to what is happening in this country today. And the people in power can take from the working class and spend it just any way they choose. Government by the people is a joke. The rich elite govern this nation.

Contraction all the X from A to Z on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Our house was a home with love, laugh, live. Now it just a hole in the wall — lonely and lonesome, a mirror and no appearance, a telephone and no calls, a skull and no brain. You went out the door and left the keys on the table with the bracelet I bought you for your wrist on our wedding day. All our bridegrooms are like a house without a bride. As they bypass the house they became like candy with no sugar. We become a clown in the circus on vacation being a happy go-lucky camper, but we are just like a closet with no clothes or cloth, no material as cold as a ice cream cone and a coffeepot with no water or coffee. You came like a Valentine all loving, wow the mailbox has no letter or a Valentine. Just like a doctor with no patient and

The Mountain Eagle without Mr. Gish. We miss all of you.

Looks like another group of eastern Kentucky officials have learned the hard way that they aren’t above the law. This lesson had a lot of emphasis. How about those that haven’t been caught yet? There’s a lot of talk about contract violations in Letcher County. The contractor rating system allows for a lot of latitude for unethical officials to skew the systems and get contracts for those they favor. That’s repugnant and unethical, but pretty hard to prove, but what about contracts that don’t get any review, and are given without allowing competition? We need a review and audit of all contracts, and an investigation if one isn’t going on already.

This is for the mayor of Jenkins. It is bad when you raised our water bills up, but yet you can’t have our roads cleaned when it comes a big snow. You said that you ran out of salt. Did you even buy any? We need to figure out how we can get a mayor that will do some good, and one that will get us some cops that we can trust and that we know will help us.

Letcher County’s future is tourism. We have mountains, hiking trails, horse trails, wild animals, rivers, lakes, magnificent rock formations, and potentially attractive towns. The county has to be cleaned up — much has been done, but more is needed — advertised, and promoted. This must be done now, not when all industry has disappeared and there’s nothing else to do. Essential to this effort is an effective tourism board. The current one has two dedicated, hardworking members, but most of the board doesn’t even come to the meetings. They are torpedoing a vital need, and they should withdraw or be replaced. I believe that most of the county realizes the importance of getting this done, and would support it eagerly.

Today is my birthday and I want a present from each person who reads this. Sounds a bit greedy, yes? This is what I want: If you see a stranger today, smile at them. If you have a neighbor that you see in need, help them. When you go to get dog or cat food today, pick up just a small bag and take it to your local shelter. If you go to the grocery store, pick up a few cans of food for your local homeless shelter or food pantry. If you have a couple extra dollars (which I know, a lot of us don’t right now), pay something forward. Put it in the collection plate for church, pay a dollar on someone’s gas that’s in front of you. Be kind to the next telemarketer that calls your house (they’re like us, they just have a job to do no matter how annoying it may be, they’re only human too). Pray for the ones who have really peeved you lately. Above all, smile, for regardless of the situation all of us are in, you will make someone’s day that is down. And have a happy birthday for me. Charlotte Vale.

Would religious leaders please call in and give your opinions on whether the recent ice storm across Kentucky with the damage and fatalities it caused could be the wrath of God punishing the state for voting to extend the eight years of Republican death and destruction yet another four years? Weren’t two terms of the disastrous Bush administration enough of a lesson for Him to teach us?

It’s a shame that a certain cop can’t be found because he is always at a certain woman’s house. Why is no one doing anything about this? You are paid to protect us, not hanky panky.

We have been real busy. I have tried to call. Your minutes were out or something. Let us know how you all are doing. Love you all, Grandma and Grandpa Tacotoy.

This is my first time writing to Speak Your Piece. Simply put, I love WMMT radio. It has given me joy like I have never known before. And I happen to agree with some of the points made in recent issues re WMMT. However, I take exception to the overall negative tone. If anyone who is reading this is dissatisfied with programming at WMMT, or if you enjoy what WMMT has to offer, then please accept this as an invitation to come to the office in person and speak directly to those in charge. Tell them what you like about WMMT, or tell them what you dislike, so they know what your concerns are, and then maybe they can address them in an effective, positive manner. Or call the station, (606) 633-0108. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Sure, there are problems, challenges for the staff at WMMT, I won’t deny that. And despite the problems WMMT truly deserves/ needs financial support from its listeners and underwriters. There are many excellent volunteer programmers at WMMT, who offer a range of different genres of music, regional issues that affect the people of our region, as well as the nation as a whole. There is something for just about everyone on WMMT radio. Still unconvinced? Well then, you can always just turn the dial.

Hi. How is everyone doing in Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan? Summerville, S.C., is doing very well. It has warmed up a little. We have not seen any sun in a few days, but we don’t get snow very often. I am just wanting to send my cell phone number to my friends. I can’t put my home phone but I will my cell phone, Lillian Hollon Rucker, (843) 819- 2848. Have a nice day.

We want to wish Heather Maureen Lewis a belated very happy birthday. From your second family on Linefork.

To the cutie that drives a white Chevy extended cab 4×4: Don’t be scared. I just want to talk to you.

I’d like to comment on the Gordon Fire Department. They need to take their parties somewhere else if they can’t get out of the road. They are blocking the public highway. If they don’t move their vehicles out of the road, then they are going to be pushed out of the road. There are sick people in this community that need to get out and can’t. There are signs up that say no parking and signs that say do not block and everything is being blocked anyway. I sure hope my house doesn’t catch on fire, because the firetruck couldn’t get out to save my home. Gordon will end up like Mayking’s fire department — just another hangout. Thank you.

While my bride and I were traveling we saw a sign by a small river. It said ‘adopt a river and pick up the litter.’ Just might be something for the county to start the idea here. Who knows? It might go statewide.

Dear Bub, I’m writing you a letter/And sending it to heaven/Where I know you are doing so much better./ I just want to let you know you will never be forgotten./ Each time I visit your grave/I bring a flower, the color blue for boy./It’s not easy, no one ever wants to let a loved one go, it’s a part of life we all crave/But we know you are up there dancing with joy./On your tombstone are the words born and died/From this world you are gone/But I know you are fully alive on the other side./In heaven and in my heart you will forever live on/Like flowers in the ground/Or like fish in a pond/Our love will never die, it will never drown./As brother and sister we share a special bond/Even though we never got the chance to meet./Still it’s like I have known you my whole life/A life that could have been so sweet/But instead feels like someone’s cut and carved my heart out with a knife./ Bub, I love you so much/ Alive in the womb, your short life was a blur./I never got the chance to see you, or to feel your brotherly touch/ But no matter how many miles apart, or how many years pass, I will always love you. With love, your sister C.L.H.

Thank you, Christine Fields, for the information you gave concerning Eugene Day and Mary Lou Fields. I consider those people as special friends. I hope they get back to healthy soon. There’s a lot of birthdays this month; Jamie Pack, our brother Allen’s granddaughter, and Eddie Sumpter’s was on the fifth also. Xavier Pack will be a whopping one year old on the 15th, Dakota Fields will be 6 years old on the 13th. And just so many more family members. Our sympathy goes out to the families who lost loved ones recently. And more, we know about death very sad. Please print this. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

It seems that we have a Catch 22 in the economic stimulus package. More than 90 percent of it is said to be pork barrel spending. The rest will go to stimulate the economy. And the requirement to use structural steel made in the U.S. has been taken out. And just to show the idiocy and the kind of lying people who are elected to run the country, Nanci Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, from San Franfreako, said that if they didn’t act quickly, 500 million Americans will lose their jobs. Real smart, Ms. Pelosi, considering that there are only 300 million ‘citizens’ in the United States, and that includes retirees, the disabled, and children. As part of the stimulus package there is an increase in health care of $32.8 billion for the first year. But the big flaw is that there is no requirement to show proof of citizenship. Working people who already have a hard time making ends meet are being forced to provide health care for illegal aliens. We are evolving more into Marxism every day.

Is there more for America? America is bringing judgment upon herself, especially when we have people in our court and Senate who wants to make America an ungodly nation by making laws against Christianity and God. If God didn’t spare the angels who sinned against Him, why would He spare America? We commit mass murder every day by aborting innocent babies in the womb. Those who are for abortion will stand before God on Judgment Day and He will not accept the excuse that it’s not a life. God knew us before we were even conceived in our mother’s womb, in Jeremiah 1:4-5. Also, He didn’t spare Sodom and Gomorrah, so why would He spare us when we are legalizing same-sex marriages and the schools wanting to teach our children that it’s acceptable and okay to live a homosexual life style when, in the eyes of God, it’s an abomination.

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